Blossom Goodchild - The Federation of Light - February 21, 2021

Morning! Here we are once again, then! Straight to it, if I may? Many are concerned regarding you always saying things are going to get a lot more Topsy Turvy than they already are. Can you elaborate on that?

The warmest of ‘Hello’s’ to you Blossom and Each Soul present here. Firstly, we would say that all that is to come is nothing that you are unable to handle! For inside each one is a mechanism that triggers strength when needed and necessary.


This is the way we would choose to describe it, and indeed Blossom, it has been known throughout your history of incredible Strength coming from within, when one is faced with situations where Strength and Courage are required. Remember this!

I mentioned in an interview the other day that my thoughts on this were, so far as that when the Truth is revealed, all of the Planet will go into shock … and some simply not knowing what to do or how to deal with it? Am I on the right page with this?

Indeed you are, Blossom. For Truths are to come forth that will shatter many dreams of that which they thought /Knew to be Truth in one’s reality.

So, we would say it is these Truths, when disclosed, that will change the way things are at the moment.

You said ‘Everything’ was to get more topsy turvy?

It will certainly seem that way. As if the entire world has been upended, so to speak. Not one soul will be untouched by this and yet, so many will KNOW that …



How will they know?

Because they will FEEL IT.


So, although things are to get worse … in a sense … one could look at it as also getting better at the same time. One will recognise that things are definitely on the move, even though the ‘news’ that is to repeatedly shock as more is uncovered, will seem ‘unbelievable’ at times. One, inside their Being, will FEEL even more strongly that they are now moving in leaps and bounds to a better world.

Let us speak of Strength if we may?

You may!

What is Strength? It can be interpreted easily from a physical perspective. One can lift, one can endure enormous displays of physical Strength. Yet, in order to do so, it is required for much training in order for the body to be prepared … perhaps when preparing for a marathon etc. Much work has taken place before hand, has it not?

It is the same for the Inner strength.


You have all been preparing yourselves for this time. Even when you feel depleted with the waiting … you are still SHINING YOUR LIGHT … and that LIGHT is your preparation ‘work out’, if you like.

You have not been idle, for you have been sending Love and doing all that is required of you throughout these times and those of ‘High positions’ are exalted by the Strength that continues to flow from you.

So then, as these days progress, although feeling tired and lethargic … when it is ‘time’ …



I am hearing ‘put on your dancing shoes’? Odd!

Yet, correct Blossom. Your patience has been tried and tested to its limits. Yet, in these future days, we believe you would say … you are ready to rock and roll!

So, things getting more topsy turvy, isn’t necessarily going to be a bad thing?

Blossom, how can the Truth be a bad thing? It may be a shocking thing … FOR ALL. Yet, once absorbed and confronted … for/by … the self, then those who have been waiting … those who knew this was coming will be ready to get to work … so eagerly and keenly. Knowing that this is what they came to the Planet to do.

So, to clarify, you are meaning that it is about ‘picking up the pieces’?

Much more than that, Blossom. It is about helping the lost and confused, the angry and those in disbelief. It is about bringing them from their knees, back to their feet and pointing them in the direction of The Bridge. Some may need to be escorted, some may ‘Get it’ straight away and escort others.

It will be such a time of Unification. A time when those who have felt they may never hold another in their arms, can embrace physically, soul, after soul, after soul … WITHOUT FEAR.

How many have been deprived of hugs? It is a necessary soul food for the Human condition and it has been WRONGFULLY denied.

Love Hugs shall be the order of the day!

ALL this Love that you have been storing up … giving out too, yes, yet so much STRENGTH WITHIN LOVE has been building up WITHIN YOU.


That is certainly good to hear, for many feel so depleted and wondering how on earth they will get through these times, especially if it is to get worse.

Yet, KNOW that when it ‘appears’ to be doing so … that the time has come when things are moving forward, as we have said.

You will continually ask for Strength and Guidance and you shall continually find all the recourse required opening up inside of you.


It just needs to be awakened, right?

No, it is already awake. It is waiting for its assignments.

This resonates easily and comfortably with me and I would imagine it does with many others. Thank you.



Will we need to remember? Will we not just FEEL IT in the times ahead?

Indeed. Yet, this work that is to begin, on a far greater level of understanding than your present time, will require ALL THAT YOU ARE TO SHINE, in order to ‘see your mission through’.

Be kind to yourselves. Nurture yourselves. Recharge your batteries. For, although you will KNOW that you are doing what you came here to do … there will be so much ‘demand’ that one can easily become depleted.


When you say knowledge, what do you mean?




For we say to you, Blossom and Each One that resides upon your Planet at this time …



Look back over the years if you would, and recognise the difference in yourself. The way you approach situations and souls now, compared to days of old. We feel not one of you would say that you are the same.


It has changed the way you approach things.

It has changed the way you respect others.




So, imagine then … many who have not acquired the remembrance of self, and once awakened to Truths that were unimaginable … they will need so much assistance … so much service … in so many ways … so that they too, may ‘GET IT’.

Through you and all you KNOW … they will, although exhausted and dazed … take your hand and walk over that Bridge.

KNOWING, UNDERSTANDING, that their destination is a NEW HOME … where rest, and recuperation shall be offered, until such a time when they too, may take up their roles and do the same for others, as you have done for them.

Dearest Souls … we KNOW that this time in which you are experiencing so much upheaval is proving to be so very difficult. Each one playing out their role and finding themselves in a place where perhaps they really do not want to be.

Yet, HUGE SHIFTS ARE TO UNFOLD … and we say, that although there is much darkness that is to come to Light … the change over will take place very quickly, once certain protocols have been surrendered(?).

What do you mean?

Once the ball is rolling … the ball that everyone can see rolling … then things that have been prepared to fall in to place … shall do so rapidly.

These days ahead, as days of now, are part of the Divine Plan.


Each step of the way … whether it appears to be or not … has been meticulously thought out … thought through … in order for the darkness to be removed and the LIGHT to once again, take its rightful place.

I find it quite hard to imagine a different kind of world. The one that we are walking into … and I consider myself to have a good imagination.


Repeat the Mantra as you do so.



We have every confidence that those that volunteered and were chosen to be here at this time, to see this through SHALL DO SO … ARE DOING SO … HAVE DONE SO!


Oh, indeed! Can we all go for rides in Lightships at the local fair? In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM … feeling a whole lot Brighter!


Please take the time to be uplifted by watching fellow Light players sharing the Mantra with you. Thank you so much to all who participated.




Website: Blossom Goodchild


 Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - February 19, 2021


You seem to be at a midway point with no idea where you go from here, yet with the numbers of people catching the virus noticeably becoming less, it would seem that the time has arrived for a final program to be introduced. One that will quickly restore life to as normal as possible, so that the effects of lockdowns can be dealt with in such a way as to restore freedom to lead a normal life. Habits have changed due to the length of time people had to accommodate a new way of life, and most likely some changes will become permanent. It was always going to cause people to look at ways of improving their experience, and give them a realistic opportunity to accept that there would be inevitable changes.

On a wider scale humanity has taken a new approach to uplift their expectations, knowing that if progress was to be made it had to be looked at as a major change as to how you viewed the coming years. Using the technologies for advancement to a more acceptable way of living that removes the drudgery and boredom of daily life already exists. Now you have the opportunity to decide what you want for your future and when it is seen that you seriously desire to better yourselves and create more time for personal development it must be provided. Automation has gone some way to helping in that respect, but there must be more opportunities to follow your desires.

You live in the most exciting times even if it is not yet apparent to you, and as soon as it is safe to land upon Earth, your friends from Space will feel free to visit you and help with your Ascension. The vibrations are continuing to rise and will do so until the end of this period and you will benefit by moving into levels that are too high for those of a negative persuasion to follow and exist. So slowly but surely the dark Ones will lose their ability to interfere with your progress. They will have served their purpose as a balance between the positive and negative energies. In the meantime they continue to try to hold you back and use everything they can to do so. However, they have already been weakened by losing some of their key personnel, but it only requires a small number to make a nuisance of themselves as you have found out. However the Forces of Light are superior but unlike the dark Ones operate to the rules and because of their sheer numbers are winning the battle. You are not normally aware of their actions as it is not wise to advertise your intentions beforehand.

Your future is very exciting and there is much to lift you up to new levels that you are currently heading for but changes will come very quickly, as you have missed so much having been held back by the actions of the Illuminati. They have not only prevented you from having free energy, but stopped many inventions that would have improved your quality of life. The main one is free energy that is all around you in an endless supply and already used by them. However, you will soon have it and with it will come immense changes in your way of life. There is so much that has been kept back from you, but you will learn of them in due course and it will change your lives forever. You are beginning to realise that previously you simply did not have adequate time for yourselves, and the Covid 19 problem has made that quite clear. Fortunately you are already in a higher vibration as you must of necessity move with the times. The ideas are there with the "know how" but up to now you have been deliberately held back, but that is to change. The help is there and as the effects of Covid 19 slowly disappear you will find yourselves in a better position than previously and able to develop your ideas.

You have had glimpses of the future and you are for example already making a major change by going over to electric cars that at a stroke help lessen the pollution caused by petrol driven cars. They are a major source of pollution and ill health and you are noticing already the benefits of less of them on your roads. The change to electric cars has arrived although it will clearly be some time before you feel the full benefit. It is a step in the right direction and along with free energy that is in a limitless supply all around you would completely overcome the heavy pollution of your atmosphere, and the resultant effect on people's health. A bonus would be clean air and more healthy people without the problems caused inhaling fumes from petrol driven vehicles. But you are already aware of it and the problem has been considered almost too big to handle. However, you have started to deal with it and must progress even so big companies at risk of changes will try to delay progress. Mother Earth has commenced her cleaning and changes are already very apparent and will continue all in aid of the coming "New Earth"

Those of you on the Path of Light are being given what is virtually a one-off opportunity to go all the way to Ascension. Take it with both hands because as we have often informed you, such a big opportunity will not come around again for a long time. There is so much going on around you but do not be distracted, as your path will lift you up out of the lower vibrations. Do not worry about the fate of family and friends as all souls will find themselves exactly in the right level that will carry them forward. Be assured that you are being helped on your way, and your Guides will always give a helping hand when it is needed. They guide you along your chosen path but will not interfere with your choice should you deviate from it. For some of you there are "out of the body" meetings usually while your body rests and it is possible that they will be remembered upon awakening. In actual fact most souls go out of the body while asleep and might meet up with their Guides, family or friends. You may have a feeling that something has happened like that but be unable to bring back the memories with you.

Keep your eyes on your goal and with determination you will certainly reach it. You should already know if you are ready to ascend and if you can absolutely say that you are not distracted by any outer happenings, you are certainly well on your way to completion, and you will know it yourself. If you are such a soul we say "well done" and rewards are due to you for such an achievement. In other words you create your own pathway through your actions and deeds, and all of the time you are positive in all you do you attract good karma to yourself. Conversely, if you are negative you attract similar situations. It is a process of living and learning by your actions and deeds so do your best at all times and treat all others as you would be treated yourself.

This message comes through my Higher Self, my Godself that all of you also have as Beings of Light.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


Website: Tree of the Golden Light


 Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - February 12, 2021


Extract from “KRYON - NEW PLANET EARTH”.

Multi-Dimensional Physics.

Anti-War. Physics create Multi-Dimensional Fields that will not begin to touch consciousness or biology, they will be completely blind to these fields because they are isolated and specifically for one purpose – to keep an explosion from happening through controlling the mass of an object.

It means no more war. End of organised religion. Because you have consciousness you will not need your physical body. You will always have free choice and wisdom. Over 90% of people will take the path to enlightenment. Everyone will think alike. Life span will triple and more. Leaders will create a new doctrine.

     *       *       *       *       *       *       *

12th February 2021. Mike Quinsey.

Being given details of what is happening in the broader picture is largely for the need to keep certain activities as secret as possible to protect the Forces of Light. Much is happening that you are unaware of and protecting you from the activities of the dark Ones is a priority. They may have been weakened by your activities to arrest many of them, but they still pose a threat as they have no regard for Universal Law and your lives. In this respect we protect you as far as possible and we are gradually depleting their forces. In the ultimate there will only be one winner as the Forces of Light will reign supreme.

For so long we have been waiting for an opportunity to openly meet you, but as you know for our safety and more so yours we need a situation where we can be confident that our plan will not endanger you. The dark Ones are by no means as powerful as they were largely due to our presence, but even a few can present a danger to great numbers of you. We take no risks and have the patience to wait for the right opportunity to overcome them which is inevitable. It has taken a long time to get this far, and we have no intention of rushing matters when we are so near to a great victory.

You too are on the path to achieving a great success even although you are presently in a confusing situation wondering if you will ever get back to something like “normal” – yet you will even although it is going to be much different to what you have been used to. Even now you are beginning to see that great opportunities are arising out of the changes forced upon you. When you can go forwards there is no gain in going back to the old ways, they are finished and served their purposes very well.

The future is not clear to you but you may rest assured that it is very bright by bringing you a peaceful future that has no place for wars and similar activities. The Kryon extract you have been given tells you why we can be positive about such matters and how we can ensure peace without using weaponry ourselves, because that is not our way as Keepers of the Peace. So all of your efforts to see this period through will be rewarded much more than you could imagine. Stay calm in the face of many restrictions that are imposed upon you, they will not last too long and if you follow them the pandemic will be over in good time.

What happens in the USA is the key to the future and major changes are imminent that will set the scene for a great leap forward. You will undoubtedly be very surprised but not when you understand the implications of what has happened and also see the potential for making that country great again. There is so much wrong with it at present and the changes have to start somewhere, and our hope is that it will be very soon. So all in all there is much to look forward to even if you are unaware of their nature. Know that there are greater powers than those on Earth who hold the key to your future, it is destined to be a Golden Time in your history.

Can you feel the new energies beginning to bring peace to your planet because they are already starting to make a difference. They will continue to do so and take you all the way to Ascension. Many changes are still to take place and all will be part of the reshaping of your societies to a more manageable size. Big is no longer beautiful or suited to your needs as you have already seen. Dear Ones you will be part of history and people will look back in admiration at that period and wonder how you ever managed to come through it. Unlike the past, this time history will reflect accurately what happened and how you successfully came through it.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it shines brightly and is growing all of the time. It couldn’t be any other way as your path has already been laid down. It may twist and turn but whatever happens you are assured of reaching your goal. So think positively about your future regardless of what is still to come, as everything will work out as planned. Yes, you still have freewill and hopefully you will still find your way to the finishing line. You already know that with your intent to ascend you are given guidance and help to keep you on the right path. Indeed as time progresses many friends from other planets will land on Mother Earth when she is at peace and they will be joyful occasions.

