Suzy Ward - Channeling Matthew Ward - July 1, 2022


With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. You have a saying that pertains to real estate—"It’s all about location, location, location.” In every location throughout this universe it’s all about vibrations, vibrations, vibrations. As we have said in previous messages, simply by BEing you are radiating light’s high vibrations, so let us speak about some of the developments you have been assisting.

Of paramount importance is, a significant amount of darkness has been eliminated. Much more will be uprooted in coming weeks and months, thus bringing to an end the long reign of the Illuminati.

Until then, this tenacious group will cause havoc wherever they can. Their primary interest is maintaining their strongholds in the United States, from whence a great deal of their global power is wielded. It is possible that country’s military forces may be called in to safeguard the citizenry from whatever actions the Illuminati may take. If that intervention does become necessary, Illuminati could claim it’s a coup and mount resistance or they may try to cause panic by staging a holographic alien invasion. It doesn’t appear that in their weakened state they could manage either; however, they are desperate so those possibilities, which are contingencies on their agenda, cannot be ruled out.

We understand that you would like to know what to expect and when, and we don’t know. The energy of billions of thoughts daily—actually each minute—determines what happens. What we can tell you with assurance is, with everything in acceleration mode, dominoes around the world will be falling soon.

You have waited patiently for evidence of the progress we have told you has been going on behind the curtain of the world stage. The undertakings of light forces on Earth in conjunction with off-planet family still require discretion, but as soon as information about what has been accomplished can be disclosed, it will be.

Now, other developments vibrations have brought about. People are separating wheat from chaff, so to say, by seeing the counter-productiveness of divisiveness and the benefits of discussing how to go about making changes that all see are needed. This cooperative approach at grassroots level, where reform starts and moves upward, is a fine step forward in the civilization’s awakening.

Another heartening development is the surfacing of technologies the Illuminati suppressed to prevent their being used beneficially even as they were using them to your detriment.

Crews in your skies are making their crafts visible often so the populace becomes accustomed to their peaceful presence, thereby bringing closer the day when you can greet each other and extraterrestrial special forces on the planet can introduce themselves. If you feel a strong sense of kinship with some of them, it may well be soul-level recognition that you and they are from the same homeland. When that day comes, you will start working together to restore Earth’s damaged environment and bring in free energy.

And, prevailing vibrations are connecting you more intimately with your godself. Helping Earth’s peoples awaken is your mission and it is vital indeed, but that is not the sole reason you are there. While it is so that a third density world presents challenges the worlds you left did not, your life is meant to be enriched by family and friends, the beauty of Nature, satisfying productivity and leisure enjoyments. This is a propitious time to be introspective, to ponder if your actions or inaction may be encumbrances to that kind of life.

You may realize you’re timidly spinning your wheels instead of confidently pursuing a job of greater interest or taking the next step in a meaningful relationship or moving where you’d prefer to live. Maybe you’ll see that life would be more fulfilling if you heed your intuition instead of trying to meet others’ expectations. Or you would be happier if you let bygones be bygones and let go of feelings about disappointments. If you want to strengthen characteristics you feel good about and divest yourself of those you don’t, vibrations will be your steadfast helpmeet.

You can more easily adjust to ever-rising vibrations if you breathe deeply and rhythmically, get sufficient sleep, eat lightly, drink a lot of pure water, and spend as much time as possible in Nature. Yes, we have mentioned that in previous messages, but when life is filled with busyness, reminders can be useful.

And, dear brothers and sisters, love yourselves! Feel joyous and grateful that of the many, many souls who volunteered, you were chosen to participate in the most dynamic world transformation in universal history. Further, what you are doing is correspondingly benefitting the entire universe—that is how powerful you are!

“The person who sent me your newsletter where Matthew said Illuminati is Deep State or the cabal wrote that Deep State is the New World Order that is controlling everything. Then I heard Kazarien neo-nazis are running the world. Are those different groups or different names for the same group? If the latter, what do members call themselves? Also I just heard of puppets. If they’re part of a group, who is the puppet master? Or are those the people who are being controlled? All of this is very confusing and frankly, it’s hardly believable that any group or groups could tell everyone else what they have to do.”

The writer’s confusion and skepticism are widespread among souls who are starting to awaken, so let us offer clarity. The aforementioned names are four of several—the elitists, One World Government, Secret Government, Shadow Government and One World Government are others—that refer to the same group. They don’t call themselves any name at all and there is no formal membership.

Let us speak of them here simply as the dark ones. They have a global network with a pyramidal hierarchy, and individuals in top levels have influential positions in governments and all national and international institutions and organizations that impact life worldwide. Mainstream media; education; UN, EU, NATO and all other alliances; Federal Reserve System, IMF, WEF, stock markets and all other monetary systems; trade, taxation and insurance; publishing; legal and justice systems; military forces; INTERPOL, CIA and all other intelligence agencies; energy systems; transportation; agriculture; fraternal organizations; religions; WHO, CDC, FDA, NIH and all other branches in the healthcare industry; charitable foundations; multinational corporations; and the entertainment field. Those individuals at the top also are running the illegal drug industry, sex trafficking, pedophilia rings and Satanic rituals.

The lower in the hierarchy people are, the less they know about what goes on in the pyramid or even that they are part of a pyramid. The many millions at the bottom have no idea that their jobs are supporting a sinister group that operates in secrecy and whose goal is to eliminate billions of lives through warring, impoverishment, toxic pollution and disease.

Individuals in top levels can rightfully be called puppets and the puppet master is a powerful force far beyond Earth. At this point, a brief explanation of the workings of this universe will be helpful. Everything in existence is energy fluctuating at one frequency or another, energy is consciousness, and each of the frequencies has an infinite range of vibrations that function in accordance with the consciousness in thoughts. All thoughts of every person within a civilization are its collective consciousness.

Thoughts are forms of energy. Energy cannot be extinguished, and due to the universal law of attraction that is in constant motion, thought forms that emit the same vibrations attract each other, gather into a cluster and, as like forms keep joining them, grow into a force field. The dark forces is a massive force field of forms with the lowest vibrations such as those emitted by tyranny, brutality, greed, possessiveness, hatred, deception, lust for power, and desire for fame at any cost. As this vast borderless field meanders throughout the universe, it is drawn to civilizations where the collective consciousness includes those kinds of thought forms.

Individuals in those civilizations whose traits and behavior are aligned with the vibrations of the dark forces become their puppets. Now captives of darkness, they lose all sense of conscience. Their heinous actions create fear in the rest of the population and fear’s low vibrations strengthen the puppets’ control. Once a world is steeped in darkness or the planet is destroyed by puppets in another civilization, both of which add to the dark forces’ potency, the expanded field drifts around until it is drawn toward other pockets of low vibrations.

As powerful as that force field is, light, which is the same energy as love, is more powerful. That energy is the essence of Creator Source, the origin of everything that exists in this universe and the cosmos. Because love-light energy is anathema to the dark forces, it is an impenetrable fortress for spiritually and consciously evolved civilizations.

Now let us speak about puppets on Earth and how various names for them came about. Two and a half centuries ago a few men in Bavaria who felt they were more intelligent than other people, therefore entitled to be their leaders, called themselves Illuminati, “the illumined ones.” Like-minded individuals who affiliated with them include the Rothschilds, who established the powerful faction in Europe that encompassed royal families who had far-flung empires, and the Rockefellers, whose equally powerful faction is headquartered in the United States. Generations of the two factions and mergers in marriages and businesses enabled them to grow in numbers and fortunes and extend their network around the globe.

However, the idea that a few can rule the masses preceded the Illuminati by almost a dozen centuries. Tribal leaders in Mongolia started moving west, gathering into their midst the people they conquered along the way and establishing the Khazarian empire. Successive leaders kept adding to its power base, which eventually included the Nazis, with whom the Vatican cooperated in WWII and still does—“neo” because the mindset that caused the holocaust permeates today’s dark ones.

About two millennia ago, self-serving leaders of church and state started amending historic records. Incrementally material was deleted, parts were rewritten, fabricated stories and devised dogma were added, and the composite is the Bible. Later, wealthy families like the Medici, who established the banking system in Italy that gradually grew into global economic control, put family men in the papacy to spread the Roman Catholic religion and its influence on adherents.

Eventually the many disparate groups that shared the same ideology coalesced into the “umbrella” group that is the formidable foe of humanity and Earth herself. During the past several decades individuals who understood how world affairs were being conducted gave those other names to the dark ones, who have maintained power partly by controlling what people are taught, read, see and hear.

That is why false information and omission of factual information abound in your textbooks and newspapers and on TV, radio and the censored Internet. It is why movies and games glorify violence and war. Not only do those cause death, fear and destruction, all of which emit the low vibrations that keep the dark ones thriving, but their companies produce the machinery of war and add to their ill-gotten fortunes. Movies and games also portray “aliens” as fearsome monstrous entities that invade Earth to massacre everyone and destroy the planet. This insidious form of mind control has programmed the unsuspecting public to think, feel and believe what the dark ones want them to.

However, never can they control anyone’s intuition, hopes, optimism, inspirations, aspirations or reactions! Thanks to prevailing vibrations, this sacred internal light is motivating many of the populace to embrace the light being beamed by distant civilizations and radiated by lightworkers on Earth.

Beloved family, all light beings in this universe honor you for persevering in your mission and support you with the unparalleled power of unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward
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 Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - May 27, 2022


The Alliance continues to make advances but as normal they keep their activities to themselves to safeguard those involved. The war with Russia will be the last one of such proportions, because it will not have benefitted anyone. The time for diplomacy to settle disputes is clearly the pathway to follow in future. Naturally the dark Ones are involved, and responsible for maintaining a situation that is calculated to keep Humanity in an unhealthy state and lower levels of consciousness.

It is left for individuals to find their own way through a jungle of deceit, and deliberate attempts to stop them evolving. However, thanks to those souls who have awakened to the truth there are sources of information that give it to you. There is a desperate fight to get the truth out to the people but it is easier said than done. Misinformation and false reports leave many souls confused as to what the truth really is, yet it is out there waiting to be found.

The dark Ones do not get everything their own way and of recent times they have been finding it difficult to keep the truth from you. The rising vibrations are bringing more light to you, and will continue to do so until the negative energies are unable to exist. It will not happen overnight but the more souls that awaken to the truth the sooner it will become known. With the advantage of the Internet many sources of truthful information can be found and with our protection remain available to you. Most of you are intuitive and should be able to recognise when it is false.

Your destiny is to ascend but those souls who seek such an outcome must do their part to be successful. It will take time and practise to achieve the level necessary, but be assured that your guides are on hand to assist you. Once you can conduct yourself in such a way that outside events do not affect or interfere with your life, you are surely on the road to success. In fact once you achieve that level of control you will find it easy to maintain it. Others will notice how calm you are and will be attracted to you for that reason. They will wonder how you do it and be interested in learning your ability to do so.

Be assured that all souls that seek an opportunity to rise up are helped and are therefore certain to make progress. Clearly you must make your own efforts to evolve but once you make that decision, help will be on hand. You would most likely be surprised to know just how much help you get including protection from the dark Ones, providing you do not let your guard slip. If you allow your vibrations to drop you are likely to attract negative entities to yourself, but you can also attract those entities of a higher vibration when you maintain an appropriate positive level.

Life can be quite pleasant and fulfilling when you are on the right path and very satisfying. You will find yourself being quite popular and sought for guidance, as people realise you are fully aware and able to help people spiritually to progress upon their chosen path. Your higher vibrations are like a magnet to those who seek others of a spiritual nature. It is not a matter of religious belief but simply an understanding of the truth.

Truly religion has its place in most people’s lives, but when you advance in your understanding you will find the truth is universal and not the sole property of any particular one. When the false teachings are released by you only the truth remains. Even so the truth is only able to take you to the next level of understanding, as there is no advantage to any soul in so to say “run before you can walk”. One thing you can be sure of is that having learned the lessons presented to you, advancement will be arranged so that you progress in an orderly manner. It may even need a change of Guide to take you to the next step in your evolution.

Dear Ones you have all been on a very long journey that has seen you experience so many lives, experiencing in so many different ways that have been given you according to your needs. The net result is who you are now and your soul will keep the extent of evolution you have achieved. The next step is the biggest one you will have made, that will carry you up to a higher level never again to need lessons in the lower vibrations. You can feel pleased with yourself because you have passed through many tests to achieve a higher level of evolution.

Everyone is currently going through a very testing time, and it is so important that they do not give in to despair and keep their goals in sight. You are likely to get other souls coming to you to find out how you have achieved such a peaceful air about you, as you may be sure it will be noticed. Your aura will glow with the higher vibrations that extend far beyond your physical body. It is why other souls will find themselves attracted to you and feel good in your company.

You are a beacon of light amongst the darkness, needed at such times to help lift the vibrations around you. Remain calm and know that others will seek your help and company because of it.

I leave you with love and blessings and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


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 Suzy Ward - Channeling Matthew Ward - May 2, 2022


Message from Gaia; truths will come forth; vibrations; Ukraine; politics; China; various concerns


With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Anxiety about what is happening in your world and disappointment about what is not happening is causing even the most dedicated lightworkers to feel downhearted. Gaia is aware of those feelings and has asked to speak to you.

GAIA: Beloveds, I am Gaia. God asked that one of Matthew’s recent messages include a message I gave to Suzanne several years ago. During those years you have endured a great deal, yet you have remained steadfast in your mission. I know living on Earth hasn’t been easy and I understand why you become discouraged at times. I, too, felt discouraged and despaired for long ages before universal family infused my body with light and caring lightworkers like you came from distant homelands to lift me out of the depths of darkness.

Your loving assistance is keeping me firmly, steadily progressing on my journey back home, and with joy I watch you help my people awaken so they can accompany me. Please feel encouraged by knowing your mission that still is underway on Earth already is a glorious success in the continuum! My heart is overflowing with love and gratitude for all you beautiful souls whose help in manifesting my Golden Age is invaluable!

Thank you, Matthew for letting me speak.

MATTHEW: We thank you, Gaia, for your words of love and encouragement.

Now then, as for what is not happening—the truth about the “pandemic” and other truths coming forth—be assured they will. Part of the planetary cleansing process is bringing all deception to light. Please feel heartened to know the wisest minds on Earth and their invited extraterrestrial advisers are cautiously planning the many complexities of major global changes so they come in the order that will incur the least resistance and cause the least disruption in your lives.

Keep foremost in your thoughts that all situations are energy fluctuating at one frequency or another and every situation is affected by the collective thoughts and feelings of the populace. When those are of confidence and optimism about a beneficial outcome, the high vibrations sent forth raise the vibrations of the situation accordingly. The reverse also is true—the low vibrations of fear and pessimism about a situation lead it toward a negative outcome.

Let us speak about an aspect of that universal law of physics that determines what transpires and the result—ignorance of the truth about a matter doesn’t change the workings of that law. And ignorance of the truth is how dark hearts and minds have controlled the masses down through the ages.

Now let us apply that to what is happening in Ukraine. Mainstream media are not reporting what Russian troops actually are doing because the Illuminati don’t want the public to know that for decades Ukraine has been the center of their stronghold on Europe. They don’t want it known that they have been making and storing deadly bioweaponry and chemical weaponry in that country to use in depopulating the world— the people they call “useless eaters”—and enslaving the survivors.

The Illuminati don’t want the public to know that for decades they have held captive in tunnels and compounds many thousands of women, children and babies until they are used for sex trafficking, pedophilia, or human sacrifice in satanic rituals in numerous countries.

They don’t want it known that the atrocities and some property destruction attributed to Russian troops are being committed by Illuminati-hired mercenaries, or that in Ukraine they launder money from illegally-made fortunes, hack into computer systems around the world, and take down truthful information on the Internet.

Thus, without knowing any of that and believing the “news” about Russia, the public is unwittingly generating the low vibrations dark ones need to keep themselves viable and their activities going strong. So then, why have the Russian troops been successful in destroying hundreds of Illuminati entrenchments and rescuing many thousands of their captives? Because, dear ones, eliminating that darkness has been undergirded by the light whose intensity on the planet keeps increasing. However, the “price” of low vibrations directed to Russia is the prolonging of the troops’ mission and many needless deaths.

Now we want to address the view that messages of spiritual and metaphysical nature never should include politics. We have spoken at length about planetary and personal ascension during this unprecedented era in this universe. Would you know why that is occurring if we and other messengers of the light hadn’t told you Earth and her life forms are being freed from darkness? Would you know how the planet became permeated with darkness so it can be prevented from happening again if no one told you it was caused by political decisions down through the ages?

Politics simply is the conduct of governments. For millennia the masses lived in fear, sickness, poverty and hunger while their leaders—the heads of church and state—lived in opulence, feasted and waged wars to gain more land and power. Out of misery, anger, desperation, hopelessness and men being forced into battle, the masses became brutal to each other and the animals. The darkness that infiltrated the rulers and the ruled caused the planet to descend from high fifth density into deep third and be stuck there until 80-some years ago, when God honored Gaia’s lifesaving plea by authorizing spiritually-evolved civilizations to beam the intense light that enabled her planetary body to survive and start its ascension course.

When you volunteered to go to that third density world, you knew what you would encounter, but out of love for Earth’s members of our universal family, you went to help them. We have said that this truth you know at soul level needs to reach your consciousness so you can remain positive, optimistic and balanced in the midst of upheavals as the light uproots the darkness, and some of you think we are “taking a side” in this. Indeed we are, dear brothers and sisters, and so are you—we’re all on the side of the light! The battle never has been about partisan politics—that is one of the ways the dark ones have kept the populace divided, deceived and manipulated. Always the battle has been the light vs the darkness!

Mainstream media, educational systems and religions don’t touch upon that because they are part of Earth’s long dark history. When truths start emerging and the peoples are confused, disillusioned, distraught or enraged, you will become their comforters and enlighteners. They need to know it is not “enemy countries,” but darkness in political leadership that has caused civil, international and world wars, flagrant injustices, famine, diseases, impoverishment and wanton environmental destruction.

Often mainstream media and schooling portray specific countries as aggressors, the enemies of countries portrayed as peaceful and democratic. Designating “black or white” countries, which get switched when it serves the purpose of victors in wars, isn’t applicable in these times. In centuries past it was, when primarily the British, Spanish, Dutch, French and Portuguese conquered native populations and established empires around the globe. As bountiful resources were discovered and better transportation methods came into being, the mutual benefits of commerce arose and many shades of gray developed.

Still, the powerful few have kept the masses downtrodden and warring commonplace. And the masses have wanted to live in a peaceful world where people are kind, honest and helpful. Dear family, by BEing the light you ARE, you exemplify that kind of life, that kind of world, comes from spiritual and conscious awareness and interacting with love. Your help in opening minds and hearts to this universal truth continues to be as Gaia said, “invaluable”!

Some of you are questioning China’s intentions, and one reader who enumerated that country’s developments during the past several decades asked: “Would it be possible for Matthew to elaborate a bit on this subject and say what he and the souls in Nirvana understand to be the mission of the Chinese people, and what benefits they will bring to all humanity?”

We are not overlooking dictatorship, “reeducation program” and continuance of the “pandemic” when we say China’s progress has been remarkable. What is most important in looking forward is, the country’s leadership is divided—some want to continue their stern governance and self-serving expansion in Africa; others want to end all vestiges of darkness, help the world’s entire population thrive and restore the environment.

The latter approach is fast gaining favor not only in China, but numerous other countries as well. It is being resisted in nations where Illuminati-controlled leaders are pushing vaccinations and trying to set world opinion against Russia. It won’t be all that long before those leaders are replaced by individuals who will act in unity with the visionary movement that is growing worldwide.

Now let us briefly address concerns you have expressed about other matters. If missiles with nuclear warheads are released by error, yes, universal family members will know and prevent their detonation. The dark plan to replace consciousness and free will with artificial intelligence obedient to commands never will see the light of day. The proliferation of 5G will continue for a while; until that technology is harmless, extraterrestrials will continue significantly reducing the emissions that damage brain cells. They also will keep reducing toxins in your air, water and soil until the polluting of Earth stops, and it will. Long-suppressed technologies will be released, but not in widespread use for a time, and implementing free energy for transportation and power also will take a while—your new cars and appliances won’t be obsolete any time soon. The Illuminati’s plan to hold onto their control of the global economy via digital currency is failing.

If there are severe food shortages, generous hearts and prudent action by civic organizations can prevent that from getting out of hand. The same circumstances underlying those shortages are increasing costs of all other commodities and here, too, sensible action and sharing resources can carry you through. Neither shortages nor inflation will be long-lasting.

Ultimately, absolutely everything in your world will be “loving and blissful”! However, we would be less than forthright if we did not tell you there will be chaotic patches along the way to that sublime world. The Illuminati who still are among the living haven’t accepted that their intention to dominate the world is doomed, and while they will continue to initiate or perpetuate unsettling situations, those efforts will not last long, either. You have the experience, inner strength and innate wisdom to deal with those challenges and help others do it, too.

Beloved family, your patience and steadfastness in the light will be well rewarded with welcome changes on the horizon and many, many wondrous changes on the far horizon! All light beings in this universe are cheering you ever forward and support you with the unparalleled power of unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward
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Yeshua: My Death on the Cross Never Happened

What have you done?

I came to sow peace, joy and love.

But what have you made of it?

Instead of peace there are wars, instead of joy there is sorrow, and instead of love there is hatred. Generation after generation has been deceived and kept away from my true message. Suffering was elevated to a great necessity, so that people believed that holiness could only be attained through suffering. My death on the cross was presented to you as exemplary, and in this suffering your “spirituality” should find a reflection.

You have been deceived, beloved humanity. Thoroughly and knowingly deceived.

My death on the cross never took place!

This information is so important so that you stop identifying with this kind of suffering.

Suffering does not lead to the salvation that so many of you aspire to.

Beloved human child, I did not die on the cross, nor was I crucified. The Gospel of Peter, withheld from you, testifies to this.

It is a great error of your history, and those people who are responsible for it have a great burden upon themselves. Through this misrepresentation of my life and death, an infinite amount of suffering came to earth.

Suffering should ennoble you and be noble. But it is destructive and so painful, yet the whole earth has been covered with it. Wars were waged in the name of suffering and in the name of the cross, all joy was taken from you. The possibility of peace was denied you, and hatred was and still is a reality on earth.

How many wars, how much destruction of life on earth and how much personal suffering were in your everyday life!

And this only because you have believed in this wrong picture of my message for centuries.

You have also been robbed of the joy of the beauty of sexuality and the freedom to live it from the heart. You have been told that this is something indecent, something animal. You were and still are being asked to kill the sexuality within you. And again you are told to do violence to yourselves, and again suffering arises where joy should be.

The church is a man-made institution.

It was not my will to found such a community keeping man in suffering, joylessness and fear.

The historical events are well known, and the emergence of the Roman Catholic Church bears the stamp of men, and not my seal.

The so-called bowl delivery to Peter has never taken place!

Also the representation, I was not married, is wrong!

Many of my companions in the Jerusalem of that time were women. Besides my mother Mary, my wife Mary Magdalene and women who were close to my disciples. It was a mixed community.

For a man at that time and in that religious, cultural reality, it was completely common and almost required to marry.

We were meant for each other, and in this life on earth our love blossomed fully.

Miriam of Bethany was not a harlot or a sinner as she likes to be portrayed. She was and is a high initiate of life, and at that time we were intimately connected.

The wedding in Canaan was our wedding. I was her groom, she was my bride.

How important this information is, and how much it has been missing from the earth and especially from the people of strong Catholic character.

The most natural form of cohabitation on earth, that between man and woman, has been made mad to you, and you have been kept away from the joy of union. Without that joy you could not blossom, and so you were deceived.

I am telling you this so that you know, and now it is time for all the lies to come to light. So also the untruths, misrepresentations and deliberate lies about my life on earth two thousand years ago. There is so much that needs clarification and a new look, and this announcement will dissolve old images of me and bring a new awareness.

Finally the freedom so longed for by many people, the peace, the joy and the love.

And it was always love that accompanied me. My heart had so much of it, and everywhere it radiated. All by itself.

Many “miracles” occurred simply by people seeing me. The light that emanated from me healed everything and everyone, as personal development allowed.

I was on the road a lot, and we moved from place to place. For my companions, the apostles, the days were always exciting and full of surprises. I myself was open, and like a channel, the light of my Father flowed through me.

To bring light and love, and to anchor these qualities of energy on earth, that was my task.

However, time and events in Jerusalem came to a head, and so the day came when I left Jerusalem. The Last Supper points to this.

It was a farewell feast, and everyone was gathered. We ate dates and figs and shared bread. It was my farewell to my friends and companions.

Also from my wife and from my mother. There were not only twelve at this feast, but many more, and all came to bid me farewell. History would have you believe that my crucifixion took place afterwards.

All these representations are untrue and false!

John the Baptist

Even before I began to work publicly, something happened that touched me deeply and most painfully. The beheading of my so beloved John the Baptist. I loved him so much, and it came all of a sudden. It was clear to me that my ministry in this area would be temporary.

And it is true, it took me a good three years before I took my leave and reached India, the border of Nepal, through many roads.

My message was full of love and joy. Full of love of life and of deep divine inspiration. And many understood it, but many were not given this realization. Until today.

Now mankind is given the opportunity to receive new information about the events of that time. So that you can accept what I already gave you at that time.

Start with your own discovery and find into your joy and love. This message is unchanged, and through these facts you can more easily free yourself from the old, suffering energies.

There is still so much that is being withheld from you, but that is over now. The whole truth is now given to you. The truth about the events as they actually happened, and not as it has been conveyed to you so far.

In the further chapters you will learn many things about my words and deeds and how they are to be understood.

God is with you.

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation by



Thrive During Emotional Turmoil; A Step At A Time

Current energies are fluid and emotionally-charged. One moment you may feel on a high, next moment cascade into intense despair or doubt. The key to thriving during an emotional roller coaster like this is being present to underlying dynamics. Read more to understand what this means for you personally and for your world.

A huge gift of being alive now is riding the wave of Pluto in Capricorn. This energy brings to the surface “new” information we personally or collectively couldn’t or wouldn’t see or act on before.

It shows us our dead wood, our outworn habits, and our ego consciousness. It reveals how power is misused – historically showing up as ego power vs divine power.

Since the entire world is in this energy, society is having a meltdown as we in the collective sort through the dirty laundry of centuries leading to now. As the cycle progresses, it becomes harder to look away and pretend we don’t see what’s being revealed.

Ukraine & Libra Full Moon

This weekend’s Libra full moon will put even more of a spotlight on what’s out of balance. We are nearing a critical mass point, during which humanity as a collective no longer will be able to look away. The Ukraine crisis — as devastating as it is — has the silver lining of being our latest wake-up call.

What’s needed now is understanding and humility, put in motion by conscious beings like you who can make a difference. Individuals affect the whole, in more ways than you can imagine.

With the state of our world, it’s easy to become discouraged, overwhelmed, and perhaps feel that you are too small to make any difference in atrocities happening far away. This is not true. Your energy, your voice, and your prayers DO matter.

A Consciousness Pivot Point

Right now, you stand at a consciousness pivot point – a historical threshold that will determine the fate of life on Earth for centuries to come. What happens on Earth at this juncture will impact life elsewhere in the cosmos.

A Step At A Time

Therefore, it’s vital to stay conscious and embrace the chaos arising. Only by embracing what’s in front you – moment-by-moment – will you be resourced personally for your larger purposes in being alive now. When things get messy, come back to your center and take a step at a time. Avoid getting ahead of yourself. Your power is in the moment as the next situation or emotional cascade arises.

Be the rock for others. Show others the way by being patient, persistent, and compassionate. Apply those qualities first with yourself, then model that consciousness for others. Years from now you will look back and feel grateful that you stayed conscious and present as the world underwent rebirth into a brand-new consciousness.

Choosing Love Over Fear

You will be celebrating your own series of rebirths, too, knowing you did all you could to support the collective in choosing love over fear. This is how we save our planet for future generations. This is how we catapult ourselves forward on our individual spiritual paths.

**By Selacia



Suzy Ward - Channeling Matthew Ward - April 4, 2022


With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Earth’s energy field of potential is showing that light-filled streamers, albeit still zig-zagging, have attained unstoppable momentum. This welcome development, which puts the light’s progress right on target, is due to the magnitude of cleansing during your past several weeks.

For decades the Rothschild faction of the Illuminati, now known more commonly as Deep State or the cabal, has centered its activities in Ukraine. Those include controlling governments of countries in the European Union, production and storage of bio-and chemical weaponry, money laundering, computer hacking globally, propaganda in social media, sex trafficking, pedophilia, and imprisoning people for satanic rituals. Individuals in the United States and other countries also are heavily involved financially, personally or both.

Russians didn’t go into Ukraine to conquer the country. They went to destroy hundreds of placements where those aforementioned activities were entrenched. When any could be handled in residential or business areas, that’s where Illuminati hid them.

We heard from Nirvana’s monitors of Earth that containers of deadly bio-warfare were stored in the basement of the hospital that mainstream media repeatedly publicized. Extraterrestrial special forces in intelligence agencies—who also learned locations of the placements—told us Vladimir Putin’s double notified Ukrainian President Zelensky to evacuate the hospital because it was going to be bombed and why. Zelensky, an Illuminati puppet, didn’t heed that warning.

The fighting has been a great sadness for troops and civilians in both countries—their shared Slavic roots go back centuries. Not many people know the purpose of the invasion, much less that after ground troops rescued more than 1000 people to be used in the rituals, they exploded the tunnels where they had been held captive. Ridding your world of those deep pockets of evildoing was essential—it is what enabled light forces to get back on target and hasten the day when the planet will be free of all darkness.

As for Putin’s double, he had been ready for some years while Illuminati were trying to kill Vladimir because he refused to work with them. The double had a little plastic surgery, practiced speaking and behaving like Putin, and during the time he was avoiding crowds, he listened to his speeches. When the assassination attempt two years ago was successful, the double was ready to step in, looking and acting so much like Putin that no difference was noticeable. After a short time of following orders, he started working with the light forces. You could say he “saw the light” and be correct. To be more explicit, though, what he did was respond to the inpouring of feminine energy’s high vibrations that are nudging consciousness to follow soul level guidance.

Another matter you have asked about is “stealth omicron.” That so-called sub-variant of covid is the officially-given diagnosis of people who become ill or die from ingredients in the solutions falsely called vaccines. It’s also part of the agenda to establish the public mindset that the “pandemic” is here to stay and semiannual booster shots will be necessary. Individuals who planned this crime against humanity and still are among the living are making a fortune from the billions spent on “vaccines.” If we knew when the truth about all of this will come forth, we would shout it from your rooftops.

Now then, we know it is difficult to grasp that everything in existence throughout this universe is energy fluctuating at one frequency or another and that energy is cosmic consciousness. Possibly it is just as difficult to perceive yourselves as so powerful that simply by thinking of something, you set into motion its manifestation.

It may be easier to understand like attracts like, the universal law of attraction that is in constant operation. But it’s also easier to forget that law can’t distinguish what you do want from what you don’t want—it simply brings back to you from the collective consciousness what is most similar to your thoughts. If those are about mainstream media reports, which are rife with devastation, despair and dire predictions of what may be in store, that is what you are helping to continue or initiate.

Dear ones, you can feel compassion for everyone affected by adverse circumstances without concentrating on images and thoughts about what they are enduring. What will help change those circumstances is thinking about what you want your world to be. Peaceful. Everyone prospering. Wise honorable leaders. Just laws and regulations. A society that respects diversity. Benevolent treatment of all animals. A healthy, beautiful environment. Kindness, cooperation, helpfulness. In short, life with love as its foundation.

A number of you have asked if meditation really is helping in that respect. Yes, indeed it is! Individually, in a local group or computerized gatherings or by agreement for a global mediation time, visualizing and focusing on the glorious world you want definitely is helping that come into being. The ability to “move mountains” is not a fantasy—you have innate abilities to accomplish marvels!

Parents and teachers who have expressed dissatisfaction with educational systems describe them as “deficient,” “stifling the development of thinking, reasoning minds,” “worthless,” and one mother wrote: “Many of us are distressed about our children’s education. Can Matthew give us any encouragement about improvements in the future?” Before we reply, let us say this: When we have been asked what we think will be most effective in opening minds and hearts, we say education.

Yes, absolutely we can offer encouragement. The major changes, which will be implemented in stages, will take time but it is a good start that some parents are speaking out about what they want their children to be taught in schools. Although opinions now are in opposition, consensus will come when the truth about your educational systems emerges.

Long ago the Illuminati decided they could more easily control the masses if schooling was only what they wanted the peoples to know. The present-day generation is weakening as each day passes; however, the textbooks they have published for all age levels still contain only what they want known, so the learning-teaching-learning cycle is rooted in a great deal of disinformation and the omission of a great many facts.

Therefore, new textbooks with authentic, thorough information about national and world history and all the sciences will be needed, and since language studies will be offered starting with kindergarten, books at elementary level also will be needed. Writing, printing and distributing all those books for all ages in all languages will be a gargantuan task, but many hands will participate to accomplish that as quickly as possible. Ancient records will be brought forth and myriad recent sources of accurate information are available—all of that material will facilitate preparation of new books. Documentary films and the Internet also are educational tools, and wherever their information is wrong, it will be corrected.

New editions of holy books will contain only original records. They show the commonality of all religions’ teachings about the Supreme Being of this universe, the divinity of every soul and the power of love.

You may wonder what will be done with the multimillions of textbooks. A copy of each will be put in a building in every country that wants a museum of the printed history of Earth, and all other copies except those that are personally owned will be recycled to produce their replacements. The museums also will house a copy of novels, biographies, autobiographies, mysteries, true adventures, recipes—well, the spectrum of genres and subjects—and a selection of the world’s newspapers and magazines. One wing of each museum will contain a theater and selected movies because those, too, are records of what has influenced societal behavior and beliefs.

Now back to schooling. Just as what is taught will change, so will how it is taught. Students at all grade levels will be encouraged to talk about what they are learning, and that will extend way beyond books. From kindergarten onward participation in the arts will be emphasized and materials or instruments will be provided. All forms of art—music, writing, painting, dance, sculpting, weaving, acting, photography, landscaping, clothing design, architecture, ceramics, and no doubt other forms we aren’t thinking of at this moment—are expressions of the soul.

Also starting in kindergarten, some classes will be outdoors so the youngest students learn to respect all life forms. They will plant and properly tend to gardens of flowers and vegetables and help care for the “wild” and domesticated animals that live at the schools so students can observe the species’ interaction and their varied learning processes. Age-appropriate field trips and films of natural life in distant lands and in the seas will supplement personal experiences.

Exercise will be recognized as an important part of maintaining health in mind, body and spirit. The “kill ‘em” approach to team sports will change to competition wherein each member is helped to achieve her or his potential, and sports that can cause brain injury will be modified to eliminate damaging aspects. Students who have no interest in team sports can engage in whatever exercise they wish, and short periods of solitude and silence will follow physical exertion.

Studies in other countries similar to your student exchange programs will be available to all who desire, and no child will be denied education beyond high school because parents can’t afford the expense. The new global economy will include free or affordable schooling for every child, and it won’t be by taxation. Learning devices with emissions that are damaging to brain cells will be redesigned to assure user safety.

Not all children will want to be scholars until they acquire a master’s, PhD or other advanced degree. Many will have aptitudes and talents in mechanical, technical or technological fields or the many forms of art, construction, farming or food preparation. So some schools will provide training in each of the specialty interests along with courses for well-rounded knowledge, and children who are especially gifted intellectually will attend schools where they can progress as rapidly as they need to keep their interest high.

Preparatory courses for teachers and university graduates who choose that profession will include a new kind of evaluating students’ progress and summarized versions of new texts in addition to books for themselves and their students. There will be no rigid protocols for teaching at any grade level. Persons who have mastered specific areas such as animal care, gardening and the various art forms will visit at intervals and always be available to advise. All classrooms will be inviting and vary in size according to the number of students. Rooms for hands-on instruction will be small, films will be shown in theater-size rooms, and student performances—concerts, plays and such—will take place in an auditorium. Not only will teaching be much more enjoyable because students will be happy, eager learners, but teachers will be paid handsomely for their valuable contribution to the society.

How that new basis for schooling will be implemented will differ from country to country. The education principals will start with what meets the greatest needs of the citizenry, then build on that foundation. Everything we have described is blossoming beautifully in the continuum to the grand delight of students, teachers and parents around the world, so you know the future of your educational systems is shining brightly.

Beloved sisters and brothers, so many wondrous changes in everything that affects life on Earth are ahead! If you chose in your soul contract to transition to spirit life before those changes are manifested, from your far higher vantage point, you will feel fulfilled by seeing your children, their children, their children and all generations to come joyously living in the world you helped bring to fruition.

All light beings in this universe honor you and support you with the unparalleled power of unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward
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 Blossom Goodchild - Channeling The Federation of Light - April 4, 2022

Hello and Good Morning to you!

Let us take the lead this morning in wishing Each One and indeed yourself, Blossom, much Light and Love, and Trust and Joy and Happiness, as you go about your day.

How lovely. Thanks very much.

Blossom, you are aware that these times that one has chosen to undertake, demand so much from the Soul’s ‘archives’, in order to even be able to feel one’s functioning.

What do you mean exactly? I get the gist, yet, elaboration would be great.

Deep down within the Soulself lies the Truth of ALL THAT IS … and we mean … ALL THAT IS.

To reach into these archives will assist the ‘Human Being side’ of the self to move through the day in a way that serves, rather than in a way that brings one’s Energy to sometimes, almost a standstill.

