Suzy Ward - Channeling Matthew Ward - September 3, 2020


With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. The combination of planetary alignment and ever-rising vibrations strongly indicates that the weeks and months through the end of your year will be extraordinarily active. You could think of it as the storm before the golden dawn.

As rebellion against oppression continues and emerging revelations add shock and confusion to global upheaval, sending love-light energy to all of Earth will have increased importance and beneficial results. You have spiritual strength and conscious awareness to handle bumps along the pathway as the uprooting of dark domination picks up pace, and, to the extent you can, ease the concerns and lighten the burdens of others.

Intensifying light during the aforementioned period offers an ideal opportunity to set positive intentions for personal growth. Go into your heart space—as God said, “The heart is the seat of the soul”—and if introspection shows residue of anxiety, self-doubt, judgments or discouragement, letting go of it by breathing calmly, deeply, will give you peace in body, mind and spirit. Please do that for yourselves, dear family, so you can be free of stress and stay in balance.

“How can lightworkers help end political polarization that is hindering the world’s progress toward Earth’s Golden Age?”

Stopping labeling yourselves and others will be a firm step forward. Liberal, conservative, socialist, populist, globalist, nationalist and other terms were devised by the Illuminati to separate society and place you in partisan sections. Labeling not only keeps the divisiveness they want firmly entrenched, but their minions infiltrate all sections and promote rancor and staunch opposition to any other ideas and beliefs.

Keeping the populace divided into opposing attitudes and opinions goes far beyond politics. Throughout the ages, dark hearts and minds that are the forebearers of those later called the Illuminati, One World Order, Shadow Government, cabal or Deep State, have done the very same with religions, cultures, ethnicity, race, ideologies and social status.

Further, by controlling all sources of information from mainstream media to education, social media to entertainment and healthcare, the Illuminati have told the society what to think, what to believe, what to do. They have conditioned generation after generation after generation to accept without question whatever “authorities” say or do.

And, when truth starts coming out about anything the Illuminati do not want you to know, it is disparaged as “conspiracy theory.” They coined that term, too, and programmed the public to believe that anything thus labeled is false and coming from a deranged mind. When you consider that mainstream media always apply “conspiracy theory” to Deep State or the truth about the coronavirus and covid-19, you know the dark ones are desperate to prevent that information from being believed.

For millennia, control of the masses by “divide and conquer” strategy served them well—it prevented the light within unity they knew would be their undoing. Those whom God calls “the disserving ones in my flock” cannot divide and control when you think and speak of yourselves and others as the godselves you are, unconditionally loved by God and with equal worthiness in His eyes.

You needn’t proclaim aloud “I am a part of God and so are you.” Simply by living that truth, you can motivate others to look outside their darkly-designed societal niches and see the desire of families everywhere: A peaceful world with wise leaders who have moral and spiritual integrity; a world where everyone has a comfortable home, plentiful nutritious food and clean water, proper healthcare, good education, meaningful employment, financial security and time for re-creation; a world where people live in harmony with each other and all of Nature.

Dear family, already your mission to help Earth’s civilization attain that shared desire isa glorious success. The world you are helping to co-create in linear time is flourishing in the continuum and the peoples are living in health, abundance and joyousness. LOVE is the power that manifested that monumental accomplishment!

Now then, mainstream media have inundated you with sorrow, statistics, financial hardships, joblessness and failed businesses caused by covid-19. So, it would be difficult to imagine that the coronavirus has assisted planetary and personal ascension by helping to restore balance to Gaia and clearing away fear programming, thereby raising the consciousness of the peoples. The virus transmitted this illuminating message to the lightworker we know well as a highly evolved soul:

Conversation with Coronavirus 19 - March 18, 2020

Hello, I greet you! Thank you for taking the time to give me a voice, though I have quite the voice and presence in your world right now, wouldn't you say? I am a key player in changing consciousness right now on your beautiful planet, though I am a temporary visitor.

It is true I was created with ill intent, as much darkness went into the "ingredient soup" that became me. I am no longer traveling that path. In the lab, there was much sinister thought and action that brought me into being and I was released with that energy. But somewhere along the way I was joined by the light and the journey was then purposeful to serve the light and not the darkness.

The Illuminati have not been happy with this outcome, though they have certainly enjoyed a feeding frenzy on the fear that has been created through me. They have supported the doctors, media and others who have reported untrue data and used fear manipulations to feed this fear into the collective. They are busy scrambling as they know their long-held ownership of Earth is ending with the light, and they need fear to eat!

But ultimately, I am being used by the light to dredge up and clear out the fear programming and survival issues humans are carrying deep in their cells. And, dear one, this is indeed happening and quickly! We know at the moment it looks hopeless, but it is not. It is anything but hopeless as so much is being released, even from Gaia herself!

The fear has created a fog which is shrouding the planet at pre-Equinox, but tomorrow there will be a blast of light like no other sent from the Central Sun through your Sun and into Earth. A huge packet of light codes will blast through all the fog—the old survival fears—and begin to break them up! This is just the beginning. This light will catapult Earth herself into a new timeline, taking her through the rest of 2020 into 2021. You and other lightworkers will join her.

My job has been to move into the fields and bodies of those whose souls asked/agreed to be touched by me. Some on your planet have needed the deep purgings, some even into death. Others needed a lighter touch. I'm doing my job helping the release. Tears through the sinus cavities and the eyes, anger through the throat and through fever, and deep, deep grief through the lungs. All released through my touch.

Angels have been on hand as they always are during hard times to help with the process. They have been there to soothe, comfort and assist when the journey was tough, especially when transition into death was chosen.

The cumulation of my deepest work will be complete at the moment of Equinox, when the light blasts and the Earth jumps into her new timeline, though I will continue to touch lives all over the world for a while still. The human family has needed me to dredge up their survival fear codes as they have been too mired in 3D activity to even slow down and receive any of the 5D Matrix Energy.

It will slowly seep into the collective. This is only the beginning. The forward movement will begin with the Equinox, then another shift with the Cardinal Aries New Moon, then it will balance out with the Full Moon in Libra. I will slowly retreat from the collective as I am unable to jump the timeline. That is not my place and I will dissolve back into the one, never to be in this particular configuration again. Though I was created in darkness, I did indeed evolve with the light and I am happy for that.

Thank you so much for receiving me with such openness and love. You are one of the rare jewels on the planet at this time who can hear a voice such as mine. But have heart, my dear, as there will be many more in the future, and eventually the Earth and her peoples will be fully seated in the Golden Times of fifth dimension and creations such as me will be a thing of the past. With much love, gratitude and service, Coronavirus.

The virus did indeed slowly retreat from the collective. May 1st it really retreated and then I felt it totally gone in June. The virus we have now is not the same one. The Illuminati had a plan. They created a package—the Covid 19 and the vaccine which is already here AND a summer virus to follow on the heels of the first one to keep the narrative going so everyone begs for the vaccine. What a plan! As the light joined and lessened the first virus (the galactics and all of our light), this second virus is little more than a flu. And the vaccine will not be allowed to circle the globe, so we'll see how that all plays out.

All of Nature tells me this is so good that they don't have to clear and balance humans as they have been doing forever. We are doing it. The masks act like a container to hold people's fears until they are ready to "unmask" them. The Illuminati want to continue their separation strategies, but they cannot because the light continues to pour in.

We thank the dear soul who received that uplifting message. Her personal awareness of what is transpiring comes via her attunement to cosmic consciousness.

The message from the coronavirus and labels have something in common—both present this fact: Not everything is as it seems.

Labels would be considered only an “ID tag” until you know their purpose is malevolent, to keep the peoples divided and unwilling to see others’ perspectives. The virus would be considered to have only devastating effects until you know how it is benefitting the society.

The day is coming closer when most of the populace will have the shocking realization that not everything is as it seems.

When everyone in Earth’s civilization knows they are powerful multidimensional souls and information they seek always is within, no longer will messengers such as we be needed. It will be a time of rejoicing when everyone on the planet consciously knows all souls are members of an eternal universal family!

Beloved sisters and brothers, we honor you and your steadfastness in your mission to bring that day to fruition and we support you with the unparalleled power of unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward
Website: The Matthew Books
Email: suzy@matthewbooks.com


Note from Suzy: Your notes of appreciation for the messages are very meaningful—thank you!

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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - August 21, 2020


Dear friends, I find that a recent video message from Kryon as per the extracts below very informative where the Covid virus is concerned. At a time when there is still much confusion I feel that Kryon’s message will help immensely to clarify matters.


The Broken Media – Kryon 2020.



Referring to our media – all is not what it seems, they want you to watch what they have, to ask you to watch their commercials because they have got something more scary than the next guy. They broadcast fear, where is the news of those who have recovered. ENDED AT 13.55m.


The virus will change history, make fashion changes. There will be a re-calibration of Covid. There will be a peace that passes all understanding Talking about the year 2102 – Looking ahead to the year 2120, some 100 years in the future, there may be a celebration, a memorial day in tribute to those who died in the present time. There will be a release from the old energies, ways that would never have been released without it. All the old ways, the training/habits, the ways of being, the paradigms go away and you come out of the puzzle fresh and clean, and no encumbrances of what was there to keep you from changing - that is the release, that is the main thing Covid has given you Oh! If I could put them together – all those who passed over right now, they would yell and they would cheer and laugh, they would throw confetti and blow up balloons and say to you it isn’t what you think. The only sadness is those that are left, there is sadness for the passing into the arms of God where you belong and you meet the family again, that’s a release. It’s a different way of thinking, indeed it is a mature way, understanding way, and knowingness inside that you are never alone and there is no death. All here will come back and continue the lineage of the old soul and birthright of joy. ENDED AT 36.19m.

“CIRCLE OF 12” STARTS 42.04m.

There is going to be the “Circle of 12” it is the beginning of an energy where it’s time to commence, and it will happen soon. Almost at the last moment you pulled it out. It will be the new normal, the new human, all of those things that are there for you to use, it’s in the lineage. You are a child of the Creator – every single being is placed here. The Masters created an energy so that the humans could do the work, it will happen soon The appropriate colour will be green, a green that surpasses any kind of green you have ever seen before it permeates every cell the “Circle of 12“ are coming. Circles do not come from outside sources, they come from inside from a multi-dimension. Every soul is everywhere at the same time, this means that all of this can be done at a distance yet you are there, that is the promise of having a multi-dimensional reality. Prayer is not an offering to the sky or Creator, prayer is not begging it’s an energy that goes right to the human Being in trouble and says “you are magnificent”, stand up and be healed. That is the “Circle of 12”. ENDED AT 1.00.48m.


You have no idea of what is inside you, if you were a child of the Creator what might there be past 3D, what you have never been told you could do. Every single human being is a multi-dimensional creature on this planet, placed here on purpose – we know your names. You have passed this marker and I will tell you there has been a Galactic Shift, because those out there know what you have done they have been waiting for it. It echoes what many of them have done. Yes, all over there are those are those like you - Children of God. There will be a day when you will meet the family and you will recognise them, much like you. They will have the same story about the love, the kindness, and the compassion and what they have gone through and what the planets have gone through and their transition time and the wars and they will sit down and talk. A whole new world will open to you as you listen to them and see yourself – it is coming. ENDED AT 55.00m.


21st August 2020. Mike Quinsey

It is possible that by now you have seen beyond the disadvantages of living through Covid Virus and understand that the wider picture is one where the Alliance are using the lockdown to isolate the dark Ones. Many have been arrested and so it continues whilst the people have used the free time to re-access what they have been doing with their lives, often realising that their best interests are better served in a different manner. That has resulted in many changes with more still to come, and it is apparent that there will not be a full return to the old ways that are not suited to the new energies. The old Age has no further use in an evolving society looking for an outlet for new ideas that will uplift everyone. Nothing will escape the changes and already some are rapidly coming into being. You have new generations of mainly the younger ones who are arrived with the “know how” that will lead the way.

You are to claim that which you have earned through your diligence and hard work. Unlike the previous Age you are allowed to receive more help from your E.T. friends who await an appropriate time to introduce themselves. For a very long time they have followed your progress and tried to inspire you to take actions that would benefit all souls. They come nearer now and will create opportunities where their help is more direct. Like you they wait for the time that is soon to come when contact can be more open. There will be joyful occasions that will take place on an Earth that has risen up again into the Light.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


Website: Tree of the Golden Light


 Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - August 7, 2020

"The Kryon work is changing from the role of information and teaching, to the role of the creation of pure, profound, healing energy. Most Old Souls are now realizing the shift is actually here. Now it's time to give them the energy to survive it."

The Circle of Twelve is the name given for a scenario of repeated times of sacred, pure-healing-energy creation. The invitation is to "come closer and sit with us and leave differently than you came."

Kryon has encouraged me to "prepare for a wall of energy" that you don’t expect. It will trigger spontaneous remission, realization of Akashic pasts, and extended life.

Lee Carroll from the July Monthly News Letter.

* * * * *

Everything seems to be speeding up and from the various messages being received to the paths to Ascension that are opening up. It is difficult for you to follow because much is sensibly kept secret to avoid interference from the dark Ones. Part of the problem is the time it is taking to execute the plans to round up the people who have given their support to them. Accepting that progress is being made it all augurs well for the immediate future. The effect of the “cleansing” is already reducing the power of the Illuminati, and they can no longer exercise it as they were previously and are unable to do so as the Light is now in control. However it does not mean that they have lost all of their capabilities to cause problems. Indeed, they are more like a wounded animal that lashes out in defence. You can therefore take it that all is progressing well and many Alliance factions are present on or around Earth overseeing the action.

These really are amazing times as so much is happening, all at the same time and it must really be confusing for you. You are however assured that in the greater scheme of things all is progressing well. The overriding factor is that nothing can now prevent Ascension taking place and you have now entered a new phase that will carry you all the way in preparation for the final Event. These are unsettling times but understand the Earth must be prepared for the end times and that is why Mother Earth is beginning to become more active.

As we have advised you many times, focus on your goal and do not be distracted by what is going on around you. At present there is just too much for you to comprehend but it will nevertheless become clearer as time passes. Whatever sacrifices you make will be well rewarded and be assured that the truth of what has been happening cannot be kept secret for much longer. In some ways it has been better that you have led your lives unaware of what has really been going on. In your present time great revelations are on the verge of being given that will get the ball rolling as you say and thereafter the future will become a lot clearer.

Moves to create a cleaner Earth are moving ahead not least of all the introduction of electric vehicles that will eventually result in a cleaner and less polluted Earth. Your seas are severely polluted, and know that the problem could be erased in just a few days with the advanced technology that the E.T.s have. You have made a start and that shows the good intent of the authorities and in so doing we are allowed to assist you. As we have often mentioned, with the freewill you have we cannot be seen to interfere with your decisions, so continue moving in the right direction and even if you are unaware of our presence we will assist you.

As you progress the vibrations will continue to rise, and the younger generations are coming along with new and essential ideas to overcome any problems you have, and the means to make essential progress much more quickly. The old ways of approaching problems have served their purpose and new thinking will solve them in a quicker and much more efficient manner. Understand that your greater life plan has already been laid down and you have been given options as to which path you choose but regardless of which one they all lead to the final Event.

Since 2012 so much more knowledge has been made available to you simply because you have proved that so many of you are ready for it. The future has opened up to you and changes underway will quickly introduce you to the new way of life that will be completely different to what you have been used to. You are to be lifted up in vibrations that will see the end of the negativity that has been a normal part of all your lives so far. New ways are all “in the wings” waiting for appropriate opportunities to be introduced. You should know by now that there is always a right time for changes to be introduced, so as to ensure they are a success.

