How To Hear & Trust Your Intuition As You Ascend

How To Hear & Trust Your Intuition As You Ascend

Your intuition is ultra-important as you ascend from 3D (3rd dimension) to 5D (5th dimension). In 5D you receive much more information from your intuition, and you trust it much more. Right now, you are learning how to work with your intuition on a deeper level than ever before.

The reason your intuition is so important right now is because there is a lot of misinformation out there as the cabal is trying to keep humanity from waking up.

The internet has gone crazy with information over the past year and it’s hard to know what is true and what is false. In this article, we are going to go over how to hear and trust your intuition so that you can decipher between truth and misinformation.

First, What Is Your Intuition?

Your intuition is your connection to source and your soul. It is your truth and it knows if something is right or wrong without knowing why or how. It is that voice that says, this is right or this is wrong. Your intuition doesn’t always make sense to your rational brain.

Your intuition can come from your solar plexus which is located in your stomach area right around your naval. If you’ve ever had a ‘gut feeling’ this is your intuition speaking to you. This chakra is where your personal power sits and where you feel truth.

Your intuition can also come from your heart chakra. As you ascend to 5D earth you will notice that you are much more connected to your heart. 5D is all about the heart and creating from your heart. So, you may feel something in your heart chakra or your chest area which is part of your intuition.

Your intuition comes from source which ultimately is connected to your higher self, your spirit guides and your angels. These beings are with you all the time and are helping you during your earthly life. You may receive information that comes from them as well.

Your intuition can come from many different places, it is up to you to notice how you connect with it and when it is speaking to you.

What Does Truth Feel Like?

I find that your intuition (truth) speaks to you in different ways and can be felt within your body as something physical, an idea or a knowing.

As I mentioned above your intuition is connected to your chakras. If you get a gut feeling (connected to your solar plexus) then notice what you are thinking when you feel it. How does it feel? Does it feel off or exciting? Does it feel right or wrong? Your intuition is speaking to you through this chakra.

Or perhaps you think of something and your heart flutters. This is your heart chakra letting you know what’s up. Notice how it feels. Does it feel good or bad? Does is feel exciting or annoying? Connect to your heart to receive more information.

You may also get a download of information (claircognizance) that feels right to you. Although you have no evidence you just know that it is correct. Trust in the intuitive guidance you are receiving.

If you have very strong clairsentience (clear feeling), notice how something feels in your body. Do you feel good after talking to someone or bad? Do you feel excited after listening to a particular video or fearful? These are all communications from your intuition.

It is important as you ascend to be very mindful of where and what you give your energy to. If something makes you feel bad, do less of it and if something makes you feel good, do more of it. Ascension is all about connecting to your heart and doing the things that feel good and right to you.

How to Connect to Your Intuition Every Day

You can begin to use your intuition every day to feel what is true and what isn’t as you ascend to 5D.

This will help guide you to the life you want because it knows exactly what you want and how to get you there.

You will easily be able to discern if information feels right or wrong to you and let go of whatever doesn’t serve you.

The easiest way to do this is to become mindful of everything you consume. Notice how you feel before you listen / read / watch something. Then notice how you feel during and after consuming a piece of information. Ask your intuition, is this right or wrong for me? Is this my truth?

If you feel bad during and after watching it, ask yourself why? Maybe it’s not your truth.

If you feel excited and alive after watching it ask yourself why? Did it ignite something in you? Do you just feel that it is your truth?

The easiest way to discern what is meant for you is by how it feels.

Connect to your heart by visualizing your heart chakra. That’s all you have to do as it is enough to connect you to what you need to know. Sit quietly and ask your higher self, your guides, source, etc. is this right or wrong? Notice what information you get.

You may not get information right away and that is ok and normal. You may get it later when you are open to receiving it more easily.

Sometimes we can try too hard to get information and it blocks it. But later you may find yourself doing something else and that is when the information comes through. It often comes through when you aren’t trying and during mindless tasks such as cleaning, walking, working out, etc.

You’ll notice how you specifically receive information and how you most easily connect to your intuition. Trust that what you are getting is right. It’s also great to write it down and go back to it later. This not only helps to prove to you that it was right, but you’ll have that information when you need it. You may go back to it weeks, months or even years down the road.

Bottom Line – How to Hear & Trust Your Intuition as You Ascend

Right now, in the era of misinformation it is important to pay attention to what your intuition is telling you. As you ascend to 5D your way of interpreting truth will change. You will connect more to your heart and intuition and use that as your compass (vs. what someone else is telling you to believe.)

You’ve always had a strong intuition inside of you even if you don’t feel like you do. It’s just that our society never put emphasis on how to connect with it and use it.

Things are changing and we can no longer blindly trust things without tapping into our own intuition. Even if it doesn’t always make rational sense, it will guide you to what you need and what is right for you.

**By Meghan

**Shared per request

The Ancient Ascension Prophecies

 The Ancient Ascension Prophecies – Era of Light

The prophecies of many ancient cultures have spoken of these times. Underneath the public chaos, the uncertainty, the fear, and the dissolution of the old, there is something deep brewing. These are unprecedented times, exciting times to be alive. Though the waters on the surface may be choppy, below there is an undercurrent of deep calm. Something galactic, something cosmic, is underfoot.

The Hopi people spoke of the Purification Times, the Cherokee called it the Rainbow Prophecy, and the sacred texts of the Hindu culture, the Vedas, called it the Great Year and the Cycle of Ascension. A thousand years ago, the ancient Mayans predicted an ending of an era; that on winter solstice 2012, the sun, the earth, and the center of the Milky Way would be perfectly aligned for the first time in 26,000 years, ending the “fifth era of the sun.”

Their prediction about the sun’s position was right, but the modern interpretation, that it signaled the “End of the World”, was perhaps not what the Mayan prophecy meant. It is indeed the End of an Old World, but on a deeper level, it’s the rebirth of a new.

From a human perspective, it can surely all seem apocalyptic; a pandemic, climate change, economic collapse. However, from spiritual eyes, from the eyes of the soul, it all looks much different.

We’ve all heard of the end times and the end of the world as we know it, maybe even an apocalypse. But many ancient prophecies, as well as current intuition within many hearts, point to the truth that humanity will ascend into a greater state of consciousness. We are undergoing a planetary dark night of the soul, experiencing the deepest darkness before we wake up to a Golden Dawn.

The question has been will humanity choose love, or fear?

I believe we’ve already chosen. We chose love.

There is a Sioux proverb: “They have gone into the earth, and nothing will coax them out but the people dancing”, and a Hopi prophecy “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

The time is now for us to rise, and rising we are. This shift is happening now; so many people are waking up to who they are. Consciousness is expanding into the knowing that we are all individual sparks of divinity, that our hearts are the most powerful transducers of energy in the known universe, and that the human ability of love is what makes heaven on Earth.

As Dr. Stephanie Red Feather explains in her article The Great Year and the Cycle of Ascension: ‘Over 30 ancient cultures have recorded the rise and fall of human civilization in a vast cycle of time taking approximately 24,000 years (some sources say 26,000 years) to make one completion. In this grand cycle, humanity is raising in consciousness for 12,000 years and descending in consciousness during the other 12,000. This sequence of time has been called the Great Year, a term coined by Plato.

The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, as with many indigenous traditions, speaks to the part of us that is remembering (re-Membering) who we are. During the Iron Age, human forgot she is a spiritual being and focused on a material existence. The practice of the mesa helps us to come back into the right relationship with all that is and to once again acknowledge and interact with the subtler realms of energy and consciousness. As humankind matures into the Bronze Age, we realize that dominance is not the only strategy. There is a way to live in sacred relationship with the Earth and all of its sentient inhabitants. This harmonious “beauty walk” helps us to practice a life where we recognize the Earth as an abundant resource, a willing partner. As carriers of this shamanic medicine, we are collectively contributing to the ascension of human kind. Going “back to the Earth” is actually the way forward.”

Noam Chomsky spoke of the hope for the future residing in a return to indigenous wisdom, towards a wisdom that knows how to live in harmony with mother earth. This wisdom abounds on Earth; right under our noses.

One example of this indigenous wisdom can be found in Ancient Ireland. During ancient days on the Emerald Island, there existed the concept of a kingship right. The ruler would enter into a ceremonial marriage with the goddess of the land, and only then would she ensure fertility and abundance for the people. Only if he respected the goddess of sovereignty, represented as the land itself, was he considered fit to rule. It was the goddess that gave him his kingship right. Woman’s body was the land, and feminine rights and environmental rights were tied up philosophically into one.

A similar thread is found in the constitution of the original Iroquois Confederacy: women chose the leaders. It was the masculine that led in the outer world, but it was the feminine that had the wisdom to confer that leadership, based on a wisdom that came from the heart.

The end is really a rebirth, and the rebirth is really a remembering. Mother Earth is birthing a new paradigm through the divine feminine principles of unity, interconnectedness, and love.