So, by ‘archives’ do you mean the Akashic records?

No. That is for another time … should it be necessary to discuss. We mean the depths of your Soul.

Yet, you have already talked about this.

So, what would you consider to be the depths of your Soul, Blossom?

I guess … the real me. The One who I Truly AM, when not in the human body.

And what else?

Struth! I would have done some revision if I knew I was in for a test. Eh … What else is there?

There is the bringing forth of this TRUTH as if it is NEW to you … yet, in the KNOWING that this TRUTH goes back to the beginning of your creation.

You see, Blossom … in order for you to understand WHO YOU ARE … you need to be able to appreciate the GIFT OF LIFE.

One needs to FEEL into that Gift and all that it entails. Understandably at this time, the squashing of Energetic Light has brought one to their knees. So that even when one is feeling ‘Good’ … that ‘Good’ is nowhere near as ‘Good’ as ‘Good’ should be!

This is not any fault of the self. It is just the happenings that are taking place upon your Planet and therefore, as you know, those ‘happenings’ have pulled one’s TRUE Being down into the depths of despair at times. Not really being able to accept that which is lain Truth, before your very eyes.

Yet, it is so … and it is this recognition within the self of such ‘Pulling down of Energy’ that then allows the ‘Rising back up to full capacity’.

Yet, I don’t feel we can do that in this density. So much of who we are has been forgotten. Even the very awake bunch are not able to completely rise above these Energies and work … in/to … full capacity, are they?

There are some that can and some that do. Yet, very few in comparison to those that could!


At the moment I am reading a book about the Essenes. They lived BC and it seems a lot of ‘that bunch’ got it right. They knew how to live for hundreds and hundreds of years. They knew how to BE LIGHT. Sad thing is, even back then it seems, there was the slaughtering of thousands of souls for one reason or another. Yet, on the other hand, the ways of the Essenes are helping me to ‘get’ that there really are no limitations to what we are capable of other than …

Other than?

What we ‘think’ we are! What we ‘think’ we are capable of.

This is so, Blossom … and yet, we ask that you take into account, that for millennia the consciousness of your Planet has been ‘made’ to think otherwise.

One is recognizing now that ‘most’ of that which you know to be History … is not the case at all. That your world has been living under a HUGE LIE … and until the Soulself of the individual is able to reconcile their Being with their Truth once and for all … the lack of ‘POWER’ … for/from … self shall remain limited.

Ok. So, I know and accept the lies, although obviously, that which I know is far from everything yet, from there … from that knowing … how do I pull my full POWER back into myself?

For a start and with respect Blossom … there is no ‘pulling’ to be done.

You know what I mean though.

We do. The word required would be ‘KNOWING’.

So, we would change your sentence to ‘How do I Know my Full Power from within myself?’

You see, Blossom … it is still inside Each One. It has never gone away.






Yep, yep, get that. For most of us, and I am aware that many feel as I do … we ‘understand’ what you are saying yet, understanding doesn’t seem to bring about the ‘Being of’.

So, tell us Blossom … the Being of what exactly?

The Being of Light that we are … that you are asking us to Be. The Beings of Light in our FULL POWER.

Blossom and All … do you know yourselves to be a Being of Light?


Do you conduct your days … your every moment, as best you can, Being this Light?

I try to!

Then there is no more for you to do. We try to express this to you over and over.





In a sense … the Light that you are will DO.

Do what?

It will DO what it came to do.




When the ‘time is upon you’ that Light that YOU ARE will DO what it came to do because of the Shining of your Light that you continued to exude from your Being.

This ‘Do’ thing … not following.

Yet, it will be so easy and obvious ‘when the time comes’.

All very lovely. All very encouraging, yet, not very forthcoming, chaps. A few more crumbs wouldn’t go amiss here.

Blossom, we have spoken many times of THE EVENT.

Aaaannndddd … we’re off!

The Changing of Energy within/without /upon /under … EVERYTHING THAT IS … due to this Event will raise in Energy … IT CANNOT BE OTHERWISE.

Yet, one cannot leap from Being an ant to a giraffe … for want of a better analogy.

May I suggest you try a little harder, perhaps?!

Whatever frequency one resides within before the Event … will change to a Higher one. Therefore, those that have been asleep will awaken to a particular frequency within the Vibration that is brought to the Planet during that occurrence. Those that have been awake and living within their knowing of Light will also rise to a Higher frequency from the one ‘they’ were residing in.

Is it possible for one who has been in a deep sleep to become almost ‘saint-like’ instantly, because they suddenly ‘Get it’?

Yes. For a few. Yet, one adjusts more easily by rising up slowly into their most comfortable KNOWING of self.

When this Event occurs … and it will … those that have ‘gone before’ in acceptance and understanding of their purpose upon your Planet will discover ‘miraculous’ ways that will assist the ones who are baffled and bemused.

For the Light Frequency that the Event brings, allows those who are ready … to awaken to the deeper part of their Truth.

So, basically, that which we would aspire to Be … we cannot be … until after the Event because we need that ‘boost’ to activate that which lies within.

This is correct. You have a question, we feel.

Trying to form it. So, with respect, why are you saying we need to go deep within now … because we ‘aint gonna find it, if it is not it’s time to surface?

We smile. What would you have yourself do, Blossom, knowing this? Would you STOP Being your Light? Of course not.


One cannot go back … they may take a longer path to their destination point now and then … yet, never back.

Therefore, the continuation of KNOWING ONE’S LIGHT cannot lead anywhere other than deeper into it/of it …

What we are trying to express is that …





And just clarifying for those in doubt … THE EVENT IS NOT ASCENSION … Correct?

Correct. That comes later. There is much work to be done after THE EVENT before Ascension can occur.

Our work?

Indeed. The work that you came to DO. So, for now, in these times, as we said … your primary position is to Shine your Light. Your given tasks as to how you use that Light for the Greater Good vary greatly.







We have spoken much about the Bridge. Yet, wouldn’t you call being on the other side of The Bridge a place that we would understand to be a world that we are going to Ascend to?

Again Blossom, across the Bridge is not Ascension. Yet, consider that it shall feel as if this is so … compared to the Vibration of the world that you are residing in now.





All that you hear … and are to become aware of … will shock you to your very core. This we have also expressed many times. Yet, should you remember to exchange that ‘shocked’ Energy … for the /into the … ‘KNOWING’ Energy of that which lies ahead in the Greatest, Brightest Light for you All … then you will be doing yourself, others, and everything that is … a Great Service.

We honour your Courage and fervour …

We Love you.

Tickety Boo. Nice one. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.


Please take the time to be uplifted by watching fellow Light players sharing the Mantra with you. Thank you so much to all who participated.



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 Blossom Goodchild - Channeling The Federation of Light - March 28, 2022

Hello again. I’m not really sure if I am holding the right vibe for this today, yet the timing is good, so let’s see. What’s left to talk about … the price of fish?

Welcome to you. We feel your Energy and it is alright to be a little under par when we chat. Under par doesn’t change our Love and desire to communicate with you, which in turn allows you to be uplifted, perhaps.

That’s my point. Will this conversation be uplifting if I am not in the right space?

What is a right space, Blossom?

A more energetically aligned state of mind with your Higher Vibration.

Then, perhaps we can do something about this for you.

That would be great. Thing is … you have given us all the tools to do it for ourselves, yet, some days one just needs to indulge in the ‘What’s the point’ … of anything/it all? Yet, WE KNOW. You have given us so much wisdom … nothing more to be said … we just have to continue its application.

Blossom … allow us, as you always do, to speak freely with you and those who care to hear. The Energies on your Planet at this time are immensely dense. Such turbulence is rocking the balance of your world. This may seem as though everything is pointless and full of gloom and doom, yet we ask you to consider otherwise.

What is taking place NOW … what is being brought to the surface … all that one is hearing of and being shocked and appalled by … is the ‘Glorious’ way out … the ‘Magnificent’ way through to the other side.

I would hardly be using the words ‘glorious’ and ‘magnificent’.

Yet, this is because you are immersed in the Energy itself. You cannot be otherwise.

We consider this ‘Change over’ to be just that. For you must KNOW that the ‘other side’ of this that is now occurring is indeed, the most Magnificent and Glorious ‘Seeing through’ of the GREAT DIVINE PLAN.

So, really, we just have to keep on keeping on. That’s the bit we are struggling with. The wait.

Consider the feelings of a mother becoming close to the time of the birth … the wait is endless. There is much restlessness and yet there is the knowing that …

Don’t … just don’t! Yep, you’re going to …


You did it!

Soon … the birth of New Life is to occur … bringing with it a Joy as yet unknown.

Let’s not go down this ‘soon’ path. We have been there so many times … for years and years in fact and we know your ‘soon’ is very different from ours.

Would you say, Blossom, that it is the waiting that brings on one’s demeanour at times?

That, and everything else. Those of us who are awake just want to get a move on. You see, even as I write this, I know we have been through it all before. You get us all excited with talk of so many things and then … Zilch … Nada … Nothing. We sit twiddling our thumbs. Only hearing more and more of the same from our communication devices. People spreading miserable news or hopeful news, none of which reaches the masses. IT’S TEDIOUS. Even my moaning is tedious! Because I’ve moaned about it all many times before. TELL US SOMETHING NEW! Yet, then when you do … it then disappears into the archives of our conversations. Please know I am not angry or fed up with ‘YOU’ … you have been the lifeline to so many. I’m just ‘venting’.

Blossom … our Beingness is smiling.

Our Beingness wants to let you know that it is alright to vent to us.

Our Beingness is Grateful that you do so, for through this we are able to assess.

Yet, unable to do anything about. You cannot make anything happen ‘sooner’ than it is going to.

This is correct. Yet, we can LIFT THE SPIRIT.

How? How can you do this any differently than before?

By reminding you.

Of who we are and why we are here. Yep, You have so patiently reminded us so many, many, times.

And with respect … although you KNOW … you don’t KNOW in fulness or this conversation would not be as it is.

Yet, you have talked to us about going deeper and really KNOWING. You have asked us to FEEL OUR TRUTH OF KNOWING … and still I moan.

Do you feel your TRUTH OF KNOWING, Blossom?

Obviously not. Yet … in a sense I do/we do. Doesn’t stop the down days.

This seems so. We do not know of down days in our Beings.

So, when you know of all that our Planet is undergoing … all that so-called ‘human beings’ are capable of and not in a good way … doesn’t that change your vibration … even for a minute?

No. We do not allow anything to bring our Vibration down. For it is not ‘in the same density’ as yours. It is not able to affect that which we are, for we are not directly involved.

Yet, you’re talking to me.

We mean in the sense of ‘being in the thick of it’ … actually ‘being in the Vibration of it’.

Yet, isn’t it/shouldn’t it be … that if we are as Bright and Light as we think we are … we, the awakened ones … can be like you and take ourselves out of it?

Blossom, was it not in our last communication that we spoke of this very thing? We explained the way you were feeling was a Good thing because you were rising out of it.

Yes, you did … I must have dropped back in without noticing.

There is so much we would like you to keep in mind about all this you are experiencing.

This battle between Light and dark did not just ‘show up’ a few years ago. If this was the case you would find yourselves breezing through this that you have come to do.

This battle was rooted into your Planet eons ago. Those roots are deeply embedded into the very core of what was designed to be a place of Beauty and Extreme Light. A Planet of Goodness/Godliness. For EONS OF TIME has this darkness ruled over you …




Consider how long, how much, how deeply entrenched these darker energies are within everything.

Then consider how YOU … YOU WHO WERE CHOSEN … have to be of the GREATEST POWERFUL LIGHT to remove all this darkness.

Consider that! Not one soul thought this could be done in the blink of an eye.


So many of you are discovering so much of that which is more than uncomfortable to consider …

So much now is being shown … so much of that which one would have thought to be the darkest of dark movie, is proving to be a reality.

Such atrocities. Such unbelievable goings-on by those who ‘took over’ long ago and infiltrated into the very essence of your Planet …






You say you are awake/aware of much …

We ask you to wake up to the KNOWING that you are no weakling. This journey you are on is not for weaklings.


Look at the discoveries of self.

Look at the discoveries of that which ‘self’ has to combat. The more you find out … the more that is exposed … the more you are shocked and abhorred by that which one can do to another.

How deep it goes.

And yet … here YOU are.

Here on your Planet in this momentous time …

This time when a plan devised by The Divine is playing out …

and YOU … YOU … YOU … have the honour of being down here in the very thick of it …

because YOU … YOU … YOU … are of the Highest Light and able to do what must be done.

Which at this time … is basically … in KNOWING, to shine the Light from our Being out into the Planet. The roles that we play fall into second place from that initial task.

This, of course, is correct.

Tricky question coming up. Why didn’t this Divine Plan come about a long time ago … before it all got so messy?

Because you are Beings of Free Will. This cannot be taken away from you.

Many new to our conversations would argue that, yet, we have already been there.

Blossom … as unusual as it may seem … this Game that you are in … is, in a sense, a minuscule part of WHAT IS.


Life continues on in all its forms and discoveries of Love itself.

This that you are ‘playing in’ now, is just another unfolding of WHAT IS.

Your Planet Earth is playing out another aspect of Life.

Not a very pretty one.

Not a pretty one at all. Yet, another aspect of Life and the experiencing of.

It is difficult to imagine that there is no end … ever.

So it is … it has to be … that all that presents itself in this continuum of Life itself, is an experiment of what can be. That is ALL it is.

So difficult to accept from our position. Yet, I am sure, in the many lifetimes we have all experienced, we couldn’t accept what was happening to us then, either! Yet, when not on the Planet, we begged to come back for more. Even knowing what we knew.


We could go deeply into that, for many may contradict, in that, for example, the last breath of anyone who is being tortured is ‘leaving’ due to an expanding Energy of Love!

Yet, you know as you write that Blossom, that coming from outside of your Earthly embodiment … you know differently.

Oddly enough, I do! Time to go … as usual. Turned out better than I expected. Onwards ever onwards. Until next time my friends … Cheer Ho! In Gratitude … In Loving service… I AM.


Also ... Joe has done it again. A beautiful rendition of the I AM Mantra to play as a meditation or simply playing in the background as you go about your business. Such Gratitude to you Joe, for these added extras that are so very helpful to us all.



Take care as we move on through these troubled times. Do your best to keep the Vibe High and when you can't ... take a day off to recharge, in the knowing others are doing it for you. Then spring back on board when you are ready!

Much Love and Gratitude.


Please take the time to be uplifted by watching fellow Light players sharing the Mantra with you. Thank you so much to all who participated.



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The Telosians: What Is Happening In Ukraine Is Wanted By Those Who Lead Your World Part 2


We greet you dear children of the Earth. We will once again come back to the conflict that is happening in Ukraine. Of course many of you do not really understand what is happening and why so much violence towards this country. Of course humans leave earthly life during these bombardments. Of course life is no longer safe at all in this country, which is why a large number of inhabitants will find refuge in the surrounding countries.

But first of all, what led to this fight between these two countries? As we said in our previous message, the world government, the shadow government, the one who wants to have total control over the Earth, its wealth and its humanity, this government has installed in this country as in many others. others all over the Earth, biological research laboratories in order to create bacteriological wars at a certain time. But Ukraine, as you can imagine, is not the only country where these kinds of laboratories are located.

However, you have just had for two years of your terrestrial time, an example of what can be done with viruses which affect all the populations of your planet.

Some wonder if this world government is linked to that of Russia which bombs Ukraine. We will tell you NO!

But who is this world government which has so much weight for the moment on the life of humanity? who is he ? this world government is made up of all the families of great financial wealth, of the families who own most of the international banks, of the families who own the laboratories, of the families who manipulate your rulers imbued with their person and for whom power is the purpose of their life.

These families are very few in number, but their ability to manipulate the media, certain laboratories, etc. means that with the money they can afford anything without any remorse and indulge in very, very delicate exactions.

These families that you would call “rich” at the terrestrial financial level, are for the most part installed in the United States of America and from there, they manipulate all the heads of governments of the countries of the Earth. Why do your rulers allow themselves to be manipulated? Because the manipulation they accept, sometimes unconsciously, is done in such a sneaky way that they let themselves be taken in by the nice words that are said to them, by the possibilities of radiant power that are dangled to them. The weakness of your governments is to have blinders which prevent them, in their great desire to live the “glory”, from realizing that they are greatly manipulated.

So what is happening between Russia and the United States of America? The United States of America by the presence of these families which have the momentary power on the life of humanity, implanted biological laboratories in Ukraine and also act by other embezzlements in this country.

But as we said in our previous message, there are beings who have been part of the shadows awaken to what they have done by being linked to this world government. This is the case of the Russian leader.

But then, why bomb Ukraine, why kill innocent people? This is hard, very hard for humans to live with. But this man has decided to destroy everything that has a link with the actions of this world government, therefore destruction of laboratories and others.

But this destruction unfortunately leads to the departure of humans and this bruises the hearts of a large number of peoples of Europe.

We want you to know that we are very careful, that we will not let this conflict go too far.

We ensure that the shadow government is “decapitated” as soon as possible so that the Earth and its humanity find Peace and Serenity of heart.

Know, children of the Earth, that the shadow is greatly losing its place on the Earth. All those who wished and still wish to manipulate you in a last burst of defense of their power, are threatened by the Russian government which wants to put an end to all the exactions of which they are the actors.

Dear children of the Earth, dear brothers and sisters on Earth, we are watching, do not doubt it, but what is happening is a purification of what the shadow wanted to put in place and activate.

We accompany you with great love.

Part 1

**Channel: Marie-Josée Andichou



Blossom Goodchild - Channeling The Federation of Light - March 14, 2022

Important to me! Before I begin, I wanted to alert you to my email situation which is now sorted, after 4 days! HOWEVER … if you have not had a reply from me OR a Thankyou for kindly sending in a donation, please know I did reply, yet it got lost from my outbox (which I thought would send them out once the issue was fixed. Not knowing I would then lose the entire program!) So, in order not to stress myself out, I have to let this go and start afresh from today. Thank you for your understanding. A HUMUNGOUS THANK YOU to Raj, in the UK …who spent 3 hours on TeamViewer and Skype with me (Plus many more hours behind the scenes) trying to sort it out. This week’s hero. Thank you, Raj from my heart. Let us begin.

Hello there! Well, all I can say after your spectacular live appearance on my last YouTube is … follow that! No pressure!

Welcome to Each One who joins you here, Blossom, and we are indeed, impressed with the amount of viewers that ‘came to the table’. For our intent is to assist in elaborating the Truth, so one may know of it!

As both you and White Cloud did so beautifully. Thank you. Someone sent a short video about a Pillar of Light that was seen in Perth*. Apparently, there were four of them. Which appeared very quickly. I know you are aware of which I speak.

Indeed, Blossom. We are aware of this phenomenon and yet, it is not as such a phenomenon … to us … at all. The scientists are baffled by it, yet, we can explain it quite simply as … ‘Being Of Light’. Certainly, electricity must be involved and yet, we would say it was ‘communicated’ from Sky to Earth by a vessel from ‘elsewhere’.

Many more, as we have said, shall begin to appear as the frequency rises. However … although we would choose to call these ‘Pillars of Light’, we would also express that the ‘ones’ we originally spoke of have not yet been presented. These ‘larger’ ones that are to come will remain and ‘move’ stealthily across your skies and as also spoken of, shall contain information to ‘be received’ to the individual.

Yes. I remember you saying so. Which in itself is mind-blowing. ‘Stealthily’ meaning ‘not seen or heard, incognito’ … yet, in the past, you said they would be visible? More confusion.

They will ‘be protected’ … Cloaked and uncloaked as and when necessary.

And so, when you say ‘remain’?

Yes, they shall, yet, not always visible.

Thanks for clearing that up. I also remember having a bit of a fallout with you in 2011 because they didn’t show when you said they would! Story of my life!

Blossom, is it not that both parties have agreed /understood it is best to leave dates well alone?

You betcha sweet apples we did! So, the Pillars in Perth? Do they have a purpose?

They infuse the Earth with an electrical current that travels far and wide. And as you are picking up on Blossom, they are part of the ‘Awakening’ process that we spoke of regarding the Monoliths and the Crystals underground and the ‘activation of such’.

Yet, the Pillars hasn’t activated all that you spoke of?

No indeed. For it is not yet time. However, we would say that the necessary ‘electrical current’ … for now … is in preparation for such an Event.

What does it do … for now?

It creates circuits within a radius of its implant.

So that would mean there would have to be many ‘seen’ all over the Globe?

This is so. Yet, to catch on camera will not prove to be so easy, as they happen ‘in a flash’, would we say.

This is exciting, yet, I am not, with respect, going to get too excited … as yet. Time, you and I, are not always in agreeance!

And yet, dearest Blossom, you and many are coming into a place of acceptance, in the KNOWING that ALL we have presented to you … all that we have discussed over many years, will indeed, come into fruition when it is appropriate to do so.

One will find that ‘many happenings’ once they begin, appear in rapid succession. One after another … Yet, giving you time to take a breath in between, so to speak.

Well. That’s handy to know. Anything else on the Pillars, for now?

We do not feel so. There is much that can be looked into** from past conversations on that matter.

Thank you. How about more on Fergus the fungus? How’s he developing? I have been sent information about a fungus connected with the dreaded lurgy that took over the Planet in the last few years. Is this what you mean?***

As we say, Blossom, when the time comes for one to remain safely indoors, the prospect of this and the propaganda around it, will certainly be enough to ‘have the desired effect’.

Can you elaborate?

It will be ‘presented’ as ‘more deadly’.

How can you get more deadly than dead?

Then, would we say, more ferocious.

A FEROCIOUS FERGUS FUNGUS! You gotta Love it! Yet, how will it present in terms of symptoms?

A rash …

So, it’s real then? …

Yes. It is. Yet certainly not ferocious and certainly not deadly.

I am feeling a little anxious here due to what ‘I think’ my mind is picking up from you … regarding it being ‘originated from the ‘needle’. Is this so?

For some. Not everyone. For not every one of those ‘needles’ contained the same strain of infection/infections.

I am so confused about it all. For instance, I don’t get when you say that this worldwide lockdown is conducted by both the goodies and the baddies.

The best way we can describe it is to say that when one knew of ‘darker agenda’s’ … then the Divine plan could interweave its magic and outstanding strategies to ‘make it work’ for the Highest Good of All.

I know it sounds like I am not Trusting what you say. I am just dubious because it all seems so far-fetched and so far removed from actually happening.

Dearest Blossom … if one was to tell you five years ago, of all that has ‘come to Light’ over the last few years, would you say that this too, was far-fetched?

I would indeed. Indeed, I would. Point taken. I guess, the ‘responsibility’ of bringing Truth through from you … is quite daunting. Wouldn’t be the first time our street cred went out the window.

Street credibility does not concern us, Blossom, as you know.


Yet, it is possible for all this to change, is it not?

It is. Yes. Yet, in this case … unlikely.

That’s big! So, to go back again to clarify … is Fergus the fungus actually deadly? Just to clarify also, it was me that named it Fergus!

No. Definitely not. No more than that which has invoked fear upon your Planet over the last few years. It is not the actual ‘thing’ itself, that has reportedly removed souls from the Planet, yet, it depended on ‘the state’ of the inner workings of any one particular body, as to how deeply it became affected.

Know that this ‘guise’ will be the …

You can’t find the word … nor can I!

We are choosing our words carefully here. This guise will be the predicted fallout that is to be exposed in order for your Planet to be able to move on/into your Brighter future.

This is what we ask of you to consider now, and when this takes place.

To …





















And so it is.

Tickety Boo. And so it is, indeed! In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

*Due to the email situation mentioned I cannot find the video I was sent. Not even when I tried to look it up. Sorry chaps. If anyone can find it, please pass on to me and I will add it to the descriptions list on the YouTube video.

** How to find topics.

*** Again, email lost that had the info to share!


Please take the time to be uplifted by watching fellow Light players sharing the Mantra with you. Thank you so much to all who participated.




DONATIONS are always a beautiful Blessing. Many thanks!

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 Suzy Ward - Channeling Matthew Ward - March 3, 2022


With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Let us begin with the assurance that all major happenings are right on target with the divine plan to liberate Earth from all vestiges of darkness. Although much of the action still is behind the scenes, some is quite obvious, but the public doesn’t recognize it as the significant progress it is. Such is the case of Russia and Ukraine.

As mentioned in a previous message, the person seen as Vladimir Putin is the look-alike double who replaced the Russian president about two years ago when the Illuminati finally were able to assassinate Putin because he consistently refused to cooperate with them. They portrayed him in mainstream media as a murderous dictator because he eliminated their operatives in Russia and they accused him of horrible things they themselves did. What is important in this moment is that the double, initially one of the Rothschild puppets, now is working with and protected by the light forces.

Russians are not wantonly bombing cities as reported by mainstream media and often depicted by old or photo-shopped photos and film clips. They are destroying laboratories that produce and store bioweaponry and other Illuminati entrenchments, but like most of the rest of the world’s people, the Ukrainians don’t know that and they are frightened, anxious and sad. Even if they knew about the strategic targets, explosions and foreign troops still would be traumatizing.

Later on they will know the truth about what is happening, and some among the hundreds of thousands who are leaving the country already do—they have been working with the Illuminati. In time, all peoples will know that what some say is “an unprovoked war” or “a dangerous invasion” has another purpose, too. It will reunify a population that was separated when new borders were established to put regions with abundant natural resources under the control of Illuminati-installed “democratic” governance.

The United States president seen publicly also is a look-alike double and he has to say and do whatever he is told, including advocating that everyone be vaccinated. Far from having the results the Illuminati want, demands to end all “pandemic” requirements are quickly expanding in that country and many others, and leaders who haven’t yet succumbed to public pressure, will in a short time. The peoples are fed up with mandates that are damaging psychologically, economically, academically and, as medical specialists are rightly saying, health-wise.

Another timely item on the Illuminati agenda is a world war, and they are pushing their puppet national leaders to escalate the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. This plan will not succeed, either. There will be no WWIII.

The drama of technologically-produced effects during opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics has motivated the Illuminati to consider something else on their agenda, the illusion that an extraterrestrial civilization is invading Earth. So, what we said some time ago bears repeating: We have been told they no longer control the technology required to produce a holographic invasion, but if that is attempted, universal family members will turn it into spectacular entertainment.

“Please ask Matthew what God meant by ‘The roadway will have potholes and bumps here and there...’” Ordinarily we would not be so presumptuous as to expound upon God’s words, but we know what he was referring to and have his permission to speak about the “potholes and bumps.”

As you can imagine, some pertain to what is happening in Ukraine and how that may play out. There could be another false claim about a new virus variant that results in another lockdown; if defiance were to turn violent, national leaders could declare martial law to restore order. To incite fear and all-out rebellion, mainstream media could call it military coups overturning legitimate governments.

Attempting to vaccinate the world’s population could become harsher than heretofore, and if that aroused armed resistance, it also could lead to martial law and the likelihood of the same media outcry. Governmental policies could result in mass rioting between opponents and supporters, and if any major changes from what is familiar seem ominous to the populace, widespread reactions could be troublesome.

Except for the current situation in Ukraine, the aforementioned situations are only possibilities. It is the energy of billions of thoughts, feelings and actions that will determine what is to come day by day, and, dear family, whatever that may be, you are well prepared to handle it fearlessly and help others deal with it. Please keep in mind what else God said: “...when you feel like the powerful multidimensional family members you are, happenings will hum right along.”

“Who selects volunteers and what are the criteria? Do they know that’s why they’re here? How many are there? Is each given a specific mission? Are all performing their missions well? Do they live longer than other people’? How many are in ET special forces? How do they differ from other volunteers?”

First let us say, love is why spiritually and consciously evolved souls leave their homelands and incarnate on Earth to help these members of our universal family who have been living in the darkness of control, deception and atrocities. It is a testament to the powerful extensiveness of love that far more souls volunteer than are needed.

Now then, members of the highest universal council select souls that have had many lifetimes helping third density civilizations, thus have the experience and inner strength to manage what they know awaits. But, just as it is with every soul that incarnates in third density, volunteers forget at conscious level what is known at soul level and they have no idea about a mission. However, they are consciously aligned with their souls’ messages—intuition, instinct, conscience, inspiration and aspiration. Most heed that strong guidance and make free will choices in line with their missions, albeit without awareness that they are.

They number in the many millions throughout the world—we don’t know the exact figure—and the majority don’t think of themselves as lightworkers, lightwarriors or starseeds, terms most often used to designate volunteers. When the earliest group came nigh onto a century ago, darkness blanketed the planet. As the arrivals became older and felt they had “a purpose,” so to say, it was difficult for them to do anything except BE the light and, with rare exceptions, that is all missions called for back then.

Most still do. Light in abundance is continuously needed to raise the collective consciousness of a third density civilization, and all volunteers have the opportunity to benefit the society by living from the heart—God said, “The heart is the seat of the soul”—thereby beneficially influencing people whose lives they touch. However, some souls’ cumulative lifetime experiencing prepares them for specific roles such as community or regional leaders, judges, engineers, scientists, teachers, visionary medical personnel, inventors, artists, investigative journalists, or innovative entrepreneurs. That doesn’t mean everyone in those various fields is a volunteer, but those who aren’t may be advancing in evolvement by accomplishing what they chose in soul contracts.

It is much easier at the time of volunteering to feel confident about performing well in specific positions than it is to live in a third density world with its many obstacles and temptations, and some souls strayed from their missions by putting undue importance on financial gain, acquisitions, social status or fame. Not only did that seriously dim their light, but instead of influencing others in positive ways, their lives exemplified the opposite and persons who admired their success emulated them. The souls who have transitioned lament their choices, and the hope of all light beings is that those on Earth who likewise strayed will “see the light” and return to their missions.

Volunteers come from civilizations where physical lifetimes can be a thousand years or longer. In some cases, individuals have a farewell celebration with family and friends, then dematerialize their bodies and the souls incarnate in a civilization where they can further advance in awareness. But on Earth, bodies of volunteers become ill, age and die, and the souls’ contracts contain a life span choice, so there is frequent turnover in the ranks.

When they transition to spirit life, myriad others remain and new ones arrive. Almost always that is by birth, but now and then they come as adults who aren’t seen publicly during the short time their bodies are adjusting to Earth’s lower frequencies. In these few cases, all documentation needed to establish a lifetime history is put into place so the persons can integrate into the population without question as to their background and qualifications. They come to replace members of the extraterrestrial special forces who transition or because their expertise in many fields and fluency in numerous languages will facilitate planning or negotiating international matters.

Members of the force number in the thousands and they’re stationed around the world wherever they are needed. In addition to the great difference in size of this group and the other volunteers and the occasional arrival of an adult, souls in the force also differ in other ways. All come from the most highly evolved civilizations, where they held responsible positions. They know who they are and none has ever strayed from his or her mission.

They retain their innate abilities of manifestation; dematerialization; teleportation; astral travel; telepathic communication; being present in spirit only, thus invisible to bystanders; and “reading” thoughts of others, nearby or distant. Those extraordinary abilities—that is, in persons on Earth—enable these volunteers to be especially valuable in intelligence agencies, the sciences, medical laboratories, information analysis, military forces and governments.

And, a few are prodigies, which shouldn’t be surprising, and a few are what you call illusionists. That may seem a frivolous mission, but it is purposeful—by walking through a brick wall or producing an automobile out of thin air, for instance, they are showing these are possible. Thoughts about any possibility precede developing—more accurately, activating—the ability to accomplish it, and those entertainers are stimulating their audiences to contemplate how such feats can be managed. You could say they are the wayshowers to Earth’s peoples discovering their own innate capabilities.

Let us add that it is members of the special forces who reduced the toxicity in “vaccines” and erased the programming in the chips as well as preventing detonation of missiles’ nuclear warheads and causing other weapons to malfunction. Of particular importance to us, they are our information sources on the planet about what is happening there.

Regardless of the capacity in which volunteers are serving, they are indispensable helpers to Earth’s civilization. The love-light energy they radiate by BEing there is stirring the peoples to awaken and make their world what they want it to be.

Beloved brothers and sisters, all light beings in this universe honor you for steadfastness in your mission and support you with the power of unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward
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 Blossom Goodchild - Channeling The Federation of Light - February 27, 2022

Hello, my friends. You were right, the house you ‘chose’ for me is indeed a Sanctuary! I feel so comfortable here. Thank you. Now then, your news of a worldwide lockdown has reached far and wide, it seems. Yet, you have been speaking of the lockdown for a long time. It’s the introduction of ‘Fergus the Fungus’ that has intrigued many. Are you able to elaborate, or not?

Warmest of Greetings. We too, feel this new abode has wonderful prospects for you, especially regarding the Energies, typically for our communications. We are happy you are happy there.

Regarding the lockdown, yes indeed, it has been spoken of often by us. What is ‘useful’ to know is that ‘whatever is presented’ as a reason to bring this about is merely a deploy. The tactics used are a disguise in order to ‘have the people’ where they need to be.

And where is that?

SAFELY in their homes. Again, we try to explain without giving ‘The Game away’ for that is not suitable. This Plan is vast and as in a game of chess, strategies and contingencies are always changing in order to make one’s next move the most beneficial.

Yet, you say the Light has won.

It has. Without question. Yet, The Game must be played out, for there are essential ‘properties’ that need to be in place. Therefore, The Game must be finished so that those of/from the Light-Forces can complete their mission(s).

We DeLight in the movements of upliftment from many heroes on your Planet, that are showing the world and those that live upon it, that what is not right regarding ‘Freedom status’, must be dealt with.

The walls are crumbling and tumbling down around your Planet. Remember that most of what is presented to you is a smokescreen. A completely different ‘play’ is taking place behind the scenes and it is getting close now to the curtain lifting, in order for the audience to participate and ‘view’ for themselves that which is TRUTH.

Really? Is that ever going to happen? No-one knows what to believe anymore … about anything. It is hard to decipher and discern what is real. I know many feel fearful about a worldwide lockdown. I say bring it on and let’s get this show on the road. At least we can feel we are moving forward.

It has to take place. And indeed, Blossom, it will move things along in ways that will ‘Blow people’s minds!’. This is another reason for an ‘indoor curfew’ 24/7 for a while because that which is brought to Light will leave many in states of shock, abhorrence, and disbelief.

Your role as you know, now and when this takes place, is to send your Light.

The most Powerful Light that you are discovering … of/through/as … yourself will be greatly needed to calm the gushing rivers that inevitably will cause much disturbance to those who are naïve and afraid.

It just seems like a chapter out of a book. We have heard so many ‘tales’ of this, that and the other. Emergency broadcasts, for instance, revealing THE TRUTH. Yet, as with most that we hear, it never takes place. You cannot give a time frame to us … therefore, we could still be waiting for this in five years’ time!

Blossom … Phase Two will have been put into place long before that. Many of you are ‘feeling’ the need to go inward and prepare. Each in their own way. Many of you are sensing that something is about to ‘take off’.

Yes, and many of us have been feeling this for years, off and on!

It is coming, Blossom. We are not saying to any one of you that you MUST believe that which we say.

This is not why we come.


We come to assist you in recognizing the TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE.


For in doing so we are assisting … The Whole /Ascension process.

IT IS YOU … EACH ONE that are here to lift your Planet. This you know.


Yet, we feel we know nothing.

Blossom, when this ‘kicks off’ … this Phase Two of Five … you will realize … that which you need to know … is aware of what needs to be done!

Does that even make sense?

You feel that you need to know what is going on in order to do what you need to do. Yet, you actually, in fact, need to know absolutely nothing of what is going on in order to do what you came to do.

For when you ‘ARE’ EnLightened by that which is to be exposed, you will see that ‘that side of matters’, although revealing, is not what you have been building up to … not what you have been preparing for.

What you have been preparing for is the HOW!

HOW you then, now, conduct the POWER OF YOUR SPIRIT to soothe the troubled waters. To reach out to those who are in a state of numbness and overwhelm.

How do we do that if we are all locked away?

To begin with, it shall be via thought and prayer … when things settle, it shall be easier to communicate through ways of internet … and in person. For the lockdown is to be put in place for safety reasons, as we have said.

I assume you mean safety, due to folk ‘losing it’ when they hear of atrocities. In fact, realizing that everything we have been told is an outright lie! In my mind, I feel people will rebel, and huge crowds will rampage. Not a pleasant thought, yet, one that remains.

Blossom, there is not one that can precisely predict how this ‘fall out’ will ‘fall back in’.

Do you grasp this as we are speaking with you? Are you Feeling/ Knowing, that this … this Phase Two … is a HUGE STEP into the awakening of mankind?

Are you recognising the stirring in your Soul that this which is about to take place …

I notice you wanted me to put ‘about’ … although I hesitated for a minute.

That which is ‘about’ to take place will present so clearly to you … YOUR REASON FOR BEING HERE.

You will FEEL so Powerfully and clearly ‘your orders’. We have spoken before, that ‘orders’ in this context are not ‘What you MUST do’ … They are orders in the sense of KNOWING ‘What one HAS to do.’

Yet, when you have spoken of orders before, it was regarding the opening of our Envelopes* and our orders for each one being inside. I don’t feel it is the time yet for the Envelope opening? Is it?

Not as such. That particular unveiling is awaiting further along the journey.

These ‘orders’ are ‘KNOWINGS OF TRUTH’.


We wish to express that these times ahead are to be revelationary (?)

Don’t think that is a word, yet, I know what you mean and I know you don’t mean revolutionary.


False Expectations Appearing Real.

Thank you for picking up on that.