It is time for your understating that all humans are One and that the differences should be accepted and honoured. By the same token they should not be enforced upon others but appreciated for their originality. Much is centred upon people’s religious beliefs but in time they will move towards common beliefs to some degree or another. Already many are understanding of the God inside them and that is one step towards a greater truth than you have previously held. However, souls progress at different rates and consequently will not necessarily be ready to take a leap forward, but rather a slow methodical and careful study of what is placed before them.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


Website: Tree of the Golden Light


Dear friends I have had a most unwelcome experience attempting to get last week’s message out. To be brief it was not until after I distributed it I realised it had been interfered with and a whole section had been copied and inserted again later in the message, and at first I thought it was my error. Unfortunately I did not have time to take another message to replace it, as on the same day I also had a hospital operation appointment. So my apologies for the lack of a message last Friday. Everything seems to be happening at the same time and I just had to give the following extract from a message by the Master of the Hollow Planet when he gave a talk on “The Hollow Earth” sent to me by Aleks Radojcic, Email dnm.aleks@gmail.com

PRESIDENT TRUMP. His team are giving him directions directly from the Galactic Federation so he is protected and cannot be assassinated. Even if they were to attempt to do so, the projectiles would not penetrate the skin, because he is protected with the force field around him. Understand he is playing a part and that part is very impressive and that is to bring RV as you term it in slang being the Global Currency Reset. That is his part and that is what he is doing very well. So don’t worry about Trump. Yes, his part is almost over. He knows it. So he will be stepping down and new female President of the New Republic of the United States will come, not Republican but Republic. Understand Democrats and Republicans all that is going to fade and one new Republic comes in existence fully that will be the end of Republicans in Senate or Democrats. All those to be titles will be going away because it will be Government of the people not separated by the Democrats and Republicans, the Government of the people. That is what the Republic was at the beginning of the USA and that is going to be. So, understand the RV=GCR=Global Currency Reset is going to go through regardless of what anyone does because it must. You are on a minute to minute alert for dispersal, for redemption, for the RV, for the emails going out”.

31st July 2020. Mike Quinsey.

Dear Ones can you now see that the Coronavirus has caused you to appraise the way you have been working and see that changes are literally being forced upon you. The realisation has come to you through what you are now experiencing, and it is obvious that beneficial changes have been taking place and should not only be made permanent but extended upon your resumption of “normal” working.

You are being guided to take up a path that will lead to even more changes, all with the intent of preparing you for greater changes that are coming. As progress is made you will truly be raising your vibrations and a point will be reached where you will have discarded your ties to the old energies. New abilities will come your way and you will have the makings of a Galactic Being. The dark Ones will use whatever means they can to delay progress and prevent you from ascending. However, greater powers than theirs are behind those who are ready to ascend, and they will not allow the end times to be altered in any way whatsoever. You have well-earned the opportunity that presents itself to you and will be helped to ascend.

You are creating your pathway as you go along but whatever you do Ascension will take place when the time is right. It has always been your destiny and your many lives have been a planned part for your evolution. We have often stressed how you must take note of what comes your way as it is not by chance. You would be astonished if you knew how much you are cared for, and of the many opportunities that are served up for your advancement. It may hardly seem possible in view of the position you now stand, but big things are planned for the next few years, to keep you on track for your grand Ascension. Do not worry if you do not feel as though you are on a path to it as in one way or another, we shall ensure that you keep to your life plan.

Realise that whilst on Earth you are only a “part” of your true self, the rest being your Godself the other side of the veil. It may sound impossible because you have been in the lower vibrations for such a long time. So live your dream because it is you who is representing your Higher Self. Seize this golden chance to go all the way to the end of this period that shall call for great celebrations. You have done the hard bit by moving beyond the end of the last cycle and have such a wonderful opportunity to go all the way to Ascension. From the many, many lives you have had on Earth experiencing at all different levels, and many situations that have challenged your ability to overcome them. Having come this far you must realise that you have had a great degree of success as many of you have raised your vibrations to a point where you now stand in readiness to ascend. There will of course still be hurdles to get over, but none as severe as the ones in the past when the vibratory level was at its lowest. Those experiences are best forgotten as the lessons learnt will remain with you for the time being.

Humans can easily get bored but when you have the Universe to explore there are unending experiences to choose from. We talk of these things because they lay ahead for you, so that you can focus on them and leave the lesser experiences behind. At some stage you will have achieved such a high vibration that you will become a Master and mentor to others. The “service to others” comes naturally and is the pathway that evolved beings follow. Can you imagine what a wonderful experience it is in such high vibrations, it would be no exaggeration to say it was ecstatic.

Knowing your potential will give you a goal to strive for and a knowing that the lower levels are only a passing phase that is necessary for your evolution. You really are amazing souls to have taken on such a challenge that has seen you plumb the depths yet rise up again to become souls of great experience and understanding. There are many Extra-terrestrial’s longing to meet you and share their knowledge with you, as they admire your tenacity and willpower. You are indeed special souls that have proved your ability to overcome all obstacles placed on your path. We say “Well done” as you will have earned all the plaudits that will come your way. Keep up your good work and as the saying goes, keep on keeping on –well done!

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


Website: Tree of the Golden Light


Blossom Goodchild - Channeling the Federation of Light - July 19, 2020



Welcome once again to our chatting space! Jumping right in … Am I of the correct understanding that we have not yet had the HUGE announcement that will take us into Phase 2, wherein the 2nd lockdown will take place? People are getting a little confused by different information given out by many.

Firstly, we connect with Each One who participates in these conversations of ours. We send you Light and we send you Love through to the core of your Being. Into the depth of your hearts, we enter in with your permission, to offer you Peace and comfort of mind and disposition.

Thank You. I am sure many are more than happy to receive a bit of that!

Yes. Blossom, you are correct. The HUGE announcement has not yet occurred. You will have no doubt when it does, due to its impact.

And no clue to be offered as to its subject?

Not one. It is not appropriate to do so. We are unable to ‘spill the beans.’

Ok. Just to clarify … you are saying there will be another Global lockdown and when this has taken place, AFTER the Huge announcement, we will know we are in Phase two?

This is correct.

Some want to know if the lockdown will be under the same guise as the last one?

Yes. Yet, there will be other involvements. The announcement to come presently, will send minds into a spin. The lockdown after such a ‘reveal’ will leave souls more confused as to what is the Truth and what is not.

To be honest, I think a lot of folk have given up on trying to KNOW what is what. There is so much ‘out there’. It feels sometimes as if the entire world has lost the plot!

It must be this way. It is the way of your people. Some are seekers of Divine Knowing, whilst others choose to jump in on the bandwagon purely for amusement … whilst another category of ‘so-called’ humans, deliberately put out falsities in order to do what they intended … Confuse and diffuse … souls from the Truth.

You will know that which is necessary when it is necessary for you to do so. Believe us when we say … No-one of the Light is purposefully playing with you in order to keep you in the dark. Yet, we would say, those of the dark ARE purposefully playing with you … in order to keep you out of the Light. Or so they think.

The Good News is, Dearest Ones … That which is taking place that is to be kept top secret at this time for many, many reasons, is progressing as planned. There have been hitches, yet, they have been ‘recovered’.

When you are told of all this that is taking place, your jaws shall drop open and you will state ‘No wonder we had to wait so long’! For that which is underway outdoes anything ever, that has taken place, anywhere ever!

So, whilst you continue to knit your tea cozies* we suggest it be profitable for your Beings to FEEL THE IMMENSE LIGHT POURING INTO YOUR PLANET.

Speak with the Angelic realms and all other realms of the Highest Light and welcome them into your space. Discuss in your minds with them YOUR Plans for the New World that is coming and choices you will make in your NEW FOUND FREEDOM.

Nice! I personally find it difficult to ‘imagine’ what this will be like. We KNOW of this world that we have lived in. When we say ‘we dream of another’ … we imagine it to be free of all things that are not suited to the Highest level for a human Being. Yet, I find it hard to do so, when we don’t know exactly what it will be like.

Is it not so, that many during the times of isolation discovered what they do or do not like? Have many not been searching their souls and recognizing that which gives them Joy … that which makes them feel Happy?

Apparently so. Yet then, many have had to go back to ‘the grind’ or have lost their businesses, so that all went out the window pretty quickly.

Imagine a world then, when one can /will do that which brings them Joy … that which makes them Laugh … not just on a weekend break … yet, in every waking moment.


Imagine when ALL dark is gone … FEEL the beauty … Experience within your Beings NOW, Lightness of Everything within Everything.

When too, your financial systems have broken into fragmented pieces and swept up and discarded and new ones are put into place … where the rich cannot get richer and the poor cannot get poorer … for each soul will have their God-given right to live in Abundance.

When Equality for all … will MEAN equality for all. Do you see? With new systems in place, there will not be the scenario of ‘others’ being in control of that which you are allowed to do or to be.

YOU … THE ESSENCE OF LOVE THAT YOU ARE … shall shine out of every pore of your skin.

Jealousy, hatred, greed, and all things of lower Vibrational levels of this kind shall not abide for they cannot reside within the Higher Frequency that you are moving into.

My heart is literally pounding as you are bringing this through.

Because Blossom … You are FEELING THE ENERGY OF OUR TRUTH.

This is what we mean when we say that … ALL THIS … that you are experiencing NOW … is the END of the dark days upon Planet Earth.

A question. It can all get so confusing. Is it not then, that those who choose to move into a Higher Vibration will do so … yet, still be on Planet Earth and those who choose not to, will remain in the lower Vibration until they are ready to ‘cross the bridge’ yet, still be on Planet Earth?

This is so.

So then, it isn’t the end of the dark days on Planet Earth, if you see what I mean?

The darkness … reached a peak of inhumanity beyond any thought that Love in a Higher Vibration could possibly conceive. The more one sank into the pits of selfishness the more they discovered that they could thrive by concocting deeper atrocities to ‘feed their needs’. Like many addictions that take hold … one found they did not have the strength to ‘escape’.

We would care to elaborate. Not all who maybe ‘pulled up’ for ‘moving over’ to the dark side … knew what was happening to them until it was too late. Many, many, many were ‘lured’ into false promises and … swept up by/with … the hype of fame and all that goes with that.

The use of very strong drugs that offered so much … and we choose to use the word ‘drugs’ here out of appropriate wording for many reasons … were administered, perhaps under a guise of something else and were instantly addictive … and still are!

It can be compared to other addictions from the point of view that once ‘hooked’, one will literally ‘sell their soul’ in order to get their next fix.

Far out. When you brought the words ‘sell their soul’ through … my heart jumped with that energy.

Yet, this is what we are trying to portray Blossom, to you and Each One … NOT ALL that you are going to hear of regarding names of those in High places, went into that which they must account for, willingly. Many unwittingly, unknowingly, fell for the trap … or had to comply to demands from the dark ones in order to save family members from being removed or tortured.

The ways of darkness once it takes hold has no boundaries when it comes to receiving their needs.

So, it is that when we suggest to you that ‘FORGIVENESS’ must be offered to souls that have reached the lowest of the very lowest … keep in mind … that not one soul … NOT ONE … Dearest souls, ever TRULY wanted to go there.

WOW. That’s a bit of a humdinger of a statement!

Consider this experiment of a world of duality that you live in. Let us allow YOU to think about it for a while, yet, let us put this to you … How many souls chose to wander down the darker path due to ‘playing their part’ so that one could KNOW the vast differences of the duality between Love and Hate … Peace and war … etc?

As we have spoken of before … consider the possibility perhaps of one of great Light, sacrificing their Light and entering this world to follow a path of the greatest public darkness in order to present to others that which will stir and awaken within each one … their TRUTH.

Yes, we know you know that ALL IS AS SHOULD BE … and ALL IS NOT AS IT SEEMS.

To get back to ‘sell their souls’ … I Truly don’t understand how that is done.

It cannot literally be done. Yet, … much enticing and promises are made and often fulfilled by one agreeing to ‘fall into the ways and practices of the darkness’ and that which is required of a soul, in exchange for, quite simply, glory and fame. It is a darkness of mind that we do not particularly wish to delve into as we like to encourage and uplift, not depress and sadden. We will say that intensely heavy ceremonies take place in order for one to do so … and to recover from such a ‘state of Being’ goes into much detailed and complex … would we say Lightly … rehab!

Goodness Chaps … So, so, so, so, so much that we have no idea about. Blows one’s mind.

So, for now, as we close, let us blow the breezes of our support and Love around and into Each One.

We encourage you to hold fast in your FEELINGS OF TRUTH. To continue to do the best you can in these times … and by that we mean …




As you say …


Tickety Boo! Thank you so very much. In Gratitude. In Loving Service. I AM.

When reading back later, I realized they never got around to answering my question about the end of darkness on the Planet. Maybe next time.

*Mentioned regarding ‘waiting time’ in the last channeling… Should we start knitting a jumper or a tea Cosy?


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Suzy Ward - Channeling Matthew Ward - July 2, 2020


With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Especially when you are inundated with media reports of turmoil around the world, it is important for your health in mind, body and spirit to frequently breathe deeply, then exhale slowly to release stress so it doesn’t accumulate and cause imbalance. Please, dear family, take a moment now and do that for yourselves. Thank you!

Now then, two global situations are keeping Earth’s energy field of potential in fervent activity. Let us speak first about the protests against racism and excessive police force that started in the United States and quickly erupted in many other countries. Essential change doesn’t start with leaders, but with demands of the peoples.

You may have seen films of George Floyd’s death and noticed unusual circumstances: The policeman who had his knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck looked “vacant” as he gazed at the person who was filming him, and the three policemen who were standing nearby appeared to have little interest in what was happening.

The very second the incident started, those five souls and others in their respective pre-birth agreements amended their soul contracts so they could participate as they did. The policemen’s apparent lack of emotions and lack of dread in Mr. Floyd was the effect of their subconscious processing as they acted in accordance with their newly-agreed upon roles.

They did so to thrust racism onto the global stage so dramatically that this pernicious aspect of humanity no longer can be brushed aside. Earth’s civilization cannot advance in spiritual and conscious awareness until the unjustness of systemic bigotry ends and healing can come to the society.

The other global situation is the continuing saga of the coronavirus. Keeping in mind that most national borders are closed to travelers, you may ask how that disease reached countries that had been free of it. It happened the same way it did in China’s Hunan province—the virus was released by drones, or, in the new countries, perhaps by crop-dusting as well.

Although the two areas differ greatly, both were prime targets for the Illuminati to unleash their virus. Along with dense air pollution, Hunan is saturated with 5G technology whose emissions are damaging to bodies; both conditions compromise immune systems and render the residents susceptible to contracting a contagious respiratory disease. People in the countries where covid-19 was more recently introduced are equally vulnerable. They have low immunity due to existing health issues caused by malnutrition and other substandard living conditions.

The spike in numbers of cases and deaths in the United States was predictable. Masks prevent normal respiratory functioning and that severely affects immunity. Stress also adversely affects immune systems, and a great deal of stress has been caused by “stay at home,” mass unemployment, economic hardships, child care for people who must work, and the exhaustion of hospital personnel and first responders.

The ones behind this pandemic want you to believe otherwise, so the finger-pointing is at people who are not wearing masks or “social distancing” and businesses opening too quickly. Another aspect of the rising numbers is that cases and deaths from numerous medical issues are falsely reported as due to covid-19 or complications thereof.

Contrary to what may appear as the dark ones winning this round, they are not. They digging their graves deeper, in a manner of speaking. The truth about the laboratory-designed, patented coronavirus cannot be hidden from the public much longer. Removing from the Internet the testimonies of individuals who know the truth isn’t preventing the posting of other truthful information, and labeling it “conspiracy theory” is not going to work on the dark ones’ behalf either.

To readers who also asked if Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci are among those responsible for the pandemic, yes, both are heavily involved. So is the CDC, whose “guidelines” often are mandated.

Now about Q and Qanon. According to Nirvana’s monitors of Earth, Q is a few individuals who have extensive personal knowledge of “Deep State,” the secret society we call Illuminati and others refer to as the cabal, One World Order, Shadow government and other designations. Qanon, a loosely allied group of individuals who research or have personal knowledge of information not readily available to the public, follow Q’s enigmatic messages posted on an Internet site and interpret those with varying degrees of accuracy. Because the intention of all these individuals is to expose the dark ones, information coming from Q or Qanon also is ridiculed as “conspiracy theory.”

Mainstream media are controlled, information on the Internet is a mixture of authentic and false, and social media is a hotbed of opinions along with facts, so be discerning about information from all sources. Ask within—the truths you are seeking reside at soul level.