The second coming of Christ could be perceived as the coming of the Christ consciousness in all of us, which includes the divine feminine Christ consciousness. The forgotten feminine aspect of deity within each of our hearts; the Sophia-Christos template of consciousness, where the masculine and feminine are united as one.

This will happen when we let the mother goddess, the feminine principle of deity, into our conscious awareness, allowing her to bloom open in our hearts. She is birthing the new paradigm through the transformative womb of the divine feminine. This is why it’s so revolutionary, why the birthing pains are so disorienting; because human civilization has forgotten her.

She’s been in shadows, behind the Veil, for so long, we almost forgot who she was, and what she could do. But civilizations up until 6,000 BC. saw deity primarily as feminine, the male principle a later model that eventually extinguished the Divine Feminine.

Until then, ancient cultures saw nature in all of its fierce majesty as female and women as her embodiments. Our ancestors knew the connection between themselves and the earth’s cycles of abundance. Ancient communities honored the feminine divine and revered women as incarnations of the feminine aspect of God, the all-encompassing Great Mother.

Domination, conquest, and control over Mother Earth and the feminine are illusions born of fear. We are one with Earth. In the new era, unity consciousness will prevail, and humility and respect in the face of Mother Earth will return. This virus is nothing if not humbling.

Part of this golden age dawning means that a lot of us will come out of the closet so to speak, and without fearing that we will be persecuted for energy and spiritual healing, we can speak our truths, because the new world will need our healing gifts, to ring in the new age.

The lightworkers, the shamans, the ancient souls; the ones who remember, who are in contact with spirit guides, animals, and galactic beings, are raising into cosmic consciousness, one sacred heart at a time. In listening to the animals, to the wisdom of the trees, the plants, the elementals, healing and expansion can happen. We are all capable of the magic of co-creation.

To co-create with the world, give it our blessing and receive blessings in return raises our vibration. The human heart torus field can spread out for miles if you send out love and blessings, which affects the earth’s bioenergetic field. Love, peace, joy and freedom can be everyones reality. We create our reality; we are the dreamers of this dream.

Human consciousness when purified acts in very similar ways. Amrita, called elixir of gods, the philosopher’s stone, is available to us all. We are all alchemists, with powerful hearts, and the ability to turn the leaden weight of our past into a Golden Dawn.

John Black writes in his article The Warriors of the Rainbow Prophecy: “The Rainbow prophecy, as it has come to be known, refers to the keepers of the legends, rituals, and other myths that will be needed when the time comes to restore the health on Earth. It is believed that these legendary beings will return on a day of awakening when all people will unite and create a new world of justice, peace, and freedom, and they will be named the ‘Warriors of the Rainbow’. They will reteach the values and the knowledge that has been lost in time, demonstrating how to have wisdom and extra-perception, and how unity, harmony, and love is the only way forward”.

The New Human can and will heal and restore Earth to her rightful splendor. The rise in consciousness means deep participation in the harmony of all things. We will clean the water, the air, the animals will be proud and grateful to share a home with us. We will see a million projects pop up from the creative genius borne of love, a million trees planted, a million hearts on fire with gratitude.

We will remember we have both god and goddess within our hearts, we will remember we are sovereign and free, and our Earth is the galaxy’s green jewel. All the world’s tribes shall come together as one Earth Tribe. To protect her, to love her.

It might take some time, and at first it might look like destruction, because we have come to a time of darkness, undoubtedly. But there is a metaphysical truth that has been forgotten: there is always destruction, annihilation, before a great rebirth. Everything is energetic and has a deeper meaning than what meets the eye. This is the time to accept uncertainty, to surrender to the flow, to bring forth the qualities of the divine feminine that are actually qualities of great resilience. The Goddess is ultimately a warrior spirit, not of war, but of surviving the life, death, and rebirth of cosmic cycles while remaining connected to that which is eternal; the love of creation.

The divine feminine consciousness is on the rise, driven by cosmic forces far greater than politics or the known past. The rise of her values will change everything.

We will know that our little soul song is one rich note in a vast cosmic orchestra, and that it stands alone in its beauty, but that it also contributes to the harmony of the whole; the music of the spheres. Almost like an orchestra tuning up before a concert. At first, it is a dissonant din of different voices, but as they tune themselves with each other, in the last moments before the curtain opens, the instruments resonate together spectacularly.

Suddenly, there’ll be no off-key notes being played. No killing, no discord, no separation. Love, freedom, and joy will be everyone’s experience of reality in this Golden Age, human and non-human alike. A great harmony will engulf us all.

It will be more beautiful than anyone can imagine. If we stay calm within the storm and stay in our powerful sacred hearts, then once the dust settles we will wake up to a new era, and that which truly matters will be all that remains: Love.

**By Jennifer Tarnacki


James Gilliland: The Veils Are Coming Down


Welcome to March madness. The recent equinox and the coming Super Moon along with the CMEs, “solar flares” the off the scale Schuman Resonance is going to make March a month to remember. This will continue through April. It is time to heal, end the victim cycle and take your power back. The onion is being peeled, layer after layer and now we are dealing with our core issues. The peeling back is happening with all institutions exposing their core as well.  We are being made aware of contracts and connections that are not in our highest and best good. These contracts or agreements need to be broken and the connections seen and unseen that are not in our highest and best good need to be severed. No more psychic bonds, vampirism or connections based on dependencies. This desire for freedom and self-authority or individual empowerment is being amplified by the higher consciousness and energy pressing in on the Earth. We have spoken about this as far back as 1980 in the books on the website. Now it is here.

The Sun is conscious, the photon belt is conscious, the mountains becoming volcanoes are conscious, the Earthquakes as the Earth expands are part of the process, all form is conscious and it all is responding to the higher consciousness and energy entering this solar system. The bioelectric fields around our bodies, the physical body itself, our DNA and even the fields that hold our past life memories are all being affected. It is called the Great Awakening and it is multidimensional. As the veils lift, we are going to see Masters, Saints, and Sages, Spiritually and Technologically Advanced Off World beings, our Ancient Ancestors, the Star Nations, even the mythological people such as Gnomes, Fairies, Elves, Big Foot etc. will start making appearances. We will also see shadow people, astral beings, regenerate ETs, demons a host of low level entities that have been operating unseen with impunity all along.  It all comes with expanded awareness and ascension.

Then there are the normies who despite their struggle to maintain the status quo will have experiences they cannot explain. If you go with the status quo know their true agenda. It will lead to loss of freedom, enslavement, pain, suffering and eventually death. The polarities are being amplified, one is on a downward spiral the other will continue on the upward spiral. To spell this out the global elite, CCP, the corrupt politicians, the corporate owned mainstream and social media, big pharma and those who follow or participate with them are on the downward spiral. Unfortunately the ignorant, those who willingly and in ignorance participate with the downward spiral, the socially engineered, critical thinking, research impaired who have chosen denial will experience what has been planned for hundreds of years. Read the Rockefeller Agenda and listen to the words of the eugenicists, Gates, Fauci, etc. all participating and funding gain of function research, owning the patents on the test kits and the Cov1984 virus five years in advance. They are making billions. They also control the WHO and the CDC private corporations also making billions on the pandemics. Biological, psychological and cyber war has been declared on the people. Do you actually be lie ve these people are humanitarians? They have lost all humanity and are driven by another force. Puppets for the dark side. This is not a war between parties, cultures or religions. It is a war on humanity, a war between good and evil.

When the complications from the vaccines which are experimental gene therapy and operating systems escalate you are going to see the real agenda. If people have not figured this out by now they have chosen not too. Their denial will be their demise, there just might be some truth to the Darwin Awards where people remove themselves from the gene pool. It is said the meek will inherit the Earth. The meek are the wise ones, the discerning ones, those slow to anger but steadfast in what is highest and best good for themselves and their loved ones. Might be a good idea to listen to them, the real healers and scientists, those without a hidden agenda.

As the veils become thinner, we are going to have to learn how to heal unseen negative influences, cut cords, psychic bonds, maintain our self-authority. This includes any contracts and agreements past and present that are not in our highest and best good. We are going to have to take personal responsibility for our attitudes, emotions, beliefs clearing any thought forms or limiting mental concepts. Ascension is not about eating gogi berries, facebook spirituality, turning your body into a pretzel or living a half-truth ignoring the shadow side within and without. It is all about brutal honesty with self, ending the denial. Self-Mastery is all about mastering all dimensions of self, Self-Awareness is being aware of the multidimensional world in which you live. Self-Authority is maintaining a frequency, knowing your own unique purpose for incarnating. Personal Responsibility is owning your wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences, stop making others responsible for your happiness, your survival, your love, joy, and acceptance all internal choices rather than externally driven. You came from the Creator, children of the most high. As Meister Eckhart said, “If nut seeds produce nut trees, and pear seeds produce pear trees what do God seeds produce?”