As, at last, from your point of view, from your perspective, things move on … you shall FEEL inside your Being …









The weaker ones, those who knew they did not have the stamina to complete this task, remain in the ethers of other Worlds/Dimensions and play their part of sending Love Light through to you from afar. They admire and hold you in such esteem for your Forthrightness, Bravery, and Courage!









Discover its magic as you say/Feel over and over,





We feel and desire that the Energy within this communication shall uplift your Soul’s Vibration and assist you in the completion of that which you are here on the Planet to achieve.

For this time, we take our leave.

Cool. Thanks, Chaps! Well, all I can say is, bring on Fergus the Fungus! In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

*For more info on the Envelopes go to and scroll down to ‘Topics of Interest’.Many thanks.


Please take the time to be uplifted by watching fellow Light players sharing the Mantra with you. Thank you so much to all who participated.



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Blossom Goodchild - Channeling The Federation of Light - February 14, 2022

Hello there!
We had a lovely 'Heads up' from 'Tarot with Janine' last week. ( 9min mark.
Quite a lot was discussed about last week's channeling and so this week, I felt I would like to address what I could.

Therefore, Here is the lastest message from The Federation Of Light.



A quick note before I start. Last week’s channelling was discussed by a world-renowned, Highly respected lady, named Janine (Tarot with Janine) She was asked to do the cards regarding the FOL saying that indeed, there STILL was going to be a worldwide lockdown. A few issues were then discussed, of which I feel it would be good to ‘clear up’ today.

SO …

Good morning, once again. You’ll be pleased to know we are ‘Legit’, according to the cards!

Greetings to you Blossom and those who have been with us for a long time, and indeed, to all newcomers to our chats. We sincerely hope that they resonate with the Heart and Soul. Yes, indeed, ‘We’ KNOW we are Legit!

Nice to get the heads up though. However, things to address, if we may? Clarification of ‘WHO YOU ARE’. Last year it was mentioned by a few X militaries and I believe a few channelers, that the FOL are a Phys Op … and that it is the ‘Confederation of worlds’ that are the real deal. If you could also clear up the matter of you not being the ‘‘GALACTIC’ Federation of Light’ … just ‘The Federation of Light’, that would be good too. Off you go then chaps!

Blossom … as ‘The lady of the cards’ wisely mentioned, it actually matters not what ‘Our label’ is. What matters is that the Truth we bring through resonates within the core of the Being. It is for Each One to ‘discern and decipher’ for themselves … our words … and whether or not they ‘Ring True’.

As we have said in previous chats … we are not in competition. Our desire is to assist your Planet and all upon Her, to move into the Higher Vibration where all that no longer serves … in these times … will be ‘left behind.’

However, to address your question. We choose to be called ‘The Federation of Light’ and we are ‘The Overseers of the Overseers.’ We stand firm in this knowledge of who we are!

What is the difference between the ‘Galactic Federation’ and your good selves?

We are not ‘Of Galaxies’, Blossom. We are not … of/in form. Yet, can be … if it /should it … ever be necessary. When we say we are ‘Above’ that, we do not mean that in a sense of ‘Being better than’. We simply mean that, with respect, ‘Our status,’ if we have to call it something, is of a Higher Vibration. Hence, we are not ‘The Overseers’ … we are ‘The Overseers of the Overseers.’

Who are The Overseers overseeing?

A vast organisation. Consider yourselves to be one species residing on a small Planet named Earth. Then consider many other races … not of your world. Some residing on other worlds and some having their ‘Ship’ as their world. You have your world ‘supposedly’ controlled by governments. Other worlds are advanced enough not to need ‘Those in charge’ to dictate. However, in the Grand Scheme of things … in the running of The Divine Plan … there has to be those who are able to ‘Oversee’ the Plan.

And that’s you?

Not just us. It is difficult to explain in words. We would say, those of our Vibrational Frequency who are not ‘Of us’ yet, are ‘On our wavelength!’

We are aware that you want to discuss the ‘Galactic Federation’. Again, a vast organisation. Consisting of many, many, different ‘sectors’. Not all in alignment with that which we choose to offer. Which leads us into the question of ‘Phys ops.’

Which is what, exactly, for those who are unsure?

A ‘Phys op’, as we understand it, is a comergence of Truths and untruths. The ‘one’ bringing through the messages from ‘elsewhere’ believes the information to be True and accurate and yet, through advanced, (yet, not really,) technology, the ‘receiver’ is fed information ‘Through the ethers’, in order to confuse those who have come to enjoy messages from outside of your world.

Sadly, many feel they are connecting with Truth yet, they are being duped.

And one would recognise this by …?

Integrity. Listening ad feeling into their soul. Have we not said this also, of that which we speak of with you over many years of communication? If what we say does not resonate with you … search elsewhere for your Truth. Each One must follow their Heart.

So, what about the ‘Confederation of worlds?’ With respect, where did they ‘suddenly’ pop up from? I’ve been at this for 22 years and have never heard of them until last year. And yet, X top military folk say these are the ones of the Light and nothing/no one else.

Blossom, we are not avoiding /evading the question, as many sometimes feel we do. Yet, it is not ‘Of us’ to tell you that which your Being must discover for itself. Is it not many times, you have been asked to ask us if a certain channeller is speaking Truth?

Oh, indeed.

Yet, we would not consider to discuss that. It is not for us to speak of this. It is for the Soulself to FEEL its Truth … ONE KNOWS NOW IT CERTAINLY IS NOT WISE TO CONSIDER EVERYTHING ONE READS OR HEARS TO BE OF THE LIGHT.

Mm. So, you don’t want to discuss the Confederation of worlds?

Correct. For no other reason than we are not here to do so. We come to you, as you know, to assist all that is life to KNOW WHO THEY ARE. To reside in that Truth and to find ways to help one recall their mission upon the Divine Planet Earth at this time.

Guess you would like to move on. Thank you for giving as much as you see fit.

We would like to conclude that section by reiterating … Truth is Truth … it cannot be a lie. Feel into YOUR TRUTH regarding any matter you come across, be it channelers or the price of vegetables!

What a strange comparison! Let’s not waste time talking about the price of cabbage! Ok, moving on. I feel we have a bit to get through. It was discussed in the same programme, regarding the worldwide lockdown and how people just couldn’t stand the thought of it. My Heart felt you can assist us on this matter, if you would care to oblige?

We have spoken of this also, Blossom.

THIS IS A DIVINE PLAN! It is too complicated and ‘intimate’ to be discussed ‘In public’ at this stage. Yet, we shall tell you this … It will be under the guise of a ‘Spreading rapidly fungus’ …

Whoa! Hold the phone a minute! A fungus? Are you seriously serious, chaps? A Fungus?! Are we all going to be eaten by a giant mushroom?

If we may continue … A ‘Spreading rapidly fungus’ …connected to the viruses. Yet, of course, this has absolutely nothing to do with it. We cannot give the game away … it is not appropriate, yet, we can say that what is to take place, once that manoeuvre is underway …



When this is understood, there will be no place for fear. For it will be accepted that ‘At last’, The Plan is flowing through Phase Two and ‘MOVING’. What takes place during that ‘Incubation’ will shake one to the core. Yet, it is the ‘Core of the Being’ that in many, needs to be shaken in order to awaken. Many shall ‘Emerge anew’ and in alignment with the Truth that is to be revealed.

One knows that what is to be ‘shown without doubt’ as Truth, will start a revolution inside the self! Which in turn for many, who cannot accept the ‘Great reveals,’ will lead to much disruption. Therefore, would you not consider it … best/safest … to remain indoors at this time and SEND YOUR LIGHT – LOVE TO THE ENTIRE SITUATION?

We understand too, that many, many, many, will be too confused to ‘deal’ with it and choose to leave the Planet … as part of their contract … in varied options of removing themselves.

Leaving many, many, many to continue on in Strength and Courage to fulfil their mission.

So, this would not be a good time to say … ‘Beam me up, Scotty”.

Blossom, as we move through this next phase … although GREAT turmoil will occur, which most of you are already aware is to come and have been preparing for within your Soul’s Courage … in a sense … it is a time to Celebrate.

Eh, it doesn’t sound like it would be appropriate to adorn party hats and throw streamers, to be honest!


A recognition of your ‘Tutorial’ before coming here. WHEN this ‘Takes off’ … this ‘Phase Two’ … the Heart will recognise the difference, for those ‘In the know’.

We cannot express enough OUR FEELINGS, OUR KNOWING regarding the saying and repeating of the Mantra.





Many may be new to this*. Yet, we Trust the KNOWING OF TRUTH will lead the Soul to adopt these CODED WORDS into their everydayness and allow them to become as natural as breathing.

The more Soul’s that cotton on, the more one understands they are not alone when saying these words, the more the Strength of Unity and the build-up of extreme LIGHT – LOVE will be present as THE DIVINE PLAN takes its next step.

When the ‘Incubation’ takes place … USE IT … USE IT … USE IT … TO BE YOUR LIGHT … FOR YOURSELF AND ALL LIFE!





We must take our leave now … as there is much here to be absorbed by newly awakened Beings.

Tickety Boo! I’m really pleased we have this done.

Blossom, you have been through much in this last year. We look forward to connecting with you in the ‘Sanctuary’ that was chosen for you … where ‘our communications’ shall continue in Truth and Love.

Thanks, Guys. Yes … I move on Thursday. Bittersweet yet, I am getting excited now. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

Half an hour later. I feel incomplete! May we just have another quick chat as there is also, the matter of how long this worldwide lockdown will last? To me, it ‘seems’ to be looking so unlikely to take place at all, as restrictions and absurdities are lifting in many places and the HUGE Freedom rallies are making such a stand.

This is agreeable with/to us. Yet, we cannot be particularly forthcoming on this matter, either. We would say ‘How long is a piece of string’?

For Blossom and All, we cannot determine this outcome. It is EACH ONE and their behaviour towards it, that shall do this.

It is ‘On the cards’ … would we say …


… that Phase Two and all its involvements will move rapidly once the lid has been removed from the can and the worms in their multitudes are forced out and ‘dealt with’. Yet, as to WHEN it will flow into Phase Three, will be according to the ‘reaction’ of the masses and this is something no one will know until this Phase is well underway. Another reason for … those in/of awareness … to step up and Beam!

Trying to imagine exactly what this will look like is tricky! There will be such anger by those who simply had no idea and that could be a huge issue.

Dearest Blossom, what is taking place on your entire Planet is … and has been … a HUGE issue. Yet, think upon it as ‘A means to an end.’



Well, I do my best to try and know. You have mentioned that there are to be Five Phases! Dear God, give us strength! At 64, does this mean I may have left for fresher pastures by the time we get to Phase Five?

One would hope not, Blossom.

Too right one would hope not!

Yes, there are to be Five and we cannot, as you know, due to their actually being no time, give you a time frame. Again, each Phase dependent upon The Plan flowing and the reaction to it.

However, we choose to say …


I think I feel this to be complete now. Thank you. Back to packing. In Gratitude. In Loving Service. I AM.


  • Information about The Mantra’ can be found on my website under ‘The Federation Of Light/ Topics of interest.


Please take the time to be uplifted by watching fellow Light players sharing the Mantra with you. Thank you so much to all who participated.



DONATIONS are always a beautiful Blessing. Many thanks!

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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - February 11, 2022


The period ahead is one of the most important you are likely to encounter. You will be laying down the foundations of a new way of managing your affairs that will prepare you for the changes that are to come. You will be prompted to think in terms of a new way of working that will equip you in readiness for the future. Many of the old ways are inadequate for what lays ahead and you will find it quite different to what you have been used to experiencing. Systems and methods will gradually change for the better placing you in a more agreeable situation. You will also find that you have much more time on your hands for personal matters. There may be some problems to overcome but in the long run it will be to your advantage and evolution. The good times are beckoning, but first you must put things in order to make room for what is waiting to be introduced.

Many families stay together through many lives, and because of it there is a closeness to each other that may not otherwise have existed. Often they repeatedly work together as a group and give something to mankind that they would not otherwise have had. The planning and arrangements for most groups is very carefully laid out, as their life plans are essential to their success, and we have previously used the Kennedy’s family as an example for their success, Their closeness and contribution to life was certainly something very special. There are obviously others but their lives stand out for what they achieved.

From this you will understand that the path ahead is already mapped out but it will be your choice as to how you get there. We for our part stand aside to guide and inspire you to make the right decisions. It is such an important time as will become evident as you make progress. New inventions and the ways of doing things for ease of working will make life somewhat easier as it progressively allows you more time for your own pursuits. The influence of the dark Ones is waning and in time will be totally ineffective. Again we say do not expect too much too soon as changes of the magnitude that are planned cannot appear overnight. However, once things get underway there will be no stopping them. Peace is coming and the seeds have already been sown much to your liking to bring you total peace and happiness.

One of the biggest problems that keep’s coming up is caused by the lack of recognition that you are not your physical body. In essence you are all souls that have chosen to incarnate into different civilisations that will give you the experiences you need to evolve. Each soul has had many incarnations in the different races that exist upon Earth so how can you say that one is any more important than another. Each race has certain qualities to offer so that as you experience from lifetime to lifetime, you become more of a universal being. Also, in future you will be reborn with memory of previous skills or knowledge you have acquired. In the previous Age it was quite different as you would be reborn without any knowledge of them at all.

Life is full of random happening that have no particular significance, but be assured that those that are of importance and intended to make a marked difference are carefully planned. It is only the freewill events that may appear pointless or of no real consequence. However, the dark Ones also have freewill and their actions may at times cause events to occur that interfere with the plan of those of the Light. It simply means that they have to be amended or changed to accommodate their actions. The battle continues but the Light has won and as time passes so their ability to stop progress is curtailed.

The Covid problem is as you may be aware the final attempt of the dark Ones to further their plan to severely reduce the Earth’s population. It has failed in its objective and whilst it has caused much harm and deaths, they have been greatly reduced with the help of the Pleiadians, who have been with us especially to ensure we get through this period of immense difficulties as soon as possible. We will then find it easier to make progress and overcome the problems encountered. We are being helped to advance so that the changes are beneficial and lead to a better life for all people.

As strange as it may seem you are privileged to be on Earth at such an historic time, and many souls would have gladly taken your place to be part of such an amazing experience. What has led to this point in time was unexpected and yet sufficient souls rose to the occasion to pass the marker of 2012. There will come a time when you will look back and fully understand what you have achieved.against all the odds. So now the tide has turned and a bright future is assured even if at this time it is difficult to see.

Keep calm and peaceful as you go through the changes that are necessary to move humanity forwards and be part of the advanced souls who are leading the way. By example you can help others who are uncertain as to what they should do. Without a future this period would seem depressing when so much is happening that is making life so difficult and unbearable. Yet it is necessary to force people to carefully look at how they managed before, and question whether they can improve upon it. They surely can and it is up to those who are more aware to lift others up and show them the way.

You are one big family, brothers and sisters travelling the same path regardless of which stage you are at. However, as you are all helping create your own future, many separate paths will be created but only to Ascension providing you are ready for such an advancement. If you are not the chance will come around again and continue to do so for aeons of time. Be assured that all souls will find themselves at the level necessary to continue their journey.

The dark Ones have held you back for such a long time by limiting your experiences and understanding of the truth. In reality you have no need to experience life after life on Earth, and having now been given the way back to the Light and higher levels you have something to aim for that is within your reach. There is much love around you from souls who are with you on your journey.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


Website: Tree of the Golden Light


 Blossom Goodchild - Channeling The Federation of Light - February 6, 2022

Hello again, my friends. There are thousands of ‘Heroes’ all over the world in their trucks and thousands of Heroes supporting them … in the name of FREEDOM. Rather than hold on to my hat, I take it off to each and every one. Is it then, that your crystal ball still shows a world lockdown?

The Brightest of greetings to you Blossom, indeed the Brightest of Light Greetings to all that are drawn to our ‘service’. If you were to see from our perspective the ENERGY that is radiating from the places where these vast engines are gathered, it would fill you with such Hope! Not only is this Energy emitting LOVE, it is sending out Vibrations of Courage, and Strength, and UNITY throughout your Planet. We still hold with our ‘prediction’ of a world lockdown. As we have mentioned before, it will be under the guise of ‘the virus’, yet, this will not be why it is taking place.

Are you able to elaborate on that?

Not greatly. Yet, when this takes place, it would be beneficial for each one to ‘accept’ it for a time and use ‘the space’ to concentrate on sending out your Love of the Mantra to assist in keeping the Vibration as High as possible. From what we ‘understand’, it will not be for a long period of time, yet, it is necessary for ‘political bombshells’ to be announced.

I am a little confused and trying not to let ‘things I have heard’ influence my questioning. Is it the good guys or the bad that lock us down?

It is rather complicated. In that, we would say it is a mixture of both. It is a Master Plan and difficult to explain and much would not be advisable to disclose.


Perhaps, it is easy from your position to be a little remiss and just accept things to be rolling along. Yet, remember too, there is no time.


That is why you are here. Remember?

‘Yes, yes,’ you might say. Yet, this is CRUNCH TIME. This is when you expand your awareness and reach deeply within to ‘discover’ that which you are.


For to … uncover/awaken … that in you which has been waiting to receive you … you will find to be the Greatest Gift of all.

WHEN you ‘GET IT FULLY’ … it shall be as if all that is presented … all around the world … will be seen from a different perspective. There will be no attachment to what is being revealed … for the KNOWING of it all happening in order to CHANGE EVERYTHING, shall allow your TRUTH and TRUST to reach heights yet unknown to the Soulself.

As you … uncover/let melt away … these layers, SO MUCH will ‘fall into place’ regarding SO MUCH. Not just so much of the ‘Why’s and wherefore’s’, yet, more so of THE WHOLE … THE BIGGER PICTURE … which in turn will uplift your Energies and determination within the Self … which in turn, gathers momentum to continue on so Bravely with that which you came here to accomplish.

Not wanting to repeat too much of our last chat yet, is it JUST the Mantra that will remove these layers?

No. It is YOU. The Essence of YOU that begins to understand everything about the Mantra.

Keep your promise to yourself and ‘Get there’ … the place within you that you KNOW to be waiting. Excitement for what is to come shall ensue, replacing fear and despair.

Your remembrance of why you are here shall become more apparent through ‘FEELING’ your Strength and Determination.

This KNOWING we speak of, cannot be expressed in words particularly, because it is a FEELING inside of you. Not necessarily knowledge of what is outwardly taking place and all the ‘In’s and out’s’ of such … yet, a FEELING OF KNOWING that … ‘Actually, EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT.’

When you reach this KNOWING, this UNDERSTANDING … all the fear, all the disbelief, all the lies that are to be revealed … all the pandemonium that is … to take place/ensue … indeed, ALL that is to ‘play out’ will not affect you as it once did.

The acceptance that ‘This must be, in order to’ … will fill your Being with a Newness. A Refreshed Energy … a different kind of Energy within you, that is NOTICABLY different.

As you are bringing this through, I can FEEL exactly what you are trying to explain yet, as you say, it is a feeling, so therefore, I feel you are finding it difficult to express and yet, you seem determined to keep trying because it is important and also, so very uplifting.

This is so. Yet we are ‘assuming, in humility’ that the Energy these words ‘carry’ will not just assist you, Blossom, in understanding the STRENGTH AND NEWNESS OF SPIRIT that is opening up NOW, yet, as EACH ONE tunes into our Energy as they read or hear our words, they will also feel this that you are feeling at this moment.

We feel it would be appropriate at this time …

I know what you are going to say and the Love which it carries has put a lump in my throat and filled my eyes with watery Light, and I am so happy you are going to say it because it is so deserved.

Indeed, Blossom, we feel this to be the most appropriate opportunity to offer our honour and deep respect to the ‘Gentleman Joe’, who so lovingly took on the task (as agreed beforehand) … to take our words off the page and fill them with the Grace and Love that we so desire to be expressed, through the softness and extreme quality of his ‘IS-ness’.

Yep! Don’t know why … but I’m blubbing. I too, cannot express in words my Gratitude to him. I know he will be wanting me to thank you yet, he knows too, he’s a big boy now and can do that all by himself. From all of us who feel so Blessed to have you on board … Thank you Joe! Now, where were we?

We were hopefully filling your Being with a Stronger Understanding of YOURSELF.

This is most Empowering and most Joyful!

As each New Dawn rises the ‘YOU THAT YOU ARE’ … will warmly smile …



As you FEEL and KNOW that the ENERGY is amping up …

As you FEEL THE LOVE THAT IS EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING in your particular world.

What a difference to wake up to this. Letting go/releasing … the old Energy, consciously giving it a ‘Mighty send-off’ in Gratitude for all that it was. Visualizing it transmuting into Light Love as the winds of change take it to a ‘nowhere space’ where it can begin a NEW SELF Expression.

As you honour and invite this NEW HIGHER ENERGY …

into YOUR LIFE …


into THE HEARTS OF EVERY LIVING THING UPON YOUR PLANET … you will become overjoyed at the difference in ‘Self’ that it has wrapped inside.


This is so lovely! I guess the thing is, we as individuals need to really KNOW this! If we just think, “Oh, that will be nice one day … then it goes on the back burner until the postman delivers yet, we are the ones to knock on our own door … all the time. To remember these things you offer us. Not to take them for granted. Not to say as some do at times ‘Yeah, Yeah, blah, blah, blah, same old, same old.’ It’s time to REALLY STEP UP TO THE PLATE!

‘The same old’, dearest Blossom, will always and ever be ‘The same old’ for one cannot change TRUTH.

Yet, Truth can change can it not? What was once ‘MY TRUTH’ about certain ‘understandings’ years ago, has been replaced by a new Truth within me …

With respect, we would say, that you call it ‘Your Truth’ … at the time. Yet, it was more so an ‘understanding’ of what you ‘thought was’ … due to the level of awareness your soul had led you to.

Yep … that makes sense.

The Truth we bring through regarding your SOULSELF and WHO YOU ARE … CANNOT CHANGE.





This cannot change. It can alter in Vibration yet, it cannot change this fact.

Just before we go … you have explained to us that the words/energy of the Mantra are encoded. Some feel it suitable to add or use ‘We’ instead of ‘I’ … and they want to know if that still has the same effect?


We feel we have spoken of this before

You may well have done … I’ve had a lot going on!!

Yet, it is the I that is the ONE.

Therefore, I is the WE.

Simply put yet, perfectly explained. Ok … Time for me to get some breakfast and time for you to whiz around the Universe a couple of times … doing what?

That which we do as an expression of who we are … LOVING ALL THAT IS.

And we follow in your footsteps, no matter what role one has chosen in this epic production. Thank you as always … In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.


Please take the time to be uplifted by watching fellow Light players sharing the Mantra with you. Thank you so much to all who participated.




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Suzy Ward - Channeling Matthew Ward - February 3, 2022


With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Let us begin by citing part of an email my mother recently received: “I thought I’d feel elated because Earth is in acceleration mode, but I’m even more distressed than I used to be.” The dear soul who wrote that also mentioned what is causing her to feel that way. We want to address those matters because many others are feeling somewhat the same as she. They may not know about accelerated energy or actual causes, but they are apprehensive about the same world affairs.

First we say, this is the first time in eons that Earth has been immersed in such an abundance of light, and this increased intensity is magnifying all feelings, positive and negative, and quickening the pace of all undertakings.

Many, many millions who are living and dying in dire circumstances are completing their third density karmic choices much more rapidly than they could have without acceleration. When they transition to spirit life, they will know this and feel grateful for the swiftness.

The effects of disastrous storms and fires caused by technology are the same as if those were Mother Nature’s doings—they are cleansing the planet of negativity so it cannot accumulate. The sooner that technology is used benevolently instead of malevolently, the sooner there will be no need for any large-scale cleansing.

There will be no WWIII. Mainstream media reporters are publicizing the fearful-sounding information they are given instead of what actually is happening. National leaders who are Illuminati or their puppets are being unseated and populations that were forcibly separated after WWII are being reunited.

Although mainstream media still are controlled, other efforts to rid your world of darkness are moving faster than formerly.

The “pandemic” is continuing because the energy of billions of thoughts and feelings about it is “feeding” the illness and “refueling” the individuals who knowingly are lying about it. The backlash against physically, psychologically and economically destructive requirements that is growing by leaps and bounds is undergirded by the new level of energy and will hasten the end of the “pandemic.”

During the few months since the acceleration mode was initiated, action to rid your world of Illuminati has been increasingly successful. Some in the remaining high ranks of this pyramid of evil who went into hiding are being found, others have defected and are cooperating with principals in the movement to end impoverishment, corruption and warring and restore the environment. Energy intensity is prompting the slumbering populace to waken and feel inspired to participate in transforming their world.

Dear ones, when frightening thoughts are changed to optimistic, confident and peaceful, like feelings will follow—please do this for yourselves! And remember, peace in the world begins with peace in each heart.

This also is an ideal time to be introspective and ascertain if your characteristics, behavior and perceptions are serving your best interests. For instance, are you afraid that upcoming changes will negatively impact your employment, financial assets or other resources? Are you allowing others’ expectations of you to determine your decisions? Are you feeling resentful toward persons you feel treated you unfairly or guilty about having caused stress to others?

Are you assessing others’ ideas as meritless when they differ from yours? Are you giving any of your energy to trivial issues and forgetting to use the law of attraction to your advantage? Are you letting yourself be drawn into the drama of world affairs instead of being an observer? Being an observer doesn’t preclude compassion, empathy and caring assistance in ways you can offer, it includes them because they are “love in action.”

If you recognize in yourself any of those attitudes and approaches to situations and want to make a U-turn, the fast-rising vibrations of acceleration will be your strong ally in so doing.

“I hope this new speed will wake up the entire population so they can ascend with Earth!” That would be a glorious outcome indeed, but it isn’t likely to happen. Awakening isn’t a matter of speed, it’s a matter of absorbing light, and even though light is pouring into the planet in unprecedented measure, puppets of the darkness are adamantly refusing to embrace it.

“How will acceleration affect the tides? Will minor health issues become major problems too quickly for treatment to be effective?” By divine grace and extraterrestrial aid, tides are not affected by acceleration, and health issues will be affected the same as they always have been. Bodies’ cells in chemical, electrical, hormonal, metabolic, circulatory, respiratory and immune systems and all organs and bones are strong or weak in accordance with the amount of light the person absorbs, and that’s determined by whether their thoughts, feelings, actions and intentions emit high vibrations or low.

“Matthew said ‘revelations will emerge incrementally.’ How can people advance consciously and spiritually if they don’t know the truth about everything?” That is indeed a logical question. Let us answer by asking you to imagine how you would feel if you heard all of the following in one fell swoop:

You are a divine immortal soul and alternate between hundreds or thousands of physical and spiritual lifetimes. You are not a person who has a soul, you are a soul made of pure love-light energy living in a body designed specifically for the kinds of personal experiences you chose in a contract prior to birth. Your contract is part of an agreement with other souls sharing your lifetime, but all of that is forgotten when you and the others incarnate.

The origin of everything in existence in the cosmos is the love-light essence of Creator, Source, I AM, Oneness of All, the Totality. Creator chose the gods and goddesses who would manifest their respective universes and rule over them. There are seven universes and in this one, there is no heaven or hell. The universal law of physics automatically takes individuals’ etheric bodies and psyches to the area of a spirit world where energy is the same as the individual’s lifetime energy. Akashic records, which are inviolable, contain every moment of each lifetime of the soul.

Everything that exists is energy fluctuating at one frequency or another, nothing is solid. Like everything else in existence, thoughts, feelings and words emit vibrations. Science and spirit are one and the same, cosmic consciousness. Earth is one organism that comprises humankind, animals, plants and the Devic kingdom, and all are inseparably interconnected souls as parts of the Supreme Being of this universe. Rocks, soil, fire, water, air, wind, and even manufactured items have varying levels of consciousness.

What happens anywhere in this universe affects everything else everywhere else. What you think of as time actually is differing energy planes. The reality is the timeless continuum where everything is a series of events happening simultaneously. The universal law of attraction brings back to you from the collective consciousness whatever is the focus of your thoughts and feelings. That is how all individuals co-create their lives and collectively co-create the world. Co-creation is using Creator’s energy to put your ideas into form or action.

Countless civilizations are far, far advanced spiritually, consciously and technologically from people on Earth. Some live on motherships that have highly evolved consciousness and are miles in diameter. Earth is surrounded by small spacecraft and some extraterrestrials are living on the planet. Many times in the planet’s history people from other civilizations have resided there.

Some years ago a powerful light grid built by evolved civilizations forced the dark forces out of the Milky Way. The dark forces is a massive energy force field that meanders throughout the universe and is attracted to individuals and civilizations with tendencies toward greed, cruelty and power. Those individuals and populations become the forces’ puppets.

The puppets on Earth have controlled governments, global economy, banking, religions, western medicine, education, commerce, transportation, communication, corporations, entertainment industry, legal and judicial systems, agriculture, energy sources, military forces—everything that impacts life in your world. They start wars, commit atrocities, cause disease, poverty and famine, create divisiveness and bigotry, and put falsehoods in religions’ holy books.

Two kinds of ascension, planetary and personal, are underway and so is world transformation. The battle between light and darkness that is happening in linear time already has been won by the light, and in the continuum, Earth’s civilization is joyously flourishing.

That jumble of information is not in order of importance or well expressed, and no doubt we have forgotten numerous areas wherein factual information must replace blatant deception and mass ignorance by intention of the darkness. But surely that would be enough to overwhelm even the strongest mind if all of it were presented in one seminar.

Beloved brothers and sisters, if you didn’t realize before how extensive your knowledge is and how limited Earth civilization’s is, now you do. And if you ever wondered why all light beings in this universe would honor you for steadfastness in your mission, surely now you know.

With the unequalled power of unconditional love, we support you in every step of your Earth journey.



Suzanne Ward
Website: The Matthew Books

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Barbara Marciniak Bringers Of The Dawn | A Pleaidian Message For Humanity

SaLuSa: The Mesh Of Time, War Rumors, Marian Fleet, Inevitable Fate, Portal 02/02

The idea of ​​a secure future where you can roam freely and have access to the most wonderful galactic technologies, travel through the Solar System and beyond, and see the eradication of all diseases from your planet seems far from happening in the minds of some.

It is true that with the picture they are shown every day on their news, this really does seem like a utopian dream.

For this reason, we have been calling all of you not to focus on what they try to deliver every day, so that you are not in low vibrations, but that you feed the good thoughts that will surely move the energies and take you to this most sublime reality, which is not mere utopia, but a truth that is in the lifting of the veils.

Your next generations will be extremely grateful for how much you collaborated, staying true to your hearts, even with all the fierce opposition that, at each advance you make, try to impose barriers to impose you a retreat.

Currently, you have seen the disorder they are causing with the constant spread of chaos and fear.

Dear Ones, we are seeing a much bigger picture and trust us when we say that the destiny of Mother Earth and all of you is the luminous Higher Spheres.

Daily, many of your rulers have been thinking of a better way to tell you about our constant presence and their time is funneling each day, as they know that, whatever the cost, it won’t be hidden much longer.

We have received several calls from the Holy Elders of your Solar System alerting us of the approaching cosmic events.

These will trigger significant changes in the way of thinking of souls on Earth as many of the systems that keep you under mind control will completely disintegrate in the coming months and this will give you an even bigger picture.

Even those who are unaware of extraterrestrial reality will be surprised when our teams start visiting them in their dreams or even letting themselves be shown with their closest ships.

Your governments are aware of these events and also continue to plan how they will apologize to the people when the revelation of our existence “in full” will be inevitable.

As these events march towards the current timeline, those who remain in the dark continue to look to raising false flag to bring ongoing fear and keep them insecure in regards to a possible world war.

Needless to say, such an event will not occur.

There is no more room in your planet’s energy field for a war of this proportion.

Know that we have control of all nuclear warheads that may be fired at any nation.

We would intercept them immediately.

Even so, there are souls on Earth who are unaware of our ability to act in this regard, or wonder about our “non-action” in certain situations.

Again it goes without saying that we go as far as your own free will allows.

The planetary consciousness itself has already reached a level that prevents a third world war on your planet, but obviously there are still details in the healing and adjustment phases.

This often leads to local clashes, which also won’t last long.

The fire of discord among some of your leaders is being extinguished, as they are also aware of our capacity for direct action, should they exceed the margin of safety established in the Council by us and them.

Even so, there are among them those who serve the dark fleets which, at this moment, are trying to maintain a line of contact with their representatives on Earth.

However, it is useless, as our scientists have blocked all external signals coming to the Solar System towards us and with the intention of giving instructions to souls who have not yet chosen the Light.

In the coming months, you will also be graced with a closer approach to the Starfleet of the Lady of the Worlds, Mother Mary.

She who has traveled throughout the galaxy summoning billions of beings to present themselves around Earth in this special period of profound transformations.

Many will be able to see thousands of bright bluish dots strolling through the skies at some moments of the current year, and that will not look like simple stars, because the blue will have a different tone.

Many of these ships will also be cloaked in clouds during the day and you will be able to see them in shades of sky blue.

These are the closest to the ongoing support you have received throughout your journey on Earth as you break free from the bonds of darkness and return to your deserved places of peace, freedom and bliss.

Never be discouraged!

Summer will worth all of it!

Your efforts are being seen across the galaxy and you will be rewarded!

Your souls have reached levels of strength like no other in this galaxy and you will see that clearly as time goes on.

Enjoy the great Portal 02/02 and allow yourself to flow towards the softer forces, releasing the burdens you have been carrying over time.

We know how tired you are and some are discouraged, but, once again, we say that when you look to the skies and sincerely ask for help, it will never be late!

You are not alone and you are constantly being intuited about what new step needs to be taken and/or in what direction!

It is normal for many to feel lost and confused when chaos, wars and disease are continually announced.

However, if you withdraw within yourself, choosing the peace of your spirit, you can see something different from what is shown on the outside, for the more you allow this internal look, the more connected you are with the truth.

In this way, you can convey peace to those who look to you for a word of comfort, as they know, albeit unconsciously, that you have something “different” to offer.

The future is certain and there is no room for doubt!

You will achieve freedom and return to an Eden environment.

This is your destiny.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and, once again, as spokesperson for the Galactic Federation, I am excited for this year that will prove to be momentous!

Your consciousness will return to more expanded states and you will be able to have more contact with us, when more and more of you will wake up from well-slept nights, with the clear memory of having been with us aboard our ships.

Everyone is still waiting for special revelations, but we hasten to say that many of them will come from sides you can’t even imagine.

So allow yourself to turn your head in another direction and perhaps you will begin to notice things that you were not aware of before… It is a time when you will also be very surprised by your own intuitive abilities, when the more developed channels will be even better and those in training will feel more connected.

The time mesh that holds all the timelines together continues to unravel, leaving no other line than that of Ascension.

It is your unstoppable destiny.

Selatherin A-al Arjaten!
(In Sirian: Because Yes. We Are All One!)

Be in Peace,

Be in the Light!

Rafael (Neva/Gabriel RL): Gratitude, SaLuSa!



 Suzy Ward - Channeling Matthew Ward - January 7, 2022


With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. First we say, enter your new year with boundless enthusiasm and optimism! At this very same time next year, you can reflect on 2022 with a grand sense of accomplishment about having helped Earth’s peoples make great strides toward a peaceful, harmonious world.

Now we are privileged and honored to welcome God, who requested to have a voice in this message.

GOD: Thank you, Matthew. I like the message’s beginning. Great strides will be made, that is certain, but there will be bumpy passages while the mess in that world is getting cleaned up. This year is going to be a game-changer, and who better than I to say it is high time to stop the atrocious game some in my flock have been playing on Earth. That’s not judgment, that’s a fact.

Now then, my beloved children, what you think and feel about me is important to you, therefore to me, too, because all of you are parts of me and in every moment, I think and feel exactly as each of you does. So it’s very important to me what you think and feel about yourselves.

Disserving ones in my flock want the differences in your cultures, races and religions to divide you. They have a long history of doing that successfully and, down through the ages, they’ve used many deceitful methods to prevent my children on Earth from knowing they are godselves and all are equal in my eyes. Long, long ago my principal messengers told the people that same thing and other universal truths, but disserving ones destroyed original records and wrote your holy books themselves so those would contain what they wanted everyone to believe and do.

They portrayed me as a wrathful, vengeful God if I’m not obeyed, and they made self-serving laws steeped in control and greed and told the people those were my laws. They caused impoverishment and started all wars, even some in my name. They instigated slavery, sacrificial rites and the idea that male is superior to female, and they’ve been destroying the planet that is my child Gaia’s body.

never wanted any of that falsity, brutality, divisiveness and destructiveness! Always I’ve wanted my Earth family to live joyfully, cooperatively together and diversity to enrich their lives. I want my humankind to love and respect each other and Nature—all of it are parts of me, too—to preserve the planet’s beauty and prosper in its abundance.

The thing is, after Creator selected me to be the god of this universe and let me use Its energy to put my designs into form, I’ve been bound to honor Its gift of free will to all of my children. I’m never permitted to interfere with what any of them choose to do no matter how heinous or deadly to many, many others.

What I can do is respond to free will requests for help, and I’ve been doing that for Gaia and her residents ever since she asked more than 80 years ago. That’s when entire civilizations started sending a mass of light to raise Earth’s vibrations and open the minds of my children there so they can clearly see the control going on and rise up against it. Some of my flock from other homelands are living right there with you and, among other things, they’ve prevented the functioning of nuclear warheads and enormously reduced the ravages intended by the viral scourge. Others are clearing pollution out of your air—if they weren’t doing that nonstop, most of you would be dying from inhaling pathogens and other toxicity.