“I heard that your president [United States President Trump] ordered the military to destroy underground bases where they found many children in cages and released them. Please ask Matthew if this actually happened.”

Nirvana’s monitors can’t confirm that the rescue order came from President Trump, but it is true that military troops released hundreds of children held captive in the Illuminati’s mammoth underground bases, then destroyed the bases. The children are receiving medical and psychological care.

The most diabolical of all darkness on the planet is satanic worship. Along with kidnapping thousands of children around the world for rituals, worshippers impregnate women they imprison so their infants can be sacrificed.

Eons past the dark forces inculcated into inexperienced souls the idea that human sacrifice “pleased or appeased the gods,” and millennia ago Earth’s civilization did that. In more recent centuries the Illuminati have used those ungodly acts to create the energy of fear, which they require as fuel to survive, and they believe that consuming parts of sacrificed bodies gives them unlimited powers.

Another reader who wrote about this asked: “Is it better to stay out of everything and let people feel bright and happy (including myself) or is it better to let people know?” As shocking as the truth is, it must become widely known so these unspeakable practices will be ended and the dark ones involved held accountable for their crimes against humanity. The information is available on the Internet and we urge you to make others aware of it.

Our reply to the following excerpt of an email always applies, but with emotions running high about what is going on in your world, it is especially relevant now: “In day-to-day family life we encounter never-ending emotional conflicts and turmoil that often takes away from the joy of life. Loss of emotional control inevitably leads to undesirable consequences. So why were we given emotions when for the most part reasoning is a far better survival tool?

First we say, Earth is universally known as an excellent schoolhouse specifically because it offers the finest lessons in emotions, and souls from numerous civilizations choose to incarnate there so they can overcome low vibratory emotions and replace them with high.

Dear ones, we know from our own lifetimes in worlds that are loosening third density shackles that it is exceedingly difficult to always feel positive and confident.

You come from civilizations where only joy, kindness, honesty, generosity, forgiveness, gratitude and other emotions with high vibrations exist. And now here you are in the midst of Earth’s emotional spectrum that includes impatience, anger, disappointment, intimidation, discouragement, hopelessness, pessimism, frustration and fear. Dispelling those negative sensations by radiating the light of high emotions to inspire Earth’s peoples to manifest the better world they want is why you chose to be where you are.

Yes, indeed, reasoning is involved, but you don’t have to eschew emotions to use good judgment, make wise decisions and employ common sense. Furthermore, life without any emotions would be a dim, hollow existence. It would preclude the joy when a new family member is born. Excitement about a successful undertaking. Thrill at seeing Nature’s spectacular beauty. Happiness about a friend’s visit. Sympathy for those who are mourning, empathy for those who are struggling. The pleasure of companion animals. Appreciation for others’ loyalty to you and gratitude for thoughtfulness and kindness.

Why didn’t we mention love? Because love is far more than emotions—love is what souls are made of. Beloved sisters and brothers, love is who you are! The high vibrations of the aforementioned sensations are expressions of the love you are radiating as the light that is undergirding all efforts to co-create Earth’s Golden Age.

We honor you for your essential service in this monumental undertaking. With unconditional love, the most powerful force in this universe, we have been supporting you all along your Earth journey.



Suzanne Ward
Website: The Matthew Books
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Please send all questions and comments to suzy@matthewbooks.com.


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Another week has flown by. Hello! If ok with you, we need to continue on about this announcement. I feel there are a few things to be clarified.

Welcome, Blossom. Welcome, All. We are happy to assist in this reasoning. How may we help?

Thank you. Before, you have spoken of a HUGE announcement when all TV screens and devise screens would be taken over … this one coming up, to take us into Phase 2, is not that one is it?

Definitely not. Things ‘as they are’ are not ready for that Phase and you can feel Blossom, that there is no point in asking us when that Phase is or what number.

Yes. I get that.

We are doing that which we can to help you to find your feet … to ground yourselves as much as possible within this process of transition and yet, we know you understand … or most of you do … that we cannot do a ‘GRAND REVEAL’ for that simply is not ‘our’ place to do so and to keep in mind that ‘situations’ … ‘pieces of the puzzle’ are changing places rapidly as each team/side tries to outdo one another.

We are going over old ground I know, yet, you have said many times the LIGHT HAS WON … so outdoing one another, confuses me greatly.

It is indeed fact that the LIGHT HAS WON. Yet, this does not prevent the need for those on the loser’s side to hold fast to the little ‘weaponry’ they have left and try to be the ‘last man standing’, so to speak.



Ok. I am just going to go for it and ask if Phase 2 will find us in another lockdown?


Oh, Poop!

Yet, not immediately. This, as far as we can surmise will be very different from the first home restrictions. For much … has/will have … taken place by then and many souls will have found their Truths … their thoughts on the current situations and may not be so willing to participate in these ‘End games’.

The tides in Phase 2 will turn things around enormously and one will find themselves in yet another confusing state of Being. All the while, the ‘positions’ of many will be building into a more solid stance and realizations of what is ‘perhaps’ going on behind the scenes will be brought to the forefront.

More and more as the days move on, your false media will have to expose certain ‘things’, for it would appear ridiculous if they did not and again, more and more questioning would arise.

I cannot tell you how many times I have said ‘Who knows’, ‘We shall just have to wait and see’. Each one of us having our own thoughts on what may or may not take place. One is in such limbo.


With respect … if one simply continued to feed themselves with the KNOWING OF THE LOVE THEY ARE … the Higher aspects of Love that they are ‘made of’ … then they would find great relief in these troubled times.

Would you say we have hit rock bottom now, what with all these riots?

No, we would not. There is more and more and more to come.

Oh, Happy days!

Blossom. This is not new news. One is trying to imagine that which is to come, yet, you cannot.

No rumours or rabbit holes have full knowledge of the procedure that shall come about. It may not always ‘appear’ to be heading in the right direction … yet, keep in mind, there are many twists and turns along the journey to this Higher frequency of STATUS.

You are in for huge surprises of all sorts! Some Enlightening … some shocking … some uplifting … some very depressing … SO MUCH … SO VERY MUCH IS TO UNFOLD.

I don’t go down rabbit holes unless sent the map to do so. I recently watched one about ‘Clones’. I have heard a little about it, yet, this took it further. Would you care to comment?

Not particularly, Blossom.

I thought you might say that. May I ask why not?

Dearest Blossom … Beloved Beings who enjoy our ‘banter’, there are things of this Planet Earth, many, many things that we know about and have not yet come anywhere close to being revealed.

It is not our responsibility to do so … not yet … if at all.

Again, here we have difficulty in putting into words that which seems impossible to do so.

We are unable to put ALL REVEALS of EVERYTHING about Planet Earth and all it entails into a nutshell. For Planet Earth is part of the EVERYTHING … IT IS A PART OF ALL THAT IS.

Within JUST your Planet Sphere, there are multidimensions, multidimensional Beings, Frequencies that go off the charts … both within and without that which is known as the actual EARTH.

So much is taking place right now … that is nothing to do with the political state of affairs and who is running the show. So much that one cannot put into words because there are none to do so.

What YOU are experiencing is the HUMAN FACTOR and all you are able to comprehend is what is occurring within/around/about your current changes from that OH, SO HUMAN FACTOR … BECAUSE YOU ARE HERE TO EXPERIENCE THAT SIDE OF THINGS AND DO WHAT YOU CAME TO DO AS A HUMAN RACE … TO MAKE IT INTO A HUMAN RACE THAT ONE CAN BE PROUD OF/ SIT WELL WITHIN.



All else that is taking place behind the scenes on other levels … although for the same purpose and working toward the same outcome, is being taken care of by those whose position it is to do so.

I am getting a feeling, because you cannot put it into words … to do with a sort of Universal gathering of soooooo many involved … each having their own part to play.

Correct. For this that you are deeply involved in … although your Planet Earth SEEMS so small in comparison to other Planets/Stars … is FAR BIGGER on a Planetary embodiment than one assumes.

Meaning what?

When you have ‘arrived’ … into/through … to the NEW position of Earth … you will KNOW.

There is not too much we can say at this point, other than the EARTH as you know it now … will not just have changed in Vibration, therefore, changing ‘IT’, yet, the expansion of your Planet will be ‘the talk of the town’.

You do know don’t you, that many feel you talk in riddles and ask why you cannot just say it as it is?

We are aware Blossom, that there are those who choose to think of our words in that way.

We are not here to offer things to you on a plate, for that would stunt your growth.

If we were to tell more than we should, we would change the course of the pathways … for, by one KNOWING what is going to take place next, they would be gearing towards that particular pathway.

Wouldn’t that be useful?

No, because by doing so that would change ‘what is’ and ‘how it is’.

The unfolding of this Grand Divine Plan must be handled with great caution.


Yes. It has.

Perhaps a metaphor or something to help out on this. For, I get that you say it needs great care, yet, if we have won … put bluntly … why all the secrecy? Do you see my confusion still?

Let us say that ‘Throughout’ it is known THE LIGHT HAS WON.

IT IS THE INEVITABLE OUTCOME. Yet, this does not stop those who are lost in the darkness, putting spanners in the works to prevent the FINAL VICTORY taking place.

However, they cannot prevent it … yet, they can prolong it.

Ah, well why didn’t you say so in the first place! That makes sense to me. I guess, like everyone else, I am forever wondering what the future may hold. Don’t get me wrong … I am living day to day and in a much better place than I was … yet, everything is still so uncertain.

Not everything, Blossom …


That’s all you need do. Within everything you hear, watch, read, feel … do it … in/ as/ through/ of … LOVE.

Nothing else. LOVE.

Thank you. This reminded me of some of your words on ‘LOVE’ from THE BRIDGE. I will put the link below. I always enjoy our connection. I feel very Blessed. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.




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Suzy Ward - Channeling Matthew Ward - June 4, 2020


With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Especially in times of great upheaval such as now, please let whatever fills you with joy or inspiration or thankfulness be the beginning and ending of each day. The high vibrations of those sensations and visions do wonders for health in body, mind and spirit!

Now then, our last message about this “pandemic” serves equally well today, but we shall be more explicit about why mainstream media are keeping the coronavirus “in your face,” so to say. This is the mind control part of the dark ones’ agenda, and they combine it with the universal law of attraction—they know the energy of thoughts and feelings brings back what matches them. The extent to which they are using that combination to deceive and manipulate the populace is mind-boggling.

Their TV media repeatedly air films of patients with respirators so you will be fearful about contracting covid-19 and feel angry, scared and resentful about its adverse impact on your life and livelihood. The dark ones require the low vibrations of those negative reactions to sustain themselves and keep their “pandemic” going.

Their medical experts claim that testing, mask-wearing and social distancing are essential; and that crowds gathering, not wearing masks, and businesses reopening too quickly are endangering you and your loved ones. In addition to keeping the populace on edge by reporting that some test results are incorrect or inconclusive, they tell you again and again that disregarding CDC guidelines makes it even more likely that another wave of the disease, which could be worse than the first, will hit in a few months.

Those “experts” know that masks prevent normal inhalation and exhalation, normal respiratory functioning, and that weakens immune systems. Their “stay at home” mandate is creating stress, and stress also weakens immune systems. A populace with compromised immunity is very susceptible to illness, and that would result in more deaths—the second wave of covid-19. Like the false statistics that have been fed to you almost daily, deaths from any cause would be attributed to that disease or “a complication thereof.”

You are told that the virus will continue its killing spree until the entire populace is vaccinated. The dark ones need the public’s positive response to a vaccine ending this “pandemic” so the energy of those thoughts and feelings will bring to fruition their mandatory vaccination plan.

Originally, “experts” said that developing a vaccine would take at least two to three years. Maybe that wait time didn’t produce the fear energy that was expected or maybe the dark ones didn’t want to wait that long to annihilate you. Now, a few laboratories are being so successful in developing a vaccine that it might be available before the end of this year.

Indeed it will be! Vaccines laden with a deadly amount of pathogens and the programmed microchips that also would be the inoculation were ready well before the coronavirus was released. All aspects of this “pandemic” agenda of the dark ones—let us call them Deep State, the term now commonly used—were meticulously planned years ago, after their attempts with SARS, avian flu and other laboratory-designed viruses failed to produce the pandemics that, like the coronavirus, were intended to kill billions.

We add this vital point: Extraterrestrial scientists among you have greatly reduced the toxicity of that vaccine supply and erased the chips’ programming.

Dear family, the awakening souls who are questioning official statements need to know about mind control/law of attraction efforts underway, but relatively few have advanced sufficiently in conscious awareness to believe in off-planet messengers. You can refer friends, family and acquaintances to the Internet, which has a treasure trove of accurate information from medical specialists and researchers about the nature of viruses and the principals behind this “pandemic.” Deep State operatives who control the Internet remove everything they can that exposes them and their diabolical activities, but they cannot suppress all of the truth that is coming to light.

“I’ve never been a [US president] Trump supporter, but I found his comments surprising and encouraging. ‘Vaccine or no vaccine, we’re back’ (he was referring to reopening businesses) and ‘Vaccine will be voluntary, not everyone will want it.’ Can Matthew please give us some insight here?”

President Trump is aware of the truth about this “pandemic.” Knowing that one of its aims is economic ruin of his country, he is acting to prevent that and derail the sinister plan for mandatory vaccination globally. He also is aware that Deep State operatives instigated the rioting and looting in what began as peaceful protests in his country.

While he could have handled these situations more skillfully and wisely, he cannot speak about his knowledge or act more forthrightly without jeopardizing what is happening behind the scenes. All dominoes in the prosecution process are being lined up so those who are responsible for covid-19 and many other crimes against humanity can be arrested and face judicial punishment.

The “pandemic” is the latest step in the march for global control by Deep State, and by going against that force, President Trump has made formidable enemies. Not only the individuals at the top of the alphabet agencies of the medical establishment like AMA, FDA, NIH and CDC; World Health Organization; Big Pharma; and medical equipment and supply manufacturers, but all their cohorts around the world that have been controlling life on Earth.

The president’s allies—the others in the international group of influential individuals whose efforts to end darkness in its entirety are undergirded by light—are more powerful.

Now we present a very different perspective of the coronavirus from what mainstream media are conditioning the society to believe. I asked my mother to copy the message she received from the virus.

May 12, 2020

Yes, Suzanne, I asked you to talk with me. Of course it’s possible. Everything is energy, energy is consciousness.

You think of me often, but never with fear and always with accuracy insofar as what information about me is deceptive by intention or by ignorance.

I am like other viruses, just part of life on Planet Earth, ubiquitous, and we have functions that have nothing at all to do with sickness. It’s by adding pathogens to us in laboratories that we become contagious and spread diseases that are not our true nature.

Yes, deaths have happened by malignant intention and many are not due to what scientists mutated us into. Fear and death are their two objectives—both emit low vibrations that dark ones feed on.

The evil of those who are deceiving everyone will be undone soon. This time Earth’s people are waking up. Matthew is helping, but it’s the brave medical specialists and respected researchers that people will believe. Telepathic communication isn’t understood yet—that will come, but still a virus speaking to a person is beyond the belief potential of most.

Thank you, Suzanne, for taking my message. Do you have a question you’d like to ask?

Thank you. Are you aware of deaths worldwide and precautions countries are taking to protect their citizens?

Oh yes, of course we are.

Are governments being sensible in what they’re doing, masks and “social distancing”?

They think they are, but we see the masks as counterproductive.

Do you know when the disease they’re calling covid-19 will end?

No, not in your time concept, but the current infections will end. You know the “mad scientists” can start another wave.

Yes. But will they be “caught” before they can do that and can develop vaccines in quantity to require vaccinations worldwide and put programmed microchips in them?

We understand that what you can call “divine intervention” will not permit that to happen.

What is your source of that information?

The originator of all life forms in this universe.

That’s the best source!

Yes. Evil has been ruling the planet too long. It’s being stopped.

Thank you for talking with me. Do you have a name?

We don’t like the name given us by the evil minds, the coronavirus. It’s not necessary that you call us anything.

Okay. Are you speaking as an individual virus or for the countless other viruses?