You are in times when you have so many people dreading the future because of financial and personal problems, and they need assurance that all will work out well even if it takes a little time. It is worth reminding you that you were aware that this incarnation would be demanding and call upon all of your skills to get through it. Necessity often draws people together and these times are no exception, as many souls volunteered to incarnate at this time because they felt they had a lot to offer those who would be in need. It brings out the best in people and with so many Lightworkers on Earth at this time aid is not far away. Bless you Dear Ones you make such a difference to so many people’s lives.

Go about your daily activities with joy and spread happiness where you can and see the smiles return to their faces. Happiness is catching and helps lift up those who feel overwhelmed by everything that is happening, much of which they find hard to understand and are bewildered.

This message comes through my Higher Self and I leave you with my love and blessings.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


Website: Tree of the Golden Light


 Blossom Goodchild - The Federation of Light - February 7, 2021


Morning Guys. Well, as you probably know, I had a little ‘rant’ last week. Every cloud has a silver lining. Over 800 emails … all full of Love, yet, also expressing how they are feeling, too. One of the big issues seems to be, and I am totally with this … feeling humiliated amongst family and friends because nothing that is said ever comes about. Many have lost both, through sticking to their Truth, and then when nothing happens it makes it even harder. What words of wisdom can you offer for me, and these people?

We are most Grateful to have you back on board, Blossom. We had concern to a certain degree, only for the Energy that was picked up by you, by those who felt hurt and dismayed.

No worries. I am all good after my week off and have learned much through the emails.

Dearest Blossom and indeed, ALL SOULS who have chosen to ‘find’ our words. Let us firstly say, WE LOVE YOU. You, of the ground crew, although not feeling so at times, have the Strength and Courage to see this mission through.

It may feel/appear that nothing concrete is actually taking place to change the state of affairs that have held your world captive for eons of time. Yet, let us assure you … when the fireworks go off, they certainly will display a show like never seen before.

We have spoken many times of the WARRIORS OF LIGHT being the ones to nurture and strengthen the many, many souls who shall find themselves lost when these ‘BAMS’ take place.

It will not be for any one of you Lighted Beings to turn around and say ‘I told you so’… for although there shall be relief in the hearts of many, that they indeed, had not gone crazy … this also, will be the time for ‘All hands on deck’ in order to help pick up the pieces and mend the Hearts of many a broken soul.

This then, will bring your Courage back.

This then, will renew your Strength in purpose for being here.

This then, will allow you to feel that all the pain and the waiting and the confusion was worth every single breath.

You KNEW all along in your Hearts, it was coming. Yet, some days the wait just felt too long.

You can say that again! Speaking for us humans the ‘humiliation’ is a hard one. Yes, one can say ‘Rise above it’ … and we have no choice but to do that. Yet, to know your friends and family think you are ‘cuckoo’ and say nothing because they feel ‘Off she goes again’ … sort of ‘hurts’. We are not stupid. Yet, year after year, after year, after year, when nothing that has been presented, presents itself … one can totally see where they are coming from.

Let us interrupt you there, if we may?

The only proof you have right now, is the KNOWING IN YOUR HEART. Would you agree?

Yes. Although, that can waiver greatly.

Can it, Blossom? Does it? For you always seem to ‘get back in the saddle’, as we believe the saying goes … and you do this … Each One of you, do this … because THE TRUTH remains in your Heart. No matter how the outside scenario is presented to you.

Yes, there is that. Yet, one may question sometimes, if in fact we have got it all wrong and maybe we will never be validated for our Heartfelt Truth.

And should that be the case … which of course it cannot be at this stage … in the final stage of the takedown … what would you do? Still believe in your Truth?

Yes, because I can’t ‘swap’ my Truth to something else, it just isn’t possible.

Exactly Blossom. So …

When one is feeling forlorn and humiliated …

I know you want to speak about humiliation. That’s a big one for me and many. A tricky one, even though we know it is up to us to choose whether to feel humiliated or not …

There, you have it in a nutshell.

Not that easy Guys. Interesting that many emails spoke of one channeling quietly for themselves and dates etc they were told, never coming to fruition. Time after time. Let me tell you … it feels humiliating! So many folk one may know, thinking ‘When will they not just see this is all just a hoax?’ or words to that effect.

Blossom, the choice indeed, must come from the individual.

When riled … say to the self the I AM Mantra.

When not riled … say to the self the I AM Mantra.

You can feel it … all of you … can you not?

When you say this, you are ringing the doorbell to home. Is there/has there ever been a time when this has been ‘chanted’ and not ‘enchanted you? Has there ever been a time when this has not centered you and given you inner strength?

Of course not. It has been designed in its Coding to take you straight back to the fireside of inner KNOWING.

Perhaps it helps to know that so many are having to ‘suffer this’. We use this word for it feels that way, does it not?

Yes. Especially for those who literally, have no family left to talk to. How brave they are!

So, it should help to know that the deeper the wounds inflicted by Loved one’s … the Stronger the Soul becomes. It cannot not. It may feel ‘done in’ and exhausted and angry … angry with us, yes … for ‘we appear’ to have fed you false information.

Once again!

Yet, this is not so.


Again, one either knows this, or they don’t.

People have suggested we stay off the ‘predictions’ … it’s safer that way. I’ll pass the talking stick to you on this one.

Dearest Souls … within all that is occurring during this CHANGE OVER on your Planet … it would be very difficult to avoid certain matters.

This change over from dark to Light ruling your Planet is far, far, far more complex than the ‘human’ brain can actually grasp … with the greatest of respect.

No problem. I get that. It would certainly feel better though if SOMETHING … SOMETHING … was presented to pick us all up. Dear God, how many times have I said that to you? Many cannot understand why SOMETHING cannot be done to lift our spirits? To help us carry on? SOMETHING! Many feel you don’t know just how bad it is. How hard it is for us down here, because if you did, surely you would find a way to ‘throw us a bone’, as the saying goes.

Indeed, we are not in human form. Yet, we can and do pick up on Energy formations.

If you were, Each One … to close the eyes and feel us, you would KNOW we are throwing you so much Love and support in any and every way we can.

Do you see? To let you know we are with you … to throw that bone in a way of a mass sighting or the sky turning red etc … would throw plans off course.

How? And just for the record … can you turn the sky red? Oh my God … you are going to say ‘At the flick of a switch’ aren’t you?

Well, we were, yet, you have kindly said that for us.

Like for real? Really? No point in me asking how … my mind is already blown. Ok, let’s follow this though … if you were to do that … how would that blow plans on the ground?

Because things would change course.

For the better, surely?

Not until the Divine timing is in place and when it is … ALL WILL MAKE SENSE.

Far be it for me to advise the Divine Creator … yet, perhaps a brief assessment of the energy levels of the ground crew, wouldn’t go amiss. I’m serious! If this is all an experiment anyway, surely the one with all the brains can see how much we are in need of a boost up the proverbial Jacksy!

We are aware of your jesting yet, the more serious intent behind it.



As you say to many … ‘Hang on’.

To what? Very little driftwood left floating.

Hang on to what you KNOW to be Truth.

The tide is about to turn … just you wait and see.

Little else we can do. What to expect when it does?

As it changes direction it reveals all that lay underneath it.



Well, we keep holding on to that … with hope in our hearts, and although battered and bruised along the way … we once again, regain our strength and hope (somehow) and soldier on.

Do not focus on what is appearing to be … focus on the elation that is to come.

Focus on a time upon your Planet when ‘this game’ is over.

Focus on a world that feels Joyous to live in.

Focus on a world that tells the Truth always. For there is nothing taking place that needs to be lied about.

Can you imagine that?

Quite hard to. Have you not heard of mainstream media?

Yet … this is to be one of the great changes! The entire system of what is loosely termed as ‘entertainment’ shall not return to how it was, once brought down.

So, that is still on the cards then?

It is a major player. The Trump card, would we say.

Eh … no pun intended?

None indeed. It is a colloquial saying, is it not?

I’d answer you if I knew ‘exactly’ what ‘colloquial’ meant. Good old ‘google’ (or not!) Yes, it is indeed a colloquial saying on this ‘ere Planet. Can you share more?

It does not take a rocket scientist to see that not only is one fed lies continually regarding the current state of affairs anywhere in the world, yet most ‘forms’ of so-called ‘entertainment’ has one on the edge of their seat or hiding behind cushions, so as not to look at the fear factors that are everywhere. Gloom and doom is the order of the day to keep one ‘down’. Games of mass destruction … war games. Where is the Love? Where is the Light? Where is the Truth?

Imagine actually BEING ENTERTAINED through LOVE LIGHT AND TRUTH. You are thrown mere morsels of Light so the mainstream media are not to be seen as all darkness! Yet, is it not that even the most romantic of Love stories has much sadness or trauma in it?

Yes indeed. Usually, Aunty Flo’s leg falls off or, baby Bobby falls down a well and drowns. Yet, they all live happily ever after!






Living amongst one another in Harmony, where neither colour nor creed tear souls apart.

A world where LOVE IS TRULY KNOWN.


Yep. I’m hopping on board that Happy Train, right now. WE GOT THIS PEOPLE! WE GOT THIS! In Gratitude. In Loving Service. I AM … still here!

Website: Blossom Goodchild

Such Beautiful emails received after my rant.To which I replied. There were quite a few returned, so if you did not get yours, this is why.

Thank you to each and Every One from my heart. Onwards ever onwards, my friends. WE GOT THIS. ( Or so I am told!)


Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - February 5, 2021


The end of your pandemic is not yet in sight but it will come as increased effort is being put in to reduce its affect. The net result is that time is being bought to allow for more important events to happen that will alter the outcome. It must ensure that it firmly places your feet upon the path that will leave the old behind, and already plans are afoot to permanently change your way of life, cutting out what would otherwise have taken many years to achieve. Whilst reaching a new level of understanding is essential, you must also respond to the opportunity to take a quantum leap forward and make up for lost time that has set you back so many years. We are in fact prompting and guiding those equipped to carry you forward to new heights. Of course the whole world needs to settle down and it cannot happen overnight.

Be assured that the many souls that have incarnated for this particular time are eager to get going, so as to introduce new technologies that will increase your quality of life. Many changes that would lift you up have already been drawn up and just await the right moment to be introduced. The quality of your lives will change for the better and there will be a general aim to make the changes available to everyone. For too long people have lived in groups that have had to fend for themselves resulting in an enormous gap between the “haves” and “have not’s” that is unacceptable in this modern age. The problem has resulted in a relatively small number of people holding the larger percentage of the world’s wealth.

Unfortunately such people are only beholden to self and are quite happy to make others subservient to them. This situation must change until there is more equality throughout the world. We at our level are doing all we can to shape peoples minds so that they understand the nature of changes that are necessary to bring more fairness and sharing into your lives. The very nature of your earlier approach to life has been one of “everyone for themselves” that has resulted in an unfair system where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. There really are sufficient riches upon the Earth to ensure everyone can live without suffering poverty and hardships. With the right people at the helm there is nothing that cannot be achieved.

For some time now the people of Earth have been waking up to the inequalities of life, and current unrest and big demonstrations will continue growing until those in power concede to their demands for changes, that will herald a new and fairer way of life where everyone enjoys the fruits of life. The power mongers will have to step aside forcibly if necessary but without using violence. The Law itself can be a powerful tool when used correctly and can maintain Law and Order, but of late it has been used aggressively and unlawfully to suppress peaceful demonstrations. In a true Democracy such things would not be allowed so it is time to appoint those people into power who would observe the Law and promote peace.

Dear Ones you are incredibly resilient and determined to change things and you have our support even if it is not always apparent to you, as we work mainly from the higher levels but never impose ourselves upon you. We respect your freedom of choice and freewill, however as we have often mentioned, there is a greater plan for your advancement and we will do our best to ensure that it is fulfilled. It will be guided into place through those who have incarnated specifically for this period of time. It may be difficult for you to grasp the true happenings as you might say “behind the scenes” but be assured that all is progressing as planned in spite of the outer image.

We reiterate what we have told you previously, that there is plan for Humanity that will give everyone the opportunity to ascend if they accept it. Once again, keep positive and visualise all that is pure and wholesome and remember to be careful and not give your energy to the dark Ones by focussing on their actions. It may be hard to do but send out your love to them so that it softens their actions and lifts them up. It is a tall order but it is the way to continue raising the vibrations of the planet. Mother Earth plays her part but follows a path that is primarily for the benefit of the Earth itself. So far Man has decimated much of the Earth and affected its cycles so much that nature herself has been turned upside down, and without being too dramatic is slowly dying along with many of the animal species.

It is never too late to change your ways but it will take a long time to restore the Earth to her former glory, but it will happen as we have previously mentioned. Those dear souls who care for the Earth are still trying their best to cope but the odds are against them without some help from us. You reap what you sow and cannot expect others to clear up the mess you are making. We may have technologies that would make short work of restoring the Earth but you reap what you sow. However, do not be disheartened as it is important that you keep your vibrations high and so help others who are struggling to deal with the problems in their lives.

With so many deaths resulting from CoronaVirus it is understandably very difficult for those involved to overcome the experience, but know that there is no such thing as death inasmuch that the soul is immortal and lives on much the same as on Earth, but in a higher vibration that is very acceptable. You are still in your body but a more perfect version than the one you had on Earth, and you will again meet family and friends who are already there. There is of course more to it than what has been mentioned, but at least it should give you some comfort that you will again meet your loved ones and friends on the other side. As you might expect, they follow your progress and if you are one who goes out of the body during your sleep period you are more than likely to visit those who have passed on already. However, few souls remember such meetings and that is intentional inasmuch that you need to concentrate on your daily experiences on Earth without being distracted.

In the long run everything will work out satisfactorily and it will be due reward for your ups and downs as a soul upon Earth. It is a very special time to be on it and although very taxing it is also very rewarding when you succeed in living to your pre-arranged life plan. Many souls would have loved to changes places with you to experience the events on Earth at this special time but not everyone could be accommodated.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


Website: Tree of the Golden Light


Suzy Ward - Channeling Matthew Ward - February 3, 2021


With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. To all who are disappointed that no major action was taken three weeks ago to rid the United States government of pervasive corruption, we say, please do not be downhearted. The force of lightworkers has not abandoned the mission!

When those in charge received a late-hour threat that could have been a national disaster, they chose a safe course that also will give time for broader public receptivity. Impatience with lockdown and financial hardships could reduce resistance to the new course, which will achieve the same results as a one-fell-swoop event, but in more secure stages.

Government shakeups and arrests are happening in numerous countries, and the Illuminati in the United States know this is ahead for them during the next few months. We don’t know if the truth about the “pandemic” will come out before arrests are publicly known, but assuredly mask madness, covid testing and vaccinations will be meeting their end, and all covid patients will receive simple, effective treatment. In no way are we diminishing the profound loss to families of the persons who died due to the disease by saying that in most cases, they were abiding by soul contracts’ longevity clause.

Dear ones, when you are moving about freely again, schools and businesses are open, and attendance at churches, sports events and large celebrations has resumed, life will not be back to normal. Nor would you want it to be! Life as you have known it has been controlled by massive deception, greed and societal conditioning. What is quietly moving forward as we speak is the liberation of Earth’s civilization.