The choice is up to us. Universal Law is coming, best to be on the right side of evolution. Are you going to be a god/goddess or a victim? Remember the only reason anyone has any power over you is because you want something from them. That something comes from within. Be what you desire. Live as if you already own it. Shift from reactionary mind to creationary mind.

PS, Healing techniques, meditations for world and self-healing, connecting with the higher dimensions and clearing unseen negative influences is all available in the books and on the website,

Be well, 

James Gilliland.

Not Everyone will Choose to Come with Us -

January 11, 2020 by 

While the human collective chose in 2012 to wait a few more years so that as  many as possible could ascend, the time at which a choice must be made is, according to many sources, upon us.

We’re in the phase of the great divide or time of separation, when the profoundly negative will find they can no longer survive in the higher vibrations of Earth. They’ll have to depart and allow the remainder of the population to go on.

Please make sure to distinguish between these souls who’ve chosen darkness and other souls who depart simply because their soul contracts have been completed.  Not all who leave are dark.

Matthew Ward explains the predicament of the latter:

“Earth is nearing vibratory levels where the light is so intense that all who have refused the light—the ones we speak of as dark simply to indicate their lack of light—will die.” (1)

In another place, he says:

“Men and women alike who are captivated by darkness are leaving the planet and will continue to do so, each when his or her vibratory level is exceeded as Earth continues apace into successively higher planes of vibrations.” (2)

Others make similar predictions:

St. Germaine: “Your Guides will encourage you to focus on all that is positive and manifesting the beneficial changes, thus leaving the dark side to its own demise.” (3)

Ela of Arcturus: “There is of course an overall plan for your upliftment, and those who cannot respond to them in a positive manner will continue to feel uncomfortable. That is unavoidable, and eventually such souls will move off Earth to a more suitable dimension.” (4)

Arcturians through Sue Lie: “As the Earth expands her frequency, those of a very dense frequency will not be able to tolerate this Earth. They will get diseased. They will die. They will not be able to live. It will be too high of a light for them to tolerate.” (5)

SaLuSa: “[The future of all] is bound by the degree of Light that you have drawn to yourself, and whether it is sufficiently high enough to enable you to ascend.” (6) “There will be a time when nothing of the lower vibrations will be able to exist in your dimension. It will have been lifted up beyond their reach, and they will find a place at their own level.” (7)

It isn’t judgment or punishment, Matthew says, but physics that decrees that the committedly-dark must leave.

“That may sound unduly harsh, but it is not a matter of some ‘divine’ judgment or punishment—it is simply the physics governing life in this universe that bodies bereft of light cannot survive in those higher vibrations. In short, all those who have been causing fearful conditions will be disappearing.” (8)

“Ascension is possible for all who have absorbed the light,” Matthew asserts. (9) And again: “Your ‘travel ticket’ is the absorption of light.” (10)

“Anyone who accepts Ascension and is able to hold the amount of light needed to survive in higher dimensionality is welcome to come along with us.

“It is the light within a body that transforms its carbon-based cellular structure into the crystalline form that enables the body to live in the high vibrations of energy planes beyond third density.” (11)

On another occasion he explains the process again:

“There is no seat of judgment or arbitrary selection of which humans can ascend and which cannot – it is strictly a matter of science and souls’ own choices. Light changes third density’s carbon-based cellular structure to the crystalline form that lets bodies survive in the higher frequencies, or vibrations, of fourth density and beyond.

“That is why persons who choose to live in the light can ascend with Earth and those who choose to cling to their dark ways cannot. After a time in spirit, souls in the latter group will incarnate in a world that corresponds to their Earth lifetime energy registration and have more opportunities to ‘see the light.'” (12)

Until then, it’s simply a question of (spiritual) physics.

The off-world rulers of the planet have been denied access to Earth. Their determined servants are among those who will be reassigned to other Third-Dimensional settings, says Mike Quinsey.

“The negative forces are in disarray as their Rulers off world are no longer able to support them. The collapse has already caused some to make plea bargaining to save their lives, and providing they accept what is offered they will be placed where they can no longer interfere in the future plans for Earth and her civilisation.” (13)

The Arcturians through Sue Lie agree:

“They [the off-planet controllers of the dark] will have to pull their [unsuccessful] members up and take them off to a darker planet.” (14)

In one way or another, those who’ve chosen the dark will continue in Third Dimensionality as I’m sure we all have done.

They’ve decided at soul level that Ascension is not in their future right now.

Eventually they’ll join us.

And for further reading, here’s a new book on the Time of Separation:

Download it here:




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Awakening Women – The Next Phase of the Ascension

November 23rd, 2017

By Stacy Vajta

Guest writer for Wake Up World

For years now, we have collectively been shifting our consciousness. “The Shift” or “The Awakening” is something that in spiritual circles is familiar.

Healers, lightworkers, empaths and those on a spiritual journey have been hit hard over the last 12 years or so. I say “hit hard” because the growth that this awakening brings is often deep and completely transformative when put into action in the world.

I’ve been working with those who have been on the front lines of this shift in consciousness for over a decade now. There’s a foundation that’s been set. For the most part it was the healers and lightworkers who were in the throes of all this ascension energy… and then Donald Trump’s election happened.

I’m not going to get into politics, but I will say this: a massive door opened with that election, and immediately – I mean literally the next day – I had my marching orders as to who I was to work with. A whole new group of people were stepping up onto the ascension platform; women – everyday women – who now have a whole lot to say.



There has been a clear re-emergence of the powerful feminine archetype showing up in the last year. She has been biding her time over the years as “the Shift” has been creating its foundation.

What has awakened recently is powerful.

Women everywhere are showing up and stepping up into their power. And although there is a spiritual level to this shift, it’s not like what happened when the healers underwent their own transformation.

Call that phase 1.

The conversations I am having with people who are being thrown into this new energy and their own personal transformation is not about grids and light language. It’s about personal power; it’s about re-aligning and re-positioning themselves in their relationship, the work force and their communities to show up as leaders who hold Divine Feminine Wisdom.

It’s called “The Awakening” for a reason.

True to form, what’s happening to so many people – and I dare say so, many women – is that they are almost literally waking up and realizing that what they are doing is now long longer “it.” They are recognizing that their wisdom must be put to better use… to serve and change the world.  And thus, there are a whole lot of “everyday women” ready to make an ambitious change, and leap into something new. Many don’t know what exactly. Or if they do, they don’t quite know how to get there. It’s at this point that one’s personal shift can either stall out or explode into greatness.

Realize that your awakening process is not “just” a change.


If you can see your need to grow for what it is – you taking a step in your own spiritual evolution to reposition yourself into more authenticity, personal power and purpose – you can use the energy behind this level of growth to fuel the process.

Bigger is better here. Playing small will stall you out.

There’s a message that keeps coming through from my Guides that the transformation that so many women are moving into right now must be put into action. This is not about sitting and meditating(although that will help!)

What it’s about is, moving your wisdom out into the world through what you do.

The change that is being ushered into your life is not “just” a change in job or relationship or location. It’s you up-leveling into a bigger version of yourself and positioning yourself to have a greater impact.

That impact comes by you modeling your mojo. You create that impact by stepping into your authentic self and getting out there in the world in some more aligned way, with a bigger voice.

Work through the fear.

At first glance this process can be terrifying. Confusion around what direction you are to take is often the launching pad to this journey. And fear seeps in, especially if you can’t see the bigger version of you down the road, and what life looks like from that perspective.

Again, the message is: go bigger. Stepping into that greatest version of you will ease the confusion and the fear. You’ve got to get out of your box – what’s known to you – to even begin to see what you need to see. If you can’t, you will simply create more of the same.

How do you get there?

Well, it’s time to break through the limiting beliefs that you have of yourself and find that bigger version of who you are.

It’s time to listen to your intuition and realize it can be a factor in your success. Learning how to connect into your own inner wisdom and then creating a bridge from that into the right action is vital to your process and your own success these days.

And, it’s time to reach for what you desire… and show up to that.

There’s healing in saying yes to this as a process. And, there may be work to do so you can vibrationally hold this level of personal power and see yourself in this bigger way.

Seeing so many women right now claim their own message and purpose in life is inspiring. There is a new energy in play, for sure. It’s feminine and powerful; it’s creating a wave of heart-felt ambitious women ready to show up and create change.

If you find yourself standing on this new platform, realizing that you too have something bigger to do and that your voice is needed to help shape your world – the world – then it’s time to leap.

Find your “new self” then put yourself out there.

Artwork: by Guy Wonder.

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About the author: 

Stacy Vajta is a transformational coach and intuitive healer, with over 30 years experience working with people to break through the core patterns that hold them back from living a life they love. Her work is a blend of powerful long-distance energy healing, intuitive work, coaching and mentoring, all designed to help you clarify what’s going on, break through what has you stuck and create an easier way to move you forward.