I’m speaking on behalf of all of us.

Thank you. I’ll share this with people who can understand.

Matthew understands and knows what I told you is true.

Yes, I agree. Many scientists know, too.

Yes, and they are the ones speaking out. They are the ones people on the planet will listen to. That’s what will be the downfall of the evil minds who are misrepresenting us as deadly. It is those minds that are being deadly to the people.

Thank you for talking with me.

Thank you for taking my message.

A virus transmitting a message is highly unusual, to be sure, but not unique. Two others with whom the virus communicated wrote to my mother about their experiences.

The following is from a highly evolved soul, a retired professor of biology, whom I know well in this lifetime and others. He and his wife are opening energy portals at sacred sites in South America and establishing a university program for indigenous communities.

“I was sitting in Sao Paul airport waiting for my plane to go to NY and seeing that the virus threat is in the minds and emotions of many, but not all the travelers. I started wondering why are we feeding the virus with our fears, or where is and what is fear?

“In some way, I could put aside the fears because we the people of light are mobilizing whatever we can to invite peace and compassion for us and for everybody else, love being the strongest element.

“I started pondering about the ‘poor’ virus that got stuck in a strange process. Putting aside the usual judgmental reaction to the trouble, I almost had a compassion for ‘it.’

“In a kind of silence-less silence I began to perceive, or to be in the presence of the coronavirus. It was not like you are in contact with a person or individual or entity, but with a dimensional reality unit, or something that you can feel or something you are with.

“I felt like an undefined compassion and love for ‘that reality’ that was with me, or I was in contact with it. In its essence, it certainly was not ‘evil.’ Our ‘communication and contact’ came soon. It was a sense, a feeling, an awareness that was not from a defined being but from a perceivable ‘defined reality.’

“The perceptible reality with ‘whom’ I was together, or with a piece of existence that we were sharing, was creating or ‘painting’ a communication that is a togetherness and not an apartness. In my mind or in my heart-mind reality was a written something that was filling my-our existence. The piece of the awareness unit came from the coronavirus:

“We are not good or bad. We are neutral because we are good-bad. It is the people that make us good and bad and with that they are defining us and our existence.

“My perception of ‘it’ was like a field of white light, like a soft fabric, like a gentle white towel, really undefined in its communication, reminding of sharing a reality.

“The coronavirus reality occasionally still ‘appears’ to me as if asking for understanding, help and confirming ‘friendship’ on some other dimension. I think its essence is deeply connected to the ‘total’ manifestation of life, nature and humanity. It is a server to the human life and to the ‘beyond life.’ To remember, biologically a virus can be life and can be no-life.

“I am still pondering about this encounter and trying to help ‘it’ and us to neutralize the unwilling impact ‘it’ generates. Inviting ‘it’ and urging ‘it’ to become neutral.”

Another radiant soul, a gardener whose loving interaction with plants produces amazing crops and flowers, described her experience:

“The first truth I heard was that it was created with ill intent by the Illuminati in this country [the United States] and then taken over to China. And early on its journey, all of our light and help from the Galactic Federation joined the virus and changed its trajectory from a lethal weapon meant to kill billions to, instead, a means to wake up the entire planet through a dismantling and reset process. And the virus has gone home having evolved in the process.”

Beloved family, be fearless and optimistic during this time of commotion and confusion. A peaceful, beauteous, healthy world is rising from the ashes of long ages of darkness. The world you are helping to manifest in your time is flourishing in the continuum—you and the light already are victorious.



Suzanne Ward
Website: The Matthew Books
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All messages from December 2003 to date are archived on www.matthewbooks.com. Please share them.

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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - 22 May, 2020


Your experiences since 2012 that was the end of the last Age have clearly shown that you are going through change, so that you can release the old that serves no further purpose. You are in the process of a change that will lead you on to the next phase of your evolution. Clearly when one cycle ends another commences so it is necessary to do some cleaning up so as to prepare yourselves for the next stage in your evolution. More so it will separate the “wheat from the chaff” so that each one can continue to follow a path designated to allow for further development, at a level that gives you opportunities to experience the next stage necessary to expand your consciousness even further.

The future is set to ensure you continue your evolution having experienced many lives in the depths of the lower vibrations that were your Hell on Earth. Some souls were caught up in them so much so that they were unable to extract themselves from it, whilst others repeatedly took on the challenges presented to them and were able to survive. In a freewill Universe you were allowed to choose your experiences although with guidance you took due note of the advice given by those who have already reached a high level of consciousness.

Understand that you volunteered to experience the lower vibrations being fully aware that you were essentially on your own, although help was always within your reach. The attraction for you was that through success you would be able to advance much more quickly and be all the more stronger for it. So it is with full admiration that we applaud your achievement and will stand aside to welcome you to the higher dimensions. These may seem premature in view of the fact that there is still some way to go, but you have completed the difficult part and are now rising up to a new level where you will experience the Great Solar Flash of Light from the Sun, that will immediately lift you onto the new Earth – your Ascension.

You may not realise how privileged you are to be on Earth at the actual moment of Ascension and it can be looked upon as an exciting moment in your life. Can you imagine the relief you will feel that at long last you have been successful, and ahead of you are many opportunities to choose your next experiences that will be most exhilarating within the realms of Light. You will no longer have to live as before but instead have absolute freedom by being able to provide for yourself through your power of thought. Friends and family will be but a thought away making contact very easy.

We like to lift you up by giving you a glimpse into your future as ascended beings, and we can fully appreciate how much you have gone through to prove your strength and dedication to the Light. It will be quite natural that having ascended you will at some stage like to also help others upon their path. You will have many friends and even family that will follow in your footsteps, and it is understandable that you would like to help them and you will have that opportunity.

Mankind with time on their hands is at present going through a period of introspection, as it has become apparent that the old way living has not proved adequate or helpful to those wishing to prepare for Ascension. The higher vibrations are already bringing out the best in many people and there is more sympathy for those souls that are barely able to exist in their particular environment. The inequalities amongst the different groups is patently obvious yet they should be one, as in fact All are One. Whilst it would be true to say that many have chosen their own destiny there is no reason why they should not be given that right and live happy and fulfilling lives.

Life on Earth could have been a delightful and happy experience but the dark Ones who believe that in some way they are superior have deliberately kept for themselves inventions and advancements exclusively for themselves. The surface dwellers have been under the control of the Illuminati for eons of time, but fortunately the Alliance has now grown in power to the point that they are the dominant force. They have undertaken to break up the dominance of the dark Ones and have already put many behind bars. Ultimately it is certain that Humanity will become aware of how they have been confined to an “open prison” for so long and accepted it as normal. It is far from the truth and along with friendly Space Beings who await an opportunity to introduce themselves and bring about changes that will help propel you into a New Age.

Dear Ones you stand out on Earth like beacons of Light and hardly realise how much you lift others up through your presence. You exude an energy that is calming and reassuring to those who are embroiled in the lower energies due to their low quality of life. Be assured that they are not being punished but they have needed experiences at such a level to awaken them to the truth. They in turn give others an opportunity to show their sympathy to their plight, and help in a way that shows their love and light for those considered to be lesser beings.

You live in an illusion that has become your reality which is why it is far removed from your true selves. You live a make-believe life although it is set up in such a way that you can learn from it and evolve. Your true Self is your God Self that remains on the other side of the veil that over sees your life on Earth. It is the source of your being and your ever present God Self of eternal life, and has much to do with helping you to fulfil your life plan. Many have chosen their own destiny and there is no reason why they should not be given the right to do so and live happy and fulfilling lives.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


Website: Tree of the Golden Light


Blossom Goodchild - Channeling The Federation of Light - May 9, 2020

Once again hello. A gentleman who has been looking back into your messages found these quotes … which are very in tune with your last message.


“Out of the ashes … out of the downfall of the entire system that is now in place … shall emerge … A NEW DAWN.

The pieces shall not be put back together, for the fragmented rule is not to be rebuilt. Yet … from such a crash … a NEW SYSTEM shall be put in place.

A system that is FOR THE PEOPLE OF EARTH.
And this system shall be assisted by those from ‘other places.’

As the walls that those of lesser Light hid behind, crumble … so too, shall there be the joining of souls from other worlds.”

Then a short time later …

“May I ask where you come in, within all of this? Other than these messages of assistance. Are you to be actively involved?

Oh yes, indeed! For that which is to be spoken out, will not only be concerning the control and management from the political aspect, yet, there will undoubtedly be outrageous findings regarding ‘Those from other Planets’ and the contact that has already been underway for a great length of time.”

Back to present day.

So, shall we carry on from the last message?

Warmest of Greetings to those who are now in complete agreement with who they are! We are aware that so many are keen to continue from where we left off?

Yes indeed. Many are intrigued about ‘the announcement that will confuse us more’, that you spoke of and also, more please on the ‘face to face’ meetings that are going on between those involved in ‘getting this Planet back on its own two feet!’

As you know and many … know/understand … Blossom, we are unable to divulge ALL THAT WE KNOW. That would not be in keeping with The Plan and how it is to be carried out. Yet, we can feed you tidbits, in order for one to go within and send Love to that ‘not knowing’.

As for ‘The news that will confuse’ … it is soon to be offered and we make no jokes upon the word ‘soon’ at this severe juncture.


Yes … for although for many who are kept in the dark about what is going on … KNOW … when we say that … a great deal is taking place.

I feel this so much these days … just a nervous sort of feeling as if something is about to take place.

It is taking place.

Yet, we can’t know about it?

Not right now. Yet, you shall. The issue being that this entire Plan has to be handled with such precision. It is not that … if it were a game of chess … that one knows for sure the next move of the opponent … so much strategy must be discussed as to the correct counter move.

So then, these discussions … face to face … with whom? Can you tell us who is involved ‘on’ the Planet and ‘not on’ the Planet?

We can only tell you that those who are involved have been ‘meeting’ for far longer than just a few short years ago.

With respect … a bit of a nonplus answer. Surely there is so much more you can ‘share’?

Blossom, YOUR part of the plan and those of you who FEEL/KNOW that they are ‘in on it’ … is to keep oneself alert and aware. To be the ANCHORS OF LIGHT when a large proportion of the human race feels that the Light is going out. So many remain ‘in the dark’ regarding THE TRUTH behind one’s confinement.

So … Enlighten us with YOUR TRUTH … if I may be so bold and meant with respect!

Our Truth? That which is taking place under the guise of illness is the greatest escape* that has ever evolved.

You have said the baddies created the virus so has it backfired on them?

Without question. For ‘we’ were aware of their plans to ‘confine’ and therefore, ‘we’ were able to utilize this ‘gift’ to work around/with it … in order to completely use it for the service of all.

Those who concocted this scenario had not foreseen all that it would ‘bring out’ in souls … and that is just ‘one’ GOOD thing about it … there are many more.

This ‘dis-ease’ that is NOT spreading far and wide as you are being told, is simply the method used to keep everyone under control. The fear … as you know … is far greater an illness than any cough and cold.

Some have lost loved ones … they may not agree.

Dearest Blossom, Dearest Souls … every minute of every day someone ‘loses’ a loved one yet, as you know, there is no loss … just a passing through to ‘somewhere else’.

What we would deliver to you as a message to ponder upon is this. In the Light of who you are … does this make sense? Does this sudden ‘control method’ make sense?

Well to me, absolutely not! Yet, I guess once again our patience runs thin with the waiting for the next piece of news that spurs us on. I KNOW we have to be patient and we are trying our best. We are indeed feeling a bit ‘left in the dark’. Why is this ‘In the dark’ theme running through today?

Because this is how your Planet has been ‘organized’ for eons of your time …. IN THE DARK /Of Darkness.



Yet, there is much talk of more control, especially in some countries. There is still much talk of mandatory vaccines etc.

Yet, there is so much talk also, of those in the know having the courage to speak out and allow others to know that there is a band of Light players that are growing in numbers, minute by minute, that will make sure that this scenario WILL NOT be fulfilled.

Dearest Blossom … for many, many, many years, we have brought forth messages to you regarding THE CHANGE … AN EVENT that is to come.






Have we not?

Yes, you have.

Do you believe us?


Do you Trust us?



If you feel doubt, if you question us … this is fine for you to do so. We do not ask that you follow blindly and if your conclusion is that you ‘still feel in the dark’ … then we ask that you cease following that which we have to say and find your answers through your own KNOWING.

For ultimately, Dearest Souls, our intention has been for you to do just that. To ‘Find you’!

On the other hand, should it be that you FEEL IN TUNE WITH OUR WORDS AND OUR LOVE … and KNOW what we say to be of TRUTH then we suggest this …



TRUST that what we are giving to you, is as much as we are able to give at any one time. If it were to be that we ‘spilled the beans’ too early … we would be going against OUR TRUTH and this we cannot/will not do.

So although, there may be flickering’s of doubts and what ifs’ … TURN STRAIGHT AWAY TO YOUR KNOWING THAT THE REASON WHY YOU CAME HERE TO PLANET EARTH … IS TAKING PLACE NOW.




Do not concern yourselves as to ‘what is coming next’. ‘Simply’ remain strong and send out your RAINBOW LIGHT 24/7. This is what you came to do in phase one.

Rainbows are beaming forth in these clearer skies. I know you spoke of such things I believe in 2008 and perhaps 2012 **. White Cloud is now speaking of Rainbow Light and in the Hawaii retreat we named ourselves the ‘Rainbow Light Pod’. In the UK, they are displayed in windows to bring Joy. What is so significant about Rainbows and why now is the term ‘Rainbow Light’ being used so much by you and White Cloud?

That which you know to appear as a Rainbow … and that it is a reflection of Light … is far greater than that. When one sees a Rainbow, what do they do? They smile and feel their heart beat. They feel instant Joy.

Ladies and Gentlemen … THE RAINBOW LIGHT IS YOU.

Ladies and gentlemen? Yep, I get it is us. Yet, we have been ‘conditioned’ to think of ourselves as ‘White Light’ … the difference being?



Blossom, The colours of the Rainbow are far more intricate than you know. The colours that emanate … in/as/through/of … Love … in this that you call a Rainbow … have so much more significance. In that, Colour and Sound are part of the makeup of your very Planet. They are part of the coding of your Planet.


What is it able to do?


So why both … White and Rainbow? I am getting to look up ‘Rainbow prism’. Ok. As the white light moves through the two faces of the prism, the different colours bend different amounts and in doing so spread out into a rainbow. ….

We feel you are getting a little confused with our point?

You feel correctly.

What we would say … is that now, in this phase … to be aware of the RAINBOW LIGHT … within yourselves and that which is connecting with you within your skies, or in any ‘form’. That which is to come also, presenting as Rainbows, will fill your Beings with Hope, Trust and Knowing.

Thank you. Today we seem to be veering all over the place. Is there any more you could add as to the ‘face to face’ meetings with those ‘Off Planet’?

What we feel appropriate to say is that … Yes, indeed, those ‘Off Planet’ are very much a part of this Movement. The Movement to see your work through into its next phase … into a Higher Vibration … It is what we are all intent on completing.

So … WHO exactly are the ‘Off Planet’ Beings running this show alongside us? Is it you?

Blossom, ‘We are the ‘Overseers of the Overseers’ as you know. So, naturally, we oversee plans. Yet, we are not the ones that meet ‘face to face’. We give of the word ‘Officials’ are in place and they are the ones communicating with those on your Planet.

Ok, so can you tell us then, if the meetings themselves are On or Off Planet?


Really? Good Lord Maud! I thought you were, without doubt, going to say ‘On’.

It is safer that way. That way, there can be no uninvited guests.

Makes sense. Oh! I welcome the day when we are ‘openly presented’ with all that is taking place.

Dearest Souls of Earth at this time … There is no question that this shall happen.

How I wish we could get some glimpses into the future.

You do not need glimpses. You need to FEEL the future and welcome it in. For it is one of such Brightness … and this that is taking place now, shall seem ‘like a dream’.

And you want me to ask … is it?

And we want to answer … what do you think?