Your myriad helpers aren’t doing those things and much more just because I said they can—the spiritually-evolved in my flock work within the universal law of permission to step into another civilization’s affairs even when the need for help is so obvious—they’re doing it because you are family and they love you!

So, my dear children, if you’ve asked me for help or even if you haven’t, you’ve been getting it all along, but I can’t make peace on Earth because that starts with peace in each heart. Years ago I told my child Suzanne, The heart is the seat of the soul. You are immortal souls made of pure love—it’s the same energy as light, the essence of our Beginnings in Creator and the most powerful force in all of existence. That energy IS everything in existence! Love is what you are, what Gaia and I are, what animals, plants, galaxies, consciousness and our entire universe are!

Love is creation, not behavior, and it doesn’t mean liking whatever happens. Some in my flock, the ones you call dark, do unspeakably evil things. That may make them seem to be the strongest, but they’re the weakest because they’ve chosen a heartless void instead of love. They have only the spark of Creator’s essence that maintains the life force of each soul and their time on the planet is over. They will be taken to places far, far distant where they’ll be given other chances to choose love and if they continue refusing, Creator will take over.

I thank all of you who left your worlds to help our Earth family move toward manifesting Gaia’s Golden Age. Yours hasn’t been an easy mission, I know—I’ve experienced every step of your journey—and I honor you for staying steadfast. My love for you is infinite and eternal.

Now I thank you, Matthew, for letting me have a voice in your first message of Earth’s new year. It’s going to be a phenomenal turning point for my children there!

MATTHEW: God, we thank you for your inspiring words!

GOD: Matthew, I’d like another voice to be heard here, too, if you please, and I shall speak to your mother about that. Suzy, some years ago Gaia gave you a message and I asked you to include it in my fifth book of the series we call the Matthew Books. Please copy her message here.

[During a 2011 fall equinox global meditation, I was visualizing Earth in golden-white light when I heard Please record my words. The following is what I recorded.]

I am Gaia, the soul of the planet you call Earth. Just as you, I can feel heavyhearted or lighthearted. For long ages I wept, when my spirit was broken. My people were hateful to each other and my body was soaked with their blood. I weep no longer because there is so much to feel joyful about, so much to feel thankful for.

My light is not yet in full force, my body is not yet balanced. That is because some of my children still are being hateful to one another. Some of them are without love, without compassion, without the understanding that differences can be absolutely splendid when harmony and respect flow along the heart-lines.

Yet, I am joyful because I am on a journey like no other soul in this universe ever has traveled. I am going home, and you who are holding the light that is helping me move steadily and quickly forward are coming with me. Can you imagine a greater distinction than this journey we are sharing? Can you imagine a greater excitement than our ascension? I cannot!

I asked to speak this day to tell you of my gratitude for all of you. You were chosen from a great number of souls, triple the number that could incarnate and participate. This level of light service never before has been undertaken. We are playing a part in the grandest show ever performed in this universe. I feel the humility that mingles with sublime satisfaction for a job well done—in the continuum, our job is completed.

As our travels continue, many wonders are in store for you and this world of ours. You have been told of many, so you can think of them and look forward to them, but actually living in the glorious times soon coming is beyond your imagining.

All beings in this universe are watching this unfold, did you know? I cannot imagine such a vast audience! All the souls of light are cheering for us, so we shall continue giving them a good show, an experience worthy of even God’s applause. I share my heart with you and my love for you is overflowing.

GOD: Thank you, Suzy. Now I am speaking to everyone again. Do you know why I want Gaia’s message and mine in Matthew’s first message in your new year? No, of course you don’t and that wasn’t a fair question. I want Gaia and me to be more to you than nebulous concepts somewhere out there or up there. Like I told you, we are souls just like you are, and without any more delay, I want you to know us and feel our shared closeness and warmth within a loving, caring family! How better to do that than telling you about us and our feelings for you?

I’m going to say a bit more about your year ahead. It’s going to be lively, extremely lively! The roadway will have potholes and bumps here and there—my game-playing children aren’t going to leave gently—but when you feel like the powerful multidimensional family members you are, happenings will hum right along.

You’re also well-experienced in dealing with a world of folks who are hesitant to make big changes—you’ve been there, done that. Many times, actually, and simply by BEing, you inspire them to move forward with the love-light energy of your enthusiasm, excitement and confidence. Those feelings are like hope, joy, forgiveness, helpfulness, generosity, compassion and gratitude—they’re all benevolently contagious—and as they spread throughout my Earth flock, they will take the reins to change their world and you can rejoice: Mission fulfilled!

My beloveds, please think about what Gaia and I have told you. Goodness no, you don’t have to memorize our words, just remember our love for you and keep that in your heart. Live from your heart and keep your light shining brilliantly—you’re uplifting our whole universe!

Matthew and Suzy, I thank both of you. Now I’ll take my leave so you can continue.

MATTHEW: God, once again, we thank you.

Now then, dear ones, we know how eager you are for all “pandemic”-related circumstances to end—so are we and all other light beings in this universe!—and they will as soon as facts about this crime against humanity are made public. With everything coming ever more swiftly, it would be natural to expect that truth and all of the many long-suppressed truths to become widely known sometime in upcoming weeks or months.

The purpose of this unprecedented era on Earth—indeed, as Gaia stated, in this universe—is the opening of minds and hearts so the civilization can evolve in the spiritual and conscious awareness they need to co-create the Golden Age. If all truths were to come forth in one fell swoop, the collective third density psyche would go into shock and halt the grand momentum that’s building. Thus, revelations will emerge incrementally so the peoples can assimilate the first before hearing the second, and so on and so forth. Even with everything being accelerated, it’s understandable that enlightenment cannot be rushed when you consider the mindboggling scope of information the peoples need to learn.

So let us speak about what will come first. It may be only the “pandemic,” but consideration is being given to tying that with the outcome of the presidential election in the United States because some of the same individuals are responsible for both blatantly deceptive situations. We don’t know when evidence will be presented, but there are indications it can be prior to mid-year. Along with ongoing arrests and prosecutions of involved individuals, “pandemic”-related litigation is underway in several countries, some suits are filed in International Criminal Court, many millions of citizens worldwide are rallying against restrictions and vaccinations, and growing numbers are defying those mandates.

Whatever is decided about what information to disclose, when it comes, most of the populace will be stunned. Likely reactions will be a mix of rage, relief, confusion, guilt, shame and fear, and some may choose disbelief or denial. Your multiple lifetime experiences—and they’ve been invaluable in helping Earth’s peoples awaken to the extent they have—will enable you to be a bedrock of clarity and hopefulness for those who will be reeling. So that persons who have been doubly or triply vaccinated don’t feel they’ve just heard a death knell, offering the encouragement of rising vibrations can be especially helpful.

Whatever people’s feelings are about the truth will be in addition to concerns about physical, emotional and mental effects they may be experiencing due to continuously rising vibrations. Be mindful that your dense bodies are susceptible to the effects, too. If you feel off balance, dispirited, aggravated or fatigued, remember our suggestions to breathe deeply and rhythmically, drink a great deal of pure water, eat lightly, get sufficient sleep, take time for solitude, and be with Nature as often you can. Sharing those suggestions with family, friends and colleagues can ease minds and lighten bodies of those who listen and heed.

Beloved sisters and brothers, when the roadway is smoother—and on up ahead it is!—you will be living in an illuminated world where unity is growing within the collective consciousness and the most exhilarating era on Earth continues to unfold.

We are with you every step of your journey and, with all other light beings in this universe, support you with the power of unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward
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Master Babaji: What’s Coming In 2022?


JJK: A year ago, in the message WHAT’S GOING ON in 2021, I was told on the subject of Corona, “The game continues for now and ends as suddenly as it began.” Today, Corona is more present than ever! Did I mishear that?

BABAJI: The new one is making its way, the new humanity is growing up and the Golden Age is now being established. First, everything that has held this world together until now is breaking down. It is disintegrating and no longer growing.

Corona is present because the forces still in power use it to achieve their goals. Corona as a disease has joined those phenomena that keep coming and that have to be dealt with by the human immune system. So Corona has disappeared and yet it is still there. That is the inventory for this new year of 2022 that is now beginning.

JJK: So what can we expect?


BABAJI: This year will show all the brokenness of people and the contrariness. The old is no longer working and the new is not yet established. Many people – more than ever before – will no longer see a solution in the promises of salvation made by the old powers and will go in search of it themselves.

Thus the coming year is a year of departure and the year in which opposites unite.

This year will bring out the separation even more for some and others will make new connections. It is a year of doubt. Many people will not know what to do now and how to deal with the knowledge they have gained.

How can what drives you inside be turned into reality? Is it possible, will I succeed and will the system torpedo me? Questions about questions that need a solution.


The year 2022 brings man to the level where he tries to unite the opposites.

Mature souls will celebrate great successes in this, but people who have neglected their own healing work until now will face almost unsolvable problems. The old does not work any more and for the new the courage is missing! Thus the dichotomy in humans is to be summarized.

Light and shadow alternate steadily in this year. Great, new and lightful projects arise just as with all force the ruling system is to be extended. The coming year will take place in this field of tension.

The polarity between negative and positive, that all things have two sides and that it is nonsensical to argue about it, will become apparent this year. That is:

Whoever tackles and initiates new luminous projects, whoever simply says goodbye to the old system and seeks new ways – has very good conditions for it this year.

Where there is shadow, there is always light. There are always two sides to the coin and it is a matter of which side you choose now.

2022 contains the zero as a circle – the circle as a symbol of the perfect unity in God. The circle symbolizes the impulses of creation that emanate this year from the original source of all being.

So that you can overcome the division and perceive the two as a bridge to the next and not as a dividing line, this connection to the zero exists.

In this year it is possible to unite the opposites, and many people will go this way very successfully. People will be confronted with their karma for better or for worse.

What people are holding on to now will break away or be taken away. The new has room for the newborn human being.


So this year is also a year of goodbyes. Many people will leave this plane of being. The consequences of their own karmic destinies and the inhuman politics of the last 2 years are now becoming apparent.

However, above all there is the divine work and the grace of God. In the greatest distress you will be helped. This characteristic is from now on the constant companion of those people who have consecrated themselves to God and dedicated themselves to life.

It is the time of God’s infinite grace! People who listen to their hearts and courageously take their lives into their own hands will experience great support.

This is the second side of the coin. Who is ready to get involved in life and to question the old patterns of thinking and acting, will experience encouragement from God and the angels to an unprecedented extent.

Lightful projects find now the best conditions for the realization. What many still lack is courage, the courage to listen to the heart and not to let the mind dictate life.

Fears, doubts or worries always occur where a person moves away from his inner voice. Where he relies on security instead of courageously treading new paths.

Doubt or trust in God, timidity or devotion, courage or discouragement – this is the choice people will have to make this year. There is no way around it.

You are the conquerors of your life. You can regain your self-determined life this year if you pursue it with all your might and turn to God with all your heart. Everything is given to you. You only need to accept it.

People who choose a different way of life and choose the timeline of artificial intelligence fall out of your life. They no longer matter.


This year, the quality of relationships will be crucial and it is no longer quantity that will fulfill you. Who cares about 1000 acquaintances when all you need is one real friend?

Thus, it is a year when a great many relationships end. They simply don’t continue because you, in particular, lose interest in them.

Business relationships also change radically. Those who can no longer identify with their company will leave. For some, the current measures are only a shock at first, but they will turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

Those who say NO to this genetic intervention until the end will draw a great deal of strength and confidence from their steadfastness and derive a great deal of courage from it for their future actions.

That what you have experienced in 2021 in rudiments, becomes now determining: the reconquest of your self-determination!

The three twos symbolize the creation in its totality. They add up to 6, which means that we are entering a perfect age. For this, everything that stands in the way must be removed. So the great cleansing continues and reaches new dimensions.

Mother Earth is shaking, earth masses are coming into motion and the energy for this is being provided by the CENTRAL SUN.

You will be torn and led to decisions and only then, when you have recognized the right solution in the impossibility, peace and an unbelievable fulfillment will occur.

All of you who are courageously breaking new ground will be seized by this feeling of happiness this year. You will be confirmed in your courageous actions!


In this way, you will learn to trust your decisions and no more beatings will be put in your way when you implement them. This year, it comes down to recognizing what you want and being willing to commit to it. Where are you putting your energy?

Anything is possible and anything will happen – for better or worse, you have a choice and you are in control of your life.

Ambiguity becomes unambiguity and separation becomes the line that connects more and more people. This is the year 2022.

Sufficient energy for transformation continues to reach the earth from the divine Being.

To open your heart, to be under God’s protection and to find YOUR spiritual path with the help of the Powers of Light and then also be ready to go, that is what matters for you now.

Everything is taken care of – if you are ready to leave the prison of your thoughts, emotions and opinions.

The NEW time is here, the NEW life wants to be lived – with God as anchor and with me as navigator.

I love you infinitely and I am always with you.


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by



Blossom Goodchild - Channeling The Federation of Light - December 21, 2021

Hello! Giving it a try before Christmas … Anyone home?

Welcome to you, dearest Blossom, and to all those who choose to be part of our community in this way. We are aware of all those who write into you in Gratitude for that which we bring through, and we would very much like to take this opportunity to give our Gratitude to Each One for taking heed of that which we offer, which in turn lifts the Vibration of the Planet … which brings us great Joy … because it allows us to note the change in Energy upon your Planet … and within you. This is certainly a very positive outcome for us that so many ‘KNOW’ their Inner Truth and it serves so well in bringing about the enormous ‘Shift’ that is about to take place.


Blossom, all around you, there are signs of this being so.

Guys, these signs have been around us for years … I think the wind has blown them down.

We are aware of the patience required. The endurance level that you have had to undergo. The disappointments … the sadness … the disbelief. All of this we pick up within the general/overall ‘taking place’ energetics.


Well, to be honest, a shift into Phase Two wouldn’t go amiss! I know that would mean worldwide lockdown (according to your calculations) yet, as miserable as that sounds, it would at least mean we are moving on … and then … Oh Joy … only another three Phases to get through! I hadn’t considered that Phase One would take almost two years!

Your Phase Two is coming and it shall expose much. Some things will already be known yet when the lid blows off this boiling pot … there will be much disbelief and unimaginable turmoil, due to shock levels of those who have no idea at all of what lies beneath all that is taking place on the surface.

Well, I know you can’t give a time, so we shall just have to wait and see. That is my ‘Other mantra!’ I feel you want to say ‘Hold on to your hats’ … how many times have I heard this from you?

Too many it seems.


We TRUST you can feel the warmth coming from us that enters your heart space, which can also be interpreted as a huge smile from us.

Actually, yes, I can.

The time is upon you to brace yourselves, to strap yourselves in. To remain within a calm disposition as more and more is revealed.

For we say this. Once the lid is off … there can be no stopping the flow of that which is to pour forth.


Whatever is exposed … whatever degree/level of awareness one is able to comprehend that which is ‘uncovered/revealed … KNOW THAT IT IS NOW … THAT YOU/WHEN YOU … CHOOSE TO WALK INTO THE FULLNESS OF THE WARRIOR THAT YOU ARE!

Never faltering. Only Strengthening those around you with Love and Encouragement that all will ‘eventually’ be well.

Yet, won’t it be that ‘us warriors’ will also be in great shock?

This is so. Yet, imagine, that if this is so for you … how much more offering of comfort shall be required to those who have been blind and deaf to all that has been ‘brewing’.

Imagine the Topsyturvines that is to occur.


when it does … YOU ARE READY.

We feel that we have been ready for so long, yet, I still think, when it Truly does kick off, that even though ‘Being ready’ is within us, all that is to take place will still send ‘Those in the know’ reeling.

This is highly likely for the shock value of ‘What is’ …. what ‘actually’ is … hits deeply into the core of your Being. Into the core of everyone’s Being. The difference being, that … you … are/were … aware of its coming and therefore, so much more prepared than many.

We have spoken before of a Strength that will come from within.

A deeper discovery of self that lies within awaiting ‘The Call’. Not from you … yet, from Higher Service. This call will be undeniable and the Higher Awakening within shall offer such determination and purpose.







Yet, this Plan is not one that is written for you to study and absorb its contents. It is a Plan that shall unfold within you.

Think of a jigsaw puzzle. With every new piece put in its rightful place … the picture becomes clearer and allows one to ‘discover’ the next piece, which in turn repeats the process. As more and more pieces fit … the clearer the picture is revealed and the quicker other pieces are found to complete the task.

Dearest souls … ARE YOU READY?

I can only speak for myself, yet, I have come to acknowledge that many feel as I do. I can say ‘YES … I AM’. Yet, I am sure that when the volcano blows … we ‘may’ feel very much out of our depth.

Should this be the case … tap in. Close your eyes, say The Mantra, and tap in.

Would we say, the Mantra is your fuel and there cannot be a shortage of it … EVER.

KNOW DEAREST SOULS … throughout ALL that is to take place … above all that is to shock you to the core … that …



I always have a problem when you or White Cloud use that word. I think of fighting and war etc. You are asking me to look it up. ‘A large number of people or things.’ OK. I’ll flow with that … as you were!




They have a KNOWING of the outcome … a deeper understanding of ‘ALL THIS’.

Those ‘Off Planet’ have volunteered to serve on a grand scale in order to assist you in completing this mission. For it is of the upmost importance for the entire ‘IS-NESS’.

Such a tiny little dot of a Planet and yet, so many are ready and waiting to lift it … into/onto … a Higher level of itself. Quite incredible, really.

Because of the outcome. Because it has never taken place before.

To raise ‘Her up’ and take all of you with her for the ride and the residence!





Many find that hard to accept when you live on Planet Earth.

Many will KNOW this as TRUTH in due course.

It sounds a bit off for me to say ‘I hope you are right’.

Blossom …


Does your Heart feel this to be so?

That the Light has won? Well, let me go ask it! It said … ‘It wants it to be so, cos the alternative narrative sucks!’. So, is that a knowing … or a desire?

It is a state of Being that you are currently residing in.

So, we wouldn’t really say then that my heart TRULY KNOWS IT.

Ask Again?

It heard me the first time!

Please ask again.

Ok. Heart … do you KNOW that the Light has won? … YES. Why did it come through so clearly this second time?

Because the first time your thought/mind was too wrapped up in what you are being exposed to. However, the second time … the ‘yes’ came though without a question did it not?


Deep down inside … however much you feel ‘this knowledge’ is ‘uncertain’ … deep down inside … the ‘Essence’ of you … the ‘Matter’ of the very ‘YOU-NESS KNOWS THE LIGHT HAS WON.


That’s big! How can that be so?

Because …








There, of course, though, would be that question of why the darkness was allowed to take things this far in the first place?

That, dearest Blossom, cannot be answered in depth at this point.


Because of the complexity involved.

Try ‘putting it in a nutshell?’

It wouldn’t fit.

Maybe for another time that we may or may not get round to.

It is time for us to take our leave. We are aware of the ‘celebrations’ your Planet has created around this time. We ask that Each One makes it their mission to be of good cheer. For this we know, no matter what ON EARTH is going on … is the most valued ‘ammunition’ one can continually arm themselves with.


With respect, how shall I put this? I would Love it to be close. Yet, it was so close about ten years ago. However, I do have to admit to feeling that the lid is going to blow real soon. Yet, I have also felt ‘that’ many times before. WHO KNOWS … NOT ME! You must be smiling, as that warm-hearted feeling has just crept inside my heart. Thanks, Guys. We shall see, we shall see!

You SHALL … indeed.

In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.


Happy Christmas everyone from Blossom and from Goody,

For although elsewhere, I must not despair … cos he wouldn’t want that, would he?

So, raise a glass, on his behalf, and raise it in good cheer,

Chase away the blues, bring in happy news,

Cos it was a f**king awful year.

He feels so close, so from us both,

We send you Light and Love,

Mine is sent from Planet Earth and

His from up above.

Thank you to each one who has sent me so much Love and support in this last year. Such kindness has kept me afloat when I so often felt my ship was sinking. I navigate the seas alone now, knowing that the StarLight from my beautiful man Goody, will lead me through both rough and smooth waters. May this new year bring us ever closer to accomplishing our mission and may we do so in Grace, Humility, and Understanding of each soul’s pace, as they walk the pathway home. Many, many, many thanks. Blossom xxx


Please take the time to be uplifted by watching fellow Light players sharing the Mantra with you. Thank you so much to all who participated.




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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - December 3, 2021


You are in the storm before the calm and the cleansing will continue until the Earth has increased its vibrations, to allow many of you to advance your evolution in readiness to move into the 4th dimensional vibrations. You will be noted for your calmness in testing conditions and through your example many others will follow. It is your destiny and the old energies will be left behind. The level you reach will determine the future for you and you will most likely move to a planet that meets your needs to continue your present evolution. The transition will be smooth and much to your liking.

The energies around you are not static and keep moving to points that attract them. As you draw upon them so you lift yourselves up and you will gradually progress to a level that is the limit of your evolution at this time. The lower energies will have disappeared and you will be in harmony with all that is around you. You will have become a powerful being attracting all that you need to survive and continue evolving. Such progress is inevitable and welcome, as it has lifted you up to never again have to spend a life in the lower vibrations. Life at these higher levels is so different to what you have been used to experiencing.

Our brief is to prepare you for your upliftment, in the course of which we will present ourselves to those who have achieved the higher levels of evolution. Providing you show determination and commitment to evolve we will help you along that path. We are the Pleiadians and come to help you along to achieve your ambitions. There really is so much help around you that there is absolutely no reason why you should not achieve your aims. You will have done the hard bit by overcoming the antics and trickery the dark Ones have used to throw you off your spiritual path. You now have the benefit of experience through the lower vibrations that you have now overcome. You can offer a helping hand to others who are seeking the greater truths to help them keep on the evolutionary path.

The fact that your planet has been a “no go” zone is why many of you have concluded that there are no other life forms like yourselves in the Universe. Yet in reality it is full of life mostly living underground for reasons of safety and protection, from the dark Ones and the elements. With the ability to build cities in that way gives the occupants a safe abode from all forms of interference. On your Moon on what you call the dark side there are numerous types of ET’s that live on the surface that have even built cities. Your governments are fully aware of them but have been warned off from carrying out any form of interference. In fact right now there are also some ET’s living deep within your Earth safe from interference.

The Universe is teeming with life and some are very keen to meet you, but presently held back from doing so. Life in the future will be an exciting time to meet other ET races all similar to you in appearance. Most have evolved far ahead of you and consequently have much to offer. They have been kept at bay to ensure that your experiences are completely of your own making so that you can learn from them. However, it will not be too long before the first official contact takes place even though it may be a muted affair to gradually get you used to them being around.

The reason why big businesses are downsizing or collapsing is that they are no longer suitable for the period you are entering. Smaller units will be more practical and adequate and quite capable of meeting your needs. Such changes will come along quite naturally as more automation takes place and they cannot be stopped. Advancement has been held back for so long that moving into a new era has become something of an emergency. You should have been benefiting from them a long time ago and nothing can continue to hold them up.

Man has to accept that differences can be settled amicably and using force to obtain a result will no longer work as will be realised very soon. We have previously told you that we would not allow nuclear weapons to be used any longer. We have the technology to even stop your artillery from functioning and we are authorised to do so if it becomes necessary. These actions can now be taken whereas previously we could not intervene and had to allow you to experience the outcome of them.

Be patient as events may take some time to take place, but simply be aware that the light grows stronger at the end of the tunnel. Your future has been ordained and is committed to eventually bringing permanent peace on Earth. After all of the traumas and upsets of the last Solar Cycle we are pleased to be part of your release from the action of the dark Ones who can no longer prevent you from rising up into the Light. Already you are feeling the benefit of the changes so keep your eyes focussed on your goal, and be assured it will come to be. Take heart from the changes that are coming and the sooner matters settle down the quicker they will take place.

Your progress has been monitored by us for aeons of time and we are gratified that you have been successful in overcoming the attempts of the dark Ones to thwart your success. We are aware of the enormous troubles you have had to encounter to get this far and you are now to reap the rewards that you have earned. Without knowledge of what lays ahead you cannot really grasp the wonderful changes that will take place, and they are not that far away. Expect everything to work out satisfactorily and your energy will be helping it to materialise.

We are right with you and never far away if you need help so “speak” to us and we will take note. We are excited that soon we will be able to come out into the open and meet you, and believe us that many old acquaintances will be renewed and you will instantly be aware that they are old friends. Then you will recall who you were before you left the higher realms and had your memory blocked so as to not interfere with your new experiences. Can you imagine the joy and happiness in meeting old friends and family once again.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


Website: Tree of the Golden Light



 Suzy Ward - Channeling Matthew Ward - December 1, 2021


With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. As the year is nearing its end, many are wondering if traditional religious services and festivities with family and friends ever will be like they once were. Yes indeed, dear family, absolutely you will be able to enjoy all of this season’s celebrations without mandated restrictions and requirements, and, with recent developments, it could well be holidays in your new calendar year.

The very beginning of this strong possibility was almost 90 years ago, when God authorized some powerful civilizations to beam light to Gaia so she could jar her planetary body loose from deep third density and embark upon an ascension course. It was her desire that her entire population advance spiritually and consciously so they could go with her into higher astral planes.

Back then, most of her civilization were slumbering in what was familiar, but as volunteers from spiritually evolved worlds started incarnating on Earth, the light they radiated added to the light being beamed from afar stirred some people “to see the light” and awaken. As time passed, others did, too, then more and more and still more.

But a goodly number of souls adamantly kept refusing the light. Gaia sadly concluded that she could not wait for them to give up their preference for darkness and, heartened by the millions upon millions who were embracing the light, she kept her pace steady toward her destination in high fifth density. As energy surges propelled the planet into successively higher planes, gradually the pace increased.

This brings us to your last two years. What happens on Earth affects the entire universe, and what Gaia and her peoples around the world have been enduring has emanated low vibrations and adversely impacted other worlds. The Illuminati’s recent action was the last straw, so to say, and additional civilizations started beaming massive amounts of light to Earth so everything can occur faster. Thus, karmic lesson completion, truths emerging, resolution of conflicts, corruption uprooted, and circumstances lining up like dominoes to remove all remnants of darkness are in high acceleration.

That many distant civilizations now are intervening in a process that will benefit them is neither self-serving nor denying Earth’s peoples the right to manifest the kind of world they want. It is God’s response to Gaia’s request for world transformation to come more swiftly so her peoples can live freely, joyously, peacefully and harmoniously, be nourished in body, mind and spirit, and all their needs supplied in abundance. That is what her peoples want, too.

The inpouring of light will enlighten and embolden the masses who believed the blatant lies about the “pandemic.” They will start joining the people who are heeding the honest medical specialists and refusing to be vaccinated or wear immunity-weakening masks and they are protesting lockdowns. The loss of God-given and constitutional rights is nearing the boiling point, and what is upcoming can rightfully be called the peoples’ revolution against evil.

Since the Illuminati’s laboratory-made coronavirus failed to cause billions of deaths, they have been making fortunes from covid tests and solutions falsely called vaccines; and, aided and abetted by mainstream media, politicians and scientists in their ranks and those they control are claiming covid variants have become part of life so even infants need to be vaccinated. However, their dark agenda always has called for much more than satisfying avarice and power over the populace, and recently they released another, stronger, lab-manipulated virus to do what the coronavirus didn’t.

Our September 2020 message includes information that virus transmitted to a highly evolved soul we know well. That dear soul shared with us the following message she received from the new virus:

November 8, 2021

“Hello. Thank you for speaking to me today. I have been waiting for you, as the call was sent out for this conversation. It's an important one.

“You were told that I am here now, released this season as the next in the line, a virus created again in the image of darkness. Even more so, as the dark forces are desperate to keep their control. They want to keep their domination of the planet and its people intact. I was created to go deep in the dark. To wound, to kill, to snuff out much of humanity.

“But, yet again, this will not come to pass. The Light has infiltrated their plan once more, the same as what happened with the other virus strains. As the Waves of Light poured into my dark blueprints, I was lightened, changed, alchemized. I am still quite intense for some people and still sending some home if it's part of their life plan to leave, but not the mass of people I was created to kill. I have a different purpose and energy signature now.

“And I am different from the other viruses, as I have been released at a very different time on the planet compared to when they were released. The energy is so different now compared to only a few years ago. There is more Light and more people carrying that Light, and my job will be different as it will be more about awakening.

“I will be cleansing bodies and fields of their old patterns, wiping the slate clean so they can become new. Not an easy process, and oh, the human body of some will indeed suffer through the power-wash I deliver; yet others will experience a lighter dose of cleansing through my touch. And then there will be those dear souls who choose to leave their bodies behind. However, even in their leaving, they will become more Light. All is by agreement.

“The ones who stay and run the course of my illness, those folks will never be the same. Their evolution will be served as they dance in more Light! And oh, the dark ones don't like this at all. Not one bit do they like this! Their dark plan has been changed once more by the Light. And even more so because, through me, these humans are changed. Cleared of the old, they will wear a corona of Light! An initiation. A path to a higher truth. Though it's certainly not an easy time for the initiates as my energy can feel so heavy, but certainly not the dark plan seeded on the Earth. It will not bear the fruit it was intended to do. Those poisonous plans will not come to fruition. Eventually all the poisons will disappear from the Earthly experience and there will only be Light!

“Thank you for listening to me today. Have heart that no matter what you see rolling out this season, things are not as they seem. But of course, you know that. And whenever you hear of someone who has invited me in and they are struggling, send them Light. Send them Love. And send them rainbows. They and I will evolve with the Light that you send. It is so needed. It is always needed, especially now in the midst of this World Initiation. Thank you for your Lightwork, and I will now bid you adieu.”

Once again a virus has been infused with the capacity to doom dark intentions and assist Earth’s humankind’s evolution.

Knowing their latest attempt at mass depopulation has been another failure, the Illuminati are desperate. They also are tenacious. Most likely they will order their minions to create chaos geographically and economically everywhere they can, and your new year will be strikingly active as the recent intensification of light undergirds the efforts of courageous leaders to end dark control of your world. By being calm, confident and cheerful, you will uplift and enlighten persons who don’t know that what appear to be dire situations are reasons for great optimism.

It is not only their recent failure that is causing the dark ones’ desperation. Those who caused the “pandemic” or committed other crimes against humanity are being arrested and, on the basis of irrefutable evidence presented at trials, found guilty in your justice systems. Some have been executed, others will be and some will spend the rest of their life in prison. These procedures will continue until all such criminals around the globe have been brought to justice.

The universal law of physics that pertains to justice is lifeprint reviews in a spirit world. Those are like life-long movies wherein the individual feels exactly what was felt by everyone whose life he or she affected, and for the aforementioned individuals, that punishment will be much, much harsher than any penalty your verdict-givers mete out.

Now let us return to the spirit of this season of gift-giving and celebrations, and let us gift you with gentle reminders for joyously celebrating life:

The sum of those reminders is Do unto others as you would have them do unto you and Live from your heart. As God said, “Absorbing light is as simple as Be kind” and “The heart is the seat of the soul”

Beloved brothers and sisters, you volunteered for one of this universe’s most vital missions—saving the souls of Earth’s civilization. Enter your new year with the joy of knowing “Mission accomplished!” In the continuum, the peoples are flourishing in Earth’s Golden Age.

All light beings in this universe honor and support you with the unequalled power of unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward
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Archangel Michael: Nearing Cross Point

I am Archangel Michael with a message for the Light Angelic Warrior Group.

We are nearing a cross point, an apex in the journey of rectifying the wrongs on planet Earth. This cross point will appear slowly within the next couple of months. It involves the crash of the economic system and it will begin to appear to all that it is happening.

When the system finally does collapse the new one will already be up and running, so there will be little work in order to create a transition.

The ones who are going to crash the economic system are you. Not the Alliance, not God – You will do so.

You are wondering how you will do this. You will do this via your thoughts. You understand that there is a new quantum computer system running on the planet, and you believe it is already underway and it is. However there are two systems running concurrently – God’s system and the system of evil. It is a question of which system you invest in, which system you believe in, which system you question as being faulty and which one you see as being more powerful.

Why do you not believe that the process of people waking up on the planet is so important? It is the most important factor in all of this. You are going through an individual experience collectively. This collective must stand on the side of God, the side of goodness, so more and more people continue to wake up.

The key factor in all of this is the mind, not your physical reality. Yes, people continue to struggle within the confines of the old economic system, but their minds seek out a better way of life for themselves and their families. Yes, people watch the news and they are upset with what they are seeing, but their minds are seeking out a better way of life for themselves and their families. Yes, they continue to get masks, perhaps they feel helpless and get inoculated in order to keep their jobs, but all of these things are making them think of a better way for themselves and their families. As they always have done!

The energies incoming now are the better way. These energies will now sync with your minds and what you desire to create. Most people on earth want better for themselves, and now this will be created – because it can be. Restrictions imposed upon your minds in history disallowed for this to happen. Now it can happen because these restrictions have been removed.

That is the difference. It is what your minds want, not what you actually are living right now, that is your future. You all want better for yourselves, and so it shall be.

Know that for many years, eons in fact, while humanity on earth was deposed, their minds asked, begged, prayed and wished for better. It could not happen because of restraints put upon you by the intervenors. Now it can happen because these restraints are gone. Your minds can now resume the task of recreating your world. Keep wanting better for yourselves, and when opportunity is created, take action. The only thing standing in your way now is your belief in the old, so release it. Embrace the new, use your imagination to create goodness for all.

On that note, today’s task will be to focus upon Australia. The original natives are suffering from prejudice and you see now that this is about global genocide. Please focus your Love and Light, your prayers on Australia in general and on these peoples specifically and strengthen them in order to strengthen their minds.

This is all about manifestation, nothing else. This is a battle of the minds – the minds of the demiurge as it seeks to destroy you, and your minds as you seek to find freedom from this scourge.

I am Archangel Michael. I am with you, you are with me, we are powerful, we are Legion.

**Channel: Sharon Stewart



 Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - November 26, 2021


As you progress through the weeks and months so there will be more revelations to advance your understanding of the truth. You have previously been given a minimum of information but you are now more advanced and ready to learn some greater truths. Many of you have grasped the fact that your souls are eternal and realise that you must have had many, many lives. It will undoubtedly surprise you to know that any incarnation can be “called” back as a live person that you could speak with. It could for example open up a lot of possibilities that allow for the truth as history to be verified. The examples are endless, like being able to speak with family members that had already passed on before you were born.

After having been isolated on Earth to some extent, it will be exciting to be able to converse with other “off planet” Beings either directly or through the power of thought. The possibilities are endless and will open up a new phase including family and friends regardless of how far away they may exist from you. However, there is always a word of caution before you are let loose which is why it must be safe for you as there are still negative entities in your solar system. Bear in mind that we are looking into the future, and matters will first have to improve upon Earth before these changes can come into being.

Now that you are gradually lifting up, the future looks very exciting and understand that as time passes you will be preparing yourselves for a great leap forward. In reality only a small number of souls are sufficiently advanced to be ready to ascend, but it is never too late to aim for the highest level possible. Meantime, you can help others by setting a good example by being in harmony with all other souls. It is a state of mind that allows you to keep calm regardless of whatever is happening around you, and even directed towards you. You may find that you have to walk away from such situations rather than engage in disputes that can often lead to negative exchanges.

There is nothing like actual experience to test your ability to keep calm in all circumstances. Any doubts will soon be overcome and when you can handle negativity you will be surprised how easy it is. By now you possibly realise the need to keep control of your emotions and how much better you feel as a result. Getting annoyed or worse losing your temper upsets your body functions that take some time before they settle down again. In the worst scenario you may also become ill which is why it is a good idea to leave before things get out of hand. It is continually testing your resolve to keep control of your feelings, and the more you can do so the easier it will gradually become.

Dear Ones, nothing would give us more joy than seeing you overcome any changes in your resolve to keep a peaceful countenance in all situations. It clearly helps if you can avoid situations where you may be subjected to abuse or even worse by physical harm. We will be with you but there is a limit to what we are allowed to do to physically help you. There are some situations where we are unable to intervene but we are never far away, and you may at times feel you are alone fighting the odds against you. Sometimes you must make your own way forward, when we know you have the ability to control your own future.

Because you are entering a new phase in your evolution where the greater truths are starting to be revealed, we ask you to keep an open mind so that you can adapt to the changes. It is best that you release your old beliefs where possible, so as to allow for an expansion of your understanding. The old beliefs were limited to keep them in line with your ability to absorb and use the information. Now it is time to learn some of the greater truths about life and the world around you. The illusion that you were the one of the only life forms in your Solar System has been broken. When you bring peace to the Earth the floodgates will open and many of your off world friends will be free to visit you.

From time to time there have been isolated visits from other civilisations but these have been closely monitored and controlled. It was important that your experiences were not disturbed by outer happenings. You had lessons to learn and it was important that you were not distracted. Your experiences have been controlled but at the same time your freewill has still been observed. You have often appealed for outside help little realising that we have always been on hand to do whatever was permissible.

The real you is a much more advanced soul than you might imagine, for purposes of ensuring you get the necessary experiences to evolve each life is carefully planned to ensure the most successful outcome. As individuals it is your Guides who ensure you follow your life plan as far as possible. Although it may not seem possible, every life is set for certain experiences including any karma that needs clearing, although many souls have already done so. It is all down to the individual's needs and some no longer need to experience karma as such.

No soul is left behind because there is no deadline as such to achieve ascension, and as now there are times when the circumstances are more favourable. Your brothers and sisters such as the Pleiadians have closely followed your evolution and as we have mentioned recently, are present in your solar system to help you through the end times of the last Solar Cycle. You are continually helped in far more ways than you are aware of which is why you are still alive today and have avoided an early demise. For example we took steps to prevent a third World War that would have destroyed the Earth.