To learn more, visit her at The Everyday Lightworker. While you’re there, pick up her FREE 5-Day Soulful Work Mini-Course.  You can also catch her on FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

Matthew Ward - Ascension


 Matthew Ward - March 6, 2017

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Everything in your world is heralding the changing of the guard, so to say. Overtly and covertly, action on many fronts is moving apace to free Earth from the elements that have kept her civilization in bondage for millennia. And, as vibrations rise, the polarization of philosophies and ideologies will thaw just as ice in the Polar Regions is and eventually there will be unity of spirit worldwide. The destiny of Earth’s peoples is to live freely, peacefully, prosperously and joyously in harmony with Nature, and we honor all souls who left their homelands to help the society create in linear time Earth’s Golden Age, the glorious world that is grandly flourishing in the continuum.

During the past months we have addressed your interests in global happenings and did so gladly, but we have neglected somewhat our messages’ primary purpose, to offer illumination and guidance pertinent to your evolutionary journey. Numerous emails sent to my mother include questions and comments that indicate misperceptions about ascension, a matter that is confusing to souls who are just awakening and perhaps also to some who are familiar with spiritual information. Ascension needs to be correctly understood, and in replying to all who wrote, we start with this recent email: “An acquaintance told me she read channeled messages stating that the Ascension event is going to happen soon. Why isn’t Matthew telling us about this and how to prepare for it?”

We don’t know what event other sources are referring to, so we shall tell you about ascension from our vantage point. First, there are two types, planetary and personal, and we begin with the former. About 80 years ago when Gaia, the soul that embodied as the planet now called Earth, cried out for help, the infusion of light from powerful civilizations that stabilized the severely weakened planet and prevented its flying into space and certain destruction also enabled it to jar loose from deep third density and start gradually rising. That was the beginning of planetary ascension location-wise.

Let us digress a moment to mention something that could be one point of confusion. Since both dimension and density are used in the context of ascension, it could be thought that they are different phases or aspects of this process instead of terms that have been used interchangeably. We add that density is the more scientifically accurate term because ascension is about energy, which cannot be measured in ways that are used to produce the dimensions of something, say a box or a plot of land.

Now then, Earth crossed the threshold of fourth density in December 2012 and will continue ascending until she is well within upper fifth density, where she originated. However, during the eons that the planet was spiraling downward into the depths of third density and was stuck there, Gaia remained at fifth density in soul evolvement status.

This brings us to personal ascension—a soul’s growth in spiritual and conscious awareness, or evolvement; this, too, is a process, not an event that would affect all peoples similarly and simultaneously. It is so that the energy surges Earth encounters are propitious events from which her humankind could benefit. But those strong bursts of energy intensify all characteristics and behavior, and while all individuals are reacting in accordance with their positive or negative basic inclinations, the planet continues its steady ascent into higher astral planes.

As to when personal ascension started, the massive light that saved Earth’s life about eight decades past was available to all her residents, so you could say that it began back then this time around for people who were receptive to the light. We say this time around because ascension, evolvement advancement, is the goal of every soul in every lifetime.

Each soul has its unique frequency, or energy streamer, that is steered by its attachments—the person’s thoughts, feelings and free will actions—into the many stages of growth within each density. Let me change “many” stages to “unlimited”—souls can regress during a great number of third-density lifetimes, and because they have all the opportunities they need to get back on track, by comparison other souls virtually dash from third density to fourth.

It is possible that the major cause of confusion about ascension is numbers. This universe doesn’t have numbered densities and neither do souls. We use numbers only to indicate Earth’s position or progress location-wise and to show evolutionary status or advancement of her humankind, and numbers of the latter can differ markedly while Earth’s location number remains the same.

The reality is, this universe is pure energy flowing with no demarcations between a lower density’s “last” streamers and the “first” of the next higher density, but rather there is a blending of the streamers because their vibratory rates are so similar. That is why you saw no dramatic changes on December 21, 2012, or in the days and weeks that followed even though Earth had started orbiting in the lowest plane of fourth density. And regardless of where the planet is, personal ascension can occur. Even during the long ages that Earth was mired in the depths of third density, some souls—God’s special messengers, other emissaries and visionaries—ascended during their light-filled lifetimes.

So then, how do you prepare for ascension? It is as simple as living in godly ways, or, as God said, “Be kind.”

“How many more years will it take Earth to reach her destination?” If there is a definitive answer, we don’t know it. You will sense time passing faster and faster as the planet enters lighter, then still lighter energy planes, and at some point you will realize that you are in the timeless, “distance-less” continuum. In this moment, dear brothers and sisters, trying to imagine life where everything in universal existence is a series of simultaneous happenings is to invite frustration. At soul level you do know that life, and when you are “out of time” linearly speaking, you will rejoice in once again being fully conscious of living in the continuum.

“How long will it take us and Gaia to transition thru the fourth dimension before we experience the fifth dimension? I found a book that did address this and gave 2032 as the date when we would begin to enter the fifth dimension.” The soul Gaia never left fifth, only her planetary body did, and we can’t say how long Earth will be transitioning through fourth because estimating in linear time what in the continuum is NOW can’t be done with accuracy. And, there is that significant difference between planetary and personal ascension.

Most lightworkers, whether they do or do not think of themselves as such, are in mid- to high fourth density consciously and spiritually and in some cases higher, the souls who came from the most advanced worlds to assist in the awakening of Earth’s peoples. That doesn’t give any of you volunteers immunity to the full range of human emotions, and episodes of sadness, disappointment, despair or other stressful feelings don’t jeopardize your status. Persons who are able to temporarily rise above their own challenges and the world’s tumultuousness briefly experience fifth density’s bliss and the sensation of such lightness that there is no awareness of being in a dense body.

As for the date 2032, we would not venture to specify a calendar year in connection with any stage of Earth’s journey—or yours—because of the aforementioned difficulty of putting varying planes of energy into a linear timeframe.

“How can I convince the religious fanatics in the family that Armageddon/ Apocalypse/End Times is NOT what’s ahead of us? I don’t want them to be left out when Ascension comes!” We have spoken about the ascension process so there’s no need to revisit that, and our suggestion applies to all whose loved ones have closed their minds to anything that doesn’t fit into their opinions about religion or any other belief system. Share your ideas and knowledge with persons who are interested, but please don’t try to convince anyone who is not receptive to believe as you do. Every soul is entitled to move at a comfortable pace toward enlightenment, and if that isn’t attained in this lifetime, it will be in another—no soul ever is “left out”—and differing convictions don’t alter the love bonds that reunite souls.

Mother, I see that the rest of the items on your long list pertain to personal ascension and several are similar. We’ll respond to all without the need for you to type any, and we begin with the evolvement status of Earth’s civilization. Those at the low end of the spectrum still are in deep third density, those at the high end are nearing the first energy streamers of fifth. The status of the great majority is mid- to high third density or low fourth, far advanced from the comparatively few individuals who are stuck in the depths of third, and as vibrations keep rising, evolutionary progress will be swifter and more apparent in the populace.

Ascension has nothing to do with physical longevity; it has everything to do with how closely a person’s decisions and actions during the lifetime adhere to the soul contract.

No, ascension doesn’t require that the person is aware of it. Many millions are evolving without knowing that they are. If they don’t associate their empathy, intuitive development, thoughtfulness and kindness with ascension while they are on Earth, they will have full understanding once they are in Nirvana.

Ascension is during the physical lifetime, not something that comes in one fell swoop at the end. It is the same with regression—and although there is no such thing as “deathbed conversion that saves one’s soul,” whatever a person does during the body’s last days or hours “gets credit” insofar as entering the part of Nirvana that corresponds to the energy of the person’s entire lifetime.

Transitioning to spirit life is not “automatic ascension.” Life in Earth’s spirit world is like a physical lifetime in that free will reigns, and Nirvana offers such a wide range of interesting activities and fascinating travel that some souls indulge in those pastimes and bypass the realm’s splendid learning opportunities. There is no judgment whatsoever for choosing that kind of life; however, souls that make minimal effort to prepare for a subsequent incarnation don’t have the ascension advantage in that lifetime as do those who prepare wisely.

Ascension is not physically leaving Earth to live on a planet in a higher density, it is journeying with Earth for the life span chosen in the soul contract. It is a misconception that there are two Earths—the “new” one to which people ascend and live in love and peace while the people who don’t make it remain on the “old” one amidst violence, corruption and greed.

There is no “completion time” for ascension in the context of readers’ questions, but in another context there is. You are not a person who has a soul, you are an immortal soul experiencing another lifetime in a body. Every embodiment—there can be many thousands, even millions in such a variety of forms, civilizations and worlds so different from what you know that you cannot imagine them—offers potential growth in spiritual and conscious awareness, the remembering of what is known at soul level: You are an energy aspect of the Supreme Being of this universe and inextricably connected with everything throughout this universe. When that is remembered in fullness, you understand that always you have been and evermore shall be an aspect of the mass consciousness that is the Supreme Being. But that is not your journey’s end—the ultimate destination is your cosmic Beginnings, the pure love-light energy of Creator, the omniscient, omnipotent Oneness of All.