And I want to reply … Time for a cuppa. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

* I pondered on this for a while. I feel ‘they’ mean that we are to experience the greatest escape into our Freedom along with perhaps, the rescues of the ‘stolen children’.


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Suzy Ward - Channeling Matthew Ward - May 4, 2020

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Always the purpose of our messages has been to offer spiritual guidance, enlightenment and encouragement during this unique era in the universe. You are being pummeled with unsettling information about the coronavirus, so let us look first at the encouraging aspects of this situation.

You are seeing and demonstrating the best qualities of humankind—love, compassion, empathy, cooperation, kindness, thoughtfulness, helpfulness, courage, perseverance to overcome obstacles.

You are observing and participating in the outpouring of gratitude to all who are caring for the sick and helping others in need.

You are using the slowed-down pace of life for introspection, connecting with your godself, your higher consciousness, and appreciating the abundance of goodness and beauty in your world.

You are innovating ways to work, school children, study training and college courses at home; and, via telephone and computer, you are keeping in closer touch with family and friends.

The unified spirit of people around the world is bridging the chasm of divisiveness and highlighting the need to end systemic prejudice and heal the wound it has caused.

Those collective feelings and actions are generating a massive amount of light, which is evoking heightened awareness along with desire for enlightenment about aspects of the coronavirus that aren’t being reported in “the news.”

The larger society is joining individuals who already were questioning how that virus suddenly popped up in China. Why did speculation that it originated in a bat—and how was it traced to that bat anyway?—switch to an accident in a laboratory in Wuhan province? Why did a virus that can cause such a contagious disease come to be in a laboratory in the first place?

The populace has been programmed to believe that information labeled “conspiracy theory” is worthless, merely ideas springing from addled minds. But this question is logical: Why is the possibility that the coronavirus was made in a laboratory in the United States and taken to China simply dismissed as conspiracy theory instead of being investigated?

Society is questioning why “experts” say most people won’t get COVID-19, most of those who do get it recover, most who die had preexisting health issues, and symptoms of the disease can be so mild that many people aren’t aware they have it or have had it; yet those same experts claim Earth’s entire population needs to be vaccinated.

That leads to this question: Why isn’t there the same interest in ending preventable deaths due to malnourishment, diseases caused by substandard living conditions, opioid addiction and suicide when the number of those fatalities greatly exceeds the number of deaths due to COVID-19?

Questioning minds also are “following the money.” Who benefits financially when millions of people around the world are being treated for a disease that requires purchasing tests, pharmaceuticals, hospital equipment and protective items for medical personnel?

The extent of that questioning is exactly the opposite of what was intended by the dark ones who designed and patented AIDS, SARS and all other viruses in a laboratory in the United States and several months ago released in China one called coronavirus. And its effects aren’t what the dark ones intended, either. They wanted an authentic global pandemic with billions of deaths. They need the energy of survivors’ grief and fear and a world in total chaos to produce the low vibrations they require for their very existence.

The failure to achieve that aim led to Plan B. That is why “experts” have been talking about the likelihood that a second wave of COVID-19 will come after the first ebbs, and that kind of rollercoaster can continue as long as three years or until every person in the world has been tested for antibodies and vaccinated.

Beyond enriching the companies that produce the tests and develop the vaccine, the intention—again—is a vaccine that will be lethal to most of the world’s population. But also, inoculation will insert a programmed microchip that will interact with 5G emissions to cause physical and emotional trauma, damage brain cells and enable the tracking of individuals who survive.

The society is right to question what is underlying this “global pandemic”!

We don’t see mandatory vaccinations materializing, but if it does, scientists in extraterrestrial special forces will reduce the vaccine’s potency and erase the chips’ programming. And, as vibratory rates on the planet rise, all viruses will lose viability. Nevertheless, please loudly protest vaccines until they are destroyed and protest 5G service until devices are modified so their frequencies are compatible with bodies’ electrical systems.

Now then, the economic aftermath of COVID-19 will be somewhat rocky, but far, far from what the dark ones want: a completely collapsed global economy, rampant impoverishment, hunger and desperation. Then they would pull together the fragments of their control and achieve their goal of world domination.

That will not happen. Their long reign is over.

Good will, cooperation, generosity and bartering—trading goods for services and vice versa—will serve you well until an honest global economic system replaces the corruption and greed that created the billionaires who are running and ruining everything on Earth. Dear ones, do not fear what is ahead—once past temporary confusion and brief hardship, the civilization will be on its way to justness and prosperity for all.

We have been asked to comment on the raft of information available on the Internet wherein researchers, medical professionals and other scientists are giving evidence of situations you described as “shocking,” “unconscionable,” “diabolical” or “atrocious.” Those descriptions do indeed fit the activities of the secret society known as the Illuminati, cabal, One World Order, shadow government or, more recently, Deep State.


The coronavirus scourge is their waterloo. A powerful light force behind the scenes is charging them with crimes against humanity. The people who keep trying to kill billions of you, conduct satanic rituals, control mainstream media and adversely impact all other aspects of life on Earth include widely known and admired individuals. Their arrests will come as a shock to most of the populace.

Those at the peak of darkness conceive heinous plans, others are eagerly complicit, most are minions who participate because of bribes, blackmail or threats against their families. In some cases, charges are based on fabricated information, photos and videos, but the truth about every person indicted will come forth in time.

As for spiritual guidance, dear family, we thank the reader whose question is, “What can lightworkers do other than ‘BE the light’ to help end all darkness on the planet?” Stay positive, calm, balanced and optimistic. Meditation imparts the peace of mind and heart that keeps your energy flowing smoothly and radiating the high vibrations that are manifesting benevolent change.

Visualization is powerful. Envision Earth revolving in golden white light. Envision people of all ages, colors and cultures smiling, laughing, hugging and dancing in the midst of animals, including those you call wild. Visualizing whatever gives you joy or lets you feel loved will send forth the high vibrations that literally are lighting up your world.

This question pertains to NESARA/GESARA. “How can we request help from the heavenly forces if there is no reasonable structure to install in replacement of what we have?” For readers who aren’t familiar with those acronyms, NESARA is the United States legislation National Economic Security and Reformation Act. GESARA is the same, but Global replaces National so the Act is applicable worldwide.

There has been “help from heavenly forces” from the onset. The very concept of NESARA came from the Highest Universal Council planners of Earth’s Golden Age, and St. Germaine was one of the principals who composed the Act, which was signed into law about 20 years ago.

It is a legal document, so its provisions can be only political and economic, but its purpose is no less than world transformation. As an indication of the Act’s vital significance, the Illuminati prevented its scheduled announcement September 12, 2001, by staging the terrorism you know as “9/11.”

Because subsequent efforts to announce NESARA also were futile, its aspects have been implemented incrementally thanks to the perseverance of volunteer lightworkers from other civilizations.

In short, the structure to replace malevolent control of your world has been in place from the beginning, and souls with spiritual and moral integrity will continue moving this divine plan forward. [Many messages archived on www.matthewbooks.com contain comprehensive information about the Act. Typing NESARA in the search blank on the menu will access those messages.]

Beloved brothers and sisters, we honor your steadfastness in helping Earth’s civilization manifest the Golden Age and we support you with the unparalleled power of unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward
Website: The Matthew Books
Email: suzy@matthewbooks.com

NOTE: Thank you one and all for your meaningful notes of appreciation for Matthew’s messages. Please share the messages with everyone who is receptive.

Please send all questions and comments to suzy@matthewbooks.com.


Blossom Goodchild - Channeling The Federation of Light - April 25, 2020

Welcome to you this fine morning. A gentleman who had been going back over some of the channellings came across this in Dec 2013, when we were once again speaking of The Event … I said:

”That which is to come … is on its way?

And always has been … yet now, it is at its journey’s end.

This SO could mean tomorrow … yet, in your ‘history of time giving’ this so could mean in 2020. We shall just have to wait and see I ‘assume’.”

I remember writing that and feeling that 2020 was so very far away and here we all are right in the thick of it! I shall let you lead the way in today’s conversation.

Dearest Blossom, Dearest Souls, who are allowing their Light to strengthen and beam out the Love that is /of contained in that Light, we welcome you in a way that is of the greatest respect and honour for all that you are encountering and overcoming.

We knew, as you did, that these times would be most challenging and let us state, whether you feel this way or not about your individual circumstances, you are Mastering these times in the way that we knew you would.

We know we have to be patient in order for trickles of the Plan to be known to us, yet, for me, I still look up at the stars at night thinking … What the **** is REALLY going on? Yes, we hear of this and that and plenty of the other. Yet, it still leaves us a bit baffled as to when/what the outcome will be.

Yet, we ask of you to KEEP ON KEEPING ON.

The Light you are giving forth to The Whole is clearing so many pathways. Perhaps look at it in the sense of you KNOWING that in the beginning phases, (which these are) your ‘task’ … is/was … to send out your Light and Peace and Love and understanding. All things you know. to serve … and to do this throughout … even when the next phase ‘hits.’

The next phase being?

The opening up of … a situation/ a Truth … that will have ‘everyone’ confused as to The Plan. For it may not seem to make sense or be flowing in the direction you thought it might. This is when you also, have to ‘sit tight’ and KNOW that although the Plan itself is also looking so very topsy-turvy … it is all in order.

How I wish you could give us a little more info yet, I respect the fact that is not appropriate and if we knew what it was, it wouldn’t be so astounding!


It is HUGE in its organizing/organization. There are many undisclosed citizens that KNOW what is taking place because they are part of the workings of that Plan. They know that things are really taking ‘flight’ as the Plan unfolds and yet, for most, it appears to be that one is simply cooped up inside waiting … waiting … waiting …


Keep Trusting that which you KNOW to be The Change that you have been waiting for … as you said at the beginning Blossom … for such a long time …






Yes, when I think of it in quiet moments, it really is amazing. Yet still, in all Truth, I have problems addressing what is happening to those that know only of the fear and have no idea about ‘any of the Truth’ behind it all. Within me, I sincerely deeply ask, that THIS ACTUALLY IS THE TIME and that we can get a move on. It is difficult sometimes, to feel so misunderstood, yet, that is all part of it. To let the misunderstandings become understood by so many more. Some are still so not ready to wake up.

Yet, with what is to come … they will have the opportunity to do so … And that is when, for all of you who have felt so frustrated and out of sorts, not feeling you are doing enough … will find it a time to be ‘All systems go!’


So, perhaps may we suggest to use this ‘quiet’ time’ … this ‘calm before the storm’ … to prepare your Beings for the onslaught that is to come. In this we mean … and please know it is difficult as always to put this into words … that the ‘outburst/outbreak’ of news … when it comes … will hit most of you like a ton of bricks.

You may take a little time to come around … yet, because of this preparation, you are in NOW… you will be more than ready to deal with it and do what you have to do.

There will be a time … and we are not talking years and years away, we are talking …

Please don’t say ‘soon’ …

We understand … we are expressing of ‘in a short while’ … when ‘An Occurrence’ takes place that will shock the world. And we are not speaking of The Event at this point.

There shall be an announcement made that sends everyone into a spin. It will not be able to be kept out of your mainstream media for it will be in accordance with the Divine Plan and it will not be able to be swept under the carpet.

It will also put your media into a new position … for many that ‘present news’ will have their thoughts turned upside down and feel they have to follow the Truth.

The days are numbered, Blossom. Each new day brings your Planet closer to its New Home.

So many rabbit holes to jump down yet, I don’t feel it is doing many much good, as one still cannot Truly know what is happening until we are told … outright … in the open … as proof.

This is so. Remember too, that many of the rabbit holes were put in place to confuse and disrupt. There may be suggestions of scenarios that would appear to make much sense as to what is ‘really’ going on … yet, do not be fooled.

You see … with respect … all very well you saying this and that we must follow our hearts and be discerning yet, I am unable to KNOW that which is REALLY taking place. I KNOW what I’d like to think is taking place yet, there are so many theories/possibilities.

This is what we suggest. For a while … CONCENTRATE ON LOVE … think of nothing else other than the DIVINE PLAN … which of course is created through/of/ as /in Love to bring You … each one of You … and all that is life upon your Planet … into a Higher more Loving place of Peace.

Concentrate on that. You can dig as far as you like down those rabbit holes and you will not like what you bump into. Far better at this time to assist by remaining Bright and cheerful and allowing that Brightness to ripple out.

With respect … many are doing daily meditations and TRULY making a difference … and then counteract that action by digging down the rabbit hole and bringing one’s Vibration back down.


Interesting you should say that, as last chat, you said it may be that we would not get to KNOW ALL THE TRUTH as it may damage too many. Some felt upset about this because you have always said the FULL TRUTH would come out.

Let us try and put some perspective on that if we may? Consider as many of you are aware … that … that which is done unto another is done to thyself. Therefore, the many that have caused such deep atrocities to other Beings will at some point, have to ‘FEEL’ for themselves that which they have ‘cast’ upon another.

Think about that for a moment, Dearest Ones. There could be nothing that will be more painful for these souls that committed crimes against humanity … nothing … than to have to ‘experience’ everything they have put on to another.

Some may say ‘well deserved’ … it is not about what one deserves … it is LAW.

So, keep that in mind. When we have asked you to forgive them … we have done so because that is what is necessary to do, in order to … move up/through … into Higher planes.

Some seem to feel if ‘they’ were forgiven they would be getting away with it … so this clarifies that. Thank you.

To continue on ‘how much Truth comes out’ … we said this is now under discussion … and continues to be. There indeed, will be so much TRUTH that is revealed … more than enough by far, to send one’s mind, soul and very Being reeling through utter disbelief.

Perhaps … and this is a questionable ‘perhaps’ … as far as it is taken in revealing untruths, will be as far as is necessary for it to go. Perhaps … and again, a questionable ‘perhaps’ … to go further would only be considered as an indulgence.

That’s an interesting thing for you to say. I totally get what you are saying yet, I feel others may ‘see your point of view’ on this, quite differently.

The purpose of the movement is to allow this ship known as Planet Earth to have the smoothest transition possible into the Glory of a Higher Vibration … which it so deserves. It has taken more than its fair share of battering and bruising.

How that … is to be /is being …. done, is of a Plan that is so intricate that … with the greatest respect … many would not be able to follow even if it was spelled out in detail.

This is why we ask you to KEEP ON TRUSTING.

DO NOT WAVER NOW. The seas are a little choppy yet, as we repeat … The storm has not yet arrived.







The Plan … Being Divine … eh … who exactly is running the show? I realize there is ground crew yet, due to its intricacy and absolute Mastery … is it that those on the ground are being ‘guided step by step’ by other intelligence‘ Off planet’?

What do you think Blossom?

I asked first!

Then we shall honour that and say ‘Of course’.

Meaning, to clarify … that those who are ‘dealing out orders’ from the ground are given these orders directly from ‘Off planet’ Beings?


Telepathically, like we do here … or ‘face to face’ so to speak?

Face to face.

Woohoo … That’s cool … and makes total sense to me. Maybe we can speak more of that next time?

MAYBE! Again, we say … we must be discerning as to what is revealed and when.

Thanks so much … TRULY.

Boldly remain in your Truth.

I am doing my best. I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM THE TRUTH. I AM.

In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.


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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - 24 January 2020


You have only to learn of the pending world changes to realise that something big is taking place, as unlike seasonal changes there is disruption and upheaval of a measure never quite seen in your recent times. Mother Earth is almost shouting at you that preparations must go ahead to make ready for even greater changes that are coming with the Event. The longer Mankind takes to recognise the necessity of the changes, the more difficult it will become to handle them and avoid traumatic events that will inevitably follow. By anticipating what is needed in readiness for the future a path can be followed that will prepare the way with the least effect upon the people. A worldwide decision must be made to join forces and share the responsibility for ensuring that progress is made with the least damage to the Earth itself.

The energies for change are being felt everywhere and although the outcome is not generally known people sense that something big is coming. Many already have some knowledge of the Event but it is not known precisely when it will occur. However, there is a feeling that Mankind needs to address the potential happenings so as to minimise the damage to man and beast alike. We are not fearmongering but the potential for change is becoming more obvious with climate change already taking its toll. When you take these warnings seriously we in turn will do or best to guide you, but the onus is upon you to take the first steps because even in these present times your freewill is foremost and honoured.