We have been asked why we are putting so much emphasis on what happens in the United States. Never does this mean that people in other countries are less valuable to us—all souls on Earth are beloved members of our universal family! Our emphasis is how the United States is governed.

In previous messages we have said the Illuminati are entrenched in Washington, DC, the seat of the US government, from whence they control not only what happens in that country, but heavily influence what happens everywhere else. They are deeply embedded in the Vatican and a London district as well—the triad of darkness, you could say—but in their global network of dominoes, the first to fall must be the United States, where NESARA—National Economic Security and Reformation Act—can be implemented. The importance of this Act cannot be overstated.

All of that legislation’s provisions have great significance, but the one that has to precede the others is this: Everyone in the government must resign and a new governmental body formed. This has nothing whatsoever to do with partisan politics.

It is not widely known that from 1871 to date, the US government has been running the Corporation of the United States of America, a corporation owned by the Illuminati, and they dictate how it is to be operated. That is far from what was intended by the nation’s founders, who established the newly united states as a sovereign nation with a republic form of governance.

The Illuminati know the universal law—nothing exists without energy, everything in existence requires energy to grow—and they left no stone unturned to keep NESARA from gaining energy by becoming known. First was the gag order issued by President Clinton, who signed the legislation in 2000 at the command of the country’s military. The gag order legally prohibited anyone who knew about the Act to ever speak about it, and since it was kept under wraps, there were very few thoughts and feelings to give it growth energy.

But when word about NESARA started coming forth, including that St. Germain and spiritually evolved individuals on the planet authored the Act, energy started building. The Illuminati put out the word that NESARA is a “conspiracy theory.” They concocted that label, which they attach to all information that exposes them and their heinous activities, and they have conditioned the populace to believe that whatever is tagged “conspiracy theory” is the idea of half-witted minds.

For a time that ploy put the Act’s energy in limbo, but as more and more people heard about it, their thoughts and feelings gave it momentum to push forward. To counter that, Congress wrote National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act. By severely distorting the genuine Act, the new one created a mass of confusion and many fence-sitters became disbelievers.

Illuminati-controlled judges in International Court of Justice in the Hague devised one delay after another in hearing cases submitted by NESARA’s legal advocates. That inaction and believers’ discouragement slowed the Act’s movement, and corruption, oppression, impoverishment and atrocities continued.

Wise minds decided NESARA could not be further delayed, and a public announcement was scheduled for September 12, 2001. When the Illuminati learned of that, persons at the highest level of the US government aided by outsiders caused the infamous “9/11.” The masterminds of that event were right: A shocked and grief-stricken citizenry would not question the official story, and conspiracy theory was attached to evidence showing that story is false.

The other “democratically-elected” governing bodies also have to be purged of dark control, so G was added to NESARA to expand the Act from national to global. Since the international group working to rid the world of darkness is by means of the Act’s provisions, G/NESARA is appropriate.

During the past year the Illuminati assassinated two of G/NESARA’s leaders, Vladimir Putin and Pope Francis. Putin was replaced with a look-alike and the Pope usually is depicted by holography. Nevertheless, ever-rising vibrations guarantee the triumph of the light forces and NESARA will succeed in what it is intended to do. A passage in a message Hatonn transmitted to my mother 15 years ago states the intention succinctly:

Hold within your hearts the vision of the world you want for yourselves and your families, for all the inheritors of Earth:

A world where peace and love replace war and hatred; where governments are led by just, prudent and spiritual women and men, not power mongers led by darkness; where fair distribution of all resources replaces the extremes of egregious greed and desperate poverty; where universal and planetary truths replace the web of lies that has controlled your lives.

The concept and intent of NESARA is to help you create that world on Earth.

Now let us answer your questions about the virus, beginning with The variant virus strain is more contagious and may be more deadly than its predecessor. As mentioned in a previous message, tests are designed to detect “regular” flu and colds, and those are being called “variants.”

We cannot emphasize too strongly that the purpose of all mainstream media “pandemic”-related reporting is to create fear. That is why lie upon lie is disseminated and the truth from thousands of medical professionals that is published on the Internet is removed as soon as it is discovered.

The energy of fear for self or others for any reason lowers immunity and makes bodies more susceptible to contracting covid and a number of other illnesses. That is one of the benefits the Illuminati are reaping; the fear energy emitted by everyone in financial straits due to lockdown is another. Remember, dark hearts and minds require fear energy’s low vibrations for their very survival.

Extraterrestrial special forces scientists decreased the virus potency in vaccines to the extent possible; complete elimination would be noticeable. But even greatly reduced toxicity is producing serious adverse effects in people with weak immunity, and the number of deaths following vaccination is growing.

If you and your loved ones are healthy and have no medical issues, you need not be unduly concerned if employment mandates vaccination—people with strong immune systems usually have short-lived mild reactions. However, if you or loved ones have any health issues, it would be wise to get a written statement from your care provider that your condition requires an exemption. If vaccination is voluntary, we recommend that you avoid it.

Vaccines have much less or no effect on bodies with crystalline cells than on bodies with carbon-based cells. We cannot tell you how to discern if your cellular structure is crystalline, but we can tell you the transformation from carbon comes with light absorption, and that comes easily. As God told my mother: “It is as simple as, be kind.” We add that during the past two decades, many souls have come in with crystalline cells and many people who are older have attained the level of light that enabled the cellular change.

Our thought about vaccines that require two inoculations and perhaps booster shots to be effective is, put those in Follow-the-Money category. The individuals who years ago devised the diabolical plan to mutate a virus in a laboratory, release it in a location saturated with damaging 5G emissions, and name it coronavirus-19 expected billions to die quickly. That plan failed and they had to settle for making billions from “pandemic”-related products.

Their greed is as boundless as their desire to rule your world, and in both, they have lost. Light forces are retrieving the illegally and immorally amassed fortunes that helped the Illuminati control life on Earth. And, the curtain of the world stage is rising for the final act of a very, very long play about the darkness that permeated Earth and prevented her civilizations from evolving in conscious and spiritual awareness.

The next play will be a very, very long story about love, peace, joy, prosperity and life in harmony with Nature. We honor you and all other lightworkers for invaluable contributions to Earth’s new story.



Suzanne Ward
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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - January 29, 2021


As sometimes happens an expected event has not taken place yet all the signs pointed to it occurring. So how can the outcome be explained that would help overcome your disappointment, after it was expected to be so positive. The intent was quite clear and very convincing because the outcome was considered beyond doubt. Yet a different path was followed to ensure that it laid down an opportunity that could be taken advantage of without causing great trauma and upset. The path to fulfilment may be full of twists and turns but the result is assured and you will progress as intended. The object of what took place will set the scene for further changes that will carry you along the path that allows for those that are necessary to speedily move you into the next phase.

It goes without saying that there is no turning back to the olds ways, and once things return to some semblance of order your immediate goal will become apparent. Never forget that behind the scenes many people are working hard for the Light, not least of all those who have come to Earth especially for this occasion to help you establish the New Age. Most work quietly not seeking publicity or adoration, and help direct humanity onto the path that will lead them out of the difficulties they are in at present. At each stage opportunities are given for you to decide which one to take, as you must bear in mind you have total freewill. The tasks ahead of you are formidable yet with the right approach you will find your way even if is not clear to you. Remember that once you have expressed your intent to follow the Path of Light you allow others to help you where needed. Keep an open mind and allow yourself to be guided by following your instinct or intuition. It may at times seem to be a lonely journey but be assured you have your entourage ever present guiding you as necessary.

The period you just passed through has been more successful than you might imagine, and your main and necessary advancement was to claim back your sovereignty and independence. You have broken the back of the Illuminati's hold on European Countries that were slowly having their freedom taken away to decide their own future. They were working towards establishing three main blocs making their world control over them much easier, it is the beginning of the end for them and they are totally aware of their position. You can also add their general loss of power leaving them unable to establish world power that they had been working to achieve for a very long time. In fact they were never going to be allowed to reach their objective.

We have often mentioned how much you have to catch up on having been denied advancements that would have seen you already enjoying freedom and a peaceful way of living. The potential that awaits you will quickly move you into a new way of life that will prove much more acceptable. However, you have to first put your house in order and bring peace to the world. A World War is totally out of the question and only minor scraps will be allowed, and in time even these will cease. Bring peace to Mother Earth and you will attract visitors from Space who await your “Coming of Age” so stop your petty squabbles and do not forget that “You are all One” and treat others as your brothers and sisters and as you do so peace will soon settle upon Earth.

Patience is a virtue that many have little of yet you must allow changes to go ahead that will firmly put you on the right road to Ascension. The opportunity you have will not come around again for a very long time so grasp it with two hands You talk of a chance of a lifetime and that is where you are at present so do not let it slip from your grasp. You have worked through so many lives to get this far, so do not throw away this opportunity through lack of understanding or patience. All of you have spent many lives getting this far and have earned this opportunity to leave the old vibrations behind. Already the higher vibrations are lifting you up and will continue to do so until you reach your goal. It is why the Avians are stationed in your Solar System waiting for peace to descend upon Earth before announcing themselves. They have been linked with you for eons of time like parents keeping an eye on their children.

The chaos in the world overshadows the changes that are taking place that will ultimately lead to your release from the activities of the dark Ones. There is a plan for your future that will ensure that the old ways cease to affect you, and it is already beginning to set you upon another path that will lift you up to a more acceptable level. In part it is you the people that are setting the pace of change so continue to set your sights upon all that is good and wholesome, and frees you from the tentacles of those who would still keep you imprisoned. It is for good reason that the Earth is known as the Prison Planet albeit an "Open Prison”. Have you never wondered why you have formed the opinion that there is little life beyond your planet, when the fact is that the Universe is teeming with life. Even now there are those who are eager to meet you and share their knowledge but the circumstances must be such that it would not imperil their lives.

The Universe is a wonderful place where you can meet all different types of beings that are nevertheless similar to your human form. Of course most are more advanced compared to humans, but pleased to share their knowledge when you are ready to receive it. Hitherto they have kept at a distance from you because your vibrations have been so low they would be unacceptable for them, but thankfully you now have the opportunity to lift yourselves up to a higher level and many souls are eager to do so. They understand that to take this opportunity to ascend they must prepare themselves for it. Be assured that in doing so you will be helped to reach the required level and again you will be helped to be successful once you have decided what is to be your goal.

Mother Earth is preparing to make changes in readiness for her own Ascension. It will entail reforming parts of the Earth so that it is ready for its own upliftment. It will become a planet of beauty and it will be known as Paradise. You have so much to look forward to and any effort you put in will be well worth it. So keep your sights upon the future that you envisage, and do not let anything distract you. By doing so you help give it the power to manifest.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


Website: Tree of the Golden Light


 Blossom Goodchild - The Federation of Light - January 17, 2021


Hello, my friends. Ok, so … Monoliths = 171. Huge announcement = 0. Yet, there is so much going on behind the scenes right now, I am wondering if that is about to change? What is your perspective on the state of affairs on our Planet right now, if you would be so kind to share?

Welcome to all. Welcome to a time that is to be pivotal in this entire operation of dismantling the dark and watching the sun rise on your Planet as it comes into the Light.

Dearest souls, your patience on this matter has been pushed and stretched to its extremities. You have been taken to limits within yourselves whereupon you felt you could not take any more, yet, there was nothing to be done.

NOW, Dearest souls, NOW … watch as the new dawn arises. Watch as your Swords of Light are recharged with KNOWING and UNDERSTANDING.

You KNOW why you are here and you have been awake and alert to this KNOWING and yet, felt for so long that ‘you’ as your LIGHT SOUL BEING had been kept in the dark and all that you know yourself to be has been lain dormant.

Times of despair, when one felt like giving up, have weighed your LIGHT BEING down, sometimes into the depths of depression. Yet, you are here now. You are ready to go. You are ready to fall into line as your strength is renewed with Hope.

The time is upon you when all that you have been waiting for is to be revealed. No longer shall you walk in the shadows of darkness, dearest friends, as your Planet has done for so long.

We rejoice in the KNOWING of the GOODNESS that you shall be able to FEEL.

We put it quite simply, that you shall be able to breathe again. Although you felt you were already doing so … you will know what we mean as this feeling is discovered.

You are walking into the days that we have spoken of.


That’s very bold!

These are bold times, Blossom.


YOU ARE READY to console and comfort those who are overwhelmed with news of WHAT IS … and WHAT HAS BEEN.

For a ‘time’, everything shall be so Topsy Turvy and it shall continue to be so. There shall be rioting and upheaval everywhere. For that which is about to be revealed will shock and abhor.

All this that we are saying is of a ‘repeated nature’ as you are aware, and yet, we say to you NOW, that THIS IS THE TIME WHEN YOU WILL SAY ‘This is what the Federation of Light spoke of’ … And we know this will give you comfort and strength.


Be conscious of this at all times.

Repeat as often as you think to do so …


KNOW THE EFFECT THIS WILL HAVE … not only on YOUR BEING, yet, the effect it shall have on those who know nothing of what is happening.

There will be such confusion on a scale unimaginable.


TALK TO THE LIGHT. Ask for strength and it shall be given to you.


We would state quite categorically, that the waiting is over.

In these coming days, you are to experience a NEW way of thought as to how your world is to be conducted.

Do you know how Blessed you are to be here at this time? Do you know how eager you were to be ‘selected’ as one of the strongest of the strong? To be here to see this transition through?


Visualize that. A key releasing the padlock on your hearts and the shackles and chains falling away

A LIGHTNESS coming upon you that you had not expected.

Yet, the world is about to turn upside down … a Lightness?

Indeed, because the TRUTH IN ALL THAT IT IS is to be unleashed.

Yet, from what I have heard that is not exactly going to be a comedy!


I have to say, it all sounds very promising … and I have to mention that the BIG COUNTRY is about to have a BIG WEEK! I assume you are meaning that it is all tied up with this?

We are. The state of play in your world cannot ignore this, for this is very much to do with the battle between Light and dark.

Remember that, Dearest Ones. The winner is about to be announced.

Yet, you have said the Light has already won?


Again, that is very bold of you!

Maybe the time is in play that we are able to be so bold.

I have to say, as an onlooker and as a channeler, I try my best not to be influenced by what I have heard … that is why I prefer not to read other channellings (very few). Yet, on the other hand, I am human and have my own thoughts on the matters of which you speak. If you are choosing today to be so bold, then who am I to disagree?

The state of play is literally at tipping point. Our conversations with you from this point on shall be of the same quality yet shall be different.

Would you like to tell me in what way … or is it to be another cliff-hanger?

The nature of the topics shall be more forthright.

All I can be is honest, and due to the events of the coming days in the big country, I am finding today’s communication a bit reserved … on my part. You see, both ‘parties’ follow your wisdom … one is going to be shocked, the other not. Yet, they both follow your words and interpret them to suit their beliefs. Can you speak on that, please?