However you are assured of a safe experience leading to Ascension and as always we at our higher level will ensure it is so. Attempts by the dark Ones to destroy the Earth have been to no avail and they will answer for the evil they have been responsible for.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


Website: Tree of the Golden Light


The Pleiadians: Lifting The Veils

Beloved ones we greet you,

As you move closer to the end of this year a series of veils will begin to lift, they begin to reveal Truth to you on another level. This is part of your destiny in motion as revelations and blessings are being returned to you, bringing you into a higher understanding and alignment of your own unique divine components. The call going out is to accelerate into these sacred moments of your makeup and reclaim your heritage. All is in hand as you take another step forward creating multidimensional building blocks within your Heart.

As you move closer to completing this year’s cycle there are a waves of fluid energy, which carry powerful light forces that are entering Earth. These forces of light are designed to expand and build during the months of October, November and December. Creating a shift within the magnetic frequency of the earth’s Magnetic Core, and birthing a higher resonance of light to emanate, pulse from the Magnetic Core outwards across the earth plane. An expanded fluid energetic patterning is arising from the Magnetic Core in the form of an expanding light spiral.

An electrical shift is activating within the magnetic core of Earth, creating openings, forming a series of new vortexes throughout the planet. This is not a new environment that is being forged, these multidimensional structures have always existed throughout all time. These happenings are a resurrection of pure light frequency consciousness arising on Earth. They take the form of sacred geometrical patterns for the designated purpose to create openings to shift your conscious connections to the divine element of Truth. These forms are interacting within your energetic field, heart cells and Brain creating some disorientation in your day- to-day reality experience. Letting go within your Heart in conscious moments supports you to adjust physically, energetically and emotionally through the multidimensional changing landscape of Earth.

The Earth’s rotation is shifting and causing a strengthening of a more direct alignment and alliance to the Sun. This happening is also creating a further disorientation within your systems. This is the time to let go and to create moments of focus within your Heart to offset this feeling of confusion within the ego mind. You are navigating into not new, however into unfamiliar territory that can bring your human mind into a feeling of chaos and being out of control.

The Covenant’s webbing is assisting you in this entire transitional process. This webbing is interacting directly within the Magnetic Core, creating a spiral like flow of light moving from the inner core outwards and across the planet. The spiraling light expands its form as it flows, deepening the multidimensional potential as it also interacts within your heart cells.

These spirals enter a transmitter, which exists in each heart cell. These spiraling light particles are designed to launch you into a rapid transmutation process. The light particles enter the transmitter within the heart cell, giving you access to the focused potential of your Higher Self. These interactions allow you to gain access into the expanded vibrational framework of the Heart cell. The Covenant webbing has made this manifestation within your Heart possible.

Simultaneously the activation within your Hearts transmitter is upgrading and realigning your energetic systems into a more expansive higher energetic resonance throughout your energetic field and systems of your physical body. This transformational process is designed to prepare you for this complete energetic reset which is going to take place on your planet as you move into the 2022 timeframe.

The collective destiny, of those of you actively on a conscious path, will contribute to the unfolding of Earth. You are to play a major role during this time of transition on Earth. This is a key, pivotal moment for all of you and we wish to acknowledge the power and presence your collective and individual paths create in the Plan.

As you actively choose to engage deeper within your multidimensional Heart your unique frequency of light can expand and naturally interact within the energetic framework of Earth. You individually support the balance of light on the planet. This process of returning to reality beyond the illusion is a major aspect of your destiny in motion. Revelations are about to be bestowed upon you, aligning you into a higher understanding and alignment of your own unique divine components.

The time has arrived for you to begin preparations for these upcoming changes. You are required to set in motion a deeply focused attention allow for a deeper union within your Heart space. As you engage within your Heart there is a natural multidimensional recalibration that begins to take place. All that is required for this change is you choosing moments to align your awareness within your Heart space.

Through you bringing a conscious focus within your Heart a higher energetic arena will open naturally, like a door opening, giving you access to another element of your Higher Self, which has always existed in your Heart. This opening will enable you to become housed, anchored within your multidimensional Heart structure. You will be moved into a self-realization process within your Heart. You will become aligned to the frequencies of Home.

In truth you have never been separated from the divine consciousness of God. The sacred aspect of Self has been a constant presence in your life. As you consciously align into your Heart you return to this higher expression of yourself. You have the potential to anchor and activate this higher component of your Higher Self within your day to day lives. You can shift your experiences within any moment simply by moving your focus from your Ego mind to your Heart. This is the time for you to shift your awareness creating a rapid transmutation of light within you. Each time you choose to move beyond the illusion through your Heart every cell in your body accelerates in a transformation process.

The illusion of the 3rd dimension drama which is being played out on your planet is undergoing a constant magnification. The Covenant’s light is continually expanding, and the spirals of light are accelerating throughout the planet. We wish to guide you to consciously witness the playout of the drama in your life and community, you do not need to become part of this drama.  Then consciously move your awareness beyond this illusion into a higher consciousness space. You achieve this by transferring your awareness into your physical chest, which is at the center of your energetic Heart. Your Heart is the avenue for your stabilization, moving you into peace and an alignment to knowing, through the communion to your Higher Self essence.

There is much about to be revealed as you develop a connection through Communion with other human beings. You each carry a sacred unique aspect of God light, one not more than another. Your individual light contributes to complete the whole and at this juncture you are being asked to make this communion manifest between you and others through a connection of Hearts.

This communion is destiny, a sacred vision of bringing forth the manifestation of your collective oneness through the alignment of individual Heart frequencies. You need to accept how your individual divine frequency impacts Earth. Collectively your Hearts maintain a working balance of light for the planet. As the action of this Communion unfolds you form a communion of power, of light unparalleled in its significance for the full transition and transformation of the Earth’s consciousness.

This process of alignment involves two or more people coming together with their collective Heart energy. The sacred merging forms a high synergy of light through the element of communion. Through this communion you create profound change within the consciousness of the planet, as a pure frequency is birthed from the action of conscious communion. This action of connection is a next step in the plan for the rebalancing of the light consciousness on Earth. Simultaneously as the communion process unfolds within you the telepathic center in your brain goes through a metamorphic process. The telepathic center becomes ‘switched on’ as the cells become recalibrated dimensionally. Enabling you to form an expanded conscious alignment to your higher realm consciousness.

You require the activation of your telepathic center to receive and engage with the rest of the Universal community. Telepathic communion is the only way the rest of our Universe communicates. This is your time to fulfill aspects of your mission to develop relationships with alternate life force groups which exist within your resident Universe.

As you redevelop your telepathic skills you will notice how your relationship within the spiritual realms will flourish. You enable yourself to receive a deeper transmission of light from your spiritual groups within telepathic communion and you get to play a fuller role within the God consciousness collective which you are a part.

There are a series of Sacred Words that we are going to provide to you now to support rapid alignments to take place within your own Heart space. When you place these words into your Heart space you bring your unique frequency into your heart cells. Like a key to a door, these words open a multidimensional access to your Heart cells. Your heart cells recognize the unique frequency you create as you place these words within your Heart arena.


1. Place the palms of your hands on your full chest area.

2. Bring your awareness to where you feel the warmth or pressure of the hands on your chest. Take a Conscious breath, this is a breath in the mouth and released out the mouth, place this breath like a soft wind within the space.

3. Wait till you feel see or sense an opening within your Heart, your Heart is responding to your breath. Utilize the Conscious breath as many times as you feel.

4. Now keep your awareness within the space of your Heart while you place the words into this space:


ENTAE ESTE  (entay estay)

ENTAH ANAE (entar anay)

TAEN NAE ESTE (ta yen nay estay)

ANAE, ANAE, ANAE  (anay, anay, anay)

5. As you place the words fully, open your awareness within the space of your Heart that you see, sense or feel, take a Conscious breath and let go. Feel yourself move deeper.

You can do this process once or many times, as frequently as you feel.

Know how much you are loved. We witness you and are here to support you. Call us forward at any moment for support in your process.


The Pleiadians.

**Channel: Christine Day



Suzy Ward - Channeling Matthew Ward - November 1, 2021


With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Let us address concerns about ingredients in the solution falsely called vaccines that are causing most deaths officially attributed to the virus. First, if you loved any of those dear souls, let it be a measure of comfort to know that most transitioned to spirit life because they had completed chosen karmic experiencing, and, at soul level, others chose the option to leave and complete remaining lessons in Nirvana. Each person whose physical lifetime ends from any cause is lovingly greeted and given personalized care until wellbeing in mind, body and spirit is restored. Then they begin an active life in that wondrous world of love, diversity and illumination, from whence they are guiding everyone with whom they’re bonded in love.

Now then, if employment, school attendance or travel is requiring you to be vaccinated and exclusions are not accepted, please do not worry. Gaia’s desire for her humankind to be healthy is being honored. Immune systems and cellular restructuring from carbon to crystal are being fortified by increased light as more and more civilizations are aiding Earth’s peoples in this respect. Your worst enemy is fear—don’t let its low vibrations interfere with absorbing the light being beamed to you in ever greater abundance.

We don’t know when this “pandemic” scourge will run out its energetic course, but what we do know in addition to light intensification will let you feel greatly encouraged. Because puppets of the darkness are violating Creator’s cosmic law by denying instead of honoring others’ free will choices about vaccination, some in peak ranks of the Illuminati have been taken off the planet by one means or another and others are soon to meet that fate, some who are aware of this are taking their own lives, and many in lower ranks are abandoning the sinking ship.

Please give no energy in thoughts or feelings to any dire-sounding information about AI, 5G or any other plans based in dark intention—none of those will come to fruition! Dear ones, live in your heart space—God said, “The heart is the seat of the soul”—and continue embracing the light to bring ever closer the day when you will live freely as the multidimensional, divine sovereign beings you are!

“Please ask Matthew why Earth was chosen as the battleground between light and dark forces. He said the light already won. If that is true, why then is the darkness still able to control our lives?” Since antiquity the planet has been one of countless sites of spiritual warfare between the light and dark forces. Destroying life in numerous sinister ways has long been apparent in your world, but this universal battle is not for bodies, it is for souls—bodies are temporary, souls are eternal. That is why capturing souls is the quest of the dark forces and light forces use the far greater power of love to prevent it. And, absolutely the light has won the battle! This is true not only for Earth—civilizations throughout the universe are being liberated from the dark forces’ ages-old reign.

You do know this at soul level, but the importance of knowing it consciously cannot be overstated. A message I gave my mother in 1995, when I was still living in Nirvana, “has all the dots,” if you will, of information offered in many subsequent messages. At that time, a quarter century past in your linear time, communication between Nirvana and Earth was being heavily assaulted by the dark forces, and “we” in the message is the hundred souls whose collective energy safely secured my transmission.

Mother, we greet you this morning with MOMENTOUS news! Creator has decreed that the free will of the dark forces no longer will be permitted to override the free will choices of the light beings! The willful destructiveness within the darkness that has prevailed through the gift of free will is coming to an end!

We have just learned of this victory for the light from sources who have visited realms at the highest point available to any soul with the power to ascend to that height and return to this level. The news comes from a series of such messengers, all totally trusted within the light and at such high grace and station that their integrity and enlightenment cannot be in doubt.

Creator's decree is not because the forces of light are dimmer or weaker than the forces of darkness. Light always shall be stronger in total, and ultimately light shall prevail completely. Always the individuality of each light being has been and ever more shall be held sacred and inviolate, with the free will choices of each soul separately registered and honored.

With the dark forces, it has been different always. The free will of a person drawn into fascination with the darkness has been added to the power of the darkness by the design of its masters. No longer have that person's choices been individual, because his or her free will has been gathered into the total armament of the darkness and become a part of its grand deception.

These combined free will choices of the dark forces have been their strength. Evidence of the effects of that strength is the negativity that has been building so long on Earth. The magnitude of that combined strength is far greater in intensity than the choices of each individual light being, thus the forces of darkness have been able to continue proliferating negativity and prevailing over the free will choices of individual light beings.

Only by the withdrawal of free will from the apex of the darkness can the free will of all other souls be honored, and that is what Creator via God is now instituting within this universe. The battle no longer will be lopsided, with a massive dark force of captive beings acting in unison to conquer the individual beings of light.

The decree's most profound effect on Earth is this: The cleansing to rid your planet of the accumulated negativity will continue, but it can be far less in scope and intensity, far less in damage and physical death than formerly required! It is far more likely now that there will be several years of releasing kinetic energy without the cataclysmic force that would have been necessary prior to the decree from Creator.

When the cleansing activity began in earnest, about half a century ago, great intensity was building within Earth and very close to her surface. That was the work of the darkness, which had gathered itself into a tightly knit force. The same light energy being beamed toward the planet to effect the essential human cellular restructuring also was needed to battle those dark forces, as the very heart and soul of Earth was at stake.

The heavy presence of darkness and the critical engagement of the light forces in opposition were jeopardizing the cellular restructuring process. That is why it has gone on for several decades. The process, which is done at soul and cellular levels, where the patterning is known and agreed upon, could have been completed within a twinkling of your eye. Instead, the ongoing battle between light and dark not only has prevented that swift cellular change, but also has been causing the tremendous pressures within the planet and on the surface.

If light forces had not been present throughout that time, the consciousness of Earth's people—and perhaps even the planet’s consciousness itself, which also has free will—could have been severely compromised in vision through free will choices made in the climate of prevailing negativity. Without the light in constant opposition, those dark forces could have successfully waged this campaign and ended the struggle for domination long ago. The civilization would have capitulated and the darkness would be in total control now.

With thanks to the light forces, that is not the case! However, even though the darkness is being withdrawn in its ultimate hold, billions of other sources of negativity—thought forms and energy arising from intent, actions and feelings—still need to be diminished through the work of the light. The pressures of negativity that have been building for thousands of years still must be relieved by dissipation of the kinetic energy already at work. While the process will not result in the devastation previously considered necessary, still there will be upheavals and planetary changes as the kinetic energy is released. The soul-level rejoicing in this realm will be assisting Earth during the remaining cleansing activity.

The light forces that had been battling so long and so valiantly entirely within the mind and spirit of God and Creator has in recent times attracted assistance from many distant sources. Yes, Mother, they are the benevolent and highly evolved civilizations whose representatives you have met via their cogent messages to Earth's people.

Matthew, your news about Creator's decree and the decreased need for devastating cleansing activity is—well, beyond my ability to express. I'm wondering if the formal presentations by all those powerful light beings will have as much value now as previously, though.

ABSOLUTELY, Mother! For decades those entities have been helping to save the very life and breath of Earth! The planet's stability in orbit and composition throughout the past 50-year struggle has been due largely to the magnitude of their energy assistance, yet their invaluable aid has been almost totally unrecognized by Earth's people.

In recent times, their focus and presence has been required in far greater measure than previously, as it has been clearly known to the dark forces at the top most pocket of the universe that Earth is a prize about to be won or lost, and they, too, are increasing their pressure.

While these light entities' steadfast assistance under the formerly envisioned drastic cleansing conditions may not be needed in the actual measure they willingly offered, their willingness is what is vital. Their willingness in past and ongoing assistance has helped to preserve the life of Earth, and their willingness to stick it out until your planet is healthy once again is paramount in the times to come.

Absolutely their messages are of the same critical value as before Creator's decree! Perhaps even more so. There is no less need for their help now than when it was originally presented and enacted, but it is devoutly wished that henceforth their assistance will be met with Earth peoples' cooperation in openness and love. Their messages will help to engender this type of welcoming, appreciation and open cooperation. The great changes will not allow the millions of innocents to be captured by darkness, nevertheless souls still have their individual journeys through their karmic lessons. Only by journeying in knowledge and respect of universal brotherhood, only in awareness of the interconnectedness of all God's creations, can souls grow toward the light. That passageway to reintegration with Creator is as essential now as at any time in Earth's existence!

Yes, I can see now that their messages are just as vital as they were before the decree. Besides the reduced need for destructive cleansing activity, what is in store for us?

The duality within each soul, which is the personal struggle for balance, and the bipolar existence of Earth, which is a planetary phenomenon, will be unfolding the lighted truth. Therein is the balance that is the essential ingredient to reintegration with God and Creator. But please do not expect a miraculous overnight achievement, Mother. Rather, it will be an unfolding of the powers of the light, which will be reinforced throughout the years in which the changes will be occurring.

Of its own volition, light is all encompassing, unfolding, empowering. Those who choose the light do so in total awareness that their individuality always prevails amidst the desired unity within the love and free will from top to bottom of the light hierarchy.

That is not true of darkness! That is based upon delusion, deception and mastery at the top and mental and spiritual enslavement thereafter. So the souls who have been trapped in darkness must outgrow the inclinations that led them to it and were perpetuated by their captivity. Those individuals can act only within their own understanding of strength and power, and their free will choices must be honored even while still tending toward that dark direction.

They will awaken eventually. Spiritual clarity will return to them, which in itself is light-filling, and it will overcome the spaces of darkness. Even in deep pockets, that darkness will be dislodged. But again, please do not expect this to unfold immediately, as not all individuals' free will choices may be in that spiritual growth path.

Nothing happens anywhere on Earth that does not affect the universe, and planet-wide remedial efforts are needed in abundance! The deprived people, who number in the billions, are the most innocent, the most needy, and the most forgotten. Not all of them chose karmic learning in such abject poverty, hardships, pain, and hopelessness. Their suffering has been caused by the decisions of the few government or business leaders totally captivated by the puppet masters, and therefore free will has not been prevailing among those innocents.

That control will be released from those leaders, but who can say whether the light being beamed at them will be accepted or rejected? Remember, the free will that is being withdrawn at the apex of the darkness DOES remain at the individual level. It cannot be denied to the few who are causing misery for the masses. Their decisions still must be honored throughout the time required for their reemergence into the light. However, the light being beamed at them can penetrate more clearly without the constant over-influence of the darkness master. Also, they cannot band together as formerly, and that fragmentation alone will have wonderful growth effects for the lighted beings. Additionally, through divine grace, the accumulation of karma incurred by the deprived masses can be used to offset the aggregate darkness in its most stubborn pockets.

According to reports reaching us, many changes will come about in government and other structures for functioning within an orderly civilization. This is necessary for the preservation of humankind and the planet. At one time those systems were based in honor and integrity, and there can be the return to that status. It will be a time-consuming procedure, as this will be voted upon and opposed for a time, but eventually the light will prevail in such intensity that the darkness simply cannot exist in power.

According to the reports, your monetary systems will change. Since hardships are presented continually due to money, it should come as a relief that in your not-too-distant future, money will not be needed at all. Not need, but greed has created the money flow and the entire economic system of Earth. With its core of darkness, that system cannot stand the coming of greater and greater light. It will be replaced with a system that is of light quality devised by hearts and minds based in the light.

There will be an exchange for a while of services, goods and assistance one to another, and the light that will be pervasive by then will negate the need for the economic accounting principles existing now. Only cooperation and solicitation for the good of all will be the basis for commerce.

Mind control, which holds captive all puppets of the masters of darkness, will be reduced in corresponding measure to the reduction of that hold from the top. As souls begin to see that their individuality is as powerful as their unity was within the darkness, mind control will be lessened. Individuals will realize the restoration of their free will and they can withdraw voluntarily from the darkness. Again, the effects will linger, as will the effects of all other insidious measures designed for controlling people within ignorance, deception, fear and misery.

Conscience is being given fortification, as the unity within darkness permitted almost no conscience to function, so the flexibility of this energy layer of the soul is being returned to individuals.

All negativity will diminish as the source of it is removed and the power of negative energy attachments dissipates. Although the negativity has been building for thousands of your calendar years, the lessening effects can be achieved within just a few years, we are told.

Mother, let your spirit be lifted in continual rejoicing at the forthcoming changes due to Creator's decree! The light that will radiate in greater and greater glory will embrace you in love and enlightenment during whatever spiritual and physical journey awaits you and Earth!

Beloved sisters and brothers, you don’t remember that you knew all of that when you volunteered to incarnate on Earth to help Gaia’s humankind awaken. Now you know the light you have been radiating to her civilization has been soul-saving!

All light beings throughout this universe honor you for undertaking this vital mission and have supported you with the unparalleled power of unconditional love every step along your oft difficult pathway.



Suzanne Ward
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Archangel Ariel: No One Is Lost

All Is Well

Blessing of the world, light for people and love everywhere – this is what is going on now and any other narrative is misleading, stirs up fears and makes you despondent. With what is being offered now, and with these discharges, it is time to strengthen your nerves, sharpen your vision and maintain foresight.

Beloved children of light,

everything is going its way, the destiny of the Earth and that of humanity is taking its course – and it is good what is happening, it is good what is showing itself, it is good what is now coming to the light.

Only in this way the purification can happen, because it is the truth that is needed for it – and more and more people are touched by the truth now, when more and more lies are spreading all around you.


What is taking place now is a wrestling for humanity. It is a PULLING, sometimes there, then there again. People are confronted with the lie until they think for themselves and begin to question and to see through.

So the truth makes its way to the light via the lie. This is a very intensive process and one that takes time.

But observe carefully: The house of cards of the lie becomes more and more transparent and thereby the lie becomes unstable. In the end, each person will have the opportunity to look and see which powers he trusts and to which powers he has ceded responsibility.

However, for many people the truth remains hidden until the end, because they do not want to and cannot yet see what is.

Do not worry a day about these people. They enter the realm beyond this world and come back to this earth with new tasks – and those who have mastered this level now will then be their teachers and mentors.


Even your loved ones from the soul groups and soul families will not be lost just because they made wrong decisions this time or decisions they were not capable of making.

Spiritual soul families endure far beyond earthly lives and so rest assured:

The unity of your soul family remains unaffected by the split on earth.

Be also assured that every human being also beyond the veil, receives possibilities of healing, if he got involved as an embodied human being in gene-altering substances.

Everything is possible for the heavenly powers and so everything is also made possible for you. As soon as a soul is mature and a being is ready, it receives the opportunity for perfect insight and complete healing in heaven.

May eons pass – the integrity of your soul is subject to the Creator and no earthly authority.

Even if you were cut off from the soul for a time, you will find it again if your will is firm and your longing strong enough.

It is irrelevant how many lives you need for it, of importance for this message is: No one is lost!

The world is blessed, man stands in the light and love triumphs everywhere in the end!

I love you infinitely,


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation by



Blossom Goodchild - Channeling The Federation of Light - October 16, 2021

Hello you! I am trying to rise above the insanity of our Planet, as I know we have to focus on a bright future in order to bring it about. In Australia, many are talking about escaping to the hills and apparently, guns are now in short supply as people feel the need to protect themselves! * I thought perhaps you could take us on a journey of Joy and talk to us about The Bridge … The Rainbow Bridge. Sounds like a trip I would like to make. I have my bag packed!

Greetings and Laughter to you all. All of you who are HOLDING THE LIGHT, when many feel it has disappeared. Yet, YOU OF GREAT STRENGTH KNOW it has not.

We know it is still within us yet, from all things outside of us, let me tell you, it’s all looking pretty bleak! Sometimes I feel so depressed out of disbelief and there seems no end of the tyranny in sight.


For you know that throughout history there is the spoken word of THE GREAT CHANGE. An ‘Event’ that will change everything.

Well, history isn’t exactly something we can rely on as Truth either. In fact, nothing we are told ever can be relied on as Truth, it seems. This leads to more depression for many!

So where does that leave you, Blossom?

You tell me.


Actually, it doesn’t! For I don’t know what is Truth and what is not. You told us before all this nonsense began, that it would get really topsy turvy and you say there is still more to come. My heart, my mind, cannot decipher the Truth of many things. You say our heart will tell us … yet, it doesn’t. On some things, yes, yet, on many, No. Anyway, let’s not indulge … what time is that bus to the Rainbow Bridge? All aboard!

What we would like to remind you of is the fact that when you agreed to come to this Planet to see this extraordinary mission through, it was explained to you that there would be times when you would feel like giving up … like going home … because of the conundrum of all that surrounded you. You were told then, that extreme forces of dark would be blocking your every move. Yet, so keen were you all to ‘descend’ and make right that which is wrong.

You were also told of the outcome. You were shown vistas of Light Realms whereupon all who resided within, recognized one another as Bringers of Peace, and Great Warriors that brought so many over The Bridge into a place of Beauty and Wonderment.

In this knowing of your capabilities, there was no thought of non-accomplishment. For the reasoning behind this mission … to rid the darkness from your Planet … was of such great importance.

So, what exactly is The Bridge? **

Physically, of course, it does not exist. Yet, we would still choose to let it be known to you as a pathway … to your Enlightenment.

I might have to interrupt … so soon. Would you describe Enlightenment as an ongoing process, or does one, one day, suddenly reach Enlightenment and all Knowing?

We would choose to say that in your present situation as ‘Earthlings’, ‘Enlightenment’ is indeed, an ongoing project! However, as Lights of Love in your original form, you are, of course, fully Enlightened. For you are in a place of all understanding.

This tree could have many branches today. So, if that’s the case, why do we need to keep coming back lifetime after lifetime, for our soul’s growth/Enlightenment?

Experience of different sorts. However, many of you on the Planet at this time are not here to ‘grow’ in soul understanding, for your knowledge is already within as you know … within Each One of you. So, we would say, you are not necessarily here for the ride … yet, for the soul/sole purpose of bringing your Planet into its original Higher position.

Perhaps you could clarify as to whether or not, when we cross over ‘The Bridge’, we are ‘somewhere else’ or, are we still on Earth?

You are indeed, still on Earth. Yet, a different one. In that it is still the same ‘base camp’, would we say, yet, in Vibrational appearance, it will have changed unrecognizably.

You have said we can walk back and forth over ‘The Bridge’ bringing people with us. So, do we go back into the different ‘lower Vibration’ when we do so?

Yes. Yet, only for a time. After a while, your ‘bodies’ will not be able to tolerate the lower frequencies and therefore, one would remain ‘On the other side’, allowing others to take over your original role.

On the other side? You see this sounds like it is ‘somewhere else’.

On your Planet you have doors … you walk through, you are on the other side yet, still on the same Planet.

So, is it say, like the Elemental Realm … on our Planet, yet, not in the same Vibration?

For now. It is difficult to explain that which is ‘Out of the Realms’ of full understanding through words.

Just quickly, is something that is on a different Vibration, the same as being on/in a different dimension?

Not necessarily. For there are many different Vibrations within a Dimension and many Dimensions within a particular Vibration.

Ok. Before we get lost down that rabbit hole, let’s get back to ‘The Bridge’, if we may?

The easiest way to help is to say that you will know it when you are walking towards it.

Which we are?

Indeed. You will know it when you are at the foot of it. You will know it when you are crossing that Bridge … and you will know when you have reached the other side.

It is there awaiting your arrival.

Is it within us?

Of course. Everything is within you. Everything that is not … is an illusion.

Leaving that rabbit hole alone today as well … so, is it a feeling?

‘The Bridge’ is not a feeling yet, you will feel it when you are a part of it.

Your journeys upon this Earth plane for many eons, have allowed you to experience what it is like to be human. It has Wonderment within it and it has been known to have the greatest sadness expressed through the soul, also.


One shall, once again, be able to experience the real you through your physicality on Earth. For so long, much of the real you has been imprisoned and shut down. Yet, this ‘Awakening’ shall bring back to life the ‘experience of life’ in human form … at its best … NOT ITS WORST.

So, you are not going anywhere. Yet, you are going through to somewhere… yet, it is still on the Planet.

Many are concerned they may be leaving loved ones behind.

This will be understood when One is in the experience. For coupled with this newness comes much that is known within … and One recognizes the ONENESS OF EVERYTHING that is also displayed as individuality, and within that knowing … a freeing … of/from … confusion occurs.

There is, in this Higher Vibration … acceptance of all Beings and their position of choice.

We would encourage you to look within for you are all … each and every one … aware of this Bridge and the Understanding, Knowledge, and Freedom that comes with it.

It would be wise practice to concentrate on the looking forward to it. To focus on where you are going … not where you have been.

Ok, loaded question. Can we get to The Bridge before THE EVENT?


That was quite clear!

The Event shall be the revealer. The opening up to so many possibilities in direction … for still, there is always choice.






Add to this, the same that is ‘coming through’ and then KNOW of the teaming up and … Hey Presto … at the given point … The Event will take place.


We ask you once again, to focus on the Goodness.

This GREAT CHANGE that is to take place … where your souls can breathe and KNOW … that … it is done.

The journey from there will take on a new lease of life … yet that, dearest Blossom, is for another ‘time’ altogether.

Meanwhile, back to reality … we remain in a world where it ‘appears’ to be governed by the darkness … still.

Yet, we tell you this is not so. The Topsy Turviness is to continue for a while in order to bring things to Light … and when that Light appears through the cracks, at first … it will be a very short time whereupon the bricks in the wall crumble … and that which is revealed when that wall is down, will set things into motion at such a rate … you will feel unable to take it all in.






Over and over and over, so that your soul can remain on the ground and you can serve in Truth to all those who are looking for your Light and assistance.

A nagging in my head, before we sign off … The Monoliths, the Crystals, etc … all you have talked about before … am I correct in thinking … (because I can’t remember) … that the trigger to set all that off, will happen in order to set The Event off?

It is one and the same.

From where I stand upon this Planet right now … it just seems such a crazy notion to think this will happen. It seems so sci-fi … such a pipe dream … so unlikely.

Such a wonderful attitude Blossom!

Isn’t it! First time you have introduced sarcasm. Maybe you have learned it from me.

Or maybe our attempt at a joke!

Either way … onwards we trollop. Just five seconds of a visual/feeling of all this Joy to come would so boost our morale.

And you feel this is not possible?


Now wouldn’t that be cool? To know myself as you know me.

Which of course you do. How could you not know yourself?

Easy! I know who I am as Blossom. Yet, the full me? Nup! Not yet. I am sure it is something we all look forward to rediscovering.

At any time you want … In any way you want … Ask and it is given unto you.

Eh … a cup of tea, please!


The Love Light that each of you carries is of such Brightness and Strength.

Continue to shine this Truth as the I AM.

Remain in Trust in the KNOWING that the world is to change back into its former Glory and so much more.





And we Love you. Phew! Nice to be able to communicate. I miss it when I am not able. In Gratitude. in Loving service. I AM.

* I live in Queensland, which is very different from Melbourne and Sydney restrictions. Thank Goodness!

** My first communication with The Federation Of Light is a book called THE BRIDGE available from the shop on my website in paperback or Ebook.

Continued prayers for my husband, please. Yet, now more so, it seems, for a smooth transition through the veil when the time comes. Thank you so much to everybody for such Love. It helps us both so very much.


Please take the time to be uplifted by watching fellow Light players sharing the Mantra with you. Thank you so much to all who participated.




Website: Blossom Goodchild


 Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - October 15, 2021


Dear friends as I am not sending out my message this week, I thought it would be helpful to send one I have always kept a copy of as I consider it to be one of the most informative ones. It advises how you can conduct yourselves as a helpful example to help others. It certainly seems very appropriate at such a time as we are in at present.

7th October 2018. Mike Quinsey.



God is inside every single human being to the fullest degree that humans will allow it. Instead of compartmentalizing your meditations, your prayer time or your channelling, it is always there, always available. So it is not just a church experience, it is not a reporting on Sunday experience, it is a 24 hour/7 days a week experience. As you sleep there is a blessing of your dreams and when you awaken in the morning, you feel it and you know there is no switch to be turned by a human being, it wants to honour God. What can you do for this planet, your being here is enough, do you know what it means to the planet to have a human dynamo, a generator of light living here with the experience that you have had, where you have done that. And you have solved the problems, and you have had thousands of lifetimes in both genders, you have done it, and your very existence is light for the planet.

I am going to give you some attributes to make that light shine in a time when we need it, because this is your time but do not ever ask what you should do, you have done it. No matter what your age it does not matter, the light is multi-dimensional, it will carry over the gap of death. Some of you will plant things which will remain on the planet forever, because consciousness stays. The things you do and say are remembered by humans and sometimes it will change their lives, just by the way you say it and how you act and what you do. Sometimes there will be a person riding along with you watching how you react to somebody else on the motorway perhaps who is not as kind, and they will never forget your reaction of compassion instead of anger, they may even mould themselves after you and you will never know it. You are influential because of who you are, experienced and it shows and what it often does is taint you, and you know it does and you expect more from people. It is not about what you do next, it is about how to be. You are beginning to awaken to the God inside, and it has so many forms for there are so many civilisations that you have been through.

Relax and know you are here for a purpose and being here is enough. Fear will shut you down but it will eventually be chased away by you, holding light at home, at work, at play and practising compassionate action on this planet. Do not despair, that is primary acceptance of a quality that has not been here before. This energy is creating benevolence in all aspects of your life. Your consciousness and the change of it, and your belief of it, and your acceptance of it triggers things that have not been here before. There is energy now on the planet being flooded with light. There are actually entities and beings coming here by the tens of thousands at light speed, you might say for your benefit and you have no description for them and there is nothing we have ever told you about them before. But it is not to change who you are – you have got help. You walk outside and step on the Earth and it is different because you are an old soul.

Your free choice has given you an advantage for the first time of awareness of a new energy that is occurring, and this legion of Light beings is going to start helping you in all things. There is more acceptance today from the general civilisation of your shamanic energy and your compassionate spirit than at any time in human history. Believe in the benevolent source that is going to help you to your next step, you have never had it before. Start pushing on the doors that you think have been closed forever, and about what you might do, or what others might think of you, and you are now going to find acceptance. Do not be surprised if your light is seen differently than it ever was before. Do not isolate yourselves from the rest of the world. Your personality is becoming softer, less critical, more loving, more benevolent. As soon as you start looking at things differently and you say to your cellular structure your Merkabah, to the God inside, “I am changing, I am more compassionate, I am more aware, I Am that I Am” all lights up and you no longer walk around in the dark because those who need to see your light will be attracted to you. And the entities I have talked about and all those who are flying to Earth to help, will be attracted to this consciousness, and you are going to be lifted and it is going to be easier.

Do the hardest thing you can ever do, go back and be with the relatives and be peaceful with it. Some of them know what you represent, that perhaps you left the fold, left your religion, left the belief system. They sometimes see you as odd and strange, that is changeable with compassion, because the action you have which is compassionate is what they will see. Do not tell them about Kryon, do not tell them about the Pleiadians, do not tell them anything, show them love. Your compassion will do more for this planet more than any other single thing, it is the Light source. It is not your job to make them come to a meeting, it is not your job to take a human being and convince them you are right, It is not your job to do anything but love Humanity, in a way that is so attractive that they will want to be next to you again. And they will someday look at you, they will ask, “What have you got that I do not have that I have not been?" You can tell them you have God inside without a doctrine perhaps, without a building perhaps.

This is the Army of Light that is going to win this world. The actual truth is that consciousness is over physics and is always able to change it. Your compassion will be seen as a driving force of this planet. Compassion is the king; you are going to do more with your compassion than any channeller or healer. Sound, consciousness and colour, all these things have energies. Your consciousness with your voice speaking to your reality in your cells, saying the things you want them to hear, do it in the first person, “I am”. Perhaps you should wake up in the morning and say “I am healed”, “I am getting a good night’s sleep”, “I am pleased and celebrate this day”. Say every morning “I am pleased” meaning you are happy with your existence, and you are celebrating the day.

Develop affirmations in the first person positively, and start saying out loudly “let your ears hear who you are”. In your cellular structure there is data that has antennas out just waiting to hear from the boss. Say “I am healed, I am benevolent, I am compassionate, I am happy in my existence, it is well with my soul”. That is powerful, and everything you do along that line will collect light. You will start to change faster than you have ever changed before, expect healing and change in your life. Let the proof of my words be in how fast this occurs, and you will know that a benevolent energy that is attaching itself to you is so good. God is going to get bigger for your Lightworkers, Army of Light. One more, and this is tough, it is out of your culture, it is out of your civilisation, it is not in your tradition. I want you to start honouring your ancestors, I want you to be abstract (having no reference to material objects). Your ancestors are your spiritual family, and some of them are you in past lives. I want you to honour the process of ancestry. Reincarnation begets families who then become reincarnated – some of them are your ancestors, you do not know their names, you cannot picture them, you do not even have photographs but the concept is to honour those who came before you, some of whom are you, and do it every day. It is a return to the old traditions, it is honoured by God, it is a way that your free choice is saying, "I understand the system, it is beautiful, it is benevolent and I honour it".

It could not be clearer and we have not heard that from you in this society in hundreds of years. In the morning in some place where you cannot be heard, say thank you to your ancestors for bringing you here now at this time. It is personal and the point I wanted to tell you about is that the energy of the future is not about grandiose things it is about you today. Think about these things, be aware of them, if you work with this dear Old Soul you will have results. I promise if you have pure intent to make it work you are going to see results. It is time to stop the worry of the drama, stay away from what I would call voluntary negative attributes, this is negativity that you voluntarily participate in and you may not even be aware of it. Does what is on television offend your heart then turn it off, and if you need to know what is going on in the world, get a magazine or use the Internet.

You can go at your own pace and see what you need to see, not what others think you need to see. If you are in a room and they wish to gossip, do not participate in the negativity, leave if you cannot be compassionate instead of criticizing, do not participate in the negativity and it will shut it down. Dear Ones, watch it happen when you do not participate in the circle that is moving and spinning, it stops. These are things you could do every day as a Lightworker, when you walk into a drama, walk out. If you see it developing, stop it by compassionate action, do not defend yourself it does not help. Be compassionate if someone calls you names it is their problem not yours, be compassionate with them having a bad day.