The emphasis is now upon peaceful actions and the use of your wealth to strengthen the hands of those who are leading the way. Listen to what they have to say and give them the support they need in whatever form it takes. There is no reason to continue investing money in dead ventures and instead use it to pave the way to a far better world that is coming. The pace of change is quickening and people will look for the major powers to come together and lead the way in worldwide peaceful action. You will ignore it at your peril but we hope that a “Wake-up” call will stir many into action that will put Humanity on to a path that anticipates what is needed. The demands on your resources will gradually become greater and more fresh water will be needed to prevent catastrophes in areas where it is already becoming short. You should perhaps be looking at treating seawater to make it into drinking water, but not by your present costly desalination methods when more efficient and far cheaper methods are known.

It will be difficult to convince “big business” they too must change to assist Humanity get through the coming period as no one will be exempt from the effects associated with it. However, with goodwill and a sensible approach to the problems that arise, the least damage will be experienced. For our part we will as always try to energise those organisations and people who are in a position to directly help you in times when you are in need. Clearly there are ways of calculating your needs in advance and in some instances saving for a “rainy day”. After all you now have the technologies to anticipate your requirements regardless of what form they may take. You are at the cross-roads of change and one way leads to chaos, whilst the other one leads to success. It may not come easily but with determination and goodwill, in truth there is nothing that you cannot achieve.

Obviously the effects of change will differ from one country to another and even one town to another, so you will have to look for the signs of activity that affects you and take action accordingly. Weather prediction is well advanced so you should be able to prepare for unusual times and take steps to make sure you are prepared. Food supplies are always going to be vulnerable and a small back up to cover for shortages would be wise.

You may have noticed that small communities seem to cope better in times of need and this may become the normal in years to come. In fact you have so many potential changes ahead you may decide that small is beautiful anyway. There are no rules that can be laid down to cover the unexpected, but common sense should prevail. After all most of you have gone through difficult periods already and even wars and know how to anticipate your needs and provide for them.

Never lose sight of the fact that there are galactic entities of vast experience that oversee your evolution. They know the plan for Human and their presence ensures that you are protected and given every opportunity to gain success. They have the authority to take steps where necessary to ensure that as far as possible you do keep to the plan, to ensure progress and not allow it to stagnate, or worse to cease. Therefore when life seems haphazard and pointless realise that there is still a plan operating and you will return to it at the earliest possible time. Each one of you has many Guides and some are especially selected for the wisdom and knowledge they have. So you are not alone in your quest for spiritually progress so take note of those promptings you get when you are in your quiet moments such as meditation.

Do not allow the negativity around you to influence your life as you have a plan even if you are personally unaware of it, and events in your life are pre-arranged so that you get every opportunity to evolve. Understand that every time you fail to reach a level that leads you to ascension the same opportunities will come up again, but that will extend the number of years you remain at the lower vibrating level. Progress is lifting your vibrations and maintaining them at a higher level, when ascension becomes automatic and that is your goal. You will gain the most wonderful life and freedom from the negativity that is presently around you.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same internal connection with God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


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 Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - 6 December 2019


Dear Ones, I cannot emphasise sufficiently the need to focus on your future, and give your visions of it your full energy, inasmuch that it would be pointless in still living in the past. You are all well into the New Age now and leaving the old behind as it has well served you with its purpose. Already those of you who have awakened will continue to do so and the ultimate goal is to experience Ascension. In the present time you are gradually rising up, and some of you will have already noted that your consciousness is expanding. You are being given help to understand the changes that are taking place that will enable you to eventually become Galactic Beings. It is largely your interpretation of events that is so important if you are to continue in an upward direction, and why holding on to the old understanding will delay your evolution. We have previously asked you to think big as Mankind will itself help influence the outcome and mould your experiences accordingly.

Words cannot adequately express the wonderful period that lays ahead, one of peace and happiness without the interference and influence of the dark Ones, who will eventually move in a different direction to Humanity. The coming changes are what you have been working towards for millennia of time and you have proved your worthiness by passing the marker. Having done so there is no way we would allow the dark Ones to interfere with your progress. They will be a nuisance from time to time but unable to seriously delay your ultimate success as you enter the higher vibrations. We will support you all of the way and as always are on hand to deal with any interlopers. They have been kept away so as to prevent any interference with your chosen path.

Do not forget that thoughts are energy and through them you attract more of the same so be careful what you give your energy to as it may come back to haunt you. You have a beautiful soul that is of the essence of God and as you shed the lower energies so your Light becomes stronger and stronger, and in time you will once again become a fully lighted being. You cannot imagine the joy we will feel at your success, knowing that before long we will be greeting each other in the higher levels of vibration. There will certainly be celebrations and old friends that you have long forgotten will once more meet with you.

Many of you are from Sirius and your families are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to welcome you back. It is not to say that you have never met since you dropped down unto the lower dimensions, as from time to time the opportunity has arisen when you have been out of the body. However, as we have mentioned previously, you may bring those memories back with you when you return to your sleeping body, but they are hard to bring to mind again once you awaken.

Most souls whilst in their sleep move out of the body even if only to hover immediately above it, whilst others may move into what has become to be called the Summerland. It is there after death of the physical body that souls first review their life activities and how their life plan worked out. In their etheric bodies souls get together and can have food and drink that is totally free, and will discuss earthly problems they encountered and the answers to them. Many problems have been sorted out in this way although the actual visit to the Summerland may be just a vague memory when they return to their physical body.

You often state you will sleep on a problem expecting to have the answer when you awaken, and often you do. The most exciting and satisfactory experience in the Summerland is meeting those who have already passed over, who will almost certainly have already changed their appearance through the power of thought, looking younger or free from any disability they may have had whilst on Earth. It is necessary to mention that you will normally pass on to other levels once you have determined how and when your next experiences should take place. No doubt you are now becoming more aware of what the difference is between life on Earth and your afterlife. You should also realise that life is eternal and in reality there is no such thing as death as you understand it, but yes there is death of the physical body and normally in accordance with your life plan.

The value of having life after life means that you have ample time to gain experience and prepare yourself for the next one. There is always a plan that if successful will move you along your evolutionary path, and gradually your vibrations are lifted and you rise ever higher as you pass through the different levels of vibration. The benefit of being able to reincarnate is that you have endless opportunities to succeed and move into a higher level of vibration. Once you have achieved Ascension there is no reason to go back to the lower vibrations and you will have no obligation to do so. All matter may seem solid and often very hard, but it is because of the atoms vibrating at a very fast speed giving the impression of being solid.

Many times through your various lives you have completed all of your experiences, and returned to the Godhead before setting out on yet another journey into the unknown. It is God who sends you out for the very purpose of gaining experience and knowledge through you, that you can take back to the Godhead. You are just one soul out of trillions who leave it periodically to gain further experience, so whilst the principal reason is for your evolution you also serve the Godhead. It is a simplistic way of looking at it but it conveys the right impression to aid your understanding. You will not get a more detailed description until you are in the higher dimensions and able to comprehend a suitable explanation.

One of the greatest truths you will ever be given is the purpose of life and where it leads, as you may conclude that one day all souls will have returned to the Godhead from whence they came. In the past souls have been sent out time and time again to experience, and each time they have returned to the Godhead that has grown because of it. The Godhead is a timeless experience where souls are in boundless love and time stands still, so much so that they are more than happy and ecstatic to remain there forever in the pure love of the Supreme Creator.

There is no existing language that can be used that adequately describes perfect bliss and happiness, but most Humans will have experienced the intensity of the love energy yet that is but a pale reflection of the Creators Love. Perhaps no words at all are capable of describing such an overwhelming experience. Knowing what the future holds for you should embolden you to see it as a great and exciting journey that is never ending and full of joy and happiness.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same internal connection with God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


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 Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - 22 November 2019


Immediately after the 21st Century commenced the world appeared about ready to make a dramatic leap forward, with the announcement that ET’s were intending to show themselves as part of First Contact., and it was planned to make numerous fly-overs all over the world with their craft. That event never took place and in accordance with instructions from the higher command of the Galactic Federation, it was seen that it would not have been an appropriate time for such an event. Consequently although First Contact remains to be officially carried out, naturally other events have continued to unfold, and in general terms you are clearly much more informed and aware than previously. The fact that the dark Forces have since developed their own technology sufficiently to have their own interstellar craft causes confusion, so sightings are generally looked upon as being off world.

Many years have since passed yet First Contact remains strong and is still to be part of your evolution. Meeting your brothers and sisters from other worlds and dimensions will be a prelude to learning the truth of your history and your future. You are so near to the “Event” and already there are early changes taking place that will eventually lead to your ascension. You are all greater souls than you have been led to believe, but the truth cannot be held back indefinitely. It was long, long ago that the Anunnaki were your Masters when you were not much more than slaves to them and worked accordingly. However, that phase has long passed and you have gradually evolved and become more aware of your true selves. In truth in time you are to be fully returned to your angelic state that you were before you elected to drop down into the lower vibrations for a greater experience.

Understand that at no time have you been left without help or guidance, and every opportunity is taken to ensure that you progress in accordance with your agreed life plan. Guidance is most important at this time as in real terms there is little time left before things start to take off, and we do want you to be totally prepared. There are certainly many distractions at this time as the changes do not come easily, but come they must and as matters settle down you will be that much nearer the final events that lead to your ascension. You of course knew beforehand what was coming if not necessarily exactly how it would take place. Knowing that it would be the first time ever that souls would ascend in their physical bodies, and it was considered by you as a most exciting prospect that you did not want to miss.

Meantime you try to understand what is happening upon Earth, as it is the most chaotic time since the last wars. The changes are being led by the young people who understand what is needed to move mankind forward. It is a painful process because those in authority have little or no idea what powers the movement for change. Change will come and clear the way for a greater future and the fulfilment of predictions made for this period. Heaven stands with those who know what is required to move on and strengthens their hand. The destiny of Man is written in stone with God’s blessing and no mortal shall be able to change it.

Meantime, keep a level headed approach to whatever you may do, and all will work out to your liking in the end. The future is planned because of Ascension .but it is up to you which path you take to reach it. From a personal point of view work towards your own goal and remember that at this particular time it is most important to you. As time passes you will find that things will become easier for you, as the vibrations lift you past the point of challenges that may come your way. You are living the chance of a life time that is not to be missed. Indeed all will become clear in good time as your consciousness continues to expand.

You have come so far in your present incarnation and have been given every opportunity to make fast progress. Do not worry if you wander of course, and simply adjust and carry on with your determination to be successful on your path to a higher level of evolution. Everything you need is within your reach, and we are cheering you on knowing that you do have the ability and experience to succeed. Enjoy those quiet moments when you can contemplate your future and decide what you want from life. Many opportunities are being opened for you and very soon you will get much assistance and advice to ensure your success.

Your evolution has been tied in with the animal kingdom who over a very long period have provided for you even to the extent of giving up their lives. They too are evolving and progressing because of their close link with humanity, and have often suffered extreme treatment at their hands. They are aware of the sacrifices that they had to experience but through them have also evolved as a species that agreed to help you. Although they have experienced abuse and cruelty, through it have earned the reward of better lives ahead.

Animals have a group soul except for those that have become domesticated through contact with you, and become individual souls. Things no doubt seem at times without any plan for their evolution, yet all sentient life forms have the potential to make progress. When you think of the love, trust and affection that some animals have for humans it is obvious that they have had prior contact with them. Love is the answer and the energy that can move mountains, heal the unwell and bring peace all around. When all else is removed all you have left is the great love of the Supreme Creator, the Fountainhead of All That Is.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. Every day you move nearer to the completion of this particular period, and as they pass your consciousness also grows. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same internal connection with God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


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This live channelling was given in Miami Florida
December 15, 2018

To help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee and Kryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Sometime information is even added or condensed. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Miami.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. This weekend will feature the last channels of the year, with the exception of one to be given on Christmas Day. It's a good way to close 2018.

I give you this information for those listening beyond this day. It's December as I speak to you and it's the beginning, dear ones, of a cultural festival. This festival is one that features giving. Indeed, some have decided it's a festival of buying, however, that is cultural choice.

Did you know that this holiday season isn't just for you in this country? At different times of the year, many different cultures on this planet all do this kind of festival. It's almost like they take a break from life and start to create decorations and lights. It's an honoring of family and a holiday season of giving. Hindus do this well. They have something called Diwali, the Festival of Lights and a time of giving. It sounds a lot like your Christmas, doesn't it? In their culture, they celebrate one another. It's a time to stop for a moment and honor family. In the Hindu tradition, Diwali has separate days for giving to family individuals. There is a day to honor your mother, father, brothers and sisters. Other cultures do similar things in different ways, but there are so many who believe in a time of festive giving.

The Seven Holiday Gifts for You

Dear ones, I wish to do something. I'm going to create seven holiday gifts for you. The difference in these gifts on this holiday season is this: These will be gifts you're going to give to yourself.

In all of the giving in all of the cultures, the focus is about giving to others and, of course, receiving gifts from them. Today, this is going to be more profound than you think and I'm going to make a statement: "If there are any here, or listening to this who actually follow these instructions for these seven gifts, your life is going to change." 

There will be revelations and perhaps more. Each gift represents a day where you do something for yourself. Now, not every single day of gift giving for yourself is going to be easy. In fact, of these first three, two of them are often difficult as you're going to see in a moment. The difficulty is that it requires you take a full day off to do it. Now, this is on purpose.

Dear ones, everything you do seems to be more important to you if it takes more time. How many years have you been in school? How many years have you been in your job? All of these long-term experiences give credibility and weight to others who hear it. So you're going to have to want to do it. There are seven. Some may seem easy, but they won't be if you follow the instructions. Many take a day. Some of them require that you do nothing but change your attitude, and some of them take time. How important is it to give gifts to yourself? Don't do these gifts to yourself unless you are ready for change.

Gift One

I'm going to call the first gift, "The ‘I Deserve It' Day", and you don't have to take it off. This is a day where you actually plan the other days. This is needed because you're going to have to explain to your family a little bit of what you're doing. When they hear what you're going to do, they're going to say, "Why?" and that's when you're going to say, "Because I deserve it." All through this day, every time you look in the mirror you will repeat the phrase, "I deserve it. I've worked hard. I'm going to give a gift to myself. It will be a series of seven things. This is the first, and I'm doing this because I deserve it." These are not just words, dear ones, because the teaching of Kryon has always said that you deserve to be here. This is not just esoteric information, but rather practical information. It will affect the way you live your life, because of the way you handle yourself when it comes to drama and when it comes to stress. So, it's time to give yourself gifts.

Gift Two

The second gift requires a day off. It has to be away from everything and only you know where that can be. When I say away from everything, I mean that. Allow no Human interaction of any kind. I'll even give this a name: "No Stress Day". There should be no emails, not even messaging, no media of any kind at all, no electronics. Don't go someplace where someone is going to ask you a question or corner you and talk. This has to be a place of solace. Your choice. A full day is needed in this fashion - a whole day.

Now, you may wonder what this is going to do. You may say, "Well, Kryon, we know it's good not to have stress, so that's nice. I understand." Do you? I suppose you do this often? When you're done with this day, I guarantee something: You're going to realize what really causes you stress that you didn't think about before, because without it you're going to feel so much better! When you realize what the stress is for you, you will have the opportunity to change it. But if you simply repeat the same thing every single day, there's no vacation for you to examine what might actually give you stress in your life, and it may actually surprise you. That's number two. No Stress Day. It has to be completely by yourself and if you have to explain it to anyone, tell them the truth: "I'm giving a gift to myself because I deserve it."

Gift Three

Number three is similar but different. I'm going to call number three "Gaia Day". Gaia is Mother Earth, Pachamama. It is the planet itself, and you're going to have to take another day off. (I told you this might be difficult in the holiday season.) Some say "Impossible!" This schedule is up to you. How much do you think you deserve good things in your life? Your relatives and friends will say, "What, another one?" and you will say, "Yes, because I deserve it. I'm giving myself another gift."