Dearest, thoughtful Blossom … it is not for you to be concerned of this.

Well, you have to admit it is interesting.

No more than any other topic of interest that is to come about in the following months.

We say this:


THERE SHALL BE NO QUESTION OR DOUBTING WHEN THE TRUTH IS REVEALED. All that we have said is OUR TRUTH.Many who feel they are awakened by following one party, may find they had been misled.

And as you say that … each party will be thinking it is the other!

THE TRUTH SHALL BE TOLD … Evidence offered.

And the unraveling shall begin.




For those unsure of exactly how to do that … how would you explain that?












When you say, ‘no matter what happens’ … there is talk by many of possible energy outages, internet down for a time, etc … what is your take on that?

We would offer comforting words to those who feel fearful of this … in that … THIS IS A DIVINE PLAN IN ACTION.





So, hold on to your hats would be an understatement?

No! We suggest you hold on, strap down, buckle up … in readiness for …


All very exciting. Indeed, a big week ahead for our entire Planet. I, for one, am ready … as indeed, we all are. We know not exactly how this is to play out, yet, our LOVE will anchor firmly as we open our hearts to the unsuspecting and those who are going to feel like they have been hit on the head with a mallet! Our soothing balm is at hand. WOW! How amazing to be here and be part of this. Any last words today?





Ok. Thank you. See you on the other side! In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

Website: Blossom Goodchild


Blossom Goodchild - The Federation of Light - January 10, 2021

Ok up there, out there, in there, through there, wherever you are right now to communicate with me … Good morning!

Welcome to you Blossom and ALL Light Bearers that are allowing their Truth to shine through in these very tumultuous Topsy Turvy times!

Well, you said they would become more topsy turvy and indeed they have. No announcement as such though … yet.

It is coming and as we said … it will be HUGE … and a reminder also … that we also spoke of there being an even bigger one to come after that.

Well, let’s wait for the first one to arrive, and then we can ponder on the second.

Dearest, most precious souls … allow your Beings to enter into the comfort of their KNOWING and their TRUTH. When you TRULY KNOW that this Divine plan is playing out, then indeed, there is no cause for alarm.

Although we have always stayed away from politics, it seems ridiculous not to mention the state of affairs/play in the U.S. … So much turbulence there … and indeed everywhere.

This is so. Yet, as the days roll over you will understand more of what is taking place.

So, just to go back on a few things for clarity. You said there will be a huge announcement followed by a global lockdown, that will lead us into phase 2. Correct? Yet, it feels like we are in phase four hundred and ninety-two!

Is the world in global lockdown?


Then we remain steadfast in ‘our calculations’ that we are not yet in phase two.

Now, I’m not having a go at you yet, you did also say, regarding the vaccinations that it wouldn’t come to that. Eh hello … millions have had the vaccine.

Through their choice. These are not mandatory.

Yet, many will lose jobs if they don’t.

Blossom and All … there is to be such change apparent over the coming weeks. So much ‘news’ will become muddled up with ‘other news’ that for a while … nobody will know what is going on.

Pretty much like now!

Yet, when the announcement is made … the situation will affect things on a global scale, as opposed to now when many who are not of that country carry out their days oblivious to the dia/dire situation.

Dia?Dire? I felt the need to look it up and define … Dia = passing though. Dire = refers to situations or events that cause great fear and worry.


KNOW these times as ‘Out of this world’ as they may seem, are a means of passing through the old state of affairs into the new.

We ask that you remain focused on your KNOWINGS.

Your ‘KNOWINGS’ being that you came here to assist in this transition.


A time, when once settled in, shall allow a FREEDOM within the souls of all. Even those who knew not they were in captivity.



You can feel the stirring within your hearts … deep within your Beings. A sort of nervous excitement as one walks bravely into the unknown.

Without a mask!

REMEMBER, REMEMBER, REMEMBER, all that we have spoken to you. For you are coming into the days when millions of souls shall find themselves lost and confused, shocked, and deeply troubled.


What???????????????????????????? I thought they would open during some kind of Rapture/Event/ Starspangled hallelujah chorus in the skies! How will we know? I always thought it would be a mass opening?

It is!

A mass opening?

We would best explain by saying that there will be a ‘timely experience to be shared’.

Do you mean as in a time frame? I sort of feel that is what you are saying.

Correct. So when you think ‘mass opening’ … this will be the case yet, would we say … over a period of time.

Will we feel it?

Oh yes.


Through your knowing of feeling differently within yourself.

No, I mean will we feel it when it actually opens … actually takes place?


In what way?

In different ways.

Yet, like not having an explosion in the third eye or anything?

We smile and yet … although you are jesting, Blossom … it is within your third eye and then a connection with your heart, that will let you know.

A confidence shall come and settle within.


Okeydokey, and this is all tied up within the announcement?

It is part of it. Yet, we ask that you do not confuse this happening with other ‘goings-on’.

In that … all that we say is ‘PART OF IT ALL’. You know we cannot give exact time balls?

Exact what? Time balls? Are you serious? What on earth made you say that?

Because there are ‘Time spheres’ if you like, that contain certain scenarios to play out … for the need for things to ‘appear’ within certain time frames, in order for the next ‘transparency’ to be revealed.

So, imagine many time balls …

Hold on … could we call them ‘time spheres’? ‘Balls’ just isn’t doing it for me!

So, imagine many time ‘spheres’ …

Oh, so much more etherically resonant! Pray continue.

We are trying!

My apologies … Mouth zipped.

So, many ‘time spheres’ are all floating around within a larger time sphere … and when appropriate for a ‘time sphere’ to ‘play out’ it falls into place.

As part of the Divine plan.

Indeed … and as they all ‘drop into place’, one will fully recognize just how intricately Divine this plan is. Beyond the imagination of many.

You know, I was a little apprehensive about chatting today, as I felt it would be pretty heavy going, yet, it seems quite the opposite.

There is nothing to feel despondent or heavy about Blossom. Not when you KNOW that ALL IS WELL.

WHEN YOU KNOW THIS … and … all IS well … then you have no problems in holding your Light in Joy and Love.

Your hearts, your very Beings have been preparing for these times.



And you are now ready to engage in offering that Light out to others that will find themselves so distraught.


You will discover a strength within like never before.

Again, we say … IT IS TIME.

Well, I have to say it feels like it.


Yet, you said the Light has won … so how can you say that?

Because ‘It is written’. It is complete. Yet, it must be played out … ‘Acted’ out.







What is to present itself, as we have said, will be a far cry from a pretty sight to the eyes or Love tunes to the ears.

Your Planet is indeed turning upside down and you will need to reach into your core … to anchor the Truth and Light and hold it stable.

We wish you to be of good cheer and yet we are very much aware that was is to come … BEFORE VICTORIOUS CELEBRATIONS will be the most difficult times to endure.

So, you are saying … the shift is to hit the fan … yet, to hang on to the knowing that when we come out the other side … it was all so very much worth it.

With respect, Blossom … that is an understatement.

Keep alert. Be discerning … even now. Many want this plan to fail and will do all they can to make that happen.

Yet, as we have said before ‘It’s in the bag’ … so to speak.

I sort of feel the monoliths are for another time?

Nothing has changed regarding what we have said about them, so yes, that would be appropriate.

Words before we go? I mean, truly chaps … what a ride! Up, down, in, out, round about … Bring it on!

Words we would choose to leave you with would be …



And of course …


No more of knitting tea cozies necessary … The kettle is on!

And at boiling point.

Well, what can I say? Many thanks, Guys. I look forward to our next chat and wonder what will have taken place by then. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM … READY!

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Suzy Ward - Channeling Matthew Ward - January 4, 2021


With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Everything that has happened since the end of 2012, when Earth left the last wisps of third density energy, has been the groundwork, you could say, for revelations to come forth this year.

If you could see your world from our vantage point, which offers views of what you think of as past, present and future, you would be astounded at the difference since Earth reached fourth density eight years ago. What we see “back then” is light maintained in a few scattered areas, others have small pockets of blinking light, and large areas have only sporadic flickers. Since that time, light has been steadily growing throughout the planet as sparks keep shooting up like fireworks, and as we view Earth’s “near future,” she is positively aglow.

Now let us tell you about the moment at hand, as tumultuous activity in the energy field of potential is reflecting what is happening on the planet. Some publicly known developments and judicious actions behind the curtain of the world stage are heralding the end of an ages-old dark reign. The darkness that was killing Earth less than a century ago is being completely replaced by light, the same powerful energy as love; and, during your year 2021, you will see changes that have long been needed so the civilization can advance and flourish.

Change will not come without resistance, perhaps especially in the United States, where the Illuminati are certain to motivate those who are uninformed or misinformed to denounce developments as political partisanship. They are not. Action in the weeks and months ahead will end control by that secret society, which ensconced itself in the government soon after it was established by the nascent nation’s founders.

The highest universal council intended the newly united colonies to become a beacon of light for the rest of the world, a shining example of how people from different countries, religions and cultures can live harmoniously, respectfully and productively and build a great nation. That was the opposite of what the Illuminati intended, and their minions set about to cause dissension, animosity, bigotry and social discrimination as immigrants kept arriving.

As years and decades passed, firmly entrenched in Washington, DC, the Illuminati not only controlled life in that country, they instigated or heavily influenced what happened elsewhere, from civil, international and world wars to funding despots, running the drug trade and ruining economies. That is being ended for once and for all, and the provisions of G/NESARA will be acted upon to end deception, corruption, impoverishment and all other unjustness worldwide.

That task, which is no less than world transformation, won’t be accomplished in the blink of an eye. The Illuminati are a tenacious lot and will not bow out graciously or easily relinquish their ill-gotten fortunes to raise living standards for billions and to restore the environment. However, ever-intensifying light is undergirding a powerful international force of military troops, individuals in governments and the private sector, and extraterrestrial special forces who are united in purpose: total destruction of the Illuminati empire.

For long ages, dark hearts and minds controlled the masses by keeping them ignorant of truths and dividing them into groups they conditioned to believe that other groups, whether of religious, cultural, social, political, racial or economic difference, are “less than.” Higher on the scale of deceit, they radically changed historical records and devised religious rules to enrich themselves and to control the peoples by separating everyone from God except, in Christianity, his only son, Jesus, and they also fabricated the falsehoods in the biblical version of his life.

The dawn of illumination on Earth’s near horizon has risen from the ashes of darkly-contrived ignorance and divisiveness. When clarity comes out of confusion and resolution out of resistance, the peoples can advance in spiritual and conscious awareness. Not everyone will choose to do that, and that is all right—each soul chooses its own growth pace.

But the majority of the civilization will begin an exciting journey of remembrance as consciousness taps into soul-level knowledge. They will remember that every person is a divine sovereign being, an immortal soul created by and of Creator’s unconditional love. They will remember their eternal connectedness with all other life forms on the planet and all other souls in this universe; that animals are souls, too, and they are helping humankind learn to live in harmony with all of Nature. The peoples will discover their ability to communicate telepathically and other abilities that will enable them co-create Earth’s Golden Age in fullness.

Beloved lightworkers, if your soul contract doesn’t include living in that Age, you will have a ringside seat wherever you are and can observe the panorama of that glorious era unfolding. You will know what your dedication and perseverance helped the peoples manifest and feel gratified that you were among the volunteers who were chosen to participate.

“I heard ‘collective souls’ have evolved beyond using free will. Will ending free will be part of the Golden Age on Earth so no one can cause others to suffer?” First let us say, civilizations of collective souls are at a station of evolvement whereby their unanimous free will choice is to live in love, joy and harmony and to help other civilizations who want to live that way, too. In their love for Gaia and her resident souls, 80-some years ago they saved the life of the planet by infusing it with light, and they have continued beaming light to assist you in your mission to help the populace awaken.

Speaking only for myself for a moment, I have visited a number of those civilizations, some of which are physical beings and others have chosen not to embody. The intensity of love that permeates all of those souls and their worlds is beyond your words to describe.

Now then, a vibrant part of life in Earth’s Golden Age will be free will, which is both a gift from and a cosmic lawdecreed by Creator: The birthright of every soul is the use of Its energy to co-create whatever the soul desires. You cannot circumvent that gift and law, and you would not want to! Free will is the driving force that leads to joyful, loving relationships; expanded knowledge via self-discovery and academic research; new ventures, adventures and exploration; fresh ideas, experiments, innovations and progress. Free will to do whatever you choose is what makes each lifetime exciting, fulfilling and meaningful. And, in the Golden Age, no one will want anyone to suffer, much less cause it.

According to God, Creator’s expectation was that souls would want to use Its energy to manifest joyous experiences for themselves and others. However, archangel Lucifer and some of his angelic followers used their free will to combine unrelated genetic materials to produce monstrous beings—that was the entry of darkness in the cosmos. Later, some strong souls—Lucifer’s “fallen angels,” you could say, that didn’t return to the light with those that did—used their free will to manipulate the DNA of weaker souls to cause illness, aging, and loss of brain power, and they inculcated the penchant for cruelty to each other and the animals.

Long before the planet was called Earth, one civilization after another with greatly downgraded DNA incarnated there and puppets of the dark forces embodied specifically to keep those civilizations captive. The negativity that resulted caused Gaia’s planetary body to descend from high fifth density to deep third and become mired there. Helping to liberate the planet and its residents from dark captivity is the mission lightworkers volunteered to undertake.

Dear sisters and brothers, we know you have encountered obstacles, endured hardships and had periods of discouragement to help Earth’s peoples reach this moment in an era unprecedented in this universe. We know many of you are weary and discouraged. Life in a third density world can be very difficult under “normal” circumstances, and for almost a year, “normal” has been turned upside down, in a manner of speaking. Current restrictions affecting lives and livelihoods will not become the “new normal,” as some authorities say; and, with industriousness, ingenuity and goodwill, personal and national economies will indeed rebound—ever-rising vibrations will be your strong allies in the turnaround.

To address other questions about the “pandemic,” the claim that soaring statistics are because the virus mutated into a strain with far greater transmissibility is baseless. Tests are designed to detect viruses that cause colds and “seasonal” flu, other tests register only positive. None of those are valid results, but all are counted as covid cases.

Deaths from unrelated illnesses still are being attributed to covid so those statistics also can sound alarming. The loss of a beloved person by any cause is sorrowful for family and dear friends, yet deaths due to covid are lamented by mainstream media as tragedies, and no mention is given the greater numbers dying from starvation, disease due to substandard living conditions and lack of adequate healthcare. All of those deaths are personal tragedies for everyone who loves those people.

Individuals who contracted the disease months ago and still are recovering or developed serious effects already had health issues, perhaps unrealized and undiagnosed, and the virus exacerbated them. As mentioned in previous messages, scientists in extraterrestrial special forces greatly reduced the potency of the virus prior to its release from the laboratory; thus the virus does not prolong—or prevent—recovery in people who did not have physically-stressed conditions before contracting covid.