Dear Ones there are ways where you can change who you are and they will notice, they will not say it but they will see you as a little more mature than they are then they will be surprised, if they decide to emulate it because it is really attractive, light is attractive, benevolence and beauty is attractive more than ever before, and the old soul knows more about it than anyone on the planet as to how to make it work, and so it is. Kryon.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


Website: Tree of the Golden Light


Kryon: Coming Discoveries

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

This is the fourth channel of the month regarding change. The past three weeks, we’ve discussed several attributes of change that are beginning to happen on this planet. The changes are mostly consciousness, and we have given you some examples which show that many of these were expected, and they coordinate with the messages of the indigenous. They revolve around the cycle of our time, the precession of the equinox, and the 2012 shift.

So, here you sit in a time of expected change, and the first thing that happens is COVID. You have to ask, “Is it related?” And we’ve given the answer now many times. Indeed (it is related)! More than related, it is the catalyst to what follows next. This virus has almost stopped the normal operational attributes of this planet, and I told you that this is like stopping a large factory so that it can retool.

We have discussed the metaphor of a factory that cannot stop. After some time, it starts to be dysfunctional, and those operating it start a process of greed and lack of integrity. It becomes so bad that it becomes badly inefficient, yet, nobody can stop it. It’s too big. However, COVID stopped it! This gives a space, does it not? It’s a space that no one expected, given in order to see the inefficiencies of the factory (the systems of Earth). It’s a time to retool and clearly see the dark things that have grown in the dark corners where you never were able to look before. It’s a chance to see more light than ever and identify those who are keeping you from seeing it.

Dear ones, that’s just the beginning of what we discussed. We’ve given you some messages of change in the past and said, “watch for this,” or “look for that.” These things are coming. There are some things coming that would surprise you, that are truly sensational and filled with great things, and when I tell you about some of these things, you may ask, “How soon, Kryon, how soon?” Every single one of these things that I’m going to give you now actually already exists. They already exist in some form or are being developed. Let me be clear: Some of these things lay on humanity, waiting for the aha experience. “Kryon, what are you talking about?”

Inventions are Given when They are Needed

Let me go back and revisit some messages you may have heard before: Major inventions that have changed the culture of this planet often seem to happen all at once, all over the globe, almost like they were delivered to consciousness all at once from somewhere else.

Seldom do you have just one individual with an idea that then changes the planet. That may be the story they tell you in history, but these profound inventions and discoveries usually happen simultaneously, and the first individual to manifest it is the one who gets the credit.

Electricity: Some of the inventions that manifest themselves on the planet seem odd in their timing. You might look back and ask, “Why did it take so long? How is this possible?” If you start looking at the facts, the discovery of electricity is one. How long has this energy been obvious to mankind in so many ways? Whether it’s static (electricity), like the sparks you make when you move your feet on certain substances, or whether it’s lightning in the sky … why did it take until only a couple of hundred years ago for it really to be looked at, or the question asked: “I wonder if this is energy we could use?” As to who actually invented it, you knew it was Michael Faraday, right (or did you get another story)? And – that it wasn’t actually electricity – but rather, electromagnetic induction (magnetics)?

Flight is another one. The Chinese have been flying kites and have known about wind currents for 3,000 years. Why weren’t there men in the sky, using kites and updrafts with the profound understanding that humanity already had of these things? What took so long? Even today, you see those who leap off mountain tops without powered flight – with a kite strapped to them. Where was that? It should have been intuitive and should have occurred a thousand years ago. You had watched the birds, you flew kites, yet, for thousands of years, nobody did it. Does this make sense? It took until the Wright brothers gave it to you using powered engines. That wasn’t that long ago, dear ones, and they only beat the French with their famous first flight by two weeks! Do you see what I’m saying? This invention was “delivered to the Field” when it was ready – and all over the Earth at the same time.

Inventions that change the Earth profoundly in this way happen when it’s time. You may disagree. You may say, “Oh, we can think of these things any time we want.” This is not true or many inventions that were completely “there and ready and intuitive” would have happened even sooner than they did.

There are some things coming that are already here, dear ones, in certain ways. They are already in the Field, waiting to be plucked out. I want to tell you about them. Some have heard this before.

The Best Coming Inventions Will Not Be High Technology

Don’t be surprised if the most advanced discoveries that you’re going to make, which are going to change this planet profoundly, have nothing to do with artificial intelligence or massive amounts of computing. You might say, it’s “back to basics” because some of the best inventions will be using patterns and basic physics that were always there, but which you just haven’t thought of yet.

“Kryon, what are you talking about?”


Let me talk about the magnetic energy wheel. It might be two, or even three wheels, but there is a simple pattern, an array of magnets that, when placed correctly, can keep a wheel spinning – forever.

Using the simple push/pull energy of small or large magnets together in a specific array, you can keep this wheel going forever. You’re aware, are you not, that natural magnets are very powerful, and they push and they pull with a great deal of force, with no rest or refresh time, and no side effects, and no fuel. This is a huge secret! Why have you not seen this before? Put them together in an array where they will push and pull against each other and spin whatever size wheel you wish – until the end of time! All you have to do is oil the bearings occasionally. Have you thought of that? Dear ones, listen: If you can make something spin, you can connect it to an electric generator. Electricity, in any quantity, forever!

I want you to think of what this means. Imagine: No batteries. “Kryon, what are you talking about. You’ve got to have batteries.” Dear ones, that statement is soooo yesterday! Imagine your favorite device. A phone, perhaps? What if, instead of a battery, it had a tiny, miniature, spinning magnetic motor that powered the device in real-time – forever! Not only are there no batteries in the future, but no charging anything. Every electronic thing you have has its own tiny, spinning generator built-in.

“Kryon, how big can this wheel be?” Well, let’s think: Everything I have said can be enlarged. So, instead of a battery in an electric car, there is a larger spinning electric engine underneath, always supplying electricity to what we will now call super capacitance (something we have only briefly discussed). You will always have enough electricity to go for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of miles without ever stopping. And even while you sleep, electricity is still being generated to the “super cap.” It never stops.

“Kryon, I still don’t understand how all this is going to change the entire planet.”

Dear ones, I’m talking about individual power for every single building that exists on the planet – without being connected to any grid. NO WIRES AND NO OUTSIDE SOURCE. No weather pattern will ever shut down a city again or cause those to die because they can’t get electricity – because it’s right outside in a little spinning motor that never stops and always is running, to power whatever is needed. Magnetics is the answer. It’s free, instant, and mobile electricity for all.

Every continent on this planet could have as much electricity as they wanted or needed to instantly power villages, hospitals, communications, teaching through the internet, and more. The internet would work, no matter what. Can you imagine when everybody could talk to everybody? Cultures and continents would start healing themselves and would finally start to be educated.

All of this can happen from one undiscovered pattern – a magnetic array. Putting those magnets together so they will push and pull in a way that they will spin forever, can be customizable to any size – miniaturized or massive. They can power ships and cars – and they go forever. There is no resource that is easier and safer to use to power this planet than magnetics. No natural resources are burned, no pollution, and entirely safe.

Kryon – This Can’t Work

“Kryon: If I had this invention, there are forces out there who would never let it be developed. I would be afraid to have it! The power companies of the planet will buy it and pocket it because they want to sell what they’ve got. They will never let this happen.”

Let’s stop for a moment. Dear ones, this is not your father’s world. What have I told you about change for the past 30 years? DO NOT POSTULATE THE FUTURE ON WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN THE PAST. The shift is changing the consciousness of the planet.

Right now, the power companies all over your land are in trouble. Fossil fuel is in trouble, if you haven’t noticed. Nuclear power, the former Holy Grail of power, has shown itself clearly to be exceptionally dangerous! Every one of the accepted mass power generation systems is failing.

I will tell you that the power companies of this land (USA), even if they are using steam or wind or sunlight, are all anxious for this invention! It’s simple, efficient, no huge investment needed, and (ready?) THEY will then be the ones to manufacture and sell the units, improving them and finding more and more uses to free all of you from any kind of power grid. So I’m telling you, it’s a new world, and those in the “power business” will be the first to want to use this.

The Highest and Most Powerful Force of Humanity

Let me give you my favorite one: There are things that this body of yours does, which has only to do with consciousness, nothing else. In the last twenty years, there has been a revelation of proof. Consciousness is energy. It can alter physics.

This realization was not always thought to be the case. In the past, consciousness was something esoteric, not well definable, and it didn’t belong in physics. Now it does. There is now a slow awareness that consciousness absolutely must be considered energy.

Think: If consciousness is energy, then, like all other physical energies, there must be rules or axioms. It becomes predictive science. When you start to figure that out and you understand what those are, you will have some profound answers to some of the greatest mysteries of health: The energy of consciousness is the reason for the placebo effect! Someone takes a sugar-coated pill, and they are told that the pill is going to create a cure – and then it does! What is the process? How is that possible?

Someone takes a homeopathic tincture, a chemistry that is too small to create a chemical reaction. Yet, it cures! What is happening? How does that work? The answer is the energy and the physics of consciousness combined with something called mirror neurons: What the body sees and expects, it often creates by itself. Perhaps, you see someone else eating a meal and you salivate. That’s consciousness over chemistry, dear ones.

Have you ever wondered if mirror neurons could play a powerful and larger part in a coming system of healing? What if you could convince your body that it was healing? Mirror neurons can’t tell the difference between what you believe or what is happening chemically. Therefore, consciousness instructs the body to heal itself, and it does! Now you understand how spontaneous remission may work. When you convince the body that a healing is occurring, it believes it so completely that it heals itself. This will be a new healing process. It will be the best of any that ever existed – using the energy of consciousness in new, measurable, scientific ways.

No artificial intelligence – no super hi-tech advancements

Instead, this becomes the revelation of what you as Humans have always had. Powerful!

I want you to ponder these changes because they are in the Field. Do you think when science discovered that consciousness is energy, they just left that alone? No. They wanted to find out more about what it is. The first thing they realized is that they are dealing with a multidimensional energy. Indeed, science may not think immediately about the self-healing potentials that exist, but eventually, they will

How long will it take? That’s up to you. How many of you believe these things? For the belief itself, you might say, is a transmitter of reality, because when you believe something, you can make it happen.

Changes are coming to this planet, dear ones, and I have told you this. We continue to tell you about the ones that will enhance humanity, and there will come a time when the last thing you will ever want to do to each other is to kill one another. There is precedent for this in other places that I have talked about, so I have seen it. I have seen it.

I am Kryon, in love with humanity.

And so it is.


**Channel: Lee Carroll



 Suzy Ward - Channeling Matthew Ward - October 1, 2021


Old systems crumbling; ending covid; happenings behind the scenes; potential stormy period; US government, complexities; “souls at this station”; Nirvana


With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. The most succinct answer to “What’s causing these wild energies?” is, along with the light forces uprooting the darkness is the crumbling of systems, policies, procedures and ideologies that no longer serve the civilization. The third density lessons those provide are nearing the end of their purposeful course of offering opportunities to Earth humankind to complete chosen karma and evolve into higher densities, where marvels await.

This is known at soul level, but that knowledge isn’t reaching the consciousness of individuals who are choosing to stick with what is familiar instead of embracing change. If persons dear to you are among them, please honor their slower advancement pace and continue moving steadily forward on your lighted pathway.

“Now authoritarian oppression includes booster shots and vaccinating little children. Why aren’t benevolent ETs stopping this insanity!” The past many months have indeed been challenging to the stoutest of hearts and minds even with the invaluable assistance of extraterrestrials. By God’s authorization, powerful civilizations are infusing Earth with light and scientists in ET special forces saved billions of lives by greatly reducing the potency of coronavirus 19 and the ingredients in solutions falsely represented as vaccines. But it is not other civilizations’ prerogative or even within their capability to stop the current situation.

It’s Earth’s peoples who must stop it, and they are! While national leaders who are Illuminati puppets are mandating proof of vaccination for employment, travel and other standard conveniences, leaders in other countries are acceding to public demands and are abolishing all covid measures. Thousands of medical specialists, hospital personnel and scientists are speaking out about harmful restrictions and vaccines, growing numbers of the populace are throwing away masks and many are standing firm in their refusal to be vaccinated.

Fear-filled information and a massive fortune are the Illuminati’s arsenal. Their increasing fear of losing their fortunes and increasing fearlessness in the population is making them desperate. By claiming the population must be vaccinated twice or three times or more because waves of “variants” will keep recurring and very young children also need the protection of vaccines, they are trying to produce the fear energy they require as fuel for themselves and their “pandemic.”

What will end this scourge is what the people are doing—taking back control of their lives and livelihoods. They may not know covid will run out its course when it no longer has fuel, but they know they’re not going to live in fear of that illness. They may not know they are divine sovereign beings who need not bow to any “authority,” but they know that standing tall against oppression is the way to free themselves from it.

“I understand Matthew can’t give details about what he says is ‘progress behind the scenes.’ Just a general idea of what is going on would be encouraging to lightworkers who have become despondent.” Dear ones, we know these are trying times and we wholeheartedly want to uplift everyone who is feeling despondent. What is happening out of public view includes forced resignations, arrests, trials and convictions of self-serving influential individuals in numerous countries and efforts to separate the dark ones from their economic base that is buying their fragments of power.

We would be less than forthright if we did not tell you the remaining Illuminati will not go gently into the demise of their control and until their last gasp, it’s likely they will cause as much commotion as they can. What we see in Earth’s energy field of potential can be likened to a storm before the calm. That can change, but if it doesn’t, ever-intensifying light will not let the storm be long-lasting; however, just as with all violent weather, the aftermath is a period of clearing away and mopping up. You are well prepared to handle that. With high vibrations as your staunch ally, you will be a fulcrum of calmness, confidence and optimism as you help others feel the same.

Beloved brothers and sisters, you are in the home stretch, so to say, when changes desperately needed, changes the peoples are demanding, will be coming to pass. Lightworkers have been powerfully influential in bringing about this most exciting time in the history of Earth. All eyes in this universe are watching, all lighted beings in this universe are cheering you onward!

The following questions are representative of many others: “Does Matthew know why it’s taking so long to disclose evidence of fraud in the United States presidential election?” “If Trump won, why is Biden still running this country?” “I have a question for Matthew re Donald Trump. Is there any information on when he will return? Many people here in England are waiting for this time.”

First, we repeat what we have said in previous messages: The election issue has nothing at all to do with partisan politics, and we speak often about governance of the United States because the Illuminati’s political and economic entrenchment in that country has impact worldwide. No government is purely honorable, but the systemic corruption in the United States in conjunction with individuals elsewhere has kept the masses “in the dark,” thereby controlled.

Now then, as winner of the election, Mr. Trump is the president, but this is a much more complex matter than simply presenting evidence of fraud. It is a situation without precedence—the country is being run by two groups. The Illuminati, or call them Deep State, are operating the government; and the military forces, which pledge to serve the Constitution, are holding them at bay, so to say. While it’s clear to most of the commanders and knowledgeable others that the country cannot continue in this dysfunctional manner, it is not yet clear how to change it with the least amount of disruption and confusion and avoid cries of “military coup.”

The first provision of the NESARA legislation calls for resignation of the entire administration—the most recent to preside over the corporation of united states that was secretly set up by the Illuminati more than two centuries past—and return to the sovereign republic the founding fathers established. We don’t know when or by whom that provision will be implemented, but it won’t be “Mr. Biden.” The president you see is a body double who acts upon orders from the Illuminati, and they have successfully blocked public knowledge of NESARA ever since it was signed 20 years ago. [February 3, 2021 message includes the various means whereby NESARA has been kept under wrapsMay 4, 2020 message includes information of the legislation.]

According to Nirvana’s monitors of Earth, whoever takes on the task of organizing a new government will have to decide issues such as removing from office only individuals elected in 2020 or, in accordance with NESARA, the entire administration, which would mean no governing body until an election is held. If the first option, how replacements for ousted individuals will be chosen and how long they shall serve. What laws affecting candidates and campaign funding should be enacted, and by whom, prior to the first election under the new government. When to implement the economic provisions of G/NESARA—the G was added because those provisions are global in scope.

At this moment, we don’t know how those weighty issues will be managed. This is what we do know: Earth’s steady ascension into fourth density’s lighter planes is blanketing the planet with vibrations that are accelerating the pace of all happenings, and the upcoming storm heralds the first light of dawn in a world where love and peace prevail.

“Matthew, I’m writing on behalf of everyone in our spiritual zoom meetups. How many souls are at ‘this station’ in your greeting? Are all of you in Nirvana? How do you decide what information to put in the messages? How did you become the ‘speaker-soul’? Will you reincarnate on Earth? When you are in physical body again, can you still send messages to your mother? Thank you in advance for your answers.” It has been some time since we spoke about “this station,” and it is significant to these messages. If all of us were living in Nirvana, which is a fourth density world, we wouldn’t have access to much of the information we share with you.

“This station” is not a place, it is a group of souls numbering in the millions that have evolved to the same status spiritually and consciously. Some are members of vast, powerful civilizations, some are living within a collective soul group in physical or nonphysical worlds, and some are free spirits that don’t need even an etheric body to accomplish soul contract missions.

Regardless of location and physical or disincarnate life, all of us can tap into our combined experiencing and knowledge at any time, and, simply by the power of thought, be in multiple places in this universe simultaneously. That capability, along with our awareness of the collective consciousness, which lets us know what information can be most helpful, enables the coalescence of thoughts into the message each “speaker-soul” telepathically transmits to a receiver. A number of us communicate in this way with specific persons in different countries, and these collaborative efforts to offer enlightenment and guidance are established in pre-birth agreements.

We are not unique in any respect. You and every other soul in this universe have the very same innate abilities—birthrights, if you will. It’s that through long ages of self-discovery and many lifetimes of service to various kinds of civilizations, every soul at this station has achieved a fine measure of attunement with the universe.

Now I shall speak for myself. About 25 years ago in your time, my primary assistant in Nirvana’s extensive medical service was prepared to take on my position as manager and I was ready to move on. I was offered three choices—joining the 100-member council that keeps everything orderly in the realm, incarnating in a collective soul population or other advanced civilization, and helping people who request assistance to upgrade their spirit worlds to be like Earth’s. Without hesitation, I chose the last. An overview of Nirvana will show why many civilizations want to emulate it, but more importantly, it will show why no one ever should feel fearful about what you call death and actually is a lightning-quick transition from living in a physical world to living in a spirit world.

But to back up a bit, the placement now known as Nirvana was manifested in antiquity as a safe haven for wounded and exhausted light warriors. When it no longer was needed for that purpose, the highest universal council decided its proximity to the planet later called Earth would make it an ideal place for the population to live between physical lifetimes. As the planet itself became one of the universe’s best schoolhouses and souls flocked to incarnate there, the spirit world’s overseers kept adding diversity in lifestyle, housing, attractions, scenery, and manifestation and growth opportunities. Eventually Nirvana became known as one of this universe’s finest spirit worlds, and it’s considered by some to be the crown jewel.

The foundation of that multi-layered world is love, the same energy as light, and that energy’s high vibrations stabilize the realm and maintain its flexibility. Everything is highly personalized to accommodate residents at every stage of spiritual and conscious development. The numerous levels in the interconnected layers correspond with the energy of individuals’ lifetime free will choices, and the universal law of physics draws each to the level in consonance with their characteristics, attitudes, philosophies and evolutionary status.

Thus, the myriad “neighborhoods” greatly differ, but some services or conditions are the same throughout the realm. Communication is both verbal and telepathic, there’s no time limit on residency, and healing centers abound. Each person who arrives with traumatized etheric body or psyche or both or is fatigued from a long hard life receives customized care until fullness of health is restored. Individuals who arrive in elder years become younger until they reach prime years in the thirties and younger arrivals age to that point. There is no money—everything is provided in accordance with merit. Everyone has a lifeprint review, and afterwards assistance is offered to prepare for the next lifetime—soul contract provisions to attain balanced experiencing, karmic lessons, and participation with other souls in pre-birth agreements.

All levels in the higher layers are much the same. Scenery is magnificent, colors are vibrant, administrative and other important buildings glow as they are constructed of crystal, and life is joyfully active. People who are bonded in love with each other and pets are reunited. Infants and young children are lovingly nurtured in special homes and receive age-appropriate education. Animals, including those you call wild because in Nirvana’s high vibrations they are peaceable, roam freely and mingle with the people.

Residents can choose to live in cities, villages, rural areas or waterfronts in whatever kind of residence pleases them, and they can move, remodel, change décor and manifest nearby scenery whenever they wish. Everyone may attend or participate in music, dance, drama and comedy performances, and people can enjoy all winter and summer sports except those that are injurious to bodies or animals. Travel can be by whatever mode is desired, from bicycles to airplanes to cruise ships, and learning centers offer studies in every subject from languages to art, mechanics to astrophysics. There is no pollution because there are no factories—whatever is needed or desired is manifested by focused thought—and employment in any other field always is a choice, never a requirement.

While life in middle layer-levels is similar in many respects, everything is muted or diminished, lacking the vibrancy and variety of the higher layers. Residents have less manifestation ability because they are less inspired to be industriousness, fewer studies are offered because they aren’t desired, and the fewer choices in housing, travel and recreation are in keeping with the residents’ interests. When they become motivated to advance, help is provided so they can move to higher levels. The only children who live in middle layers have love bonds with others there, and those who are inspired by counselors to hone their talents and skills move to a higher level that offers appropriate instruction and thereafter visit loved ones.

All levels in the lower layers offer what is most essential—extensive growth opportunities and guidance and the reunion of people whose physical lifetime energy is compatible with the layer’s. The lower the level and the layer, the less natural beauty, the more dismal the atmosphere, the fewer amenities, options, and entertainment—again, everything is in keeping with residents’ energy registration. As they take advantage of advancement opportunities, they move up to the next level—only disinterest in growing more aware spiritually and consciously holds anyone back.

A tiny orb apart from the rest of Nirvana confines individuals with darkest hearts and minds in correspondingly dense energy. Their lifeprint reviews, like all others throughout the realm, are a lifelong sensory movie in which they experience the identical feelings of everyone whose life they touched. For these individuals, that can be rightfully called hell. When they accept the glimmer of light continuously beamed, they start in primitive life forms without cellular memory of previous lifetimes.

With the virtually unlimited scope of what Nirvana provides to all residents, it is understandable that many civilizations want the same for their spirit worlds, and my knowledge of life in that realm enables me to help them. Depending upon the requestor’s location in the universe, I travel astrally, leisurely in a spacecraft to enjoy the companionship of the crew, or instantaneously by thought. When the civilization is emerging out of third density into lower fourth, I protect myself in a “bubble” of high vibrations, and when I go to higher density worlds, I manifest a body that fits into the population.

One more word about Nirvana. The realm is ascending with Earth into successively lighter energy planes. As this journey continues, fewer persons will be drawn to the realm’s lower layers and still fewer to the orb. When Earth reaches her destination in high fifth density, only Nirvana’s higher layers will be needed to serve her population.

Beloved family, you have served civilizations in equally fulfilling ways that helped them and you leap forward in evolvement. Your inner strength and ancient wisdom from those experiences is why you were selected to help Earth’s peoples when so many other volunteers were not. All light beings honor your steadfastness in this oft difficult mission and support you with the unparalleled power of unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward
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Blossom Goodchild - Channeling The Federation of Light - September 22, 2021

Hello, oh bringers of Light and Hope. Let’s hope you are to do just that today, for it seems the people of our Planet are very much in need. The plot has clearly been lost and is nowhere to be found.

Dearest Blossom, dearest bringers of Light and Hope. For all that you imagine ‘us’ to Be, is exactly what we KNOW yourselves to Be.

YOU are the bringers of Light and Hope to a world that seems to be sinking into the mire. Yet …


I am sure most of us are trying our best to keep the ‘home fires burning’ as the saying goes. Yet, the madness of the powers that ‘appear’ to be, continues to grow.

And with that comes the strength from within to KNOW that ALL THE KNOWING that assists you to march onwards in your Truth, continues to grow, also.

I guess the question on everyone’s tongue is ‘When is it all going to stop?’

This we cannot predict … for you know that we … cannot/do not/will not … give dates. For it is the general overall Energy of Change that has to come from those upon your Planet, that will shift the Divine Plan into the next phase.

A question that has just popped into my head is one I am loathed to ask, yet, I must. Are we even in Phase Two yet?


Shoot me now! So, to clarify. Over a year ago, if I recall correctly, you said Phase Two would be a worldwide lockdown, and to be honest, I cannot remember the bells and whistles that went with that. I think you said there would be 5 phases?

That is correct. Yet, recall also that we stated this did not mean that each phase was to become worse than the one before.

So, you are saying there is to be a Global lockdown, where everyone, I assume, is to remain locked down at the same time?

This is still The Plan.

Is it the plan of the Divine or of the greedy?

Blossom, it has to be both … for they are intertwined to get to the end result.

Well, both the black and the white hats are going to have to pull something big out of their hats to get that happening, are they not?


You are not being very forthcoming, if I may say!

We desire to bring Hope. So, we would continue by saying that all that is showing you madness, is leading towards what will appear to be more madness, and yet, there is purpose to this. Therefore, may we suggest that you continue to KNOW that the change … will come/is coming.

Yep. I think those of us on board know this. Again, it is the ‘when’ … which you cannot say. So that leaves us where?

On the front line. Although many of you feel exasperated and despondent at certain times. You may question everything. You may wonder if all you thought ‘what is’ … is perhaps ‘not’. You may wonder if the very core of your Being has got it all wrong. There is such a time of the ‘Not knowing what is’. Yet, we beseech you to keep on going within and connecting with the YOU that you KNOW is YOU. The YOU that cannot deny the KNOWING of what is right. It circulates through your very veins and no matter what … that will not change.


Right in the knowing that WHO YOU ARE IS LIGHT.

Right in the knowing that WHO YOU ARE IS LOVE.

Right in the knowing that WHO YOU ARE IS TRUTH.

This KNOWINGNESS flows through you and shall bring such Joy to your Planet, when all is said and done.

We understand that you desire to know the next phase and when it shall be and what it shall entail. Yet, nothing can be set in stone … for Energies and strategies can change at any given moment.

We ask that you look deeply into your Truth when coming across many things that are ‘put there’ to confuse. ‘Put there’ to think that certain policies are in place when in actual fact, they are not.

No one knows what is Truth and what is not anymore. We are being set upon everywhere we turn.

This is precisely why we ask you to remain in your KNOWING. To say the Mantra over and over … for this aligns you with YOUR KNOWING.

Yet, not with knowing what the dickens is going on and when it will all end.

Perhaps not … yet, perhaps it is helping you to continue on in Light.

Oh indeed, it is doing that. It is my ‘go to’ so many times a day.

And what happens when you go to it, Blossom?

I feel better and get on with my day … somehow. It doesn’t change what is going on out there, yet, it changes my will to survive!!!

We would like to correct you. IT DOES CHANGE what is going on ‘out there’. By continuing to say this magic Coding … you are changing the Vibration of what is going on ‘out there’.

By doing what makes you happy and content, instead of pondering and indulging in what is going on ‘out there’, you are changing what is going on ‘out there’. Whatever you feed, whatever you focus on, whatever you give Energy to, is that which expands.

Be aware of this. Feed, focus and give Energy to that which heightens your Joy.

I get this and know this. Yet, there are many, I feel, whose role it is to actively do something about all this, other than sitting home painting, gardening, knitting, singing, whatever! And please know I mean that with the greatest respect TO ALL parties.

Indeed, Blossom. There are many called to do so. Inside each one there is a calling to act in a particular way. In this instance, we are not talking about whether or not one chooses to be vaccinated etc … we are talking about one’s role in bringing the Light into the Planet and anchoring it in.

Each one must follow their own path and feelings.

Each one is guided by this calling to follow their heart and act upon it.

Yet, you are not talking about the ‘envelopes’ here, are you?

No. We are not. That is to come.

I know I am veering all over the place today yet, that reminds me of all the monolith talk. There was such hype and enthusiasm there for a time and with respect, like everything else, once again, what happened to all that? What happened to the Announcement? What happened to all things that got us excited?

Nothing ‘happened’ to them, Blossom. Nothing has changed about these matters, Blossom. They are still in place. We were letting you know of such things for that very reason. To excite and bring Hope. We did not make up such tales to string you along. We told you what is TRUTH.

And ONE DAY … as we have said you will KNOW such things as TRUTH … for they will be/will have taken place.

Remember. Remember. Remember …




Do not lose Hope when you are so close.

These ‘closing days’ are when you must gather more and more strength, ready for what is to come.

Yet, you have said that a worldwide lockdown is to come. Whoop dee do!

Yes indeed, and then the fireworks … so to speak, will be prepared.

Not sure what that means exactly, yet, get the gist. The thing is, you said about this Phase Two over a year ago.

‘When’ we said it, Blossom, is not the issue. Just because in your time, much time has gone by, does not mean that it is not to take place.

To be honest, so much is going on, that I had forgotten all about it. Many all over the world are in lockdown, yet, not everyone at the same time.

Yet, this will be so … and when it is so … know the ball will be rolling once again … new wheels set in motion, would we say.

Can’t wait! The expectancy of this and that, that never fails not to happen … has left everyone feeling so despondent.

Yet, you know so much is happening … inside you can feel this, can you not?

Nope! Gotta be honest. Nope! I just feel it is all going down the toilet and any day now, someone is going to pull the chain!

Wait and see, Blossom Goodchild … wait and see.

What else can we do!

We are aware that you are feeling this communication has not been beneficial.

I’m not saying that. I just wonder what else can be said … by you or anyone. Because until something major takes place to shake us up in a good way, you have said all there is to say about what to do to hang on in there. You can’t spill the beans it seems and I get that. Oh, I don’t know! On we go, I guess. I’m not having a go at you, by any means. Not at all. It’s just the way it is right now.

Indeed, Blossom and All. It is just the way it is.

And I give Gratitude to you for coming through at all. Truly I do. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.


Update on my husband Goody. He has picked up from three weeks ago. Your Love and Healing are helping more than you know. Please do not stop! We are both so honoured and grateful to you. Thank you so very much.


Please take the time to be uplifted by watching fellow Light players sharing the Mantra with you. Thank you so much to all who participated.



Website: Blossom Goodchild


Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - September 17, 2021


The Light is at the end of the tunnel and getting brighter all of the time and nothing can remove your path towards it. It is your destiny and will conclude your journey through the 3rd dimension. Your freewill experiences will have well prepared you for the future where you will take your place with other Beings of Light. You will have a new life plan that will bring you peace and enlightenment and joyful reunions with those souls you left behind. Your real family eagerly await your return and joyful celebrations will follow. You will soon forget the trials and tribulations of your negative experiences and this is a good time to put them behind you. You will not have to experience them again and the sooner you forget them the better it will be.

You have had good and bad times whilst coping with the challenges that were being continually thrown at you, but never allowed to settle down to the peace that you sought. You have mixed with both beautiful Beings and the lowest of the low and all have left a great impression upon you. They have however made you stronger willed and determined to help bring the Light to as many people as possible. You have come through it all with flying colours and deserve the praise you are getting. We encourage you to keep your sights on the future and what you expect to achieve, although at all times keep an open mind that allows things to come to you. Your Guides know you better than you do and will always do their best to point you in the right direction.

Those you love will never be very far away and should be allowed to follow their own desires and intentions. Some will ask “what about my children” but please allow them freedom of choice as their paths may be quite different to yours. Bear in mind that the soul chooses who it wants as parents prior to entering the new born child’s body, at the time of birth, so if it decides at the last moment to change its mind a still birth is the result. Parents should feel very privileged to be chosen, and sometimes it is a soul that is returning to a family it already knows. There are exceptions but generally the new soul will pick their parents to be because they will give them the experiences they need to fulfil their plan for continued evolution.

There are sometimes what you would consider to be misfits or accidents but even those are planned. It depends on the type of experiences you needed to evolve, and some may be harsh lessons that help those involved to learn from them. Remember that nothing of any importance happens by chance, and is carefully planned by those who oversee your progress. You cannot escape your karma and it is now almost instant, and it cannot necessarily be held back. However, those of you who have already well advanced along your evolutionary path are often clear of karma.

You go along from day to day following your own path usually unaware of what may be coming up for you, but having followed your intuition and plans for your next experience things can happen totally unexpectedly. That in itself is a sure indication that your path is already laid out to ensure you meet your life plan. We tell you again that everything you experience is intended although minor incidents may not be important and only occur because of karma. In this respect life can be very exact where your experiences are necessary to further your evolution. Whatever happens to you it will have been prearranged and very little happens by chance, although it may appear that way.

Your presence can obviously affect other souls, and families are the seat of many changes in a soul’s life. Obviously some of you are put together so as to get first-hand experience of life and through it can make lasting bonds with another soul. Families are the seat of learning especially for souls with little experience of human life and may need lots of love and caring. Life can be hard but also very rewarding, it is what you make it and with freewill you can follow any path you choose. The question is will it enable you to progress, because it is an opportunity to evolve.

In reality there are always opportunities for a soul to ascend at any time, but what makes this one so special is that it is open to every soul who aspires to do so. With the rising vibrations souls can take advantage of it as it is like a helping hand reaching down to lift you up. This opportunity does not come very often so make the most of it if you feel that you are more of the Light, take it and get on the Ascension trail. If you are not sure if you are ready to ascend keep raising your vibrations and you will almost certainly create an opportunity for yourself. The important thing is to have the intent to rise up and you will attract the help you need.

All souls have equal opportunities to ascend but only a small number have reached that point where they understand what is needed to rise up. Simply wishing to evolve without putting in the effort to do so will achieve very little, you have to start living the dream and lift yourself up by dropping negative ways and attitudes, and practice as far as possible living in the Light. It is not as easy as it may seem as old habits die hard but with determination it is not as difficult as it first appears. Once you make the decision to ascend you can be sure that your Guides will give you a cheer and will instantly be at your side to help you succeed

The desire alone to ascend is insufficient to get you there it must be accompanied by positive actions that lift up your vibrations. You must live as one who is of the Light meaning that you treat all souls equally and the same, and allow them to evolve in their chosen manner. Sometimes help and advice is given before it is requested and they are unprepared for it so it may prevent them from following their own path. To put it in simple terms only offer advice and help when it is requested. Most souls like to sort out their own problems and in doing so learn more from their experience.

Dear Ones, listen to the little voice inside you that is your Higher Self and you will find that life becomes much easier. After all it knows more about you than you do at any given moment and is well placed to help you evolve. It can also see the greater picture and what lies ahead, and that makes any helpful advice more beneficial. By doing so you need not feel helpless when difficulties arise, so take a quiet moment and talk with your Higher Self.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


Website: Tree of the Golden Light


Suzy Ward - Channeling Matthew Ward - September 3, 2021


With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Mainstream media are reporting dramatic happenings in your world, and while those are of monumental importance to everyone who is directly affected and to all caring persons, what is quietly going on behind the scenes has significance for the entire population.

It is not our prerogative to speak about actions that are destroying the darkness’ last toeholds—those will be made known by appropriate individuals when the time is right in their thinking. What we can tell you that is so very encouraging is what we are seeing in Earth’s energy field of potential, which reflects the civilization’s collective thoughts, feelings and actions as well as the energy emitted by all other life forms on the planet.

Intensifying light was steadily uprooting activities of the Illuminati until they released the coronavirus-19. Harsh restrictions, business closures, financial hardships, and vastly inflated statistics produced the mass of fear energy that refueled the foundering dark ones, and the energy field became an entanglement of chaotic streamers with light and dark attachments vying for dominance. Although that did not delay Earth’s ascension progress, there was no clarity in the tumultuous field as to when the streamers with light would regain strength to surge forward again and uplift the populace. In the continuum it is perfectly clear—the light won, Earth is restored to her original health and beauty, and the peaceful civilization is joyously thriving in health and prosperity.

But when the struggle to manifest that ideal world went back into full force on the planet more than a year and a half ago, lightworkers were tossed back into the emotional trenches, so to say, and many of you started wondering if you really have been making a difference. Are Earth’s peoples awakening, are situations improving, is darkness really being vanquished? Dear family, absolutely you have been and are making a world of difference—literally! Yes, the peoples are awakening, situations are moving toward essential change, and the darkness definitely is being vanquished! Far from being a victory for them, the “pandemic” is their undoing.

Now then, returning to the field of potential, recently streamers shimmering with light-filled attachments broke out of the entanglement and are gaining serious steam. They are zigzagging their way to unstoppable momentum as streamers with dark attachments are fast decreasing in number and strength. As tenacious as the Illuminati are, they cannot remain hidden as the light exposing them keeps growing brighter and brighter. They—and their proliferation of lies—cannot stand without the compliance of an unquestioning, frightened populace, and for a while that’s what they had. What they have now is growing numbers of fearless, defiant people who did question and concluded no more lockdowns, no more masks, no more vaccinations, no more control over us.

How we wish we could tell you when the truth about so-called vaccines, so-called “Delta variant”—everything related to the “pandemic”—will come forth. The Illuminati’s grasp on mainstream media and Internet censorship are cracking, but not yet enough so that facts can replace the false “official” information. To be sure, that will come. And, to all who have been vaccinated, we say please do not feel fearful about future health issues. It is true that potential exists, but keep foremost in your thoughts that light is your immune system’s best ally, and as God told my mother, absorbing light is as simple as being kind.