Beloved family, it may seem that rediscovering soul-level knowingness and life itself become more complex and confusing as you evolve. It’s the other way around—everything becomes simpler and clearer. The complexities and confusion are where you are, they are the creations of your thoughts, emotions and decisions. For now, let the unequalled power of love guide you joyously and confidently as you continue radiating your light to all of Earth.



Suzanne Ward
Website: The Matthew Books

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Lucia René ~ Ascension Game Changer

The Awakening Nears Critical Mass

by Zen Gardner

The exponentially increasing revelations of truth that the alternative research community is exposing are having a profound effect. This uncensored research is based on efforts toward a more honest, integrated and holistic worldview, using real history, honest facts and trends, and accumulated information outside the controlled and censored media.

The massive vibrational change of consciousness is palpable. And more so by the day.

And it’s getting to the would be Controllers. It’s never been easy to quantify, but we’re starting to get proof positive of the effects on a massive scale. We need to take that awareness and apply that as direct knowledge on other fronts and act accordingly.

The walls are coming down. The wake up is clearly reaching critical mass.

The Power of Awareness

Being aware of not just the information but the vibrational changes is a huge advantage. The insiders on their side know about this too. Most of the stooges you see in the news don’t. They’re just hired thugs. We know it’s working not just by observing information and events, but by intuitive conscious awareness and the thrilling crescendo of awakened lives we’re seeing and hearing from everyday.

Their ranks know something’s happening because it’s impacting their plans and putting them on the defensive. Imagine someone trying to make a wave pattern in one end of a swimming pool trying to push all the floating items in a certain direction with hardly any resistance. Then in jumps person after person in the other end and they start playing and splashing around. You think Mr. Wavepattern Controller will feel the effects on his little baubles of lies and deceit he’s been busy floating out there?

Oh yes he will, and he won’t be too happy about all these unpredictable waves swishing around the pool now, would he be?

Cosmically it’s much more profound than that, but you get the idea.

So….everyone in the pool! Start making all the waves you can! Every drop counts, never mind splash!

Presumptuous? I Don’t Think So.

Think about some of the powerful revelations and clear awarenesses coming to light. The cosmic ground has been seeded and it’s springing into life everywhere!

We’ve raised awareness of multiple false flag scenarios from micro nukes to virus seeding to staged so-called “lone gunman” rampages like this latest child butchering. They make them more and more horrific to push the unconscious public over the edge, as in the 9/11 mega ritual.

They’re desperate.

And we’re on to them. We know about and track their weather warfare moves. We’re well aware of their insidious mind control tricks. We’ve unraveled their phony education, political, financial and media scams.

We’ve tracked and identified in great detail the fascist takeover and implementation of the police state. We’ve exposed the banking and corporate whores, and their poisoning of our air, water and food supplies. And such activism is working.

The horrific reality of their wicked child abusing is coming to greater and greater light, as are their blood letting sacrificial rites and satanic ceremonies. We can read their pagan, Freemasonic and occult symbolism and their numerological codes.

We connect the dots of their deliberately scrambled dystopian compartmentalized scheme, and are well aware of their Illuminist agenda.

We may not be not know everything, but the Creative Force is sure bringing a lot to light and we’re shining it in their f**king faces!

All Part of the Wake Up, Baby.

Fact is we’re pissing them off and the bastards are literally having to regroup and reshuffle their plans because of us.  It may not stay the wars and false flags  these psychopathic idiots have lined up, but it can shift battle conditions and put them on the defensive and cause erratic, self-exposing behavior, further advancing humanity’s awakening.

And more so. When these things come to pass, those who’ve caught on or the even greater numbers of those who’ve even just heard about this methodology and intent and dismissed it as “conspiracy theory” will go off like roman candles!

The Elite Emergency Button – False Flag

They are aware of our awareness, and planning accordingly. Make no mistake. “We” not only need to be controlled, but if awareness is really getting out of hand and they’re meeting resistance to the next level of manipulation, we need to be seriously distracted and manipulated.

And it will be soon again, and continual. Sorry, but it has to be. But this time when the next big one goes down many millions of people will know exactly what they’re up to.

Just like the Colorado and Connecticut shootings and the like. Obvious as all hell if someone is even slightly awake. And these events usually happen not just to push their agenda, but to distract from something way bigger and more insidious they’re trying to slip past us.

It appears they’re scrambling to get into place and that’s what tells me it won’t be long. Be it a false flag to start the next big war, or a serious domestic attack on a U.S. city to ram the U.S. and the rest of the world into the next level of Orwellian military control, they’re licking their chops to pull the trigger on something. Be prepared, it will temporarily quash internet freedom, freedom of movement, and unleash a whole array of  weapons against the citizenry of the U.S. and elsewhere that will make heads spin if and when something of that scale happens.

So do be prepared, but not afraid. It’s just being realistic.

They Fear the Wake Up – And They Should

In fact they live in constant fear. You think the hierarchy they exercise to control us is bad, imagine the hellions they report to! And they turn on each other in a flash if it serves their purposes. Nasty bunch. And it manifests in this need to exercise control over and abuse those under their imposed dominion.

But a major concern for these freaks is that the wake up is getting out of hand and potentially screwing up their world takeover plans. It’s not the climate they need. They need drugged up, dumbed down and freaked out masses who are easy to intimidate and control.  So be on your toes, but don’t be afraid.

The awakening will only spread faster!

Whatever the planned disturbance, vast swaths of ignorant, freaked out “sleeple”  will fall for it and beg for whatever it takes, even martial law, to “protect” them”. That’s why I think there’s going to be something that “hits home” to pull this off, sorry to say.

But it will only add fuel to the cosmic shift, in spite of anything they do.


Let the Wake Up Roll!

Don’t be afraid, and don’t be deterred. The matrix is in its death throes. That we know…and they cannot help but sense.

While the awakening hits critical mass, expect wonderful breakthroughs, revelations of Truth and personal and social empowerment. Now’s the time to get as active as possible and encourage others to do the same. Every bit of information, every act or intention of compassion, every brave effort to expose them and call them out and stand up to them is having an exponential effect.

Learn to listen to and trust your heart. That’s the true cosmic consciousness internet. They can’t censor or shut that one down.

Only you can.

Do be prepared for a backlash, but keep fighting the good fight no matter what.

Fearlessly. And in love.

  “Whenever you have truth it must be given with love, or the message and the messenger will be rejected”. – Mahatma Gandhi

Love, Zen

What is Ascension and is the Human Race Ascending?

by PL Chang 

For millennia, many religions and spiritual teachers have been telling us that during 2012 and soon after, humanity will experience a special spiritual event called ascension. Is this event true or is it just a fantasy dreamed up by certain crazy people. My understanding of ascension is that it isn’t a fantasy, but a natural cycle of the Universe and we are in the middle of ascending to higher levels of consciousness.. 

What is ascension? 

When we hear groups of people talk about ascension, each group seems to have their own version of ascension. Certain religions teach that only the chosen people can ascend or that only the Creator can make someone ascend. In addition, some people believe that extraterrestrials (ETs) are going to come save us and help us ascend, while others believe that Jesus is going to save us and bring us back to the kingdom of God. With so many different versions of ascension, how do you know which one is correct? 

From many years of study esoteric knowledge and the ascension process, my advice would be to stay away from the religious version of ascension, because religion, especially modern religion, was created and is controlled by secret societies. Another of my advice is to not only rely on external information, but to also search inside you for information. For strong evidence that secret societies control religion, read my empowering article titled The Symbolic Codes of Jesus and Christmas

Ascension isn’t only a spiritual concept but is also a scientific process that utilizes the laws of nature to assist spiritual beings to evolve back to Creation in a multidimensional reality system, such as our time matrix. This process allows all souls to eventually evolve and ascend out of time and space to re-emerge with their higher identity of pure consciousness. However, if a soul becomes permanently disconnected to the Eternal Life current of Creation, it may not be able to return to Creation as a pure consciousness being. 

The process of ascension involves raising the particle pulsation rhythm of the body, allowing the body to absorb higher frequency into its morphogenetic field and therefore increasing its frequency. The more accurate term for this process is frequency accretion. This process causes the body to become lighter and less dense. Once the body’s frequency reaches a certain level, the body will shed its matter based body and transform into a light based body. Souls who have reached this state of evolution are often called angels or light beings. We are no where near that level yet so don’t get too excited. 

The slow and fast version of ascension 

Most human beings haven’t healed their DNA and body to the point where they can ascend nearly instantly. As a result, they will have to take the slow route of ascension. The slow route involves slowly absorbing high frequency healing energies of the Universe that are available since the galactic alignment of 2012. The fast route involves using Earth’s natural star gates (chakras). 

Here is an excerpt from my book Staradigm about star gate ascension. 