If you are in sound health and have a strong immune system, you need not be concerned if your own or family members’ or friends’ employers require vaccinations. The ET scientists also reduced the vaccines’ toxicity to the extent they could; eliminating all of the pathogens—essentially, the disease itself—would have been detected by the manufacturers. The scientists also erased programming on nanochips in the inoculation solution that would have enslaved the society, and the ingredient that could change DNA will be eliminated as carbon-based cellular structure becomes crystalline.

Despite the new “wave” of covid and another round of lockdown—or maybe because of that—anger and resentment are fast replacing fear about the virus. Although those feelings do emit low vibrations, fear is rock bottom and that is what the dark ones want you to produce in abundance. Fear weakens immune systems, making people more vulnerable to covid and all other kinds of disease; but of far greater importance to the dark ones is that the energy of fear is vital for their very existence, and the fear they were counting on to increase is, instead, diminishing.

We don’t know when the truth about the virus, statistics and vaccines will be revealed. That information will become known beyond the Internet, but mainstream media may not report it until the responsible principals are on trial.

Also we don’t know when covid will run out its course. Like everything else in existence, that disease is energy, and the less energy given it by thoughts and feelings, the faster it will fizzle out. Please feel encouraged by what we have told you, then give no more thought to coronavirus-19.

Beloved family, you are living in the most dynamic time an Earth civilization has ever experienced, and your steadfastness in the light has been invaluable in bringing this about. All lighted beings in this universe honor you and support you with unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward
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Blossom Goodchild - Channeling the Federation of Light and White Cloud - December 12, 2020


Hello Everyone.
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Much to share.


Good morning. I am of course, going to start with the topic of the Monoliths. Since we last ‘spoke’ many more ‘valid’ ones have been revealed in the strangest of places around the Globe. There is naturally much speculation and intrigue. Many are pranks it seems … yet, some have no explanation. So, perhaps I should just let you flow with it.

Good morning/evening/afternoon, depending on where one may be when they receive these words. Have these great Pillars not left you a little aghast, Blossom? Maybe for once, you are starting to believe us. We jest of course, yet, you know what we mean?

Yes, I do. I am trying to ‘accept’ them as coming from off-world, so, going along that thought pattern and not letting any doubts interfere during this session … I feel we should just go for it.

Knowing that we cannot reveal every purpose and intricacy, for that would ‘ruin the surprise’ and perhaps be too much of a give-away to those who should not interfere with the Plan.

So, you say they are monitors? Monitoring what exactly?

Monitoring frequencies, Energetic magnetics within a large area around each one. Monitoring the surroundings and keeping a balance energetically in those places where they are set … in order to make sure they are in alignment for their ‘duty’.

Which is?

That, Blossom, must be kept under wraps for obvious reasons. Yet, you can feel something afoot can you not?

Only a feeling, yes. Accompanied by a vague image that is difficult to describe, of these structures being activated at a certain time, all together, reflecting Light from the Sun. Hold on a minute … I think it is you that should be saying this, as it is coming clearer as I write.

You were indeed, doing our job very well.

What we can tell you is that what you say is correct. They shall be … activated/switched on … at a certain point in time and create … within themselves/yet, all together as one … an Energy as never before known.

Yes, the Sun is very much involved. We would say, that the Sun at a certain height and Power … at a certain given time … is ‘Their Key’.

We would say, that all needs to be in place by then as they work together. They are designed to be a team, would we say.

When you said there shall be many, I was surprised to see others turn up so soon.

They shall ‘arrive’ in stages. Settling their Energy in, a few at a time … in order to get established and ‘set in stone’ in position.

Are they connected with the HUGE announcement?

Not directly. That is still ongoing … and all we have said about it shall come to pass.

Ok. You say they are activators. Activating what exactly?

We would say ‘Everything’ as a general answer. Yet, there are many targeted missions that these structures are to reboot.

Reboot? That is interesting. How so?

Dearest Blossom, these monument (al) structures are to be set in certain lay lines and grid webs that can send their … ‘Electricity/Energy … flowing through the entire system.

You know of ‘Stone Henge and other connected stones placed long ago within the Earth’s boundaries … in order for ‘Star alignments’ to work with them.

In these times, these ‘StarBeams’ are essentially in place to ‘change the course’ from that which has been so deeply buried in darkness, to that which brings in such magnificent Light in order to assist the transformation from the old to the new.

StarBeams? Do you mean the Monoliths? Or the stars that are coming into alignment?

We mean the Monoliths. For they shall indeed, appear as such when activated. Their Energy of Light will not be of your strongest lighting system … yet, beyond anything you have known.

So, are they acting as activators for much, as well as they themselves, are to BE activated?

Yes. The Energy that shall be produced from them, when combined with certain star/planetary alignments shall activate within the entire solar system … as a sort of ‘all systems go’.

And yes, as you are thinking, Blossom, they shall activate the human Soul Light, also.

The envelopes … the thought just came into my head … will that be the opening of the envelopes*?

Indeed, it shall.

WOW! Can I make it clear though, as a personal choice, I am not going to ask when this may happen.

This we understand. There are many more to come over a short period of time.

One was found in the middle of a shopping mall?

The shopping mall was built long after positionings were set in place for this to take place.

You say they are connectors. Connectors to what?

Connectors to a number of things … that would roll off our tongue.

Connectors to Stars systems.

Connectors to Star families.

Connectors to that which is outside of your Planetary limitations, to open up to that which lies beyond.

The entire Energy of this occurrence connects the Soul Being with the Truth of who they are.

Yet, many will not be able to take the Energy and as we have said regarding other matters, choose to take their leave.

That would be a shame … to leave just before the party really gets started.

Not for those who could not ‘manage’ the Energy.

You say they are Receptors. Receptors to/for what?



Is this where the Pillars of Light take their cue?

They are indeed ‘connected’ very much with this ‘encounter’.

You say they are reflectors. Reflecting what?

Reflecting Light and Power from Source!

Oh, My Goodness! I just got goosebumps all over and my heart went thump! So, you have said before that the Sun is a portal to Source Energy … so would you say reflecting Light and Power from the Sun?

Some would consider it the same thing. Where did the knowing of ‘Sun Gods’ derive from within the ancients?

So, I just have to ask … heart in mouth, once again … are these StarBeams, and the Pillars of Light, all connected … to/with … THE GREAT EVENT that has been spoken about forever? It certainly feels like there has to be a connection here.

Blossom … it is all connected.

You are moving into a Higher Vibration.

PLANS … ARE/HAVE … ALWAYS BEEN IN PLACE and as your time moves through … more of this likelihood is becoming apparent now.

Yes. Yet, although I am going along with all this as we connect today … there is still that nagging possibility of it all being surreal/unreal.



YES SIR! Well, I have to say, this is all very exciting. Yet … I am not going to hold my breath for this to take place tomorrow or any time quite soon. So much else going on in the world at the moment.




Exciting times, indeed, Blossom Goodchild.

Why do you sometimes use my surname and others not?

We like to!

Oh, Ok. Just need to pick up on something. You used the word ‘reboot’. Meaning what?

Meaning the starting up of an old system put in place long ago … likened to, if we may, when a computer starts off clean and with good intention to serve and remain so. Yet, as time goes on … it gets cluttered up with all sorts of ‘stuff’ that takes over and clogs the system until it crashes and breaks down.

To reboot your Planet … to deprogram and replace with LIGHT INTENTION shall be the planned route.

This is all for today … We feel enough to be absorbed and pondered upon.

Indeed. Indeed. Indeed. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM … Very excited … I think … perhaps … maybe!

Someone kndly sent this in ... if it helps??? Or confuses more???






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The I AM MANTRA video is not forgotten, yet it may not be out until next year at this rate. Busy times.

So much Love and Gratitude to each one who has chosen to walk this journey alongside me. It gives me such strength.


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Blossom Goodchild - Channeling the Federation of Light - December 5, 2020


Good morning to you that are not of Earth! As it stands, we await the HUGE announcement and we are all pretty much up to scratch with the I AM mantra … so, I thought for today I would inquire about the large monoliths that have appeared in Utah and Romania, and now California … Have you lost something?

Welcome to Each one and to you Blossom of the Light.

Ha! You once called me ‘Lady Blossom’ … So, I think I’ll add ‘Lady Blossom of the Light’ ! Oh yes … that has a lovely ring to it!! Oh funny! That’s funny!

Yet, appropriate. More than you care to acknowledge and it would serve you well to do so.

Yes, well let’s keep away from all my insecurities at the minute and delve into the ‘Monolith mystery’ ‘if we may? Firstly, are you aware of them?

Indeed, we are. For that which you … are/become … aware of Blossom, therefore, do we.

These are connected with the Pillars of Light we have spoken of.

See ya …!

You asked and we replied. Would you like us to continue and confirm?

As I said recently, in for a penny in for a pound … and if I am not going to TRUST ‘myself’ in what comes through, then I might as well hop off the bus now. In what way are they connected?

They are monitors. They are receptors. They are activators. They are connectors. They are reflectors.

Anything they aren’t?

They are certainly not toys! They are of a material that may appear ‘Earthly’ yet, it is not.

Are there only three?

No. Many. That shall be ‘placed’ and discovered at appropriate times.

Yet, the one in Utah has been removed.

This is not of a concern. It is not ‘set’ so it cannot be ‘investigated’.

Was it removed by humans?

Yes, yet they will not be able to make head nor tail of it. It will seem to them an enigma … for it is dormant at this time.

How are they connected to the Pillars of Light?

In many ways. Their positionings are strategically placed in order to activate and … would we say ‘control’ the Pillars when they are ready to be received.

What if they just get removed every time they are found?

We have this in hand. There will be a time when they shall not be able to keep up in the removal and we are also ‘prepared’ so that some will be ‘for their inquisitive minds’ and reveal nothing, whereas others shall be the real deal, would we say.

When you say ’they’ … do you mean the government?

We do … or a section thereof.

Gotta be said … this all sounds a little whacko and movie-like.

Blossom, are you not passed that thought pattern?

It appears not!

Yet, you believe in us and life outside of your Planet?


Then why does this seem ‘unreal’?

Because my concern is that it may be a prank.

Again, we say as we have before, ‘YOU EITHER KNOW IT … OR YOU DON’T’.

I’ve thought a lot about that and you are right. Inside my Being … I KNOW ‘IT’. Whatever ‘IT’ is. So, I guess it applies also, to this current topic.

Exactly. In these times one must recognize the leaps and bounds of one’s progression into the TRUTH and KNOWING of themselves. Therefore, we do not feel it compliant to try and explain certain things that your BEING, TRULY, ALREADY KNOWS.

We feel that those that FEEL our knowledge to be of TRUTH, no longer need to be treated as in early years of learning, like a toddler. You have all advanced into the Higher classes. So it is, that this which we say is either KNOWN or it isn’t.

Meaning I shouldn’t need to ask questions or feel I need to be convinced?


That answers a lot for me in a nutshell, as I was rather ‘hesitant’ to ask about this in case …

In case? In case YOU thought YOU could be making answers up. In case these receptors are a hoax and we have said they were not? Is this not so, Blossom?

Absodoodelutely! Which says what about me?

That you TRUST yourself and us more than you think, as you went ahead and asked anyway!

Why have they begun to appear now?

Plain and simple … It is time. You will discover more about them as time moves on/through.

As much as it may frustrate some readers, as they would have 1000 more questions, for now, I shall leave that there … KNOWING it shall come up again, without doubt, at a future date. Can we move on please to December 21st of this year? I am planning a worldwide gathering with White Cloud to say the I AM mantra *. For is this not an important date? Especially it seems, in Australia (ULURU). Can you tell us more?

The Energies that are entering now, leading up to this date are ever-increasing. Leaving, possibly, one out of sorts, almost dizzy, as they increase in POWER. Be kind to the self as they are absorbed.





For those who are already awake, they shall notice a Lightness within themselves … different from that which they know.

Within this Energy coming through … POWER … of/to/through/as … the self shall be noticeably felt and recognized.

Dearest Souls, by this time, there shall be much turmoil around your Planet … much confusion within the unawakened.

THIS ENERGY that is to enter in, shall act as an activator yet, also as a soothing balm on troubled waters … to those/for those … who are struggling.

So, will this change be noticeable? I feel many are building this up to be a bit like 2012 when most of us felt the change would be visible, tangible … then because it wasn’t like that, there was great disappointment. Will it be like that?

That would depend on the state of mind of the individual.

So, there is to be nothing visual to expect?

Again, that would depend on the state of BEING.

I know what you are meaning, yet, could you explain?

There are those that are more attuned to these Energies due to their journey so far. They may ‘experience’ certain acknowledgments… whereas others may not. Yet, this is no different in a sense, from ‘how things are’ in the now.

Without question it will assist in anchoring in these Energies … for souls to … join in/up with … a mass gathering of like-minded Beings.

I am hoping many will join in with White Cloud* repeating the mantra … It will be very powerful.

More than you know.


And what a time it is to be alive! One certainly cannot say it’s boring … even through the waiting!

Blossom and All Souls who KNOW that these exceptional times are leading one through to the Brighter Lighter experience of human Beingness … so much more is to unfold.

Times ahead, when the darkness has all but disappeared. When structures such as the Monoliths we speak of, are commonplace, for the connection with other worlds shall be an accepted part of your everyday lives. Imagine that!

Well, ‘we’ve seen it in the movies, now let’s see if it’s True’ … as Cliff Richard once sang in ‘Summer Holiday’! And as we know … so much movie content is not just ‘make-believe’.

Indeed, yet, a subtle introduction to the possibilities of ‘what is’.

We ask that you choose to anchor your Light firmly into your Planet … for in these times … in these days that are drawing ever closer to meet you …


You will understand the meaning of this more fully, as your intention to do so increases.



As we have said … There would be no ocean, if it wasn’t for every single drop.







With these few tools … you move mountains.


Ok, chaps … Thank you. Onwards we trollop! In Gratitude. In Loving Service. I AM.

*Please keep a lookout for my newsletter and video for details of this, within the next few days. Thank you.

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 Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - December 4, 2020


The problems you have been experiencing through Covid19 are far from finished, and causing more problems without an end in sight. Job losses are mounting and future prospects look bleak, and every day more companies are going out of business. It is a symptom of the times you are living in, and the necessity to clear out that which will have no further use in the New Age. Where the US elections are concerned it looks like evidence will be provided to prove that fraud had taken place to prevent Trump from winning. There is ample time to provide proof of it but the outcome cannot be predetermined.

Many unfinished matters are surfacing for completion and in general terms it is a bit like “house cleaning”. The negative energies are being brought to the surface to be dealt with and cleared away for once and for all time. Remember that the energies are rising and there will inevitably come a point where they will no longer support the lower ones. That also applies to all souls and only those that are ready will ascend. Providing you keep your eyes on your goal and avoid being involved in negative actions, you will certainly be successful. In the midst of all of the upheaval you clearly have to keep a level head by keeping calm and not have your attention taken away from your plan for Ascension.