The eyes of the world are on the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, hearts around the world are with the people of that country. Indeed, the situation could have been managed much differently, with wisdom, foresight and compassion. What is occurring is a great sadness for us because the people of that country are facing dire living conditions under stern control, and for some, execution. No, this is not a matter of completing chosen karmic lessons. For some individuals, the flexibility in soul contracts can be applied, but most are and will be enduring experiences they did not choose, and none of them will know until they are in Nirvana that this gave them a leap forward in soul evolvement.

It is true that the corrupt government had to be unseated and occupation troops withdrawn so Afghanis can set a course toward stability, cooperation and prosperity in a peaceful nation. That seems a slim hope in this moment, and it won’t come soon, but come it shall. The power of light’s vibrations eventually will heal wounds and unify the citizens in their common interest, love of family and country.

All peoples need to know that when any government sends troops into another country to “secure freedom for its citizens” or “nation-building,” always it is for self-serving purposes. Never is it without bloodshed and exploitation, and when troops are withdrawn, the country is left in shambles. Ever-rising vibrations assure that never again will this happen on Earth!

The importance of evidence coming forth about the fraudulent United States presidential election is twofold. The society needs to know that elections are manipulated by the Illuminati so they can control governments, and for two centuries, elections in that country and numerous others have been stolen by one means or another. This is why life on Earth has been in accordance with the Illuminati’s goal of world domination.

Second, and this also has worldwide impact, it will change the United States’ form of governance. Shortly after the colonies united, British royalty and others in the Rothschild faction of the Illuminati secretly organized that nascent nation into a corporation, which they own. After a republic form of government is established in accordance with the country’s constitution, the legislation originally known as NESARA, now as G/NESARA or GESARA, can be implemented. By ending impoverishment for the masses and massive fortunes for a few, it is the economic basis of world transformation.

In previous messages we have said we are not financial advisers, and that is true. However, to some extent we can answer your questions about what will happen when the global economic system based on precious metals is put into operation. We don’t know when that will take place, but we do know the transition from the current system to the new will be handled as smoothly as possible to minimize inconvenience and confusion.

Money in checking and savings accounts in banks and credit unions will be secure because they’re in “brick and mortar” institutions, so to say. Although the major banking system is in Illuminati hands, terminating myriad accounts would require more time than they have. It’s likely that those institutions will close briefly during implementation of the new system.

Arrangements will be made so workers’ earnings paid into government retirement accounts will be safeguarded and payments made to entitled recipients, and funds will be available for disability compensation and welfare provisions. A short delay in processing all of those payments is likely.

We don’t know exactly how investments and pension-funding tied to stock markets will be affected because they are continuously strategically manipulated up and down by the Illuminati. An interruption in payments is probable as the markets are taken out of their control and stabilized.

Credit cards with usurious interest rates are another tool of the Illuminati, intended to motivate spending beyond one’s means and create a population stressed by heavy debt. We don’t know if cards will continue to be a purchasing method—to be sure, charging is a convenience when used judiciously—or replaced by another form.

Cryptocurrency also was devised by the Illuminati and is under their control. With a few computer data entries, all forms of that currency can be deleted—do not depend on “guaranteed anonymity” to save those accounts. It would be sensible to consider using those funds however they will best serve you instead of depending on them to be available for a long time.


One more note about GESARA. Its purpose is to institute a fair, honorable global economic system and bring prosperity throughout your world. It is not designed to give every individual on the planet a large sum of money, as some misinformation about the legislation includes. [August 26, 2017 message has a comprehensive explanation of the legislation’s economic provisions.]

“Do organic foods and vegetarian or vegan diets help in personal ascension?” Personal ascension, the advancement in spiritual and conscious awareness, comes with absorbing light, so let us talk about how diet affects that. Foods grown without chemicals in fertilizers and insecticides are indeed more healthful, but feeling stressed by the cost of those foods negates their benefits. Stress unbalances health in mind, body and spirit—that dims light within the body and weakens immunity.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are the most nutritious because they contain the most light, and if grains are milled and legumes are treated without toxic chemicals, those also contain a lot of light. When the desired diet and the pocketbook are irreconcilable, give thanks for whatever you eat and intend that it serve your highest good.

Some people feel their bodies need meat, sea food and dairy products to maintain health and others feel their bodies are healthier without those foods, but far beyond diet is how animals are treated. Animals in the food chain have a soul level agreement with humankind to provide nourishment in return for gratitude, respect and caring treatment during their lifetimes and to die with gentleness and dignity. Not only has “factory farming” egregiously violated humans’ part of that agreement, down through the ages, other animals, domesticated and wild, have been treated brutally, too. It was peoples’ relentless inhumanity to each other and the animals that caused planet Earth to spiral from high fifth density into deep third density and be mired there for millennia.

Souls that embody as animals have a wide range of intelligence and emotions, and their families love each other just as you love yours. When they experience trauma in living and dying circumstances, that energy stays in their bodies and psyches, and when they enter Nirvana, they require and are given the same customized healing that traumatized persons need and receive.

As integral parts of Creator’s unconditional love energy, every life in your animal and plant kingdoms is a soul with varying degrees of consciousness. Species-wide, the cetaceans are the most consciously and spiritually evolved souls on Earth—they volunteered to incarnate there in large forms to anchor in ocean depths the light beamed from distant civilizations. And think about the plant kingdom. Each seed knows when to start growing and what to become—grass, tree, flower, fruit, grain or vegetable—and each adds immeasurable quality to your life and to all other souls’ there.

Perhaps especially in unsettling times such as this moment, it can be easy to forget that you affect and are affected by every other life on Earth. Living in consonance with this awareness contributes to the betterment of all lives with whom you are sharing the planet—this is personal ascensionand evolution of the civilization!

Beloved sisters and brothers, your steadfastness in your mission has been invaluable in helping Earth’s peoples “see the light” so they can manifest the world they want where life is peaceful, harmonious and loving.

All light beings in this universe honor you and support you with the power of unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward
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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - August 27, 2021


It is difficult for you to see the direction things are going in when so much is happening all at once. But for certain things cannot return as before and most belong to an Age that was suited to its time, but not in the present time when things have moved on through changes that are here to stay. What is happening is that you are shaking off that which no longer serves you, to a more appropriate life style that is suited to the New Age. It has not been easy especially for those who cling to the old ways and some are even scared as to what the changes may bring. However, be assured that in the long run all will be well received and result in a more pleasant life.

When you look around remember that each person is playing a role and has incarnated with the necessary abilities and knowledge to enable their life plan to give them the opportunities they need to further their evolution. So you are not seeing the whole person but only an aspect of them. In reality you are all great beings with numerous qualities and skills, accumulated over many, many lives. By working in this way it gives the soul every opportunity to succeed in their life plan. Some will ask about freewill but remember that the soul agreed a life plan before it incarnated, and their Guides will do everything within their power to help it to succeed. Each life progressively helps the soul to progress and move further along their life path.

Also realise that you have to experience as both male and female to ensure you are balanced, and it is therefore necessary that you are impartial where sexes are concerned. Clearly you could not be expected to understand the “opposite sex” unless it was through personal experience. It means that you have a greater appreciation of them and are able to extend help and show compassion towards them. It means that in time you will become a balanced soul with complete understanding of both sexes. Quite often you will come across a soul that claims to be in the wrong body. This is often due to them having stayed too often as one particular sex, and then finding it difficult to adapt to the other one.

Keep calm and know that the effort you have put in to raise your vibrations will keep you on track for Ascension. Keep an open mind as to what that may mean to you personally, as your thoughts are becoming more powerful. It is also as well to keep positive even if you are sorely tested to react by the circumstances you are in. Thoughts are far more powerful than you may possibly imagine, so wish for the positive and ignore the negative. It is hard to keep calm when there is chaos around you but it will be a test of your willpower, and with determination you will get through and you will find that you will feel much better for it.

There is no mystery about the future except that each soul is not necessarily going to have the same experiences. So it is difficult to be precise about it beyond confirming that those souls that are ready will move into the higher levels that you know as the fifth dimension. It is open for any soul to reach it, but it requires intent and dedication to keep to the path ahead. You will be tried and tested but even if you waver there is no reason why you should not bounce back. Never be disheartened if you should go astray, get back on your path as soon as possible and all will be well again.

There will be some concern as to what the future holds for families particularly where they are tight knit, but be assured that most will stay together. However, you cannot stop progress and if a soul has made headway in its evolution you cannot stop them from rising up if they are prepared for it. When you get on the other side as you do between incarnations, you will understand the greater picture and realise that families come and go all of the time and do not necessarily continue to stay together. Even if they do they will not always reincarnate as the same gender. It depends entirely on what particular experiences a soul needs to carry on evolving.

However, some souls are very independent and insist on getting their own way and that is accepted as their freewill choice, but they also have to accept the consequences of their actions, as they cannot override the karma involved. Your Guides do know what is best for you, because as we often tell you they are able to see the broader picture that you cannot see. You are in the only freewill Universe in the Galaxy and once you move beyond the lower vibrations, your natural instinct is to live in harmony and peace with all life and you have no reason or desire to exert freewill. A difficult concept when you often have to exert your freewill to be able to progress on your chosen path.

At present you see chaos everywhere but it is all part of the cleansing that is taking place and be assured that things will settle down in due course. The problems you face are very testing and show how far the Human Race has evolved where its compassion and love for its fellow travellers is concerned. Your leaders have a golden opportunity to show what it means when faced with what are often traumatic circumstances involving people from all levels of society. We see a movement towards a greater understanding of the needs of people, and acceptance that you are all responsible for each other's well being. Certainly the conditions on Earth seem to be deteriorating and a collective effort seems required to put things right. What you do to this end will reveal how much you have grown where it involves your caring and love for other souls.

Ask for what you want or need to overcome your problems and guidance will be given. We cannot always promise to meet your demands as they may not be in accordance with the greater plan for your evolution. However, we will do all we can to set you upon a path that will give you opportunities to make progress. That way you will find things fitting in with your plans and helping you succeed. We do so much to help you that you are unaware of and do so out of our love for humankind. We want you to succeed in your endeavours and gently nudge you to keep you on the right path that will eventually overcome the problems you face.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


Website: Tree of the Golden Light


Ashian: How to Cope When the Matrix Implodes

Beloved brothers and sisters of Gaia, very soon you are about to see the rules, norms and cultures of your world unveiled as lies and manipulations. Many of you are aware of much of this information already. Most will have a great deal to learn. Even those of you who know a lot will find yourselves presented with new, more deeply upsetting information.

How to cope with this implosion?

The lies are being made visible in order to dissolve them in the light of clarity, compassion and love. Darkness is dissolved by the light, and you are the light. It is for that reason that every action you take in the name of the light will expand the global grace required to transmute this time most quickly and effectively.

What we present below is a reminder of what you already know, and it is by no means exhaustive. It is a cheat sheet! It is a reminder for when your mind goes blank and your heart goes numb: return to the basics.

1. At your essence, humanity is of the light.

Recentre in your hearts, in your love. It is worthwhile noticing what makes your heart sing now, so that you may develop a menu of solutions and pathways to the feelings of love and lightness.  This will help when you feel overloaded and can’t even remember how to feel love. Suggestions include thoughts of family, friends and pets, meditation, being in nature, practicing yoga and deep breathing….take notice now and make a list of what helps you reconnect with your inner light, your inner divine self, your sense of love.

2. Limit your exposure.

When you feel overwhelmed by the situation, it’s appropriate to take time out for self care, self love, self nurturing. You cannot be there for anyone if you have lost yourself: there’s a reason adults must put on their oxygen masks before children in a plane. Many will return to the experience of child-like overwhelm ~ you cannot comfort them if you have lost your centre.

3. Remember: this is a phase.

It’s been the most painful phase in many respects. It will end. This flood will clear, cleanse and purify more than anything ever has, so when you feel overwhelmed, remember that the worst of this will end…soon.

4. Be Gentle.

Be gentle with your self, and with others. Compassion, forgiveness, heart-centred listening, kindness… these qualities are your soul-compass. When in doubt about how to respond, return to these qualities.

5. Channel anger and outrage appropriately.

This is not the time to divide against each other, it is time to see reality clearly.  When your innate sense of decency is so appalled that you are overwhelmed by anger, take time out, immediately. Write out your anger, speak it out to a plant, cry into a pillow, draw it…there are as many ways to dissipate anger (without hurting or scaring others) as there are humans.

6. Deep breathing…

…is one of the most transformative exercises you can do. It opens up channels to your deepest heart, your innate wisdom, and divine source.

When stressed, B R E A T H E. It is magic.

7. Allow others to have their reactions.

Most will be unable to respond in thoughtful ways. If you are prepared for this, you will not take their reactions personally. None of it is aimed at you. If you are sensitive or empathic, as is likely if you are reading this, be consistent in clearing your energies, daily and even hourly. You may use any and all methods you currently use, from smudging to using light tools such as St Germaine’s violet flame, where you imagine his violet flame dissolving all negative thoughts, feelings and fears from your energy field instantly.

8. Self Care.

As far as you can, use all tools at your disposal to keep your energy clear.  This includes breathing fresh air (open a window), drinking clean water, and making healthier food choices when you have access to them. Zoning out using addictive substances may seem attractive, but it does prolong the pain.

9. Generosity of spirit…

…towards others, and sharing your time and resources, will reassure others that humanity is good, kind and loving. Many will need this reminder, it will be their safety net.

10. Be yourself.

You are the strongest of the strong, the bravest of the brave. You have awoken to be a conscious light in this time. While others will see only tragedy and terror, you will have greater insight and a wise heart. Trust yourself. You are where you are for a reason. Allow your mastery to shine with kindness and compassion.


Whoever you turn to in times of trouble, call upon them. Whether you turn to a divine source, galactics, angelics or nature – whosoever you turn to, bring them closer to you. All who assist humanity on the subtle levels are here for you, as equals, as partners. We are all One. Notice signs, symbols and coincidences: these are our ways of signalling our presence.

We love you and we are with you at all times.

Ashian through Jennifer Crokaert



Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: As You Adapt

Foreword: The Internet is buzzing with many websites picking up on the Kryon message. “Some Virus Truths for you to consider” 14th April 2020. He concludes that it is the Immune System that is killing people, not the virus; that is just a flu. My link is the Golden Age of Gaia. (1)

“Matthews Message” of the 2nd. August also covers the subject and makes the point that the masks are not protective and prevent the inhalation of oxygen and the exhalation of toxins from the body.

In a similar vein is “Doctors for Covid Ethics” UK Column meeting at a Symposium – Session 1. “The False Pandemic”

Mike Quinsey.

13th August 2021. Mike Quinsey.

As you adapt to the changes that are being made, it has become obvious that some are here to stay. It is acceptable as you have much lost time to make up because you have been deliberately held back by the actions of the dark Ones. However, you have broken loose from their control and are making up for lost time.

The changes are making the way you do things somewhat different, and for many who have got used to the “old ways” they do not come easily. But as with any changes you do eventually get used to them and can benefit from them. However on a worldwide basis many countries are so backward or living in poverty it is almost impossible to make up for lost time. Yet if the quality of life is to improve the beneficial changes must come in and quickly before you are overtaken by the climate changes that are already causing havoc.

These are difficult times but you will eventually get through providing adequate action is taken now, and you will be very pleased at what the future holds for you. It was inevitable that you had to make good a situation brought upon you by the way your progress was delayed, preventing you from gaining advantage of new ways that would have saved you time and money. Instead you were held in a time lock.

However that period has finished and, as soon as practical, and knowing that the dark Ones can no longer impede or prevent your progress, you will get help to evolve at a much faster pace. It is all waiting for you so do not feel downtrodden or forgotten. You will get everything that was due to you and more, and the plan is Going to succeed and, although the dark Ones were confident of their success, they were fooled into a trap from which there was no way out. Take heart from our news and know that we shall continue to guide and follow your progress to ensure it goes smoothly.

So it is even more important than ever that you keep on the path of Light knowing that all is well in spite of what is happening around you. You may say that you have been through the wringer and that would be true, but you are all the stronger for it so be assured that every experience has its benefits. It will not be too long before the playacting ceases and then you will be seen in your true colours. What you have experienced is but a small blip on your life path yet it is one of the most important so far. Most of you have had hundreds of lifetimes gaining experience but you have not necessarily had to call upon it to get through this one. You were however well equipped before you incarnate so as to be able to handle your life plan.

You have learned so much about other ways of life simply because the different Races brought with them their own laws and beliefs that have expanded your own understanding. You too have had lives in all of them and it has added a rich vein of knowledge and understanding to your own. It is for this reason that you may feel strongly attracted to the ways and beliefs that others have. In fact, such influences often show themselves in fashion and food preferences. That should make you feel better about yourself and possibly explain your attraction to the people in other countries.

So what is happening now is an adjustment to the changes that are here to stay. Some are beneficial and others for the convenience of those who have businesses that cater for your needs. It will clearly take some time for them to come back to anywhere near normal, but when they do things should run more smoothly. A shortage of labour is affecting some countries and again it is going to take some time before the difficulties are overcome. The shake-up has been much more damaging than you may think but in the long run it will be seen as necessary changes. All that is happening will in the long run be seen as necessary and useful to enable things to settle down.

Be assured that in the long run life will become more acceptable and more time given for leisure pursuits. Without the sudden need to make immediate changes it would have taken much longer to reach the same level. Because your activities are overseen by us we can help to ensure you move in the right direction. Without it chaos would reign and it would have been difficult to find your way out of trouble, after all we are looking at a worldwide problem. We can see the wider picture and are able to visualise what is needed to ensure your time and efforts are not wasted. Our influence is always to keep you on the right path without interfering with your freewill.

Your weather is giving cause for concern but be assured that the outcome will be more settled and acceptable. Mother Earth is wiser than you may think and quite able to manage the changes required to give you a more moderate weather pattern without the extremes you are experiencing now. It will take time and inconvenience many but it has to be carried out. In the end you will be pleased and well satisfied. It all takes time to come out of the dark period and leave behind that which has no place in your future. There is so much being done to resettle you into a more acceptable life pattern and it will come in due course.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey



Blossom Goodchild - Channeling the Federation of Light - July 13, 2021

Well, here we are once again. Life, with its topsy turvy twists and turns, continues to flow, and we must Trust that although it doesn’t look like it, it is all going in the right direction!

Welcome Blossom, welcome to Each Soul who, like us, look forward to these conversations and the comfort and sometimes, confusion, they bring!

Why do you say confusion?

Because we are aware that at times, there is confusion of mind as to what is and what is not. For although some feel we talk in riddles, we do not. We simply express in a fashion that allows Each Soul to interpret for themselves, that which we are offering. Some are able to look deeper into our presentation than others, whilst some, receive the Love and Trust on a … would we say … more simpler frequency. We are aware you would like to talk about the Monoliths?

Yes, please. If it suits? For quite a few are inquiring as to an update on them.

All are now in place. Yet, none are to be activated, at this time. They shall remain dormant until ‘The signal’ is given, at which point they shall ‘Come alive and do their thing’.

Which is?

They will send tones and signals to one another across your Globe and out to other sources like themselves, that are not on your Planet. The connections between them … each one … shall we say … would be in comparison to a conversation. As you can imagine this is a complex matter that cannot be completely understood on the human brain’s capacity level at this time. Extremely advanced scientists will not be able to keep up with the signals and communications between them, for their codings are not of/from this world.

And what is their purpose?

To activate many Ley Lines, Portals, vast dormant Crystals that lie beneath your soil. To activate within the human mind … codes that were set/given long before your presence on Earth.

Whoa! So, one step at a time. Ley lines?

We understand that you, personally Blossom, are not au fait with such phenomena. Yet, you and many know that they exist. They are a matrix that runs throughout your Earth’s patterns. We would describe them like a rabbit warren. For although there is structure to these patterns, there are also many ‘threads’ … billions … that are connected throughout … yet, all receiving the same messages and codes from Source.

So, are you saying that the activation of Ley Lines will come from the Monolith signals, that originally come from Source?

Yes, indeed. For everything does.

What is the purpose of the Ley Lines activation?

They will magnetically charge the very ground that you walk upon. Imagine a matrix that runs throughout your Globe … as if ‘when activated’ … the main centers… such as the places you know as Uluru, Stone Henge, and five others … will be the starter points for this ‘charge’ to then spread throughout the intricate and complex ‘threads’, so that there is not one piece of land that is not encompassed by it.

What happens then?

It is part of the ‘show’. It is necessary for this magnetism to be ‘underway’ in order for the rest of the process to take place and be completed.

And that process is?

We will move on to the Portals and Crystals for it is part of the connection of all these things mentioned.

Imagine the enormity of this charge … throughout your Globe. Not just a small place in one country, yet everywhere. Think of all these threads ‘Lighting up’ and spreading throughout. Think of the Power created … unimagined … unimaginable.

This then, firstly powers up the giant Crystals that, as we say, have lain dormant for millennia.

Who placed them there?

Off Planet Beings. In the KNOWING of the future … which is now the present. In the KNOWING of this MAJOR EVENT that is to occur.

What do the Crystals do?

Once they have been awoken/ activated through the magnetic forces … they will literally GLOW WITH LIFE.

Its all very much like a movie … that I have not yet seen!

Yet, images presented by artists, etc in preparation. Visions they have been given.

The Energy that is contained within these Crystals is also beyond compare.

How many crystals are there?


Is that all?

Blossom … no more are necessary.

Ok. I’ll take your word for it. I am almost dribbling with excitement. What happens next?

The POWER from the Crystals, aligned with the Ley Lines and threads, then take a while to tune in to the system and when complete, they are able to activate seven Portals.

That do what????

Open up your Planet … for a given time … to other worlds.

Dear God, I am on the edge of my seat. Then what?

Magic, dearest Blossom. Magic!

Hold on. Can we just recap? So, if I have this correctly, at a certain given point in time, these Monoliths will be activated and will send signals to each other on and off Planet, which in turn, will set off Ley Line grids and threads from seven main centers…which will be charged magnetically because of the signals from the Monoliths … which in turn, when completed throughout the Planet, will activate six vast gigantic Crystals that have laid dormant for millennia … and when all this is in alignment … the Power of this will allow seven Portals to activate and open … how am I doing?

Extremely well.

You say these Portals open us up to seven other worlds? Do we go to them?


Do otherworldly Beings ‘come though’ to us?

No. Not at this time. Yet, it is the combined Energy of these openings that are needed to conduct ‘the next move’.

Holy Moly! Which is?

Blossom … have a think about all we have said. What do you think would be happening next, when you consider the absolute magnitude of POWER from all this we have said … put together … to create what?



Far out, Brussel sprout. And I thought it was going to perhaps be from a simple solar flare! Keeping on track … you said also, about codes being activated in the human mind that were given long ago. Can you elaborate on that … if my head doesn’t blow off first?

Clearly, we are assuming that one can FEEL the ENORMITY of this when it takes place. It HAS to BE that the human mind, connected to the soul … plays its part in all of this, for that is why you are here. It is absolutely necessary for EACH ONE to step up to the plate and BE PART OF THE WHOLE (EVENT). Therefore, within everything else being activated … it triggers within the Soulself the remembrance of this taking place. In that, you remember all that you were told that you were coming to the Planet to accomplish.

We have spoken of envelopes being opened and you knowing what to do. This is that of which we have spoken.

This is much bigger than you have spoken of before.

Because of Divine timing. Perhaps if we had done so before, many would not have been ready to accept.

I don’t know if I am! I mean, I AM. It makes sense and I have never had a notion of this at all before, yet, you have to admit, it is rather mind-blowing!


I’m not surprised! So … deep breath … then what?


We feel this is a good point to pause on this matter in order for information to be absorbed. Indeed, there shall be many questions. Yet, we suggest you allow this conversation to settle within the heart. Push questions aside and BE with this. Go within and FEEL into that which we have offered. For we KNOW that when you do so … YOU WILL KNOW OF ITS TRUTH.

Well, that’s the most exciting news. I, for one, need to process it. For, in all honesty, I know I couldn’t make this up out of nowhere, and yet, on the other hand, it seems so sci-fi … And yet, such a wonderful ‘change’ of knowledge from all that is taking place on our Planet right now. Something to give us Hope.


To move your Planet and those within and upon her … into a Higher Dimension.

Yes, and either you or White Cloud said it would be when we felt we could take no more. Tomorrow then?

Dearest Blossom, just know that this shall be the way that it is to BE. As for the WHEN? Let go of that. For all you need to know is that it shall take place.

WOW. I was a little apprehensive to talk about Monoliths, to be honest. SO GLAD I DID! Thank you so much. I think it will give so many of us renewed strength and encourage us to keep on keeping on. How Blessed we are. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.


Please take the time to be uplifted by watching fellow Light players sharing the Mantra with you. Thank you so much to all who participated.



Website: Blossom Goodchild


The Pleiadians: We Will Welcome You With Celebrations

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Earth! I AM KALIGHAL!

I come to bring another report, and I can tell you, that it has been a long time since I have brought such a wonderful report. All the underground bases of the dark ones have already been totally dominated and taken over. There is no longer any kind of risk for you. The destruction of these bases has to be done very carefully, with a lot of planning. Because they have created a network of mass destruction, where if just one point is detonated, a sequential reaction will happen. So everything has to be done very carefully and very precisely, but there is no danger anymore of them detonating everything that they have created. It is over.

The moment now is surface. The time now is for arrests and bringing the truth to the surface for all of you. But this is not our mission, this is the mission of those who are driving this process. Let’s just say that we will be looking forward to the revelation of our existence, the revelation of why we have been here on your planet for some time now. This will be a cause of great joy for us. Being able to actually display our ships, will be a moment, where Sananda would say, of pure ego, but we don’t have that feeling. The moment of our exhibition would only be to confirm for those who already believe in us, the truth, our existence. To show you our beautiful spaceships, to show you what you will be able to build in the near future; and to be able to walk through the Universe, exactly as we do, with much joy and with much property in what we do.

I cannot tell you that there are no trips through the universe strictly for pleasure. For the pleasure of knowing new worlds, for the pleasure of making friends, yes of course there are. We don’t know all the peoples of the Universe intimately, we know some of them diplomatically, that is, they are part of the Galactic Federation, but we never visit them, as you usually call them, as tourists, who only come to the planet to see what is beautiful in each one of them. Then I would tell you, that the beauty of each planet, each orb, is something very different from the standards that you know. You are used to this dimension, where everything is very tangible, everything is very physical, but the nature that you know on this planet, really few possess such splendor.

This planet in the whole Universe is known for its beauty, for everything that was put together by Father/Mother God, to make it a beautiful blue planet. I am not saying that our own planets, our home is not beautiful; it is very beautiful, but we have learned to admire the beauty that this planet shows us, and we can admit that it is immense. There is not a spot on this planet, except if we may comment on the deserts, where there is no beauty; but even the deserts are worthy of appreciation. For they form very interesting shapes, mountains and layers, and are very reminiscent of planets

that we know.So each planet, each one that exists in the Universe, has its own beauties, and you will learn in time to admire them. You will be allowed, as members of the Galactic Federation, to visit other planets, to meet other civilizations. But all within a very well planned and programmed order. No one arrives on a planet simply because they are sightseeing. This all has to have a plan, it has to have permission so that there are no surprises. Each planet monitors its airspace, so to speak, very carefully. Because those who have been here for a long time are always trying to invade somewhere. This is their pattern of life.

So the defenses of each planet are always very well in place. We can say that wars don’t really exist in the Universe, but we know of their existence, of their successive attempts, to penetrate other planets to make there their military base and to explore that planet, as was done here. So we can walk through the Universe, but always with planning. Just like you do when you go on a vacation. You plan, make reservations, and when you get there, everything is ready to welcome you. In the same way the planets, that civilization will prepare a big party to welcome you, because they like it, they are very well educated and prepared to receive other races.

And you will be from now on, when you go to the Fifth Dimension, included in this list of races allowed to navigate the Universe and be very well received. But all with a lot of planning. So, us being here today and being able to show off our ships, it’s not ego, it’s just a great joy to be able to show you, what you will be able to do as well. Of course we are already a long time in the 5th Dimension and above. But we will be happy to teach you all the technology that we have, so that you can start this ascension of new machines, new ventures all into the 5th Dimension.So we can tell you, that not only are we here today, hidden in a way in your skies, but soon we will be living with you. We will be side by side working together, and it will be a great pleasure for each one of us to be part of this great development team of the planet. You will be introduced to new professions, new jobs, new types of work, and for sure, many of you will feel very ready to be with us, learning all of this for the evolution of your planet and your race.

Yes, you will enter a Fifth Dimension planet, but you will have much to learn and to develop, so that you can live exactly as Fifth Dimension inhabitants. You as human beings coming from the Third Dimension, will also have a very deep modification in your bodies. But this will not be instantaneous, this will be gradual, otherwise your bodies will not be able to withstand such a change. So we can tell you that you will enter the Fifth Dimension in the minimum dimension necessary for this set, so that your bodies will gradually, slowly get used to the higher frequencies. And I tell you, many of you will have difficulty in adapting to this dimension. But we also have all the treatments and technologies capable of preparing your bodies through machines, through chambers, where you will be submitted without pain, without sacrifices, without any kind of fear, so that your bodies get used to this dimension.

So, fear nothing. No one will suffer, there will be no suffering to evolve. The only form of suffering there might be, is when you refuse to evolve; when you refuse to be treated; when you refuse to not share the feelings necessary for this dimension. Then it will be a much deeper and painful training for you to learn to live in the right way. Not painful through torture, through machines drilling you, all sorts of things that you have seen in your movies, we can say quite scabrous, in order for you to reach the proper dimension.

Everything is done with much love, everything is done through many lessons, through mental training. There is no chip injections, there is nothing injected into your brains for you to evolve. You will take the time necessary for evolution, where you will be trained, you will be shown, you will be re-educated how to live. And this process will last as long as it will, there is no more hurry, there is no future; the time is here and now. So you will be there, participating in these trainings so that you can live within the precepts of the Fifth Dimension.

And we will be there with great joy, just the way we are, and you will be the way you are. And we will be forming a great alliance, an alliance of great love, an alliance of progress, an alliance of technological advancement, of cleaning up your planet; where you will have a planet that is completely refreshed, completely clean, completely free of anything that could harm you. You will continue to feed yourselves for quite some time to come, until your vibrations are raised, and you begin to let go of physical foods, and you begin to feed yourself as we feed ourselves today. There is no point in explaining here what this process is like; you wouldn’t understand. So just believe that there will still be food. No one will be introduced to pills, or to industrialized, sealed packages, where you put it in water and it becomes bread. That will not exist.

Nothing is industrially made, everything is created with love, everything is created by our mind; but you will have food for a long time to come. Many of these foods that you use today, unfortunately you won’t have anymore, because they are foods that have been produced to actually deteriorate your bodies. This is why mortality happens at such a young age. By coming to the Fifth Dimension and eating right, you will live thousands of years, because your bodies will no longer deteriorate. But for that to happen, this food that is going to be generated here, will have that property of at the same time feeding you, the property of cleaning all that dirt that is in there; all that has been put into your cells, so that they die quickly.

So, you will take time in changing your own cells, so that perfect cells will be born without any kind of deterioration. Then everything will be very new, everything will be very learned. And we, our Arcturian brothers, our Sirian brothers, Andromedans, Venusians, everyone who is in the heavens right now, will have the greatest pleasure, will have the greatest love in teaching each of you how to live in this new dimension; to understand how everything works, how your homes will be, how you will behave, how the parties are, how the meetings are, how the shifting is going to be on the planet.

I tell you, it will take you months to learn everything, because there will be so much new, so many new things, and so much learning. So don’t be afraid. No one will go hungry, no one will not know what to eat, because you will have plenty of food, you will have plenty of housing, you will have plenty of work, and all of this with plenty of abundance and plenty of love involved.

So this is what awaits you; this is what we are preparing for you; this is what your planet Earth is preparing for each one of you. The change in your bodies, Gaia is promoting this change. You receive the energy from the Central Sun that changes the vibration of your cells. And Gaia, having the same elements from which your bodies are originated and made, from the bottom up, she makes this change as well. Taking with her from the moment you put your feet on the ground, all that is being generated, transformed, garbage, that your bodies are generating and you don’t even know it. Everyone is being changed, there is no distinction, there is no exception. Everyone will be ready to make the change. It only depends on each one of you. It only depends on the vibration of each one of you, if you allow this change, to be ready for the new energies.

So, keep your vibrations high. Dream of this new world, because it is real. Very soon, it will no longer be a dream, it will be real for all of you who want to be a part of it. And we will be there together, ready, to receive you with a great round of applause, with celebration, with our immense hearts of Light and joy, waiting for each one of you. And we will make this planet a great party, a great reception for all of you. Never be afraid, never vibrate fear, because what is on this side of the Fifth Dimension is only friendship, abundance, prosperity and much unconditional love.

**Channel: Band Schieb



The Children from the "Ever Given" Cargo Ship... (

The Children from the "Ever Given" Cargo Ship... 


June 15, 2021


Message from the Children on the "Ever Given" Cargo Ship


We are the children who died while we were being held on the cargo ship called the Ever Given (Losha note...their collective age is about eight years old, here).


Everyone was talking about the ship, and what it might be holding...well, it was “holding” us. There were a lot of us on that ship who did not live to be rescued. We are very sad about that...but we have been told by the beings who are helping us now that we will not be sad for much longer. They tell us that we have some “deprogramming” to do...they say we have to let go of all the bad stuff that happened to us. They say that we have had other lifetimes that we will learn about later...but right now, all we want to do is to feel more pain, no more darkness, no more being afraid, no more loneliness.


We are told that we need to try to heal ourselves...well, we have been hurt for so long (some since birth), that we just want to feel loved by someone, except that we aren’t on Earth anymore, and our families aren’t here with us. We are kind of feeling love from the beings who are trying to help us, but it isn’t the same...all of us just wanted to be loved when we were on Earth, and now we will never get to feel that, ever. We are very sad and angry about that.


All of us were “hidden” in the cargo ship, so we would not be found. It took a long time for the rescuers to find us...and by then it was too late for many of us. We are glad that almost half of us were found alive, but we wish it could have been all of us.


We were treated very bad...we were hungry a lot, and we had to sit next to our own poop. We were forced to watch as the “bad ones” did things to some of us...there was nothing we could do to stop it. We felt bad that we couldn’t help our friends.


We just want to tell what happened to us so it never happens, please tell anyone who can help save the rest of the boys and girls who are still being treated bad (in other locations), so they won’t have to hurt any more. They need your help! Please pray for us and send us love. Thank you.


The Children from the Ever Given cargo ship.


Note from Losha...this was a very sobering message for me to receive...but I felt their insistence about it for several days. I truly felt as though it was an eight year old who was talking to me...I tried to reflect that as best I could.


I ask that we all send those beautiful departed children as much love as we help them to begin to heal from their traumas. Yes, there are wonderful beings helping them and guiding them now, however, as you can read, their experiences are still very real to them and they are having trouble letting will take time for them to heal, but I am sure that our Love for these precious children of God, will help them during their challenging healing efforts.


Thank you to all of you beautiful angels reading this! Losha.


Channeled by Losha.


Message from my Dear Departed Pop! (

June 19, 2021


Message from my Dear Departed Pop!


Hello to all who are reading my darling daughter’s website! I am so very happy to be able to speak through my daughter today. I miss her greatly, but I am also very happy where I am right now, and with how much I have learned about many subjects since I crossed over in 2016. As a side note, Losha’s mother also crossed over just before I did, in the same month of February.


I have been slightly pestering my daughter to receive my message because I have seen what is going on in the world right now from a new and different perspective, and I have also seen the wondrous future which is upcoming for all of you!...and I would like to impart my thoughts to whomever wishes to read it.


A little background about myself, if you can just give me a quick minute, please...thank you. I was what you might consider a skeptic, or when in my most “religious” moment, a believer in “a God”, but not anything close to what some folks call their “personal God”. A lot of that had to do with the life traumas I experienced when I was a teenager...losing my only two brothers at the ages of 21 and 18 (I was in the middle)...both deaths occurring within several months of each other. After experiencing those very tragic events in my life, I pretty much turned off to any God...because why would he allow that to happen to my beloved brothers? So, the thought that any kind of “loving God” would allow that to happen didn’t make any sense to me.


I also was a very “left-brained” person during my last lifetime. I went to engineering school and didn’t really believe in what I used to call the “supernatural.” Now that my “spirit” has been residing in the higher dimensions, my thinking has made a complete 180 degrees turn! I believe, I believe! (smile)


A while back, my daughter asked a trusted psychic to try to contact her mother and myself, and I used the opportunity to “show” her that I was holding a Bible, which I would never have done during my physical lifetime on Earth, and I was pointing at two words in the Bible…”Everlasting Life!” When my daughter heard that message from me, she began crying because she realized that I was truly “here” and I was now a “converted believer!” (smile)


Now, here I am before all of you, telling all who will listen, that our souls are infinite! They are never ending! I was so amazed and filled with joy to discover this beautiful “fact!”


As for what I see happening in your world currently, I will say that I had very little knowledge initially about how depraved it had become while I was there, however now I have been able to understand the bigger picture better, and I am in awe of all you beautiful “angels” who are continuously striving to contribute your individual talents and skills to try and help the collection of galactics and humans (Alliance) to eliminate the cabal and bring in your new and wondrous, future!


I know that living your lives through all of this darkness and filth has been so very challenging for you...I can see how very hard you are all trying to help stamp out the darkness and to help and care for as many souls as you can. I admire you all so very much...and from those of us who are from all of your various “spirit families” up here, we thank you all, and we Love you all!