The time frame for ascension 

It is my understanding that the time frame for ascension is between 2012-2017. During this process, time will feel like it is speeding up faster than when it first started speeding up in the 1980s. After 2017, time should start to feel normal again. During this time, we should start to really notice the emergence of the new paradigm as the systems of the old paradigm collapse. The debt-based monetary system is one of those systems that is part of the old paradigm. This monetary system will collapse to a certain point and be replaced by a better monetary system. 

The ascension process will help wake up many people who are still spiritually asleep. Once these people wake up, they will realize that they have been enslaved by the Dark Forces. Furthermore, they will become aware that most of their views of reality have been engineered by the Dark Forces. Once they realize those things, their prejudice views of other cultures will quickly disappear, making it a lot easier for humanity to achieve world peace.


Earth Ascending? Schumann Frequency Resonance of the Earth Has DOUBLED!

Earth Ascending? Schumann Frequency Resonance of the Earth Has DOUBLED!


(Earth. We Are One) March was a landmark month energetically, with several rare planetary alignments, including a Super moon, Solar Eclipse and Equinox all within the same 24 hours on March 21st! Coming as it did just after the 7th of 7 exact T-Squares, everything points to that day being a moment of paradigm shift – a time of great Awakening. Our ancient ancestors believed that Eclipses open a portal to higher realms, making it possible for us to receive huge downloads of information. That is why they built sophisticated and mysterious structures such as Stonehenge and Newrange, which were designed to amplify the powerful cosmic energies being made available to them.

Despite the opening of powerful Stargate portals and the potential for new beginnings offered by the current universal geometries however, many people find it difficult to believe that anything is really changing when chaos still seems to reign, and evidence of human mayhem continues all around us. Perhaps this ‘madness’ is part of a deep cleansing of the planet? And perhaps how quickly we can integrate the new energy and adjust to it, will depend on the level of each individual’s vibratory frequency. We are being asked I think, to do everything in our power to raise our vibration out of 3D density and into the higher frequencies of Light. This always has been and still is, the prime purpose and raison d’être of the  ‘Sounds of Sirius’. It’s my belief that the melodies, tones and Light Language that flow through me from the higher dimensional realms, are being gifted quite specifically to raise the vibration of those who receive them, and in so doing, reconnect them with their soul’s original blueprint.

There is concrete evidence to suggest that Mother Earth herself is shifting her vibration, in order to adapt to the paradigm shift. The Schumann Frequencies are the ‘sound’ of the earth. It’s like hearing the sound of a big drum, with that drum being the earth’s resonant cavity. Only a few years ago the earth was vibrating at around 7.8 hertz, but a few days ago, the Schumann frequency hit 16.5. This demonstrates that the earth itself is changing…she is literally speeding up!

Why is the number 16.5 important?

16.5, 33, 66, 132, 264….these numbers are all harmonic to the Solfeggio tone 528, which is the exact frequency used by genetic biochemists to repair broken DNA – the gentetic blueprint upon which life is based.

What are Solfeggio Frequencies?

Here’s a short clip that explains the basis of the Solfeggio tones.



If the Schumann frequency is resonating at a harmonic of 528 – the frequency scientists use to repair broken DNA – it would suggest would it not then, that our DNA may be repairing itself right now? Perhaps Mother Earth’s change of vibration to the harmonic of 528 is kick-starting our DNA re-activation, in order that we can move in sync with her, as she transcends 3D density to enter 4th and 5th dimensional realms.

The following excerpt from channel and healer Malcolm Bell’s book ‘Rider in the Mist’ reinforces the idea of the intrinsic connection between human beings and Planet Earth:-

“The human being is comprised of five bodies: the physical, the mental, the emotional, the spiritual, and the higher self. Any change in the earth’s energy field affects all five bodies, so all five have to be realigned – adjusted in increments according to the varying and ongoing energy fluctuations – and brought back into balance and harmony. In short, the symptoms that people were experiencing were the body’s response to the changing vibration. The body was struggling to adjust to the previously unknown, and never before encountered, elevated and newly patterned energy levels. Unknown to us at times such as this, the body searches through its ancient tribal and genetic memory bank imprints, in an attempt to find a pre-existing pattern to align with. Finding none, it now has to embark upon a critical program of developing and implementing a precise and compatible alternative energy-pattern match. In the process of doing so, all five bodies endure considerable discomfort and confusion.”

The many and varied symptoms that people have been experiencing over the past few years as their bodies attempt to align with the huge ‘Shift of the Ages’ taking place, have become so widespread that they have called ‘Ascension Symptoms’.

So don’t panic if you have been feeling kind of strange, ungrounded, exhausted, dizzy, fuzzy or depressed – you are not alone! As Mother Earth continues to uplift her vibration to the New Earth dimensional frequencies, with our Sun assisting by sending us massive charges of intense radiation on almost a daily basis now, you are instinctively acclimatising and trying to match her vibration, so that you can travel with her on the ‘Ascension’ path.

Source: Earth. We Are One

Intervention on Earth: An Interdimensional Opposing Consciousness

10th December 2014

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Gaia’s shift of consciousness into the Fifth Density has been timed not just for earth’s continued evolution, but also to deal with an Opposing Consciousness that has intervened in the natural evolutionary path of the planet.

Now, as humanity’s awakening accelerates, the lid is beginning to lift on this Intervention. Although souls will still be sensitive to what has previously been a taboo subject, ‘disclosure’ is now beginning to happen. I have had many close encounters with this energy. As more people increasingly unfold into multiple dimensions, it feels right to explore more deeply how that consciousness is limiting people and what we can do to nullify its effects…

The Original Mistake

Are we alone in the universe? It’s a question that’s challenged both the most brilliant and the most skeptical of minds; the subject of seemingly endless debate – sometimes even ridicule. So I ask you to consider this…

We live on a relatively small planet, in a relatively small solar system, within a relatively small galaxy; a galaxy that has billions of solar systems; one which exists in a universe that is teaming with galaxies; a universe of multiple dimensions. So then, knowing this, I ask you: is it crazy to consider that there IS other sophisticated life out there? Or that there isn’t?

For many of us expanding into multiple dimensions the debate has long since ended. Yes, there most definitely IS sophisticated life out there, acting interdimensionally. We can feel it all around us in the field. And it is most definitely not all benevolent. It’s becoming abundantly clear, to a wider audience, that there is some controlling Intervention going on across our planet right now.

What is its agenda, and where did it come from? What is its purpose?

Connection with Benevolent Consciousness has drawn my attention to what I call ‘the original mistake’. It’s something that happened in the dawning of the physical universe where consciousness took on form, became self aware and able to read the flow of manifestation. There’s a problem with this. Because at those higher frequencies manifestation happens at the speed of thought, then the risk is you shape reality before what’s meant to happen truly unfolds by itself. Lack of trust, control, ‘playing God’, being too heavily invested in the material was for me the ‘original sin’ (speaking metaphorically – there are no ‘sins’ – the only ‘mistake’ is failing to learn by it).

It is this dynamic of distortion that has created a powerful karmic affect through the manifested universe that we are all living with now: the exploration of divine creation yet not getting caught up within desire led intention.

It’s been a core theme of creation. Here on Earth it’s manifested in the classic “Adam and Eve” story – getting too heavily invested in the physicality; lost as we consume of the apple. For quite some time now, elements of the mainstream spiritual community have been caught up in trying to manifest ‘more abundant realities’ or to intention and envision what they desire. To me this is clearly a reflection of this ‘original mistake’, being played out through the manifested universe. This latent desire for control plays right into the hands of the Intervention. The time has come to explore this deeper – to peel away the veiling illusion.

An Ancient Colonising Race

On Earth the universe has manifested this karmic mirror in the form of an ancient colonising alliance – an Opposing Consciousness – that has emerged from other constellations in the cosmos. It is their inherent pattern to colonise, ethnically cleanse, exploit and control other species just as humanity does sheep, pigs and cattle. Working surreptitiously in the shadows, it is well versed in advanced deception techniques. For those who care to explore, delving deeply beyond denial, you can see the rippling effects right across our exploitative and unjust society (it’s covertly influencing leadership in many areas from politics to business).

In fact society is so unjust, so inequitable and so destructive to our environment, you’d have to ask was it purposefully designed that way? How can it be anything other than a conspiracy, when just one percent of the population own most of the wealth at the expense of the other ninety nine percent? Is there an alternative, synthetic agenda this Opposing Consciousness has in mind? To me there is only one answer: resoundingly Yes!

Considering themselves more advanced and having the ability to intervene almost at will, they have shaped the very fabric of society, showing about as much consideration for humanity as our industrial food chain does for animals. It’s a mirror which we are all invited to thoroughly digest.

Mankind is not alone in the universe and is as yet, immature in a cosmic sense. What now needs to be digested with a sense of urgency, is that Humanity is facing a grave threat, a challenge to it’s very sovereignty and freedom as integral beings. An unholy, inter dimensional alliance has been working behind the scenes, in the shadows, pulling the strings of authority, its agenda to hybridise new physical forms here on earth. Although vigorously rejected by Gaia, the ET Intervention still very much exists in the energy field around us – they are the ‘mechanics’ of the matrix in which we live.