The Human Race is not expected to progress without help and a number of interested Beings are awaiting an opportunity to help you on your way to success, and it has become permissible since you showed you were ready by passing the marker. Such Beings come from much higher vibrations and look back to give a helping hand to those who follow on after them. Selfishness does not exist at such high levels and help is always on hand from them should you need it. Lightworkers are already at a higher level and amongst those who freely and readily give of their services to others.

The need to give help to others has never been more urgent as so many are utterly confused, and have no idea what is taking place to cause so many problems. For them the future looks bleak and few have any idea where the present events are leading. In reality the future is full of promise enabling all such upsetting experiences to be seen in their true context as necessary to bring the new into being. Since time continues to speed up things are happening faster than normally, so you may be assured that a new dawn has commenced that will bring much hope and promise of better times. If you could but see the true potential you would have no worries about the future, it is wonderful beyond belief and appropriate for those who also have such positive views of it.

You presently are living through an historical time that will be referred to well into the future. These are once in a lifetime experiences that will leave their mark on whoever has lived through such times. Remember that you were chosen to be present because it was known you had the experience to contribute to the light, and would not be overawed by the tasks that lay ahead. It takes a soul of strong character to withstand the lower energies without being pulled down by them. Those called upon to take up the challenge already have sufficient experience to successfully handle them, and continue on their path of Light. They are to be applauded for their fearless nature and determination to come through the challenges unscathed. There is nothing like experience to see you through the toughest ones.

Have faith and do not expect too much too soon as all will come in good time, the plans for the future have already been laid down and they will certainly lift up the gloom and pessimistic forecasts to bring the light back into your lives. In fact very few at this stage have any idea what lays ahead, but be assured it will be very much to your liking. You achieved the hard bit by passing the marker and much of the old has passed the point of being useful. Instead those who guide and plan your future have laid out a path that will take you to Ascension. It is there for every soul who seeks and finds their path, and nothing will stop them from reaching the higher vibrations and leaving the darkness behind.

At the moment you are in a tough position as though you are in a maze, and you have still not found the way out. Yet there is always someone at a higher point who can overlook the maze and help you out. It is the position we find you in and we are doing our best to help you out. The authorities often use a sledgehammer to crack a nut and tend to do things on a large scale to ensure their success in controlling matters. However the truth is never far away and some people are rightly questioning the necessity for such strict controls. Yet on a higher level the situation is being used to highlight the shortcomings of your previous way of life – it is being spread out before you

We believe it is the people who will decide the outcome, thus releasing them to find their own direction into the future. After all it is the energy of the Human Race that is creating changes that will set out your path to the future. The negativity will slowly be overcome by the ever increasing levels of Light, that will eventually leave anything less behind. The future is full of wonder, beauty and enchantment that will bring a level of peace not experienced for eons of time.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


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Suzy Ward - Channeling Matthew Ward - December 2, 2020


With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. How greatly this season of holy days differs from previous years dominates thoughts and feelings around your world. Instead of traditional observances and festivities with family and friends, many are mourning loved ones to whom they were denied goodbyes and are having to forego attending sacred services. We, too, feel sadness that your year 2020 is ending on that solemn note.

Dear ones, you can keep bright the spirit of this season that celebrates love, the goodness in your life and the world, and sharing with those who are in need. As you act upon those sentiments that uplift you and all whom your caring touches, you can revisit joyous holidays in memory. If beloved persons no longer are with you, you can feel happy for them—they are living in a wondrous world of amazing activity and diversity.

Earth’s energy field of potential also is reflecting the society’s other primary thoughts, feelings and actions. They have to do with covid foremost, then unrest in increasing numbers of countries and the United States presidential election. To address those situations, we begin with the reader’s questions that are in the minds of all who know what is behind the “pandemic.”

“Should lightworkers not wear a mask in public and refuse to be tested for COVID-19 to help spread awareness of the truth about it? Why are cases spiking? What can we do if vaccinations are mandatory when a vaccine is available?” If masks are required by employers or entry into public buildings, never would we suggest that you incur a troublesome situation for yourself by violating that regulation. But as often as you can, lower the mask and breathe naturally.

Unless your work requires being tested, avoiding that precludes the possibility of being quarantined when you don’t have the disease. It is not that cases of covid are surging to record numbers, it is the statistics that are. Tests are part of the massive deception. Some are made to register only positive, others are designed to detect the viruses that cause colds and “standard” flu, and all those positives are declared covid-19. Statistics also include the seriously ill whose deaths are claimed to be caused by “complications due to covid.”

Indeed, there are actual cases, and masks are heavy contributors. They prevent normal respiratory functioning, thereby compromising immune systems and creating susceptibility to various kinds of illness. If persons with weakened immunity spend time with someone who has covid, they can contract it.

The Illuminati don’t count on contagion alone to keep their “pandemic” going. Their media’s relentless coverage, including spiking case numbers and exhortation by “authorities” to wear masks and conform to social distancing, is a multi-purposed sword. The energy of thoughts and feelings about covid adds to its energy mass, thereby perpetuating the disease. Increasing numbers of cases around the world is evoking fear among the populace who don’t know the statistics are substantially inflated. The energy of fear weakens bodies’ natural immunity and increases vulnerability to any disease. And, of most significance to the dark ones behind this scourge, the fear energy they are generating is providing the “food” they need for survival.

The high vibrations of light you are radiating are helping to counteract fear’s low vibrations. And, as the populace focuses on regaining control of their lives and livelihoods, preoccupation with covid will subside and its energy will wane until it no longer exists.

Numerous companies rushing to develop vaccines is another part of the deception. Vaccines potent enough to kill people who have health issues were prepared prior to the release of the virus a year ago, and the plan to cause this “pandemic” started ten years ago.

In addition to being long-range planners, the Illuminati can be blatant about what they’re doing because they think a fearful, compliant public won’t notice. For instance, the name of their latest disease, covid-19: cov—certificate of vaccination—id—identification, and that means identifying you by means of a programmed nanochip in the injection solution—19 because it is the 19th of the coronavirus strain.

We don’t see vaccinations becoming widely mandatory. There is talk about first vaccinating healthcare personnel and others whose work is essential, but whether that happens depends on how soon the truth about the “pandemic” is disclosed and the simple treatment for covid, now banned by Illuminati who control the medical establishment, is put into use. That will come, but we want to ease your minds now. Scientists in extraterrestrial special forces reduced the vaccine’s toxicity and erased the chips’ tracking program that was intended to record everything you do, wherever you are, and eventually control what you do and where you go.

The spread of covid may be a factor as more countries’ citizens are rebelling against their governments, but the root of widespread dissatisfaction is rampant corruption, theft of national treasuries, mass poverty, oppression of civil rights, and unjust justice systems. The rebels’ roadway will veer this way and that, but incrementally, uprisings in all countries will result in beneficial changes in all aspects of life. Living freely and joyously with robust health and abundance is the destiny of Earth’s civilization.

Countless energy streamers are swirling around those national situations and the “pandemic,” but the streamers pertaining to the US presidential election are the most frenzied in the field of potential. Despite denials of any fraudulence in the voting processes, there is evidence to the contrary. Fraud is not new in that country’s elections—or in other countries’—and when the truth about last month’s election comes forth—and it cannot be much longer before it does—it will shake that country to its very core and related actions will span the globe.

Nothing in your history books indicates that ever since the colonies won independence from the British, the United States, which is labeled a democracy but factually is a corporation, has been run by Illuminati within and beyond the government. Operating from that base and others, they have been wielding their power worldwide.

That includes the global economy, which is measured in part by the stock markets that are only the smoke and mirrors of myriad computer transactions with no monetary foundation. “Playing the market,” currency trading, Illuminati ownership of the Federal Reserve System, printing money out of thin air, usurious interest charged on credit cards, taxation loopholes, and shell companies have enabled the numbers of millionaires and billionaires to keep growing at the expense of the growing numbers of homeless, hungry and impoverished, and a severely damaged, contaminated planet.

Ending that inequitable and unsustainable situation is why souls off-planet, led by St. Germain, worked with visionaries on Earth to devise NESARA, now called GESARA. Although it is US legislation, it is the foundation for world transformation, and, when the truth about the US election is revealed, enacting its provisions can move forward in earnest. Everything happening in the public eye and behind the scenes will initiate comprehensive, desperately-needed change. There will be temporary resistance and confusion, but nothing can deter Earth’s heading toward the glories of her Golden Age in its fullness.

“Matthew says ‘we support you with unconditional love.’ If that is different from love or love-light, please ask him to explain the difference.”

Let us begin by saying that unconditional love is Creator, the ultimate force in the cosmos and the Source of everything within the cosmos. From Its state of perfection, Creator issued forth Its essence of pure love and light energy and created the first souls, the archangels.

At some point, Creator gave them free will to use Its energy to put their own ideas into action, and It bestowed the same gift upon all subsequent souls. It is with the energy of love and light that everything in existence has been, is being, and ever more shall be co-created.

Thus, love and light are the “power tools,” so to say, given by Creator to all souls. How they use those tools in physical and spirit lifetimes are their free will choices—the other part of Creator’s gift—and regardless of the choices, all souls are eternallythe energy essence of Creator. In short, you are unconditional love, you use love and light to manifest what you want.

Manifestations at this station are with unified high intention, but they are not perfect. No manifestation can be—only Creator Itself is perfection. However, we can support you with Its unconditional love by our intention that this most powerful force in the cosmos assist you all along your Earth journey.

Now let us speak about love and light, or love-light—they are the very same energy simply expressed differently—in today’s world. This energy is of an intensity that hasn’t been on the planet since its beauty and purity made it the crown jewel of this universe, and it is banishing everything based in darkness so the wounds of Earth and her peoples can be healed. Whether called lightworker, light warrior, star seed or wayshower, you and all other volunteers from other lands are awakening the peoples of Earth so healing can come to them and they can heal their world.

Let us take a moment to speak about the “mysterious” monoliths that appear and disappear. They are materialized and dematerialized by members of space crews to herald the onset of Earth’s civilization advancing in spiritual and conscious awareness.

Beloved sisters and brothers, you will miss many traditional holiday celebrations and gatherings, but you need not miss stirring seasonal music. As you hear or sing these familiar words, let your hearts send out the soaring vibrations of “Joy to the world” and “Peace on Earth, good will to men.”

Enter your new year with confidence and rejoicing. The world you have been helping Earth’s peoples co-create in linear time is flourishing in the continuum—your mission already is victorious!



Suzanne Ward
Website: The Matthew Books
Email: suzy@matthewbooks.com


Note from Suzy: Your notes of appreciation for the messages are very meaningful—thank you!

Enjoy chapters of Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven on Matthew Books YouTube channel.


 Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - November 27, 2020


There seems no end in sight to the turmoil that exists all over the world due to the Coronavirus. It is understandable since such a situation has never existed in living memory and is why it has had such an impact and shows little signs of abating. It has however given Humanity time to access their life styles and what they want from the future. It has become apparent that there is much that needs thinking about, if Mankind is to start again with a clear objective in mind that will move on from all that is found to be out dated and no longer has a place in your future. The pace of change will undoubtedly pick up and new ways of making progress found. It is a golden opportunity to take a serious look at the way you have been living

Major changes look inevitable if you are to seize this opportunity to make a fresh start that will propel you into the New Age. Politics and the way business is run are surely at the top of your list, as both have a serious impact upon the general public. The old ways cannot and should not be resurrected as they are no longer suitable for the purpose of advancing Humanity. The people have every right to expect more from their leaders so that a future can be formulated that brings the 21st century to life. It is time to bring people together and not perpetuate the “them and us” of the past where such a gulf existed between the “haves and have-nots”. Every soul deserves a life where the necessities of it are available to all.

There are so many improvements and inventions that have been held back by those who have vested interests in keeping the Status Quo, but the time has come for change that benefits the people and it shall occur, you just cannot hold up progress any longer. All round people and companies are being forced to look at the ways they operate and changes will come, they have to as there is no way that they can return to them. A great deal depends on how long free energy can be kept quiet and denied to them. Its release will open so many doors to ensuring an easier life for large numbers of people, giving them one of the necessities of life and releasing them from poverty. It must come if the New Age is welcomed with open arms as it will lift the quality of life for so many people and we mean millions all over the world.

As the Human Race you are All One, and the sooner you recognise this fact and treat people as All One the sooner the advantages of the New Age can become your reality. There are many souls that have incarnated upon Earth at this time, in readiness to give of their experience and knowledge to lead the way to a better existence that will fulfil promises made to you in recent times. There are so many souls on our side of the veil that are urging you on so that the “conditions” are receptive to the new energies. There is every help from our side for those of you who are at the forefront of moves to get things underway. Be assured that matters will turn in your favour and will compensate for the trying and unsettling times you are in at present. Keep calm and know that the Light is winning the battle.

In these testing times you may well ask how you can get through the coming weeks, without comprising yourself. Clearly you must stay calm and do not let antagonising situations knock you off your course. If you feel you are sufficiently advanced to withstand the negative energies around you, you should be able to brush off anything less than the Light. Stay on your path without deviating from it and the more success you have the more strength you will develop. Already the positive energies have increased and will continue to do so all the way to Ascension. Get over the present hurdle and you cannot fail to notice how much easier it will get. You have come a very long way to get to this point, so seize the opportunity you are being given to leave the old un-necessary energies behind.

Not everyone will accept that they have a God inside, and will continue to seek God outside of themselves. In some respects it does not matter as the most important aspect is belief in God and the rest will come with a greater understanding. Do not underestimate the great love of God for all life forms, a love that exceeds understanding. It is not expected that you will comprehend such power that is responsible for the creation of all living forms wherever and whatever they are. The Great Central Sun is ablaze with Light and for the want of a better expression, is the Supreme Creators abode. At your lower level of vibrations you are not expected to understand the ultimate energy but it is suffice to say that it is so powerful it cannot be expressed in your language.

The period you are going through is making people consider where they are going, and what their goal in life is. You are getting ample time to access what you want out of life and what you need do to succeed. If your level of understanding has reached one of a spiritual understanding, then undoubtedly you will continue evolving on a path that would most likely result in your Ascension. It will come with the lifting up of your vibrations, and in that respect you could definitely achieve success. You are not left alone to follow your path and many spiritual helpers are with you.

You could hardly be in a better time to go all the way to Ascension and it will be worth all the effort you put in to succeed. You have worked hard often against huge odds. when those with beliefs that went against the religious teachings were persecuted and often put to death. The religions were very strict and their “flock” had to follow their interpretation of the scriptures. To have come through such a time is a credit to your steadfastness and determination to find the truth.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


Website: Tree of the Golden Light


A BIG Hello to ALL.
I posted this channelling yesterday yet, once again another drama. The third week in a row! My mailing list had run out of credits and my monthly quota renewed today! Seriously?! Anyway, here it is.