We can actually see the Cities of Light which have been created over many years in the 5th dimension...and I will tell you, they are glorious! Such wonders await you...wonders which will completely heal your physical vessel, your emotional vessel, and even your intellectual vessel. There will be no more dis-ease!


Besides the Cities of Light which will be primarily for healing purposes, we can also see the many advanced technologies which are waiting for you all to “discover” (they are already discovered, in truth)...imagine living in a beautiful but simple home, where it is sparsely furnished because you will be able to “create” any new item you desire, just by focusing on it with your mind (or a replicator!)! You will always have beautiful cerulean (blue) skies above you, and emerald green grasses beneath your may walk anywhere you like in your bare feet because the ground feels as soft as velvet!


You will no longer “need” a will be offered a “role” in your community where you will be doing whatever it is that you are most passionate about doing...that might be caring for children, teaching others how to use the new technologies, creating beautiful paintings, singing beautiful songs, etc...the list of wondrous contributions available is endless! Let your mind wander among those beautiful possibilities for a while!


The best part of all is that every soul living in their local community “hamlet” will be cared for by every other soul living there...that is how we were originally meant to “live” here on Gaia (Earth). We are innately “good” souls, and then we all got turned around by the dark ones...but now we are “going Home” for good! We, as humanity, are becoming who we were meant to be in the beginning...beautiful, powerful, God-spark souls with Love in our hearts!


My beloved daughter and I both thought that a message that was “uplifting” might be helpful at this time, since she has been posting rather serious, but needed, messages from the beloved children and others, lately.


I truly hope that my message regarding your wonderfully exciting future that is coming soon, will be enjoyed by all who read it, and quite possibly even feel uplifted for a time! I know that I cannot wait to see Gaia and her beloved humanity receive all the goodness that is deserved...and as soon as possible!


As they say around here, please “Keep the Faith,” and know that all is well in hand by the benevolent ones, both galactic and human. The most important role you can fulfill right now that will help with this transition to goodness, is to “be” whomever you are truly meant to be, inside...and to give Love to all as you go on about your days. Those actions by you will assist Gaia and humanity to ascend into the 5th dimension as quickly as possible.


I thank you for your this message has been a great honor for me, and I look forward with great anticipation for the time when I will be able to meet my daughter again, face to face! Until then, I send you all Unconditional Love.


Losha’s “Pop”, forever and ever.


Blossom Goodchild - Channeling the Federation of Light - June 9, 2021

Hello! I found another window in which to have a chat! Wondering what you may have to say on any given subject that appeals today?

Welcome Blossom, Welcome All. We are indeed surprised that you found this window and we are more than excited to jump into this opportunity. Regarding that which appeals, it would probably be of quite a different choice to many that read these words and desire to know more of what and when and how everything is to turn around upon your Planet.

Ok. What is your choice then?

We smile, for it is no different than usual.

Oh, I thought you were going to come up with something brand spanking new.

Perhaps we are. For is it not, Blossom, that all things that are of a revised nature can be looked upon as ‘new’ when perceiving with new eyes and new perspectives?

I guess so. Is it this way for us now then?

We would say, yes, it is. For since the latest moon and the Energies and transformations that occurred within/during that time … many of you have found that you are reaching greater Heights within your Beings regarding the understanding of what is taking place.

We do not mean necessarily, of what is taking place on your outskirts, your outer world, yet, that which is moving along so beautifully within YOU. YOUR TRUE SELF. YOUR INNER SELF. YOU that are here to follow through your desires and dreams of the transformation. The ridding of the old and the accessing of entirely NEW Energies and circumstances, that shall allow your Inner Glow to Brighten even the darkest of times.

Can you not feel this ‘assistance’ from these Higher Energies working with you on a different level?

Well, I can only speak for myself and in this time frame, I feel I am ‘coping’ very well with that which I am confronted with. I put that down to the continual record of the I AM MANTRA running through my veins.

And yet, it is this Mantra and its POWER that is ‘hooking up’ with the Extreme Force of NEW Energies and Frequencies that are ‘meeting up’ with Each One, that is allowing so much to transform within the self.

Many, many souls are experiencing profoundly challenging circumstances, on top of the ‘trauma’ that is taking place upon your Planet. As your world becomes more and more ‘turned on its head’ the pressure of this, added with personal dramatic issues are combining to bring about immense turbulence ALL TOGETHER.

Why? Why do we need to have the ‘added extra’ of the personal stuff?

If we were to say simply ‘to make you stronger’ how would you feel?

Annoyed! We can become stronger by walking in the sunshine and taking deep breathes of joy and wonderment.

Then we will add to that. For not only are these pressures upon you presenting themselves to make you stronger … they are coming to you so that THE YOU THAT YOU TRULY ARE can emerge from the cocoon into the butterfly.

Yet, as I say … why do we have to do it the hard way? Personally, the hard way has never been in my book of ‘Ways to sail through life’.

Yet, you yourself, Blossom have had, like many, difficult chapters in your book, have you not?

Not nearly as big as some.

Yet, would you not say that it is through those hardships, confrontations, traumas, upsets, loss, etc, that you have come through them and KNOW that it was such things that made you the person you are today? The Strong Soulself that reveals itself to itself, more and more as these ‘situations’ come and go?

Yes. That is correct.

Then KNOW NOW, that one is being prepared for the Strength within to rise to the surface.





You are ready and yet, these last ‘chapters’ before the lead up to the finale will increase in intensity … in order for the play to reach its climactic ending.

May we say, the sequel will have an entirely different Energy. For within the New Dawn … that which you are having to endure in these times, will play no part in the New Kingdom.

Interesting word to use, ‘kingdom?

Yet, we Enjoy it. Dearest souls … understand how extraordinarily well you are doing.

This breakdown of orders that have ruled your Planet cannot help but bring about disruption and disorder. So much confusion of what is and what is not.


In your Hearts, you still remain steadfast in the KNOWING that you are here for a specific reason, and no matter how long and drawn out it may ‘appear’ to be … ‘time’, as you know it … bares no relevance to the actuality of Truth that is within you.


Yep … there is that! For no matter what I see taking place outwardly and all the absolute nonsense that is presented … nothing can take that KNOWING away. The KNOWING that all this that you say IS TRUTH. I, personally, can feel it in my heart. Like everyone, I have moments of ‘what if this is all going down the proverbial drainpipe and all that we think we are here for, here to do, is not the case at all, and we are all to disappear into an oblivious mass of an automated robotically controlled species?

Is that what you think? Have you had such thoughts?

Well, it’s possible, is it not?

Only if the Consciousness that is NOW, chose it to be … and we state quite categorically … THIS IS NOT THE CASE.

I KNOW! Yet, the odd thought pops in as a possible outcome, when we are only presented with the world going up ‘poop creek’ without a paddle, or indeed, a life jacket!

Yet, you Blossom, you and Every Being that has awakened and every Being that shall waken … ARE THE PADDLE … YOU ARE THE LIFE JACKETS.

You, Each One … are the Light Bearers that are here to turn the boat around and with all might, steer your Planet into the new waters.

Waters of calm, mirrored glass, where the reflection of the sun shines Light as far as the eye can see.


And although you may feel trapped in the gallows and helpless at this moment in time … the rumblings within … the time when the shackles fall and ALL OF YOU come out into the Light that shall be upon you, is so very soon now.


I do. I always have. It is the ‘very soon now’, that I am not so sure of. Yet really, it will be when it will be. There is nothing we can do to change that. So, we shall carry on regardless. Being out of the ‘loop’ lately, to be honest, has been so interesting. From the point of view of realizing that no matter where we are, or what we are doing … basically our Light and the shining of it, is all that matters. Not listening to the goings-on and the possibilities has been a welcome release. For all that I had heard in the last year has not come to fruition either! I get what people/you mean by not going down too many rabbit holes. For, what will be, will be … and when it is being … we will surely know about it and know what to do.

Indeed. Each individual has their own path to walk, of course, Blossom. Yet, without question … whether one lives in the outback with no internet, or, one spends all hours of their day looking into matters that may or may not be Truth, written by souls who may or may not be of the Light … at the end of the day …

WHEN IT IS TIME TO STEP INTO ACTION … none of that which you know or don’t know will matter. For you will simply KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO AND YOU WILL DO IT.




Actually, I shall have to cut this a little short. My apologies. Thank you so much. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I Am.


(This channeling got cut short, (on my end) and I haven’t had the time to reconnect. So, better ‘something’ than ‘nothing’ and better late than never. Hope to have better luck next time. Many thanks)


Please take the time to be uplifted by watching fellow Light players sharing the Mantra with you. Thank you so much to all who participated.



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The Pleiadians: Sexuality, A Bridge to Higher Levels of Consciousness

When the library of yourselves was torn from the shelves and scattered, and the DNA was split so that there were only two strands left with very little data and very little memory, sexuality was left intact in the physical body. It was left as a form of reproduction, of course-as a form for the species to stay in touch with its own essence and bring itself into life. Very deep inside the mechanism of sexuality is a frequency that can be attained that has been sought after and misunderstood by many people. It is called orgasm.

The orgasm has been distorted from its original purpose. Your body has forgotten the cosmic orgasm of which it is capable because society has taught you for thousands and thousands of years that sexuality is bad. You have been taught this in order for you to be controlled and to keep you from seeking the freedom available through sexuality. Sexuality connects you with a frequency of ecstasy, which connects you back to your divine source and to information.

Sexuality has been given a bad name upon this planet, and that bad name is stored in your cellular memory. This is not just from this lifetime; it is from thousands of years of misappropriation and misuse. It is necessary for you to clear the negativity surrounding sexuality from this lifetime, as well as to experience and examine how you utilize sexual energy and sexual expression in your multidimensional selves.

The sexual parts of the body are avenues to pleasure that create frequencies that heal and stimulate the body and potentially lead it to its higher spiritual self. Sexuality is so misunderstood on this planet that, when it is exchanged between two persons, very seldom is there an intent to connect spirituality with it. Sexuality invokes a spirituality that is free and that looks at itself as a creator. However, very seldom is sexuality used as a bridge to take you to higher levels of consciousness.

We have spoken with a number of individuals who have been utilizing light. Since finding the proper partner in a monogamous situation, they have been able to achieve very high states of being. Monogamy tends to work for most of you very well because of where you are vibrationally. When you have many partners, you tend to be less than honest and to hide who you are: you share a little here, there, and everywhere in scattering your seed. It is best to be with one person, but this does not mean the same person forever. Be loyal, be open, and be sharing with the person you are working with, and go as far as you can with them. If it happens to be your whole life, wonderful. If it doesn’t, then when you come to a place where you are no longer communicating and serving one another, and you feel the relationship is not going to be able to make a leap, terminate the relationship and find another person who works with your vibration.

When you work one-on-one intimately, you develop trust. Most of you have difficulty trusting yourselves because you don’t have a role model for trust. You can learn about trust in a relationship because a relationship acts as a mirror for you, showing you what you cannot see from your own viewpoint. It shows you yourself outside of yourself when you have open communication within sexuality and deep intimacy, and when you are not using sexuality as a distraction for getting close. Many of you have used sexuality as a distraction and a way to avoid intimacy rather than to develop it. You begin to get energetic and to look into one another’s eyes and to feel all hot and excited. Then, instead of exploring each other intimately and spiritually, you shut down your feeling centers, put on your armor, and have shallow, genital sex because it is too frightening and too intense to go the deeper route of full body and full spiritual connection. Sometimes hot sex feels great and is wonderful. We are simply saying that there is more. There is much more, and no one is keeping it from you except yourselves and the beliefs and fear you have of letting down your boundaries and walls.

Many of the fears you have are based on what you have created for yourselves and what you have done to others in your sexual life. Your sexual history affects every other portion of your soul, so all of your soul’s issues are broadcast loud and clear throughout your body. You don’t want to look at this sometimes because it is too painful, and you judge it because you think it is bad. Stop judging, and get neutral about what you have done-no matter what you discover, no matter how heinous it seems, no matter how difficult it seems, and no matter how much violation it involves. Understand that your purpose has been to gather data and to understand your selves.

Sexuality is a frequency. It represents what was not taken away from you even though your history, your memories, and your identity were removed and scattered. The way you were left intact with the ability to discover who you were was through the sexual experience. Of course, you were never taught this. We are going to do some church bashing here. So sorry for anyone who is a member of the churches. The churches came about as organizations-businesses to control religion and spiritual development and to create jobs, to create a hierarchy, and to create a club. Very few churches came about with the idea of bringing information to people. You don’t usually think of religion as something that keeps you informed, do you? Any religion that brings information is a religion operating on the vibration of truth.

Spiritual realms are places of existence that the human body is locked away from. Because sexuality was an opportunity for human beings to regain their memory, or to connect with their spiritual selves and spiritual creator, or to find an avenue to the spiritual realm that you are sealed off from, the churches came about and promoted sexuality for procreation. They taught you that the only reason you had sexuality was to produce little humans.

Sexuality was promoted as something very bad. Women were told that sexuality was something they had to undergo to serve men and that they had no control over the birthing process. Women believed this; hence, to this day, you believe in general that you have no control over that portion of your body. You must realize that only you decide whether you are going to birth a child or not. This is not such a complicated thing as you have been told. Decision and intention are what bring the experience to your being. You can control whether you have a baby or not. If woman had had this ability for the last several thousand years, and if she had been able to explore her sexual self without fear of having a child, perhaps men and women would have discovered that they were much freer than they had been told they were.

The discovery of the highest frequency of sexuality arises from the love experience. It has nothing to do with relationships being either homosexual or heterosexual. It has to do with two human beings bringing pleasure to one another in a way that opens frequencies of consciousness. You have bought many ideas about what is proper and what is improper within sexual expression.

Love is the essence that is to be created in all relationships. If you love and honor someone, it doesn’t matter what your composition of density is. What matters is the love vibration and how you explore this love, which ideally is gifted and coupled with the integration of the male and the female counterparts that make the twin flame.

Ideally, sexuality is explored through feelings. The third and fourth chakrasconnect you to the emotional and compassionate selves, which connect you to the spiritual self. The spiritual self is the part of yourself that is multidimensional through which you exist in many forms simultaneously. It is your assignment and agreement and task to be aware of all these realities in the identity that you are. When you are aware, you can time into the different frequencies, remember who you are, and change the vibratory rate of this universe.

We love to talk about sexuality because it is so mysterious upon this planet. Certain mystery schools have held some of the knowledge about the potential uses of sexuality in secrecy. You are electromagnetic creatures, and when you come together physically with another human creature, you bond your electromagnetic frequencies together. When your frequencies are attuned and joined by a love frequency, incredible things can occur.

Thousands of years ago, when society had more of a matriarchal view in certain areas of the planet, Goddess energy was coming through and working with certain individuals. The female understood her power, her intuition, her feeling center, her connection, and her desire to create life. She also understood that she never had to conceive a child if it was not her intention to do so.

In order for the patriarchal society to come full circle and prepare Earth for this shift in consciousness, female energy needed to take a back seat. So female power, energy, and understanding of sexuality were suppressed. In modern times the past two thousand years-it came to be upon the planet that women believed they had no control over when they could have children, that sexuality was deemed bad and disgusting, and that sex was taught to be performed only within the rights of marriages and so on. All of this was a marketing program.

Some of the present-day marketing programs to create an even greater fear of sexuality and its expression are the new diseases: AIDS, herpes, and all the other things. You read about these things in your newspapers and become frightened of your own expression, frightened of your own intuition, and frightened of your own joy. Do you understand?

Before DNA was rearranged, the way many people reached the higher realms and were able to climb the ladders of themselves and reach into off-planet frequencies was by electromagnetically bonding through love. They created a rocketship-like experience to propel them out into other systems of reality. This has been one of the best-kept secrets upon the planet.

Many we have spoken to have had absolutely profound experiences with their sexuality. We would like to point out again that we are not making distinctions or judgments about who you happen to bond with in a relationship, and we suggest that you give up that judgment as well. It is old programming. It does not matter whether you bond with a member of the opposite sex or a member of your own sex. We are talking about two humans coming together by physically joining themselves in whatever ways are appropriate for them to join and create love, because they are sharing love. When integrity and love are missing from a joining of human bodies, that is when human beings do not think well of their experience. This can create all kinds of damaging results within the physical body.

You were left with the frequency of the orgasmic experience in sexuality so that you could remember your higher identity. When this energy or history of yourself is revealed and you discover who you are, you will unite many bodies of your personal multidimensional identity in your physical form. To receive the full impact of the gridwork of your identity, let the twelve helixes fit in your body and allow the light-encoded filaments to rearrange themselves. This process has to do with the mental body, which is of course connected to the physical body. The emotional body, which is connected to the spiritual body, is the body that everybody wants to skip. You say, “I want to evolve. I want a rapid acceleration, but I do not want to go through the feeling center to do it.”

You are connected to your multidimensional selves through your feelings, and it is in your feelings that you primarily get stuck. Accept that your “stuff” comes up for a reason. Many of you would like to bury your “stuff” and throw it out in the trash as if it is something ugly and not who you are. This “stuff” is the shadow portion of your identity that you don’t like to deal with or accept.

We understand that sometimes, when something comes up, you label it and say, “I hate this part of myself. I want to just finish it and sweep it under the rug and forget it. I’m finished with this stuff.” Guess what. Your “stuff”-your issues-are the treasures of your life. They are how you learn.

You have agreed to mutate, to pull light into your body, and to birth the Family of Light on this planet. Since light is information, you must deal with all of the things you have hidden from yourself. Sexuality is the primary issue because it is the secret self-the self you hide from. Society has said to you, “This is good. This is bad. You are to do this. You are not to do this.” Who gave you these laws? Who gave you any of your laws to begin with?

You have been stuck because you can’t read the symbols of the language you are speaking to yourselves. So you dwell upon it. Many of you love your stories because they get you attention. If you didn’t have a story, who would talk to you? Observe your body and see what it is teaching the self. Ideally, you will heal the sore and create a place of greater comfort and joy as you learn to dwell more completely in your physical body and have a new identity of your sexuality.

Sexuality is a key. It is a doorway to the higher realms of consciousness. As you redefine yourselves, and the light-encoded filaments give you a new definition of yourselves, you are going to change who you are sexually as well. Sexuality must come up for all of you, and, we will say from experience, it is the area that you are most frightened of at this time. We guarantee there will be more frightening areas later.

If you are stuck on the idea of love and cannot comprehend what is going on with it, your difficulty is that you are looking for love outside yourself. You are looking for somebody else to put meaning in your life and validate you. If you do not have that person, you become angry or feel you are worthless. This is a pattern you grew up with, which your parents and your society showed you. We have said over and over again that the most important thing you can do is love yourself and honor Earth. But you keep forgetting this and looking for the next relationship to make you whole or complete. You feel that without a relationship you are perhaps less than an acceptable citizen. Then you feel lonely. You must learn how to be alone. Loneliness is simply a state of mind. You are never, never alone. You have multitudes of entities around you. If you would stop feeling sorry for yourselves, you would find that there is so much data constantly being blasted at you that you may want to be alone so you can have a good time receiving the contact.

When you love yourself and stop getting convoluted about the need to have someone else love you, you are able to accept what someone offers. It is imperative that you value yourself so that you do not settle for a love disguised. If you decide to go for a partner or to vibrate with someone, and you do not receive what you want, do not whine or nag or pout about the person to make them change according to your needs. If you set a value for yourself and do not create it, then simply change your reality and continue onward alone until you meet someone who reflects your value. All the while, vibrate in the love of the self, honor the self, and understand that the journey here is about self discovery in relationship to others. It is not just about husbands or wives. The journey here is about honoring your physical body and the uniqueness of the self as you touch the lives of many. Always allow yourself to work with the self and let the self evolve.

You are all afraid of being intimate with yourselves-of being alone with the self. Once you develop an intimacy, a silence, a self-love, and a containment of your energy, then you will want to make that aspect of intimacy your standard for intimacy with someone else.

Sexuality can be very confusing at this time because you are raising and studying your frequencies. When you join bodies, even when you hug one another, you exchange frequency. When you have a sexual experience, there is a hormonal release inside the body. The hormones awaken certain energies inside the cells, and there is a transference of one person’s essence onto the other person. That is why when vote have had sexual experiences with someone you sometimes cannot get their energy off you. Even though you don’t want to be with the person, the sexual experience stays with you because you have had an electromagnetic exchange.

You are going through this frequency modulation and learning how to raise your frequency to a place of consistent information, self-love, and self-intimacy. Therefore, it can seem very confusing and sometimes frightening to take this vulnerable thing you are learning about yourself and layer up and merge with another. The more you become aware, the more you take charge of how you use your body, where you plug it in, where you sit it down, and certainly who you mix it with sexually.

If expressing yourself sexually now encouraged your greatest growth, you would automatically create that experience for yourself because you would be ready for it. Understand that, during the process of evolving the self, very often a period of dormancy in sexual activity occurs. Within the sexual frequency, you exchange with one another. So if you are bonding yourself and chemically exchanging with a person who is not of your likeness, you are taking on their garbage because you are exchanging energy quite intimately.

Sometimes you will be led away from that kind of exchange. You may think, “Oh, my goodness, what is happening? Am I turning old? Am I drying up? What is going on?” That is not the case. You can learn to use the energy that would stimulate you sexually without giving it over to another person. Instead of getting chaotic and crazy, you may explore that energy by practicing the art of masturbation, knowing that it is perfectly legitimate and fine to do it. Or, you may want to simply observe that you feel a sexual arousal and decide what you are going to do with it. You may say, “Well, I’m not going to act on this now. Let’s see where this energy goes.” Take the energy, let it rise through your body, and use it in other areas.

You will get to a point when you must adore, sustain, and love yourself as if you are holding yourself like a newborn babe in your own arms, knowing you will do the best for yourself. Many of you distract yourselves. Find the place of serenity and silence in which you can find answers. You cannot find answers by dialing the telephone all day long and asking everyone else for them. If you attempt to, you are demonstrating that you are looking outside of yourself. When you learn how to turn within to find answers, the self will speak. Usually you cannot hear because you are locked in behavioral patterns that you know you have to change but that you don’t want to change because you don’t know who you will be.

In all honesty, you are afraid of yourselves. This is a very common thing. You are afraid you will not be complete, and you want to be complete very much. So you say, “I am complete. I am sovereign. I need someone else. I am attracted to someone. Oh, no, I cannot look. I am too frightened of that. I don’t need anyone. I do need someone.” You go back and forth. Learn to still your mind. Learn to become completely in charge of your energy. What does that mean? It means that wherever you are, you observe yourself-how your body is positioned, how you are using your hands, whether you are repeating yourself over and over again, whether you are speaking or silent. Learn to watch yourself with no judgment. Learn to watch and self correct by determining how you would like to be versus how you are. Learn to quiet your mind.

Frequency is carried from you to another person particularly if there is a love bonding. A love bonding does not mean that you are going to cleave to one another forever. It simply means that you are in a relationship for however long you deem that relationship appropriate in that you honor one another and exchange energies and let the energies flow as if through open circuitry. When you do not love another and you are not bonded, there is no exchange; the circuitry does not open. It does not mean that you cannot have good sex; it simply means that the circuitry is not open.

As this electrical current is raised higher and higher, there are greater heights of orgasmic experience that the human body can receive because the nervous system is able to handle the higher ecstatic frequencies. The nervous system will determine how you express yourself and how you feel. If you have a poorly evolved nervous system, your sexual experience will be very limited because the nervous system conducts the electrical current. The orgasmic experience brings about a healing and realignment of the physical body.

Eventually, you will not be able to get close to or be with someone who is not operating at the same voltage you are. You simply will not fit. It would be like putting a size nine foot into a size two shoe. It won’t work or be comfortable. You won’t fit because you won’t be able to merge vibrationally.

You will eventually understand the importance of vibrational nourishment as you begin to link sexually. Linking sexually is only one way of merging with people who are moving at the same or a compatible voltage rate. Your reality is very interesting to us because you have so many clues in your waking world. When you go to a foreign country, your electrical appliances do not plug in. They don’t fit, so you need an adapter. It would be stressful if you had to continuously adapt to a vibration when you were involved intimately in a sexual relationship. It would be too much effort. You would spend all your energy creating the adaptive mechanisms. Then you would be in denial and not give yourself permission to go further because you would lower the ceiling.

**This is an excerpt from Barbara Marciniak’s book Bringers of the Dawn channeling from the Pleiadians.


JFK: What I Know About 9/11...(audio and text)


May 3, 2021


Message from John F. Kennedy - A Transcription


Greetings to all my beloved Patriots and Lightworkers...and all others who are listening to my message at this time.


Losha and I would like to address a different topic today. She and I have been speaking of the event called “9/11.”


I have my own understanding of what happened at that time and I would like to pass along those understandings at this time. I found out some of this after the fact, however I would like to address it anyway because I believe it is important for you all to know.


The primary piece of information I would like to pass along is that...and this will be shocking to many...however, the Alliance, or the White Hats as they’ve been called, actually knew about the 9/11 event beforehand.


Now, at this time, back in 2001, the Alliance did not have the measure of control that they do at this time. They were unable to control the different agencies. So, they heard about this event being planned but they were unable to stop it.


There are reasons that it did go forward...and one of the reasons that it was “allowed” (by the galactics) to go forward is because it was to be a huge “wakeup call” for so many Americans and International citizens.


The event went ahead as planned...however, the Alliance did what they could to diminish the casualties. Even though they couldn’t stop the event from happening, they put out rumors beforehand indicating that the Alliance knew about the event and they were going to stop it...even though they really couldn’t. So, because of all those insistent rumors the Cabal decided to move their time frame up to make sure it happened as they wanted it to.


So, they moved it up just an hour, but because they moved it up one hour...if you think about the time it actually happened...that one hour saved a lot of lives. So, that is what the Alliance did...that was all they could do at the time. They also were aware that the Americans needed to be “awakened”, and this was the event that was to do it...and it did work that way. If you speak to many Lightworkers now, and Truthers as they are called, and all the different people who are working toward “Disclosure” and to the Truth coming out...many, many of them were awakened because of 9/11.


So, it may sound bad that the Alliance knew about it and allowed it to happen, however there is always a bigger picture and I have been learning that in my time since I have been on Earth.


The other topic I wanted to mention was that I had a behind-the-scenes role in 9/11, after the fact. Right after it happened, I was on assignment you might say, with the Galactic Federation. We went and visited and spoke with all the neighboring countries to Iraq, as Iraq was attacked by the “Americans” shortly after 9/11 happened.


Because of the fact that when I was on Earth, I had great international knowledge and understandings, I joined the Galactic Federation and we appeared to the different country’s leaders via a “holographic” image...and we talked to them because we wanted to dissuade them from joining in to help Iraq “defeat” the Americans. Some might think that might have been a “good” thing however, again...and this might sound trite to say, but this war had to happen the way that it did. As the American military attacked Iraq so relentlessly, the Americans became pretty “hated” in the countries of Iraq and the neighboring countries.


So, when the news came back on the mainstream media here in America that the Americans were basically hated by all these countries and they didn’t like that the military over there...the American “government” primarily...were being so relentless in their attacks from all phases of the, sea, and air...that the neighboring countries grew to not like the Americans, also.


That news came back to the American citizens and they didn’t like that they were hated...and it did wake them up to their own government being basically a “despot” government...a tyrannical government, with the way they were waging this war so relentlessly against Iraq and Hussein.


Hence, that all had to happen as it did,, my role was to help talk to the other countries so they would stay put and not involve themselves in the war against America, even though they truly wanted to do so. I enjoyed being “useful” in that way, even though it was under dire circumstances.


Those were the things I wanted to mention...two somewhat different topics about 9/11...those are the areas where I have knowledge and I wanted to pass it along to all of you...and to say that the 9/11 event happened as it was supposed to...and it worked to help awaken many, many souls.


The 9/11 event was the biggest wakeup call in the history of the United States. My assassination was also a wakeup call to Americans, but it was a smaller one as compared to the 9/11 event.


Hence, everything happened as it should and we have grown so much since the time of 9/11! We understand so much more...we know the Truth about our government and how they have programmed us to not question things. However, in the last ten, twenty years there have been lots of questions being asked, and answered, via the alternative media.


We are now very, very close to finally learning the Truth...and those who are still asleep, will also be learning the Truth. It is time for us all to embrace each other no matter what “side” of this matter we are on...whether they be awakened or sleeping, we all must embrace each other when the Truth comes out. Those who are awakened are going to need to be there, and be compassionate, with those people who are just waking up.


There should never be “I told you so”’s, or “I don’t want to help you because I already told you about this”...please just come from the Love in your heart to assist all of those who are awakening. We must help each other because that is where our future helping each other and caring for each, all these “bad” events...terrible events which have happened in the past are finally going to have meaning in a positive way.


We have learned from all of these tragedies...and we have learned that Loving one another is where we are headed. We need to speak from our hearts, not from our heads.


I want to end this message on a very positive note...that we are so very close to the Truth coming out and I want you all to be prepared to help each other, so that we can all go into the future...our new, beautiful future, together, with Love in our hearts for each I have Love for all of you!


I thank you for listening to my message today...I know it was rather different, however I felt it was important for me to address it. I thank you very much, and as always, I Love you all, I am watching over you, and I am here for you.


Your ever-devoted, Jack.


Message from Nikola Tesla: This World Will Be Free

Good Morning America and the World,

I am Nikola Tesla and I am glad to be here today and speak to all of you. It has been awhile since I left this dimension about 78 years ago. I was called an electrical and mechanical engineer during my life on Earth, I viewed myself more as an inventor.

I was fortunate and blessed to live a long human life to the age 86. During my time being here, I was a very busy man, who kept creating new inventions. Some of them were burned in the fire in my lab in 1895, which was set on purpose by the Negative Side and others were hidden from humanity after my departure. They will do anything to stop or slowdown the progress and evolution of the Human Civilization.

My discoveries could make this part of the Galaxy very modern and advanced like making any flying object extremely fast. Everyone by now would have their own spacecraft to travel in, you would be able to keep the weather in balance and safe for everyone, free energy would be used everywhere on Earth for different things, and you would be able to protect yourselves from unwelcome guests from other galaxies and etc.

These technologies Instead of helping to improve your lives now are collecting dust on the shelves. The controllers of this planet don’t want anyone to benefit from them and they want this world to keep using primitive science and machinery.

During my life here, I was having visions that lead me to many inventions. It was said to me that I had a mental disease just to cover up the real truth about it, why I had them. I was receiving information from the Universal Consciousness, to which we are all connected to.

Soon all of the hidden innovations made by others and me are going to see the Light and will serve humanity. This world will be free and will be using clean energy, water and food, with no more pollution. The Dark Side goal was always to control and not allow any positive development around the globe that can lead them to lose their power over mankind.

The point I want to make that throughout the history we inventors or pioneers always struggled emotionally and financially, because the Negative Ones suppressed everything that can be beneficial for the people. It serves their Dark Agenda to keep away technology that can help you to see the Light and awaken everyone.

Back in those days when I was here, I was trying to convince investors like J.P. Morgan to try to use and experiment with my discoveries like wireless energy. Believe me, it was very challenging to get money during those times needed to experiment and develop your inventions.

The times all of you are living are momentous and incredible, because of the upcoming transformation that is on the way to a new phase in the history of this planet. Finally, the oppression by the Darkness is going to vanish like it never existed before. Peace and freedom are going to be the only atmosphere on Mother Earth.

Human beings will be pleasantly surprised by how quickly their life is going to change just in a short period of time with amazing and futuristic gadgets devices, new type of transportation and etc., which were made by many unique creators including me in that group. Every part and function in your society are going to be modernized, and all of the negative things will be eithier healed or completely removed from your daily lives.

The advanced technology is going to simplify your life and bring joy, no more doing thousands tasks everyday that everyone does. Your time will be spent more on productive and creative assignments instead of wasting time on meaninglessness and boring things.

I am very happy that I am participating in your Ascension from another side of the veil as a messenger and observer. The timing is preplanned by the Divine Forces, so the process is happening behind the closed doors, very soon the public is going to witness with their own eyes what changes are taking place in this reality. All of the lies and deception are going to disappear like water that evaporates during hot temperatures.

Your patience will be rewarded for waiting, so long for your freedom. Please, don’t forgot many of you suffered globally a lot, and the liberation is coming from the Heavens from the Father, Galactics, Ascended Masters and etc. LOVE AND LIGHT ARE COMING HERE AND WILL BE STAYING HERE FOREVER ON MOTHER EARTH.

I am so happy for you and I am celebrating the upcoming victory for the humankind I am sending my Blessings and Light to everyone. Thank you.

Be Determined Anything You Do, And Please, Don’t Forget We Are All One.
Nikola Tesla.

**Channel: Erena Velazquez



~ZERO POINT - For what you are about to experience is the inversion of your systems, the inversion of going from ALL to NONE, from ZERO to INFINITY. The creative forces within your spherical creations that you call the human bodies is going to be unleashed to such a degree that it will then become possible for all of you to truly manifest that which you wish to see into your reality!~ 

Dearly beloved children of the Sun, the Moon and the Stars, we come to you now in order to inform you in the next 3 weeks of your time there will once again be an energetic restructuring of your bodies. 

Re structuring of the human vehicle is about to start yet again. Many of you will once more begin to experience a variety of ascension symptoms and we ask that you completely and fully let go of fear and fully allow the integration of crystalline that are being brought to you from the sun at this moment in time. For the next three weeks of your earthly time is the crystalline energy invocation period, and those of you who are ready to experience the upliftment of energies should allow your vessels to open to the divinity of what you hold within. 

In order to partake of the invocation period that is sweeping your planet in the 3 week window, you need to fully and completely open to the source within your vessels, to your own HEART CODE, and once you open up to the heart code it is then that you will be able to fully integrate the crystalline energies that are traveling to you from the cosmic gateway of the sun and through the core of the earth energies that you have anchored into the heart of GAIA. 

And when you do find yourself in a meditative state and allow the energies to enter your spherical bodies you shall experience a tingling sensation at the very top of your head. Allow these energies to move past and through to your entire being, cleansing everything that no longer positively serves. Do not be frightened when you begin to experience the pressure upon your crown chakra, but simply allow the energy to seep through you, gently vibrating each and every cell of your body, gently cleansing out all the remnants of everything left behind from the time no longer relevant to your being.

Allow the warm sensation to envelope your whole mind structure and fully and completely integrate the new energies. Some of you will begin to feel sleepy, others will feel the need to go into a meditative state, yet others will joyously continue along their day. Remain calm and enjoy and embrace these energies that bask you in loving light of the prime creator. 
And as you allow these energies to pass through you, think thoughts of love, light, peace, bliss and happiness, think of everything that you wish to welcome into your life, and of everything that you wish to let off, allow these energies to pass through you releasing you from everything that no longer works for you. Know and understand that it is your HIGHER SELVES that are sending you these energies from the ALCYLONE SUN of the Pleiades
But Let us explain to you in “scientific terms” of your time what is about to occur on your earthly planes of existence. 

For as many of you are aware the sun is shifting its frequency and the sun’s magnetic poles are merging and shifting into a new reality, and we do understand that the scientific community of your time is going to brush it off as something insignificant, and many naysayers are going to emerge that will argue the validity of the information that we are about to present to you herein. Nevertheless, we wish to take a moment and explain to you what is about to happen to your bodies and your minds. 

For what you are about to experience is the inversion of your systems, the inversion of going from ALL to NONE, from ZERO to INFINITY. The creative forces within your spherical creations that you call the human bodies is going to be unleashed to such a degree that it will then become possible for all of you to truly manifest that which you wish to see into your reality!
First step however, in this restructuring process is, that every single cell in your body is going to shift from the type of cellular and tissue structure that your science currently understands into that which your scientific community cannot possibly comprehend. 

For as the sun’s shifting poles will shift and affect your bodies completely and utterly, you too will begin shifting and changing, not only in your consciousness, but also in your holographic experience. 

The cellular structure of your body is about to undergo a major advancement in the creative processes of your holographic self. Many of you are feeling tired and exhausted beyond your current level of perception. 

To help you understand this process, we wish to explain to you the theory of relativity, not as you presently understand it to be, but as it really is. The cosmic theory of relativity states that any celestial body that is undergoing a major event of magnificent proportions, that is directly linked to any “holographic” vehicle (body) currently occupied by consciousness of Prime Creator (souls), is thereby in direct alignment with the changing energies and is thereby greatly affected and is linked to the cosmic gates of existence, and is directly linked to specific organs and cellular structure within the body is thereby effected to a high degree. 

Let us explain this to you I so that you can understand that which we mean. As you have been foretold your earth is indeed changing. And in order for safe passage through this dimensional frequency it is highly advisable for each and every single one of you to begin the allowance of interplanetary frequency change to take hold of your earthly vehicles and to allow the necessary changes to take place within, and in order to do so, we ask that you simply allow yourself to purge all the remnants that are no longer, positively serving you. Simply stated FORGIVE. LET GO. ALLOW. 

Please remember dear ones that ALL or NONE can occur within your vessels and within your psyche, for only WHEN you are ready to proceed shall the energies begin to work with you. For those who are not yet ready, the energy will as if, be frozen in time, until such moment that they truly and fully are ready to embrace the eternal OM, the eternal truth, wisdom, understanding, love and light within their hearts. 

We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

Pleiades High Council - Channeled by Anna Merkaba – Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL –

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Hei. Artig at du likte dette, takk Dere kvinner har vel en sterkere Intuisjon enn oss menn og er flinke til føle hva som stemmer

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Dette var helt fantastisk og omfattende lesning.Jeg er over gjennomsnittet interessert i helse " sannheter" da jeg har arbeidet i off.helsev.i ca.30 å.

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Flink du :)

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