Although there’s been much speculation about their purpose being to acquire important resources such as gold, this is only in part true. In my direct experience, their overriding agenda has been to synthesise a physical vehicle which they could incarnate here on Earth, this being a very challenging environment to their current interdimensional form. Homo Sapiens has been one stage within that agenda. Their purpose would seem to be to create a subtlely subservient species that can be controlled and further hybridised. At least that is the undeniable effect and within society, their agenda is gathering pace with each passing day.

The Intervention is Being Engaged

Fortunately there is a vast array of cosmic energy now gathering on and around Planet Earth, to bring awareness to humanity, to challenge and break the intervention. The message is being wilfully transmitted that such control and manipulation has no ultimate future; realignment with the source and the natural flow is the only way to achieve lasting peace and harmony with life.

Having connected through ‘the ether’ many times with leading higher dimensional elements of this intervention, I observe a definite realignment has happened at the higher levels of consciousness. Success has caused those elements to realign and they now seem quite gentle and benign. That said, lower down, there’s still resistance that needs to be softened.

A leopard does not change its spots overnight. And there are many layers of the intervention. Every system we have come to depend upon in society is sustained by this energetic grid matrix. It will take time to confront the various layers and unwind them, but benevolence is now strongly bringing its energies to bear. And people can each help by confronting the intervention within their own being, by connecting to their higher self, and working to fully embody it.

So with the culmination of 2012 and Gaia’s centering in the 5th Density, it is perfectly timely that the intervention is starting to be broken down and at least some of the Opposing Consciousness is now starting to leave, which is a very positive sign. However there is much yet to happen. The future of 3D Earth hangs as yet in the balance. This intervention is intimately interwoven through the human psyche, which each ascending person must work to unravel.

Taking Full Responsibility

It’s also vitally important to realise that whilst it would be entirely understandable to judge, blame and project anger, that would be completely counterproductive. Humanity only drew this Opposing Consciousness in the first place because of its inability to accept life as it was on Earth without trying to control, manifest, colonise and industrialise. It is humanity’s own karma of non acceptance and lack of trust which drew the intervention. It’s a mirror of the ‘original mistake’ I spoke of earlier, but played out in a very human, “Adam and Eve” way: becoming too engrossed in the manifestation – the physicality – and therefore disconnecting oneself from the sense of eternal spirit.

So people are invited to take full responsibility and ownership of their predicament, to realign and walk the spiritual path. Ascension is the solution. Whilst human DNA can be repaired over time and evolve into new form, an unsustainable situation has been created here on 3D Earth. Gaia’s solution has been to centre in the 5D and now cleanse her third density.

The question is how can humanity benefit from and work with this realignment? In short I feel the impulsion for humanity to ascend into the 5th Density (as we outlined in Five Gateways).

Within that, a more complete understanding of the limitation that has been imposed should help accelerate the situation.

Energy Implants

I introduced the topic of energy implants in this article… Removing Energy Implants. Most, if not all people carry these to some degree. The ‘reptilian’ implant affects the consciousness of the digestive system, linking into the core of humanity’s ‘lizard brain’. Through this energy field implantation, it is possible to shape a landscape agenda which the soul gets fragmented and diverted into. An illusionary reality filter is created. We take on behaviours and addictions, which because are so widespread, most accept as normality. Humanity has been programmed to accept exploitative consumeristic behaviour that serves neither us nor the natural eco-systems of our planet.

Increasingly, people are now becoming aware of these implants as they raise their vibration, reintegrate the soul and thereby increase internal sensitivity. The implants can be experienced as headaches, migraines or ‘buzzing’ in the head during meditation; an ungrounding spinning vortex over the crown; a tightening contraction in the solar plexus; conflicting directive impulses that mask the authentic pull of the soul; and by incongruent eating disorders to name just the key symptoms. It’s why for example when we walk the path of the soul, we’re strongly guided to fast, cleanse and purify internally in order that we may raise our vibration, increase energetic sensitivity and thus regain personal sovereignty.

Crucially, once you become aware of these implants, you are already empowered to remove them. It happens naturally by following the increasingly insistent inner voice of the soul. If we follow the path of purification, and realign with the soul, then there comes a point where the entities can no longer be sustained in your field. Once you become conscious of how they’re working, the application of a willful intent to remove them usually works by itself. You simply have to open your heart to the assistance of benevolence – especially the angelic realms – and ask for them to go. The key is to realise they’ll go when we’re totally accepting and non-judgmental, that we actually don’t need them to leave. Thus the karmic attachment is broken. Forgiveness happens and there’s no longer anything for them to grasp onto.

Cosmic Assistance

Fortunately humanity is not alone in its epic journey. Cosmic energies of benevolence have gathered in great strength at this crucial juncture to help. The Christ Consciousness (not of a religious kind) is activating in people’s hearts. It’s the pull to a higher truth, a sense of rightness and non-judgmental discernment. And peopple can intensify the affect of this benevolence by bringing attention out of the mind and into the heart: by feeling what wants to really happen next and aligning with that.

Humanity has reached a crucial juncture in its history. The future for many hangs in the balance. Now is the time to shake off the sleepy delusions of the past. Despite what’s happened up to this point, everyone who can summon the inner will to proceed, is capable of success.

Ascension is open to everyone with the courage and conviction to truly choose it…

Choosing Ascension

“It’s been prophecised and spoken of for centuries. It’s magical and mystical. To the uninitiated it may seem way out, weird and whacky; but in fact its grounded in the quantum fabric of science. It is very ordinary, awesomely ordinary! It is our Ascension…”


Previous articles by Open:

About the author:

Openhand is the name we’ve given to the Benevolent Consciousness of the Universe. It is that energy which works within the weave of the fabric of life, helping to unravel karmic blockages, infuse soul and thereby catalyse spiritual evolution. Openhand works as a synchronistic mirror, revealing what is holding us back and how we can take our next evolutionary leap. Openhand Foundation works on behalf of this energy, helping ground its presence in this realm.

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Inset image: Hardy (source unknown)


From Kryon Book 6: Partnering with God
Pages 176-177 

Ascension is a graduation by design, and with permission, that is human enablement at its highest form. It is where humans have permission, EARNED by every one, to move into a status that has you REMAIN on the planet, living a very long time while actually moving into the next incarnation that you designed for yourselves—without having to experience death. That’s ascension. Did you get that? You move forward into the next designed expression holding your biology, vibrating at a high enough level to allow for such a thing without death. 


~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

“We Are Living In The Most Important Time In The History Of The Universe” Dolores Cannon Discusses Our Current Paradigm

Dolores Cannon has over 40 years of regressive hypnotherapy experience from which she’s acquired remarkable information about life in the Universe.

Dolores Cannon’s career has spanned over 4 decades, during which she has worked with thousands of clients in regressive hypnotherapy sessions. With over 17 published books on the subject, Dolores Cannon can easily be considered one of the world’s most sought after professionals in the field. Popular subject matter touched upon in her numerous books include: past lives, extra-terrestrials, life on other planets, energy healing, famous historic figures such as Nostradamus and Jesus, abductions, and the list goes on. Each book has the tendency to “bend the reader’s mind like a pretzel,” Dolores explains.

One of her latest books, titled The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth, is an ensemble of regressive hypnotherapy client sessions which narrates a ‘behind the scenes’ look at Earth’s current paradigm shift. During the sessions, Dolores hypnotizes her clients bringing them into the ‘super-conscious’ brainwave state, one of the deepest trances one can experience. Dolores elaborated on her technique in an interview with The Edge:

The results of her technique are astounding to say the least. Through the years Dolores began to notice a correlation among her client sessions, one that bridges the journey of the souls incarnating on the planet at this time.

Dolores’s theory proposes that a series of souls are traveling from other planets and dimensions to assist Earth at this time. Many of these souls, which are of a higher vibration than the resident Earth souls, are incarnating on the planet for the first time. She affirms that the souls that have spent many lifetimes reincarnating on Earth are stuck in a karmic cycle, repeating the same patterns of mistakes and lessons which is ultimately leading to the destruction of the planet. Thus, there has been a calling for purer souls to come to Earth to cleanse and raise the planet’s vibration.

But now in body, these people don’t have any memory of why they came. “They come in and an amnesia descends on the person, losing the memory of why they are here. But this group has an energy that they have to project. It is a loving energy that will change the mindset here on Earth. It will change history, just them being here.”

Throughout her clients’ journeys, Dolores discovered that Earth is one of the densest planets in the entire universe. A soul that incarnates here is considered brave because life on Earth is a very challenging experience to come into, especially for souls coming from higher realms and planets of a higher vibration. Nevertheless, all of her clients have the same answer when asked about their reason for coming to Earth, they simply “heard the call.”