Here is the latest conversation with The Federation Of Light. Thank you.

Hello there! So many Loved your information on the I AM Mantra last week. Thank you. However, others shared concerns of ‘skipping over any Announcement news’ and felt let down. Guess you can’t win ‘em all! Ok … I find myself in a bit of a dilemma. I often get sent links to ‘clips’, asking if they ‘maybe’ the announcement. Last night I got sent one which was of, Mr T (Not the one from THE A TEAM!) announcing the changes he was to bring in as of Jan 1st, regarding the price of medicines and basically bringing the Big Pharma Companies down to their knees. Whether for, or against this man, whether this came from the man in the moon, or indeed Noddy … we all surely want that to happen? The Big Pharma, without question, in my eyes, is corrupt and of the dark. He stated a few times ‘This is a big, big announcement’. Yet, interestingly enough not a whisper of it on MSM … which to me, speaks volumes! Is this the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT? … for you have said ‘everyone’ will hear of it. *

Welcome to you, Blossom, and to Each One who listens to that which we have to say … coming from their Heart and not their head. We can feel you are of trepidation asking of this?

Yes, I am, very much so. As you know, yet maybe your readers don’t, I do not tune into you until this time, so as not to be influenced in any way by my thoughts and so that this discussion is ‘fresh’. Yet, I feel I need to ask about this, as it seems HUGE (to me) and yet, I know ‘we’ are not about politics, yet, it is sometimes hard to avoid.

We appreciate your concerns, Blossom, on the many layers that they come from. What we would say is this …

No. This is not the HUGE Announcement … because when the HUGE Announcement does arrive it … WILL NOT/CANNOT … be slipped through one’s fingers. It will not be able to remain unheard or unmentioned, for it shall be for ALL TO KNOW ABOUT. It will not be kept from your MSM as it will not be able to be ‘missing in action’!

Well, that settles that then. Thank you.

Let us further reassure you, Blossom, and those who feel the same as you ‘waiting, waiting, waiting’ … THE ANNOUNCEMENT WILL COME … yet, would we say … ‘In a package’.

Meaning many things wrapped up in one?

Yes. Meaning exactly that. Yet, not everything shall be revealed at once. It would be too much.

Remember … THIS IS A DIVINE PLAN … and each step of the way has been so carefully discussed and monitored. When you are able to know more of which we speak … you will understand how intricate and precise this Plan is and you will accept that the waiting … one’s impatience … was so very much required, in order for every minute detail to be carried out.

I am not going to ask about a time frame. Many say the elections are not over and you said it would be before the elections … and Truly … I don’t want to retract back to that ‘state of thought’ … So, what happens now?


No matter how many hearts will sink at that statement … no matter how many tired and weary Beings FEEL they do not have the strength to carry on … YOU KNOW THAT YOU WILL.

You also know, you have the freedom to choose whether or not you remain a ‘Warrior of Light’ on this journey with us, or ‘Jump off this path and on to another’.



Those of you who feel so lost and alone … those who question our words … those who do not feel strong enough to continue … will find more strength … find more enthusiasm … find more courage … because even if they so choose to remove themselves from that which ‘we’ have to say … at some point they will jump back on board. Maybe not with us yet, with another that takes them on a different path, and yet, all shall gather at the arranged ‘meeting point’.

Each One has the right to ‘get there’ by their own method of transport!

Why did I choose a snail??

We accept that it must feel like that for many. Yet, from where we are …

The snail is making progress … slowly but surely.

And is it not carrying its home on its back … in the same way you carry your home in your hearts?

Yep. Yet, now and then it wouldn’t go amiss to hop into the pouch of a passing kangaroo, just to give us the ‘bounce’ we need and to feel that, if only for a time, we are moving forward in leaps and bounds.

As we have said, and it is necessary to repeat many things, Blossom … there will come a time when you may … contemplate/look back … on ‘these days’ and wish you could snuggle up safe inside that shell.

There is to come, so much turmoil, as we have stated and yet, there shall be so much Love, Compassion, Acceptance, and Understanding required. Not only … for/from … within the self yet, for others that feel caught up in the whirlwind and have no idea how or where to land.

Yet, when they do … you shall be there, wherever they may find themselves within their awakening … and help them to their feet … and hold their hand as you guide them through.

Yet, not everyone will ‘want’ to come, will they?

Many shall be so lost … they will choose to remain ‘as they … are/were’ … or take their leave from the disruption and chaos and send their Love from elsewhere … from a place where they feel safe.

Yet, the Ground Crew shall remain … Holding the Light … Holding the Love … Holding the hands of those who are afraid.

The time … Dearest, most benevolent souls, is upon you now, when you can feel your strength lifting. When you are KNOWING rather than ‘pretending to know’.

When you FEEL inside your hearts … THE TRUTH.

Because THE TRUTH is to be presented in so many ways.

We do not speak here of ‘just’ the Truth of all that has been hidden regarding the dark one’s manipulation and abhorrent ways … for indeed these things, these people, shall ‘be exposed’ and their behaviours shall be presented to all.

Yet, we speak too, of THE TRUTH … THE ‘LIGHT’ OF TRUTH.


‘Actually’ are?

Yes, Blossom. For as the darkness continues to fall and break down … Truths of who you are … Truths of who you can be … Truths of what you will once again become … will be offered to you on a plate.

What, so am I about to find out I’m ‘actually’ a fruit platter? (just couldn’t resist)

Yes! (‘we’ just couldn’t resist). Yet, to become a little more ‘down to basics’ … we ask you to hold on to certain facts.

The fact that as more darkness is revealed for what it was … and is literally ‘dispersed of’, you will discover more and more that is of the Light.

These ‘Light frequency, High Vibe’ discoveries/reveals … will feel like you are in touch with home.

E.T phone home, type of thing?

Well, shall we say, ‘The Knowing’ that one’s Wi-Fi is far more accurate and speedy than the old fashioned dial up.

Nice analogy, chaps!




Dearest friends, indeed, there is a lot more to come … and not only will your world seem upside down yet, you will feel like you are stuck on the spin cycle!

It will seem like this for quite a time yet, KNOW … THE TURMOIL WILL END … and everything will come out clean and smelling of roses … … … eventually

We ask that you let go of time frames.

Easier said than done … Yet, I know exactly what you mean.







You know that we are doing our best, don’t you?

Indeed. Even on what you consider ‘Off days’ … we KNOW you are still doing the very best you can.

Under the circumstances …

Under these extreme circumstances … Within these extreme circumstances.





Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM THE TRUTH. I AM. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

*This is the link that is mentioned. https://youtu.be/c0Mdj_mYyR0.

Please remember … I am a messenger, for these conversations … finding myself in unchartered waters and doing the best I can to stay afloat. Thank you for your understanding.





Far out brussel sprout. I have received close to 100 videos!!! So, it is not going to be ready till 2060!!! LOL.
I, therefore, am putting a closing date of Nov 30th, otherwise, the video will go on for days! How wonderful though! What a fantastic response. However, a bit of a nightmare as the videos are daily clogging up my inbox, and until I find the time each day to save, reply and delete and then delete from the delete inbox ... some cannot get through, it seems. So please keep trying ... I will get them in the end. It is a project I want to enjoy, so I will take my time and it will be ready when t is ready and not before.

I am also planning a WORLDWIDE EVENT where we can ALL SAY THE MANTRA TOGETHER for a time, with WHITE CLOUD leading the way. I will be posting information when I have it.

The lovely Joe Pena has produced this, which I would like to share with you. It is so very uplifting ... Good one Joe.



OK. Much Love ... I am a very busy bunny at the moment and it's nowhere near Easter!
So, I thank you for your Love and support throughout.


Website: Blossom Goodchild


 Blossom Goodchild - Channeling The Federation of Light - November 7, 2020



Hello to Each One.
Your support has been overwhelming. So much Love, that once again brought me to my senses!
So, here is what many have been waiting for.


Hello. Do you realize just how much you are Loved? My inbox and comments are overflowing and most of them declare undying KNOWING that you come from the Truth. That you are OF IT. A few very dodgy ones from those who have no strength and hope left. Many wondering where the announcement was. Many saying they don’t care if there is one or not, they still Love you. Many saying they simply wouldn’t be on the Planet if it were not for your messages. Such Love do the folk out there have for you. Naturally, I am apprehensive about this chat today … I spat the dummy big time on Wednesday and hit rock bottom (as you may have ‘felt’ by my unrestrained yelling and screaming at you). Yet, I have become stronger each day and KNOW IN MY HEART … no matter what misunderstandings and discrepancies may occur between our dimensional passing of thoughts back and forth … I AM IN IT FOR THE LONG HAUL. I guess that is all I need to say as ‘my’ introduction in this very auspicious week. How is ‘yours’ going to flow?

We have been awaiting for you to take this quiet time with us when you were ready. Many thanks to you and your courage for doing so.

Welcome to Each One, who we understand is eager to hear that which we have to say.

You bet your sweet potatoes they are!

We will not back down on that which we said. We certainly do not ‘come up with these things’ in order to cajole and spread mis/dis information.

From where we … see it / feel it … we offer it. Should that which we offer not work out in the ‘assumed’ timeframe we offer, we do not swear and curse and fight and scream and fall apart.

Point taken. Thought about apologizing to you for my ‘outcry’ the other day, yet, decided I had every right to do so, due to the experience I was once again encountering.

We are not asking for an apology, Blossom. You made it quite clear how painful it was for your heart and all we wished to do was comfort you. For as we have said so many times, you cannot see the picture as we do.

Oh how differently … I /we all … would feel if we could. My husband, bless him, said to me ‘Think of all the people you have helped’. To which I replied … ‘Think of all the people I have disappointed’ … and there were many, yet, they still have faith and so few decided to jump ship. Which says a lot about who they are … and they are like this, it seems … because of YOUR Love and Light and HOPE that you have given them.

And this pleases us greatly, with all humility.

Have you not been replying in your emails ‘It is not over till the fat lady sings’?

Yes … Is she still stuffing her face?

We are aware of this expression, although we needed to make some inquiries, as once again, we were unsure if it was your humour or just exactly what it was!

I guess I am just going to have to ask … it would be ‘weak’ of me to avoid it. So, this announcement thing … is it still to come?

Yes … and when it does the penny will drop.

So will my jaw! So why give the timeframe because this is always ‘our Achilles heel’? I don’t feel I asked/forced you. I have considered so many things. If someone says something is about to happen, the natural response is to ask when. You could have said … ‘We are unsure or we cannot divulge that to you’.

Blossom … are the elections over?

No. They are an absolute mess, yet no decision made yet.

Then we would say there is still time ‘before’ the elections … and we said also ‘It was necessary in order for decisions to be made’.

Ok. So, to clarify … you are saying it is still on the cards and still to come?

Very much so.

It could be about so many things. The country/our world is so torn … it is very disturbing. Heartbreaking, in fact … that humans have come to this when we should all be getting along. Loving and serving each other for the Highest Good of all. You are so right about Topsy Turvy, for it is completely upside down from how all our hearts long for it to be.

You say, Blossom, you are in for the long haul … we are honoured and excited to KNOW this. We KNOW too, millions of souls upon your Planet walk alongside you for they too feel the same. No matter how tired … how depleted … YOU/THEY … KNOW … as the BEINGS OF LIGHT that they are, that they may get angry upset and disheartened, yet, they cannot give up and will not give up.

That which lies ahead is to appear unbelievable … and yet, it shall be before your eyes.

There shall be much confusion.

Eh … how much more confused can we bunnies be?

Unfortunately, a lot more. Yet, one must remain in their Heart space.

No matter what is presented … keep saying over and over ‘I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM THE TRUTH. I AM.’

We KNOW this is code and we KNOW this will give you strength and determination to see this through.

We would say once again … keep reiterating this to yourself no matter what. It will not/cannot let you down.

You are not yet in the thick of it … yet, it is not long.

So, by your accounts, we are still not in Phase Two as you said that would come after we are in the second lockdown. This lockdown stuff is so confusing also. Many, many are having to endure it … yet where I am, hardly a mask in sight. So, you are still saying ‘Global’ … meaning everywhere, are you?

We are. These preliminary confinements are to keep up the façade. Indeed, there is more to come.

Questions. Questions. Questions! Yet Truly, I feel I need to ‘man up’ as they say .. or perhaps ‘woman up’ … and just stop needing to know. Which sure is hard … and just keep holding that sword of Light up to the skies … which is what we came to do.

That is a perfectly formed thought, Blossom.

Yet, down here … this need to know is exasperating! It is like walking around in no man’s land. A kind of limbo, every day waiting for … something.

In all Truth, would you not say that your Planet is far from sitting around in lazy, hazy summer days.

Of course. Big stuff … enormous stuff is presenting. Yet, unless you were down here, perhaps this waiting may not be understood by you?

What are you waiting for? For it is happening, Blossom. IT IS ALL HAPPENING RIGHT NOW.

We have spoken to you of these times … The Game has to play out and it is doing so.

I know. I know you have … and here I am still trying to get to the bottom of things, instead of accepting and going with my heart and TRUSTING. Now hasn’t THAT been a BIG WORD on my mind this week!

Blossom and Each One whom we deeply LOVE and TRUST … we are asking that if you find it discordant to Trust in all that we say … then follow that which YOUR HEART … WHICH YOUR THOUGHTS … ARE TELLING YOU.

TRUST YOURSELVES and if that which we offer does not blend in with your thoughts … that is ok! As we have said, we are not here to win points. We are here to share with you our KNOWING on this Divine Plan and if it does not resonate, then take a pathway that does.

The conclusion I came to when peeling myself from the depths, was that without question, you have served thousands upon thousands in awakening. If they choose to go elsewhere and Lord alone knows, there are enough ‘elsewhere’s’ to go … that’s absolutely fine. You are too precious to me and to so many.

Let us ask you this, if we may?

You can try!! Gulp!

That which we offer …

Yes …

Do you consider worthy enough to …

To what? You seem to be having trouble bringing it through.

We are having trouble …

Why am I filling up? In an odd way, I am picking up that if you had eyes, you would be doing so too.

Because our Love for you and Each One is … in this moment of time … overwhelming.

Or maybe Guys … you are feeling OUR LOVE FOR YOU and finding it overwhelming. Now there’s a switch … and would show you just how much Love there is for this that you do. I am having a little moment myself here! Yet, please do complete the question. ‘That which we offer, Do you consider worthy enough to … What?

To continue on.

I have already said I am in for the long haul.

Yet, we needed to ask Blossom. We need to know through asking … if after all you have been through, you choose to remain speaking with us in this way?

I think I know what you are getting at. I think I know why I am so emotional as we speak … because during the week I was Truly ready to resign!


Indeed you were … and so it is necessary to ask OFFICIALLY if you wish to continue and to receive an OFFICIAL answer.