This is a day of complete and total silence from any other Human Being. Go find nature and sit there all day. To a Floridian, it may be the beach. For someone in the middle of the country, it's the forest. You cannot talk to any Human for the duration. You can talk as much as you want to the Planet, however. Ever talk to the waves? Have you ever talked to the trees? Have you ever caught yourself in a conversation with the sky or with the stars? This gift is a rekindling of love for Planet Earth. Of all of the gifts that you give for yourself, you will remember this one the most after you do it. How often do you do this, dear ones? For some of you, the answer is never. For others, it will be, "I do it quite a bit and need it!" There is great power in this, and we have told you that this helps to rekindle the relationship with Gaia, who is your partner in life and consciousness on this planet. You can't ignore Gaia and be a balanced Human Being. The planet is ready to give you this gift!

Now, the next four are a little more esoteric and you don't have to take the day off, but they may be more difficult for some of you.

Gift Four

Gift number four is "Mastery Day". I want to tell you fully about this gift and you're going to have to study a little for it. Dear ones, we have told you that what you have inside you is mastery. However, many things get in the way of it, so you don't often realize your magnificence. Your habits, what your culture is like and many other things keep you from seeing who you are. Also, what you have been taught as basic Human nature tells you that you are less than a master. All of these items conspire together to take you out of the mastery that you are born with.

Fact: You are born magnificent and with free choice. With this you can go any direction you wish. What would a master of today be like - not a master of the past, but a master of today?

As I begin this discussion, there will be those who will say, "Well, this isn't for me; it's for others." You watch and see. What will happen if you change your attitude even for a day? What would happen if when you awaken, you proclaim, "I am magnificent. Everything that happens to me today, I will see with the eyes of my Higher-Self. I will behave like a master would behave. I will look for compassion and God and love in everything I see. And every time I do it, I'm going to get a little younger."

"Kryon, do you get younger by being a master?" No. You become younger by practicing mastery. That's what compassion and love do within the Human body. They start to slow down the aging process in the cells. You've heard doctors talk about it! Those in stress don't live long. Those with love and compassion tend to live a lot longer.

This will start early in the day when you awake. Don't take the day off. Instead, do what you do every day. Example: You're on your way to the store or to your job, and something happens in traffic where somebody yells at you, honking their horn at you and gesturing to you. What is the normal reaction of the Human Being? Suppress that urge and relax into your mastery. I want you to think about that person. I want you to have compassion for that person. They are having a bad day just like you've had bad days. See them in the light of that. A master will have no instant reaction to honk back or become vocal. There is no reaction to feel bad or insulted, because all you feel is the mastery inside you and the compassion for them. You don't know their name, but suddenly they are in a golden light that you've created. Are you starting to get this picture? Mastery Day.

Who irritates you the most at home? Suddenly, you start to experience that differently because of this day. Refuse to be irritated. When it normally occurs, say to yourself, "This will not irritate me because I have mastery. I am magnificent in love." Suddenly, you realize that all of those who would irritate you are just like you. They're doing the best they can with what they have. You may actually irritate them! Did you consider that? Perhaps you cause THEM stress and haven't realized it.

So you take a step backwards and you put a golden light around them and yourself. Don't be surprised if they feel it instantly. Oh, what a gift this would be for you, wouldn't it? If you could change the irritation factor, they might actually soften and start seeing you differently? Why? Because you no longer react as you have in the past.

You begin to look at everything in a compassionate, silent way and many will see it in your eyes. Perhaps your culture says to you in a situation, "This is the time where I shout in anger." Instead, you say to yourself, "I am magnificent and way above what my culture brings. I have mastery inside."

Perhaps you go to the place where you work and there is that person that you cannot stand? They are so irritating! Now you have the opportunity to practice the same thing you did with your family. Yes, they are irritating, but they are going through life the best they can with the best they know. Again, perhaps you irritate them and don't know it! So you begin putting that golden light around both of you. This is mastery.

How about something even more practical? Let's say you go to lunch with friends and, one by one, you start to hear them talk like they always do. They start complaining about the way things are. Then they give opinions on unjust issues and begin to "play" the same tape over and over about the same dysfunctions and people that you have heard about for years at that table. All the time you're at lunch, all you hear is negativity. You remain silent, and it's not like you to remain silent. So, you know what's going to happen next. Eventually your friends will turn and look at you and ask, "How do you feel about this? You are very quiet today." You haven't said anything. They know something's up.

Pay attention, for what I'm going to give you is practical mastery. In this case when you have remained silent, you have an opportunity to change the energy without being critical of who they are. You give them a truth. You tell them, "Something has happened to me. I've discovered something for myself. Dear friends, I realized that when I participated in these discussions, I felt bad. Negative things for me started to upset me. I didn't enjoy my food. Dear friends, everything you've said today is accurate and true for you. Some of these issues need to be corrected, and that's the real subject. However, I've changed how I react. Every time I hear about these unjust or negative things, I visualize them corrected. I visualize solution in everything you've talked about today. None of you are wrong today, and I really enjoy being with you. However, for me, I have discovered that I can digest my food better if I silently start visualizing these things solved. Recently, that's what I've learned about myself."

How can they argue with that? You did not make them wrong in what they did. You simply talked about yourself and what you've learned for you. That's mastery. You don't make the people around you feel bad or criticize them because you're better than they are. Instead, you come from a compassionate heart and give them an invitation into what you have discovered for yourself.

I guarantee you that at the end of the lunch, at least one of them will come to you and say, "Tell me more - I want what you have." And then you can explain even more about the love that you have and the mastery that you've discovered. Mastery Day. I challenge you to do this. Think about situations and how you may react. Meditate before you walk out the door. And make an affirmation. Dear Spirit, this day I am a master. Dear Spirit, bring to me the things that are gifts that I can walk through as a master. That was number four. Are you beginning to see these are not easy?

Gift Five

Number Five is "Healing Day". Dear ones, this is old news to a Kryon follower. Your cells are aware of what you say. This has been proven by the science of epigenetics. Cells are influenced by that which consciousness and environment create. What do you say out loud daily? Who are you really? Are you your own person or a product of what those around you define?

Dear ones, if you look at your society and how it talks to you, your health and your age is all a product of what they tell you. Have you watched your media lately? They will tell you quite clearly that if you're a certain age, here's what is supposed to be wrong with you. Then they will give you the names of the designed chemistry that you need to take for it, and you sit there watching and you simply watch it over and over and it goes right into your subconscious. They're defining you, dear ones! They are telling you what's supposed to be wrong with you at a certain age and your entire society believes it.

What if you took control of all of that? Healing day is about taking control of that. Example: You wake up in the morning and again you say, "I am magnificent. I was born magnificent. Cells, I'm going to talk to you today. I want you to listen." Then you start your list. Make a list in advance, and I want you to go through that list every hour. "Cells, listen up: Here's the list again…" Your list? It will be just for you, but in that list, you will inform (not ask) your cells to stop aging. Remind them that your normal state is being balanced and healthy.

There will be those who will say, "Too late, Kryon, I've already got a disease." Let me ask you something: Is the disease you have, part of your cells? No, it's an invader, isn't it? Then tell your cells to get rid of the invader, because the body knows how. The body knows how! Science may not know how, but the body does. The vast history of homeopathy proves this! Homeopathy is a process that instructs the body to heal. In addition, there have been so many remissions of disease through consciousness, through affirmations, when the Human cognizes the healing completely.

Don't be surprised when often you can feel it immediately. Headaches go away; pain starts to go away; you start to feel healthier. What a gift! That's for you. That's the power of consciousness over biology.

You are in control of your cells. We have told you this for years, but I will tell you this: If you don't believe this fact, nothing will happen. It's because that innate part of your body knows if you're faking or not. It's not about making the list and saying it or reading it. Healing Day is where you finally believe it and give yourself the gift of health. That was number five. If you followed some of the Tibetan numerology, you realize that the number five represents change. Do you see how that might change you?

Gift Six

This requires a day off. I want you to think about what you want to do this day. It could be simple or complex. It's a day to do what you want to do. It's a gift for yourself and something you want. It could be easy. It could be, "Today I want to eat at a restaurant that I like instead of going somewhere because someone else likes it. Today I'm going to enjoy my favorite things. Today I'm going to listen to music that I like, not what others like." This is your practical gift for yourself. What is it that makes you feel good, but that you've been kept from doing because of other things? "I'm going to take time for the things I like all day long."

Again, there will be those who will say, "What is wrong with you?" And you can say, "Nothing. I'm giving myself a gift. I'm doing what I want to do all day long because I deserve it." Perhaps you believe that this is something very simple? Think again. How long has it been since you've done this? Most of you will say, "I can't remember when." Compassionate Lightworkers are designed to think about others and put yourself last. So, many of you constantly give way to other's ideas and suggestions. How long has it been since you've eaten where you want to eat? Do it alone or with others, but do it. You're going to enjoy that meal, dear ones, because it's a gift for yourself. You deserve it.

Gift Seven

This is different. It's not going to take long, yet it may be difficult to explain. I'm going to call it "Angel Day". You better be alone when you do this. I don't want anyone watching you. I've waited till last for this number seven because it represents divinity. I challenge you. When you're alone and no one is there, I want you to go to the middle of the room. Make that room as silent as it can be. The evening would be best, when there is less activity outside.

In that quietness, I want you to raise your arms up high and I want you to say out loud, "Angels in this room, I love you. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for being with me all my life. Thank you for laughing with me and crying with me." Then I want you to feel the tingling in your arms as they indicate they heard you, and are saying, "Thank you. We love you." You're going to feel it. You'll know what it is when you feel it. Oh, what a gift for you. This is a good, solid communication with a realm that you cannot see, but who knows who you are and is always with you. Can you do that? What a challenge. You're going to feel this, dear ones, and you're going to come out differently.


Those are the Seven Gifts. What have I told you in the past about who you are? You have it backwards, dear ones, when you fall on your knees because an angel is present. Those angels are here for you because you deserve it. The Human Being is magnificent on this planet and is changing it in these new times. Your spiritual support group knows it. They're ready to take your hand and assist you through this life. How beautiful is this?

Can you believe this is true? If you do, the implementation of these Seven Gifts will create a life change for you. You might even consider it every year, since it is so balancing and loving.

I tell you the truth this day. Love is increased when you do these things. Compassion is easier to feel when you do these things. Mastery is easier to obtain when you practice it, and you'll know what I mean. This is the holiday. It is a festival of light. Let it shine within you.

And so it is.




This live channelling was given in Berkeley Springs, WV
April 15, 2018

To help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee and Kryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Sometime information is even added or condensed. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in West Virginia.

Greetings, dear ones, I Am Kryon of Magnetic Service. This will be a different kind of channelling. It is not a standard message, but instead it is the presentations of three future potentials that you may indeed see. This meeting is being put on and hosted by what is called a "futurist". A futurist is one who dedicates his/her time in trying to predict coming systems in government, economics and potential inventions that might change a culture's future. This then allows humanity to prepare for things in a benevolent way when it happens. That is a futurist. So in honor of the futurist, I would like to paint a picture of three things that you might expect in your future.

One of the questions presented earlier today in the seminar was about electronics and machines and about the future of what you call "artificial intelligence". Where is it going? Is there danger to Human Beings because of it? Is humanity to go into a dark hole of its own creation because it made machines that turned against it? Is it going to do the kinds of things your science fiction movies have presented?

Here is the answer: "You don't know what you don't know." What that means is that your future is not predictable from anything you've experienced in the past. The evolution of circuitry, of artificial intelligence, of technology itself for the last 50 years will not apply to the next 50. The logic of the past presses on you to predict the future, but you can't. All of your fear of future artificial intelligence is based on your expectation that you will create machines that will have the same dysfunctional consciousness of fear, greed, hate and war called Human nature. It's really funny to consider that you are actually afraid you won't be able to control yourselves, and you will create a "thinking machine" that will have the very same broken consciousness you have. Systemic consciousness change is coming.

You simply can't predict a future where the only thing to compare it to is a past that you are moving away from. Example: Please give me the evolutionary ideas on the next generational advance for a better ice box. [Silence] Oh, you don't have them anymore? What happened? The answer is electricity. That would be a systemic change. When you have a huge systemic paradigm shift, do you think it would affect a prediction path you might try to predict? The answer is yes. So consciousness change would be a "spoiler", if you wish to say that, for the futurist's ability to predict the future.

Let me give you three future scenarios in a timeline that is not identified by years, but by a numeric order - one, two and three. So what this means is that there is no timeline for these potentials, but they indeed represent an evolutionary growth from one to the next.

Next, I want to tell you that everything I'm presenting has actually happened, but you haven't seen it yet. "Kryon, how is that possible? Are you talking about Earth?"  Indeed, I am not speaking about the earth. Remember, Old soul, you're not just an old soul, you're an extremely old soul. We gave a message some time ago that was titled, "How old are you?" It places your soul on other planets like the earth, going through shifts like the one you have now, only at different times way in the past.

Many of you are awakening to this attribute right now and are remembering what's coming and having feelings that you might have experienced it before. This esoteric remembrance is starting to temper your fear, which is often caused by what you see happening with humanity today. Change is sometimes fearful. But you are becoming more comfortable because at some level you remember where it might go. You have participated in "The Shift" before.

The future is completely dependent upon free choice. That's you, now, here on Earth. How fast the change happens is up to you and how fast consciousness moves is the same. You have free choice to stay in the dark or go into the light. You have free choice for slow or fast change. So if I said it would take 50 years or 100 years, I would be wrong. Faster or slower depends totally upon you and the Humans on this planet. There will be some surprises, and the surprises in technology will be surprises because nobody ever considered them due to what you haven't seen yet. Your expectations are all tempered by your past, and now they can't be.

Scenario Number One

Scenario one is not necessarily in the distant future, but it would be considered the first step of what is to come. The focus for the future of electronics is going to be Human health. Electronics is going to turn more inward into the individual's Human's ability to use technology for healing. Right now, electronic evolvement does not turn inward. It has always evolved outward. It has allowed you to speak to the world all at once and create networks that all can use at once. This is an outward evolution. But now I'm going to speak of electronics that will be turned inward and interface with a person's consciousness - an inward evolution. I give you the first scenario. It involves inventions that have not yet occurred and processes that are not yet understood.

The cancer patient reports to the hospital, lies down, and prepares. But the preparation is not for surgery. Instead, there's something else that's going to happen. A very tiny, small injection of something is going into her body - something that today, you wouldn't expect to work. "Oh, I know,"thinks a reader. "It's evolved micro-robotics." It isn't. It's going to be biology, with parts no bigger than a cell you can barely discern.

We are speaking now of the evolvement of what you call stem cells. What if you could take a piece of your systemic cellular structure, one that belongs to your own system, which has a consciousness of you and the benevolence of you, and give it instructions to go to a diseased part of you and rejuvenate it? This is a part of your own system that would never hurt you, which is not artificial, but which is "instructable". The electronics involved will be part of the ability to give instructions and will help imbue your consciousness into the injected cell group to tell it what you want it to do. You are guiding this group of cells through the bloodstream on its way to destroying the tumor, but not in the way you are trying to do now within your medicine. Instead, the tumor is about to be "reprogrammed". Did you know that all disease has a program? Well, perhaps that's something you should work on. [Kyron smile] Disease actually has a "disease consciousness" and works with purpose. But it's not smart, and often doesn't understand that it's killing its host, but only sees growth as the end goal.

This cell group we are discussing is not a form of robotics. It's not artificial intelligence. It's you, inserting your own consciousness into your own body in a miraculous way through inventions that are not here yet. It's part biology, part machine, and part electronics. You will be using it all together in a benevolent scenario that gathers a specific energy around the tumor using a process you don't know about yet. The tumor reacts almost instantly, because it gets reprogrammed. Remember, it's alive, and it is not appropriate in your body. It begins to die right away. It is reprogrammed at a systemic, biological level.