Really? Well, I humbly accept to continue this appointment in honour and Truth yet, unsure as to why it must be so ‘official.’?

Because although it may feel to you sometimes, that you ‘just do what you do’ it goes far deeper than that, Blossom Goodchild.

When you same my name like that, it somehow pounds right through me.

So, for our records and that within the Divine plan … we are officially back in business?

We are. Where’s my contract and can we discuss a salary! Guys … considering the trepidation I felt over the last few days, this has all gone very smoothly and to be honest, without any great revelations. All very much ‘as normal.’ I was expecting it, and probably, so were many, to be very different.

We know you were … and depending on your ‘emotions’ … so were we.

As you began to climb back on board our spirits breathed a sigh of relief. You were being carefully and gently monitored and for a time there … things were not going in our favour.

You can say that again. It is a rare occasion in my lifetime to ‘lose it’ as I did … and all confusion and anger aimed right up there to the skies … at you!

We were very much aware of that. Yet, as you picked yourself up … as your Light flickered back and forth, we were ‘abuzz’ with the news that you were ‘on the up’ … and much joy … so much joy, was exchanged KNOWING we had not lost you. For that would never do.

WOW … I feel a little embarrassed about all aspects of that last paragraph! We are all battered and bruised during these exceptionally difficult times. Yet … the strength … OUR INNER STRENGTH continues to fight back when we think we can take no more. Indeed chaps … those of us down here ARE THE STRONGEST OF THE STRONG.

And you see now, why you need to be.

And that we need to strengthen our Truth … so much is to be revealed.

Send your Love out, not to just those in the Higher positions to bring the ship safely to shore, yet, send the LOVE LIGHT AND TRUTH THAT YOU ARE … TO THE WHOLE … TO ALL THAT IS.

Your Planet … in its presentation of ‘small’ … has all eyes upon it.

This transformation is well underway … There is no turning back.

Who would want to?

Again, we finish with … GODSPEED.

Well, I breathe an almighty sigh of relief that this has been accomplished today. My Love for you remains as always … deep within my heart. Although you may have questioned that midweek! Okey-dokey. Cheer ho for now. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I am.


I also recorded an interview on Friday 30th Oct, which you may be interested to listen to. Interesting all that was discussed, considering the week it's been for us all. Thank you to Kellie Rivers for inviting me on her show.





I'll leave it there folks ... It has been a big week for us all ... and it's not over yet!

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.


Make every day a HAPPY HUMAN DAYhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_DDBfwTX1g&feature=youtu.be

The link to be able to access all my YouTubes is http://www.youtube.com/user/isjaabmo

Website: Blossom Goodchild


Suzy Ward - Channeling Matthew Ward - November 2, 2020


With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Fervent activity in Earth’s energy field of potential is reflecting feelings, thoughts and actions worldwide, and amidst the countless energy streamers, three swirling masses are prominent.

One is the uprising of citizenries in numerous countries against oppressive governance. Another is around the imminent election in the United States because of that nation’s global influence. The third, and of greatest significance worldwide, is happening out of the public eye. The light forces that are dismantling the Illuminati’s global network are rounding up the tenacious ones at the peak of that secret society.

Outcomes of rebellions and elections are indeed of great importance to the people in those countries, and in the short term, they will be meaningful. But it is the ending of dark control that is freeing all peoples from fear and divisiveness, enabling them to evolve consciously and spiritually as aspects of God, divine sovereign beings, multidimensional selves and members of the universal family.

Dear sisters and brothers, it is natural that your primary interests are what affects your life and the lives of all whom you love. That is true of people everywhere—families want their children, grandchildren and future generations to be healthy, prosperous and have fulfilling lives in a peaceful, harmonious world. Those shared values are far, far greater than ideological differences, and that is why unity of spirit in co-creating that kind of world is where the civilization is heading.

Every person and every level of government from community to national needs to work in consonance with Earth’s destiny, the return to her original pristine beauty and health. Biodiversity is her life support system, thus the life support of humankind itself, and environmental preservation and restoration requires international unity.

Individuals who contend that the climate is changing naturally, that humankind has nothing to do with it, need to stop denying facts: Toxic pollutants in your skies, waters and soil; deep mining; drilling for oil; fracking for natural gas; scarification of forested lands; and technological weather manipulation are not Mother Nature’s doing. Those activities, which have been woefully destructive to Gaia’s planetary body, are impeding her return to the health and balance that are essential for all of her residents to survive and thrive.

Relative to this, let us mention some “predictions” devised by the dark ones and passed on by persons who believe the issues are of grave concern, such as Earth is moving toward another ice age. No, she is not—she is moving toward the moderate climate that prevailed when the planet in its entirety was the garden of Eden. There were no snow-capped mountains then, but Gaia delights in their majestic beauty and the great enjoyment they provide to sports enthusiasts.

Another predicted situation that will not happen is, oceans suddenly will inundate all land up to high cliffs and hilltops and drown many millions. Gradually-rising waters will affect sea-level islands and coastlines, and residents of those low-lying areas will move to higher ground long before those lands are submerged.

That drought will cause shortages of food and water and the death of billions will not come to pass, either, nor will any astral body collide with Earth. Then there is this rather fanciful idea—the planet is too damaged to remain habitable for people who survive cataclysmic events; they will be taken aboard spacecraft and when they are returned to Earth, they will have to live beneath the surface.

The only purpose of any dire-sounding situation is to create fear. It is for the same purpose that covid case numbers are relentlessly reported and “experts” say that even after everyone is vaccinated, the virus will continue wending its way around the globe, so wearing masks and social distancing will be the way of life. It is fear’s low vibrations that let the dark ones become powerful in your world.

Everything in existence is energy fluctuating in myriad vibrational frequencies, and the totality is cosmic consciousness. Dark hearts and minds are energy in its lowest frequencies—the consciousness level wherein greed, deceit, cruelty, bigotry, divisiveness and lust for control flourish—and for long ages, puppets of the dark forces kept Earth’s civilizations in those low frequencies.

Today’s civilization is moving into the high vibrations of love, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, empathy and harmony with Nature. You and all other lightworkers—and the numbers keep growing—are the dark ones’ undoing. They cannot stop you radiating light’s high vibrations and they cannot function within them.

We have been asked if everyone who is willingly in the Illuminati ranks will be prosecuted for their crimes against humanity. No, not all. Some at the peak have died naturally, others have been killed, and in some cases “body doubles” are carrying on those persons’ nefarious actions. However, none of the deceased escaped the universal law of justice, nor will those who are found guilty in your legal systems.

Nirvana is a flexible, multidimensional realm whose layers, or parts, are delineated energetically, and, by universal law, all persons are automatically drawn to the layer that corresponds with their immediate past lifetime energy registration. Individuals who intentionally caused widespread suffering go to Nirvana’s lowest part, a tiny orb where energy is so dense that it traps all who are there. It rightly can be considered “hell” because in lifeprint reviews, they experience every moment of the same physical, mental and emotional torment they caused others. The reviews can last for millennia in your concept of time and to those individuals, the experience seems endless.

Every soul is a part of God and He never abandons any. Always light is beamed at the orb and when souls accept the light, they emerge and embody as an amoeba, slug or minute insect, for instance. Those life forms have no cellular memory, thus the souls begin with a “clean slate” and gradually evolve into life forms at the next level of consciousness.

A reader who referred to our statement in a recent message—"The day is coming closer when most of the populace will have the shocking realization that not everything is as it seems”—asked: “How can we prepare for this event in our supportive role of helping those around us who will undoubtedly be shaken to the core?” The groundwork has been laid, so to say, and lightworkers contributed to this in great measure.

Let us give you some background here. The highest universal council that designed Earth’s Golden Age knew that if all long-hidden truths were revealed simultaneously, a third density civilization’s collective psyche would go into shock. Therefore, truth must come forth in accordance with the society’s ability to assimilate it, incrementally, and that has been happening for quite some time.

Awareness of corruption in governments came via the vanguard of volunteers from advanced worlds—you—who inspired Earth’s peoples to awaken. Those who did so started rising up against oppressive regimes and self-serving leaders. Women in the vanguard set the pace for their counterparts, who followed in their footsteps politically, professionally, economically and in battling cultural subjugation.

Extensive corruption in the multinational corporate world also has been disclosed by lightworkers, the whistleblowers and investigative reporters. The truth about pedophilia not only in the priesthood, but in secular positions in communities, has come to light. And, the society is learning that the Illuminati—the cabal, Deep State, One World Order, Shadow government—control the global economy, medical establishment, mainstream media and communication.

The council knew that as the light kept exposing the truth in all of those areas and others, the Illuminati would continue trying to reach their goal of world domination and eliminating billions of Earth’s residents. And indeed they did try via a series of laboratory-designed “pandemics,” the last of which is covid-19. It will run its course—the less energy given it, the sooner it will fizzle out—and never again will there be another like it in your world.

Thus, the civilization has been “readied,” in a manner of speaking, to handle truths as they come forth.

We don’t know when the massive deception about the virus and the individuals involved will be acknowledged publicly. With ever-intensifying light and so much information available on the Internet, it cannot be much longer, and when it happens, many people will be startled.

However, reactions more likely will be shock and disbelief when it is revealed that individuals admired for accomplishments in their respective fields also have been living a secret dark life. When that information is released, please do not be judgmental—that would dim your light, and Earth needs your light to keep shining brilliantly!

You cannot do anything about others’ reactions to any revelations. You may be able to influence subsequent attitudes by saying such as, “I’m waiting to hear if all the evidence is correct.” Nirvana’s monitors of Earth tell us that in most cases the evidence is irrefutable, and further investigation will show that some of the accused are innocent or became involved due to coercion.

Learning that many well-known, respected individuals participated in unconscionable rituals will be painful for the society. Then, supportiveness to persons close to you will be listening with compassion and caring.

Beloved family, we know from our experiences that a journey such as yours is not easy, yet you have been steadfast in your mission to help the peoples of Earth. All light beings in this universe honor you and support you with the power of unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward
Website: The Matthew Books
Email: suzy@matthewbooks.com


Note from Suzy: Your notes of appreciation for the messages are very meaningful—thank you!

Enjoy chapters of Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven on Matthew Books YouTube channel.




~ZERO POINT - For what you are about to experience is the inversion of your systems, the inversion of going from ALL to NONE, from ZERO to INFINITY. The creative forces within your spherical creations that you call the human bodies is going to be unleashed to such a degree that it will then become possible for all of you to truly manifest that which you wish to see into your reality!~ 

Dearly beloved children of the Sun, the Moon and the Stars, we come to you now in order to inform you in the next 3 weeks of your time there will once again be an energetic restructuring of your bodies. 

Re structuring of the human vehicle is about to start yet again. Many of you will once more begin to experience a variety of ascension symptoms and we ask that you completely and fully let go of fear and fully allow the integration of crystalline that are being brought to you from the sun at this moment in time. For the next three weeks of your earthly time is the crystalline energy invocation period, and those of you who are ready to experience the upliftment of energies should allow your vessels to open to the divinity of what you hold within. 

In order to partake of the invocation period that is sweeping your planet in the 3 week window, you need to fully and completely open to the source within your vessels, to your own HEART CODE, and once you open up to the heart code it is then that you will be able to fully integrate the crystalline energies that are traveling to you from the cosmic gateway of the sun and through the core of the earth energies that you have anchored into the heart of GAIA. 

And when you do find yourself in a meditative state and allow the energies to enter your spherical bodies you shall experience a tingling sensation at the very top of your head. Allow these energies to move past and through to your entire being, cleansing everything that no longer positively serves. Do not be frightened when you begin to experience the pressure upon your crown chakra, but simply allow the energy to seep through you, gently vibrating each and every cell of your body, gently cleansing out all the remnants of everything left behind from the time no longer relevant to your being.

Allow the warm sensation to envelope your whole mind structure and fully and completely integrate the new energies. Some of you will begin to feel sleepy, others will feel the need to go into a meditative state, yet others will joyously continue along their day. Remain calm and enjoy and embrace these energies that bask you in loving light of the prime creator. 
And as you allow these energies to pass through you, think thoughts of love, light, peace, bliss and happiness, think of everything that you wish to welcome into your life, and of everything that you wish to let off, allow these energies to pass through you releasing you from everything that no longer works for you. Know and understand that it is your HIGHER SELVES that are sending you these energies from the ALCYLONE SUN of the Pleiades
But Let us explain to you in “scientific terms” of your time what is about to occur on your earthly planes of existence. 

For as many of you are aware the sun is shifting its frequency and the sun’s magnetic poles are merging and shifting into a new reality, and we do understand that the scientific community of your time is going to brush it off as something insignificant, and many naysayers are going to emerge that will argue the validity of the information that we are about to present to you herein. Nevertheless, we wish to take a moment and explain to you what is about to happen to your bodies and your minds. 

For what you are about to experience is the inversion of your systems, the inversion of going from ALL to NONE, from ZERO to INFINITY. The creative forces within your spherical creations that you call the human bodies is going to be unleashed to such a degree that it will then become possible for all of you to truly manifest that which you wish to see into your reality!
First step however, in this restructuring process is, that every single cell in your body is going to shift from the type of cellular and tissue structure that your science currently understands into that which your scientific community cannot possibly comprehend. 

For as the sun’s shifting poles will shift and affect your bodies completely and utterly, you too will begin shifting and changing, not only in your consciousness, but also in your holographic experience. 

The cellular structure of your body is about to undergo a major advancement in the creative processes of your holographic self. Many of you are feeling tired and exhausted beyond your current level of perception. 

To help you understand this process, we wish to explain to you the theory of relativity, not as you presently understand it to be, but as it really is. The cosmic theory of relativity states that any celestial body that is undergoing a major event of magnificent proportions, that is directly linked to any “holographic” vehicle (body) currently occupied by consciousness of Prime Creator (souls), is thereby in direct alignment with the changing energies and is thereby greatly affected and is linked to the cosmic gates of existence, and is directly linked to specific organs and cellular structure within the body is thereby effected to a high degree. 

Let us explain this to you I so that you can understand that which we mean. As you have been foretold your earth is indeed changing. And in order for safe passage through this dimensional frequency it is highly advisable for each and every single one of you to begin the allowance of interplanetary frequency change to take hold of your earthly vehicles and to allow the necessary changes to take place within, and in order to do so, we ask that you simply allow yourself to purge all the remnants that are no longer, positively serving you. Simply stated FORGIVE. LET GO. ALLOW. 

Please remember dear ones that ALL or NONE can occur within your vessels and within your psyche, for only WHEN you are ready to proceed shall the energies begin to work with you. For those who are not yet ready, the energy will as if, be frozen in time, until such moment that they truly and fully are ready to embrace the eternal OM, the eternal truth, wisdom, understanding, love and light within their hearts. 

We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

Pleiades High Council - Channeled by Anna Merkaba – Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL –http://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/

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