What is it that can destroy disease this way? What you are viewing in this experience is the first wave of understanding of how your personal consciousness can be imbued into special cells that have been harvested from you for this purpose and actually given intent-based instructions. The tumor doesn't fight. It has no choice but to start immediately dying because it has been reprogrammed to "know" it is inappropriate. Is this possible? Is this even feasible? Oh yes! I've just given you a reality that will happen. Consciousness is no longer an elusive concept. It will be measured as energy and used appropriately as energy.

Scenario Number Two

What I have just given you is actually archaic compared to the second one. The cancer patient reports to a building and the building may have a sign that says:

The V Group - Complete and Total Healing!
One-stop Shopping for Disease Elimination

There will be competition within this process, since it is far more available to be created without medical procedures at all. For this reason, it improves and improves. The cancer patient goes into the building. This time, there is no injection.

What you are going to experience now is the evolution of what you call virtual reality. However, you can no longer call it virtual, since the seemingly artificial reality of it blurs into your own reality. Today, you have the beginning of it. You put on a pair of goggles and you can look around and experience an extremely realistic program. You can look around your area with 360-degree sight and see beautiful nature and experience places you can never go. Amazing as you might think this is, dear ones, that's a toy compared to what I'm going to show you next.

The cancer patient goes into the building and ends up in a large room with a very special apparatus. I won't describe the apparatus, for it may give away part of the process. Don't worry, it's coming. It will be invented. It's in the minds and the Akash of those who will do it.

As the apparatus is engaged, in a short time the patient is in another place with another reality. It's one that allows her to stand and walk and be normal, yet she is not really doing any of those things. So real is it that she can interface with others in this seeming simulation. She is not interfacing with a program, but with other intelligences that seem to be Human, because they actually are. The other Humans are in another part of the building, also interfacing with her through the apparatus. This event of hers requires almost the entire building and many other people. She is not alone. Nothing is artificial about the exchange, but everything is artificial that she sees and touches. Indeed, she knows this, but soon she won't remember it.

In this "other reality", she walks into a healing center. It's so real that she can feel the breeze in the park where she is and smell the grass. She walks into the building and uses the elevator, just as she would in her home town to visit her family doctor. The receptionist takes her name and interfaces with her and she even discusses her family a bit. No exchange is artificial. No intelligence is artificial, but everything she experiences otherwise is through the evolution of electronics that work with her consciousness.

The patient lies down on a couch and above her head is a large video-type screen. As the nurses move around her with objects having wires, her cancerous tumor comes into view on the screen. She is comfortable and in a position of muscular neutrality, as if she were about to take a nap, but she is wide awake and ultra-ready for a confrontation. There is nothing threatening around her at all, but it's so real she can touch and feel everything she sees. The screen above her continues to show the tumor, but she isn't apprehensive, for she knows what's coming. She is preparing for battle.

She is handed some kind of portable controller, where she is able to move a certain way and somehow affect the tumor and its surroundings. It would seem as though she is actually touching her own tumor using the controller, and each time she does, it responds and quickly tries to move away. The nurses warn her not to go too fast, and then they help guide her on what to do and how to move, then they cheer when she does it correctly. Also around her in the room she begins to hear some kind of songs or melodies that are familiar, and with the controller in her hands, she begins to interface with what is on the screen. She slowly sees that she is actually erasing the tumor on the screen. It objects and wiggles and slowly begins to shrink before her eyes. The staff is working with her and giving her more advice. "Watch the colors!" they tell her. "Move you controller with the colors! It's telling you what makes it uncomfortable!" The tumor is almost screaming and moving wildly. She continues to manipulate the controller. The songs and melodies continue, and she slowly realizes that she is singing along with them and smiling the whole time.

Dear ones, this woman is healing her own tumor! It is so real. She is in another world, an artificial world, but at the same time she is not really there at all. However, her body is seeing and feeling things so real that her blood pressure is reacting, her consciousness is reacting, she is sweating and her actual chemistry believes she is in this healing building working hard to outwit disease. In this amazing and extremely real virtual world, she start seeing her tumor being destroyed by her own hands, her own desire to be rid of it, and her own intention and hard work.

The tumor and the patient seem to be in heated battle and she is allowed to rest. She eats a virtual meal and feels it go down into her stomach, then she returns to the couch to continue the battle. This time the tumor seems to sense her coming and turns colors and moves without even being "touched". The woman is singing again. There is joy as she slowly, bit by bit, erases the tumor from her body. She feels the fatigue of the battle and the joy of victory as it shrinks and becomes smaller and smaller and disappears. No more motion, no more color changes.

The virtual experience lasts a full day. It is so real that she has several meals during that time and her body is actually nourished. Finally, she gets up to leave, but she is not done. Now she reports to another room for tests. The doctors interface with her and begin the standard tests they always have done. There's a needle prick and the drawing of blood - all as usual, all virtual. Then the staff returns with the results. She sees the chemistry and the charts and even the waste material where the tumor was, as its remains are being washed away by her system. The doctor smiles and tells her, "Congratulations! It's really gone," and there is a feeling of joy, elation and celebration. 

When it's time for her to come back to the real world, they bring her back slowly. She didn't put on a pair of goggles, dear ones. I'm not going to tell you what she did, but it was complete, immersive, and it surrounded her. There was nothing like it - a virtual world almost as real as if you had stepped into another dimension. [Kryon smile]

When she is fully returned, nobody gives her a "real" test to find out how it worked, because everyone already knows: Complete healing. Her body and her system and her mind cognized the experience as though it were completely and totally real in every way. With the assistance from virtual patterning, which was actually hooked to her consciousness and "knew her", she walked away without cancer. That's the power of future electronics and technology. That's technology turning "inward". It's a future that recognizes what consciousness can do and how powerful the mind is. That's scenario two.

Scenario Number Three

There are always questions about the multidimensional Human Being. "Kryon, is it possible we can ever discover our own multidimensionality and, without any electronics or machines of any kind, change our chemistry in a process that is known, understood and intuitive?" Yes, dear ones. Yes.

The reason I am so certain of this is because this is your blueprint. This is what the whole design of DNA is for. This is the evolution I have spoken of. I'm not going to be able to tell you how long it may take, since the evolution time clock is controlled by the free-will consciousness of humanity. But let me introduce something in your body that actually is designed to do this kind of thing, but which is dysfunctional at the moment. It's something that you know about and have accepted "as is" in all its dysfunctional state. You don't even realize it's broken. You have never seen it any other way.

What we are speaking of is what you have called your "innate". How does it feel to be the highest evolved creature on the planet, with an intellect where you can examine your own existence, ask why you're here, feel the love of the creator, and even say the words, "I am that I am," yet have a part of your own body that is smarter than you are?

Kinesiology (muscle testing) has been used by practitioners and medicine for decades and decades in order to find answers to very simple questions regarding your body that your consciousness should actually know! Here is a statement of truth, and a difficult one for Humans to hear: Dear Human Being, your mind and consciousness, as amazing as you feel it might be, is currently completely separated from your chemistry, and that was never the design.

Let me ask you, logically, does it make sense to you that your biological blueprint would have created a "stupid", disconnected system? "Stupid" because it is counterintuitive to the entire "survival" instinct of every mammal on the planet! The answer is no. It's not logical and it doesn't help you survive at all. In fact, it's so dysfunctional that disease can attach itself to you and you won't know it for weeks until it really gets going. Then you go to the doctor and get the news.

Right now, this innate "smarter body" has to be accessed completely and totally separately through processes that are archaic. Indeed, it can give you signals if you ask, but it won't tell you anything that's happening in real time since there is no "bridge" of elegant connection to your mind that allows it. That missing bridge is what evolution will begin to build.

Innate, the smart body within the multidimensional Human Being, is going to evolve and begin to use that 24th pair of chromosomes that you think you don't have. We have given you the information in the past that you can only see 23 chromosome pairs with your modern equipment. The 24th is still there, but multidimensional. It is not yet understood, seen or recognized. There are actual hints that can be deciphered that would tell a biologist that "something is unbalanced and should be more complete," but the pair is basically invisible in 3D.

This multidimensional, 24th pair is the one the Pleiadians manipulated when they moved around your old linear set of chromosomes within your DNA to a set of apparently 23. This is what gave you the ability to have knowledge of the creator, God inside, the choice of high and low consciousness, and the ability to create elegant music, art, poetry and painting. It's your Adam and Eve story.

Dear ones, when consciousness starts to increase on this planet and you start to measure and use quantum things, number 24 will reveal itself within the double helix. Then you will have a revelation: "There's more than we thought!" That's when quantum patterning will begin to show itself, and chemistry and physics will be put together and studied in ways they always should have been.

"Kryon, what will be the result of this evolution?" The first thing that you'll start seeing are Human Beings born with a special consciousness where they can "sense" things within their own body and they will become their own healers due to it. They will know all about their blood chemistry without a test. They will know when any disease tries to attach to them, instantly the moment it happens, instead of waiting for something to grow inside them and create pain. They'll be their own medical intuitives. People will see the first stages of this and they'll say, "This is unbelievable. It's not right. It's abnormal. These people are odd and unusual." They will be isolated and tested, because they are evolved. Welcome to Earth, where advanced Humans are often hidden away and feared.

That's what you do, don't you? That's what you've done to the autistics in your culture. It's because you don't see it coming, do you? You don't see the savants in the future, do you? You only see an unusual set of children that have odd communication and who are difficult in an old energy. Since you don't really expect this evolution, you treat these things as sub-standard or difficult. These new autistics just yell, "I'm a nonlinear thinker! Find a way to communicate with me that is not linear!" Yet you are not ready to study what that might mean. These circumstances are actually starting to show themselves in so many ways. Look at what these special Humans can do that you can't, and that will give you a hint of who they are. This evolution is coming. That multidimensional piece of your DNA that you can't even see yet is going to bring your consciousness in line with your innate.

Let me finish with this: What is your innate attached to that is also a mystery that you cannot easily access? I speak again of what is called the Akashic Record of the Human Being. This is the record of all the energy, activity and history of your soul on the earth. Dear one, evolution within the new Human Being is going to connect you to your Akash.

What do you know about the Akash in the old energy? It's something that often bothers you because it only remembers negative attributes about your past lives. Akashic issues are the things that even today you work with to try and suppress. They are subtle and not part of the subconscious mind. They are often revealed by past-life readers or others who can "read" your Akash to the extent they are allowed. But this is all changing.

There will be a meld with the innate and your Akash that gives you full access to the wisdom of the past and full access to dismiss all negative things. This will be one of the most significant evolutionary steps of humanity, this marriage of the Akash, the innate and higher consciousness. That will truly reveal the multidimensional Human Being. When it takes place, you will then look at the facts and the history and realize that you are not from here at all, but that your DNA is from the stars. You'll begin to understand it all because it's all part of a scenario of connection, of a coherence with your brothers and sisters spread all across the skies. That is the future.

"How soon, Kryon?" Not soon enough, but you'll get there. Every single Human, using their free choice, will come back and come back and come back. Each time there will be improvement for a world that has great promise. This is different from before, dear ones, where you never evolved your consciousness and continued the dysfunction of war and other processes that never changed from century to century.

In the far, far distant future, there will come a time, dear ones, when it is your job to seed another civilization in some other far away place. This will give birth to compassionate action in other parts of this galaxy. Someday, you will work together to create another planet that has your stamp, your DNA, and you will introduce them to the creative source, just as it was given to you.

Are you getting this? Are you really understanding how important you are at this juncture of time? There are so many mysteries, you might say. But they will eventually all be revealed, and you'll be here for that. Don't fear these things, because they come from you, by design. That is the message for today.

And so it is.



~ZERO POINT - For what you are about to experience is the inversion of your systems, the inversion of going from ALL to NONE, from ZERO to INFINITY. The creative forces within your spherical creations that you call the human bodies is going to be unleashed to such a degree that it will then become possible for all of you to truly manifest that which you wish to see into your reality!~ 

Dearly beloved children of the Sun, the Moon and the Stars, we come to you now in order to inform you in the next 3 weeks of your time there will once again be an energetic restructuring of your bodies. 

Re structuring of the human vehicle is about to start yet again. Many of you will once more begin to experience a variety of ascension symptoms and we ask that you completely and fully let go of fear and fully allow the integration of crystalline that are being brought to you from the sun at this moment in time. For the next three weeks of your earthly time is the crystalline energy invocation period, and those of you who are ready to experience the upliftment of energies should allow your vessels to open to the divinity of what you hold within. 

In order to partake of the invocation period that is sweeping your planet in the 3 week window, you need to fully and completely open to the source within your vessels, to your own HEART CODE, and once you open up to the heart code it is then that you will be able to fully integrate the crystalline energies that are traveling to you from the cosmic gateway of the sun and through the core of the earth energies that you have anchored into the heart of GAIA. 

And when you do find yourself in a meditative state and allow the energies to enter your spherical bodies you shall experience a tingling sensation at the very top of your head. Allow these energies to move past and through to your entire being, cleansing everything that no longer positively serves. Do not be frightened when you begin to experience the pressure upon your crown chakra, but simply allow the energy to seep through you, gently vibrating each and every cell of your body, gently cleansing out all the remnants of everything left behind from the time no longer relevant to your being.

Allow the warm sensation to envelope your whole mind structure and fully and completely integrate the new energies. Some of you will begin to feel sleepy, others will feel the need to go into a meditative state, yet others will joyously continue along their day. Remain calm and enjoy and embrace these energies that bask you in loving light of the prime creator. 
And as you allow these energies to pass through you, think thoughts of love, light, peace, bliss and happiness, think of everything that you wish to welcome into your life, and of everything that you wish to let off, allow these energies to pass through you releasing you from everything that no longer works for you. Know and understand that it is your HIGHER SELVES that are sending you these energies from the ALCYLONE SUN of the Pleiades
But Let us explain to you in “scientific terms” of your time what is about to occur on your earthly planes of existence. 

For as many of you are aware the sun is shifting its frequency and the sun’s magnetic poles are merging and shifting into a new reality, and we do understand that the scientific community of your time is going to brush it off as something insignificant, and many naysayers are going to emerge that will argue the validity of the information that we are about to present to you herein. Nevertheless, we wish to take a moment and explain to you what is about to happen to your bodies and your minds. 

For what you are about to experience is the inversion of your systems, the inversion of going from ALL to NONE, from ZERO to INFINITY. The creative forces within your spherical creations that you call the human bodies is going to be unleashed to such a degree that it will then become possible for all of you to truly manifest that which you wish to see into your reality!
First step however, in this restructuring process is, that every single cell in your body is going to shift from the type of cellular and tissue structure that your science currently understands into that which your scientific community cannot possibly comprehend. 

For as the sun’s shifting poles will shift and affect your bodies completely and utterly, you too will begin shifting and changing, not only in your consciousness, but also in your holographic experience. 

The cellular structure of your body is about to undergo a major advancement in the creative processes of your holographic self. Many of you are feeling tired and exhausted beyond your current level of perception. 

To help you understand this process, we wish to explain to you the theory of relativity, not as you presently understand it to be, but as it really is. The cosmic theory of relativity states that any celestial body that is undergoing a major event of magnificent proportions, that is directly linked to any “holographic” vehicle (body) currently occupied by consciousness of Prime Creator (souls), is thereby in direct alignment with the changing energies and is thereby greatly affected and is linked to the cosmic gates of existence, and is directly linked to specific organs and cellular structure within the body is thereby effected to a high degree. 

Let us explain this to you I so that you can understand that which we mean. As you have been foretold your earth is indeed changing. And in order for safe passage through this dimensional frequency it is highly advisable for each and every single one of you to begin the allowance of interplanetary frequency change to take hold of your earthly vehicles and to allow the necessary changes to take place within, and in order to do so, we ask that you simply allow yourself to purge all the remnants that are no longer, positively serving you. Simply stated FORGIVE. LET GO. ALLOW. 

Please remember dear ones that ALL or NONE can occur within your vessels and within your psyche, for only WHEN you are ready to proceed shall the energies begin to work with you. For those who are not yet ready, the energy will as if, be frozen in time, until such moment that they truly and fully are ready to embrace the eternal OM, the eternal truth, wisdom, understanding, love and light within their hearts. 

We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

Pleiades High Council - Channeled by Anna Merkaba – Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL –http://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/

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