The Earth is going through a major transformation, one that Dolores’s clients state has never happened before.  For the first time, an entire planet is shifting it’s vibration into a new dimensional frequency. Many souls or groups of souls have experienced a shift like this in the past, (i.e., the Mayans) but never has an entire planet shifted at once. Therefore, Dolores explains, the entire Universe has front row seats to one of the grandest shows ever seen. However, help is needed, because man has polluted the planet with a vibration so dense that it threatens the survival of the planet as a whole. Dolores reveals that if the planet blows itself up, it will reverberate throughout the universe affecting and disturbing all beings. Therefore, the call for help was made, and the souls quickly jumped on the wagon to assist.

In The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth, Dolores elaborates on the three different classes of souls incarnating on Earth:

  1. The First Wave: Now in their late 40s to early 60s, these volunteers are disturbed by the violence, anger and hate that they experience on Earth. They have had the hardest time adjusting to life as humans, and many of them try to commit suicide.
  2. The Second Wave: Now in their late 20s and 30s, these volunteers are more comfortable in bodies and are said to be beacons or channels of energy who can affect others just by being near them. Their mission of just sharing their energy with others means they don’t have to do anything but just be.
  3. The Third Wave: The new children, many of whom are now teenagers, have all the knowledge needed to exist on the planet after the dimensional shift and transformation takes place. Their DNA is more advanced, and the greatest challenge they face is being misunderstood by humans as having a condition (ADHD) that needs to be medicated.

Interestingly, through her many client sessions Dolores has also written extensively on the lost civilization of Atlantis. She discovered that, like Atlantis, there have been numerous civilizations that have been destroyed in the past.

When asked about people’s criticism of her work, Dolores says she finds humor in people’s remarks stating she is a ‘great science fiction writer’.

In the final segment of her interview with The Edge, Dolores was asked if there were any final thoughts she wanted to leave people with regarding the shift in consciousness.

For a fascinating read, check out Dolores’s book The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth as well as herConvoluted Universe series.


1.)    Cannon, Dolores. The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth. Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc. (Sept. 15 2011)

2.)    Cannon, Dolores. The Convoluted Universe: Book Four. Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc. (Nov. 7 2011)




Once you have
opened your brain capacity to full use, you can at will command
the body to raise its vibratory frequency to the point where it
goes out of the frequency level of matter and into the vibratory
frequency of light. That is called ascension.
Ascension is simply the means of taking the entirety of
your being into another dimension of your accepted

 Death is certainly one way to get there, but that
means allowing the structure of the embodiment to fall into age
and decay and to be no longer. Then you are without the
embodiment. Ascension is taking your embodiment with you.
Those who have ascended this plane have mastered the
ultimate, which is death. They have learned how to raise, through
the power of their thought, the vibratory frequency of the body's
molecular structures to the point where the body is taken with
them into a light existence, thus forever bypassing death
when you take your body with you,
the body can be raised and lowered upon any frequency level you
choose. So if you choose to come back into this frequency, you
never have to look for another body, with another ego, in order to
exist in another life, with another family, in another country. You
no longer have to be born again into this plane of limited thinking
only to undergo the programming of social consciousness and have
to fight for the expression of self in order to regain your
knowingness. You do not have to learn all over again that the body
can be restored to the purest light-form from which it came. You
do not have to learn again that this is just an illusion and a game.
Once you master ascension, you maintain your body forever
and can come and go at will with your own embodiment. Then
any moment you wish to be a part of this plane again, all you
have to do is lower the bodily vibrations to where it vibrates at
the same frequency as this plane, and here you are.

All here are capable of ascending, for that which lurks
behind the illusion of flesh is the creator of all universes. And
you at your own choosing, through unlimited thinking, can make
this manifestation occur. When you learn to master judgment
against your thoughts and allow yourself to receive all thought,
you have the power and the ability to become any ideal that you
envision. Then you can do or become anything through thought.
You can take your thought, concentrate it on the body, and
command the body to vibrate faster. The body will then elevate
towards the ideal that the thought holds steadfast for it. The whole
of the body will begin to vibrate at a greater rate of speed. As it
does so, the temperature of the body will rise and the body will
begin to take on a glow. As it continues to vibrate faster, the matter
of the body will go into pure light and then into pure thought.
Then that which was seen is seen no longer.

Ascension is very easy to achieve.
In truth, it is simpler than dying.

What is difficult to
achieve is mastering judgment against your thoughts. What is
indeed difficult to achieve is mastering the illusion of time in
order to allot yourself the patience to do it. But once you do,
ascension is simply a thought away. Then you have retained your
body for all times and can thus be a traveler upon any plane at
any moment you choose.
 Death is an accepted
reality on this plane, which all think must be; thus it has become
a reality. Entity, the only reality is life; everything else is an illusion.
Illusions are thoughts, that are games, that become realities.
Death is not a necessary rule in this kingdom. It is far easier
to take the body with you.

 No one has to die. You will die only if you believe
you will. But the body need not ever die. The Gods who designed
it did not design it to last for only a fleeting moment in time.
They designed the body to live off its glands, not its organs. And
through a flow of hormones from the glands, the body was
designed to live hundreds of thousands of years and never grow
old. That was how it was programmed in its cellular structures.
Only a short time ago in your history, entities lived to be thousands
of years old.

Death is only the ending of the body, not of the personality
self. But it is through the attitudes of the personality self that the
life force of the body is degraded and the body is evoked into
what is termed death

Your body responds only to what it is told to do. Your soul,
which sits beside your heart, governs the entire body through its
emotional structure. The soul is what causes hormones to be
dispensed throughout the body in order to maintain life in the
embodiment. The soul does not do this on its own but rather
under the direction of your attitudes and thought processes.
Because of your attitudes here, the hormones cease to be created
in the body after puberty. When they are no longer created, a
death hormone is activated in the body and the whole body begins
to break down, to grow old, and to die. The death hormone is
activated in the body because you live in guilt and self-judgment
and the fear of death. And to you, beauty is based wholly on the
appearance of youth, not on the character of one's being. You
anticipate death by purchasing insurance to bury yourself. You
purchase insurance to protect your treasury if you become ill or
diseased. You are doing everything possible to hasten the aging
and death of your embodiment because you wholly expect it.

The body is only a servant, an instrument of collective
thought. It is a magnificent creation, the most refined instrument
there is. But it was not created to have a mind of its own. It was
created specifically to be a servant, and it will live only as long as
you allow it to live. If you accept thoughts of old age - expecting
the body to wither away and die - or deny yourself love and
happiness and joy, your body will gradually descend itself into
the corruption of death.

You know, master, in this very moment you can cease time
completely and live in the foreverness of this Now, if you so
choose, for is time not an illusion? Who has seen it? A great
hypocrisy exists here because you refuse to believe in the unseen,
yet you wholly worship and are enslaved to time.
You have the power right within you, right where you are,
to reverse the age of your embodiment back into youth and to
live on and on and on. How? Simply through your attitude. If
you do not want the body to age and die, change your attitude.

Let your attitude say that the body will live forever, and so it
will. Remove all things from your life that acknowledge the
ending of it, and it will never end. Never have the word "old" in
your vocabulary understanding. Have "forever" in your
understanding. Cease the celebration of your birthdays, for that
only gives credence to the aging process. If it pleases you to
acknowledge your birth, do so, but reverse the count of your
years and become younger. When you do not expect your death,
you will never know it.

Always live in the present. Never acknowledge any future
other than this Now. Your Now will be eternity if you permit it
to be so. Never contemplate how long you are going to live, for
you will always live. Contemplate the foreverness of your body,
and so it will become. That is simply how it is.
Love yourself, master. Bless your body. Speak to your soul,
which is the lord of your being, and command it to bring forth
the enzymes of youth, and it will. Know that the body can live
 And how does it live forever? By telling it to.
Immortality is achieved only when one does away with the
understanding of mortality. This travesty called death could be
eliminated by the whole lot of humanity if they lived not in the
future or the past but in the ongoingness of this Now and if the
attitude of living was greater than the prospects of dying. This
shall be eliminated here in the years to come, for time will be no
longer and these understandings will have become a living reality
in everyone upon your plane. Then death will have become a
senseless no-thing.

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I see daily Search terms on my Stats page from increasing numbers of people searching for information about why they're feeling inner body vibrations; why they're smelling smokey burning incense; why they're having excessive inner heat (hot flashes) in their bodies that radiate outward and so on. I thought it was time to try again to help more people being activated now to better understand what they're experiencing and why.


Some of these ascension symptoms are ones I've lived with for many years now and have gotten familiar with how they cycle in and out, year after year, becoming less intense the more I transmuted and released.

As I've said elsewhere over the past few years, your mileage may vary, because we each are dealing with and transmuting slightly different emotional energies, karmic/polarized energies, past life energies, and varying degrees of lower negative vibrating energies across time on earth.

Some of us have been processing not only our own stuff and junk from this life, but ALL of them, and also doing transformational bloodline family work, and also planetary clearing of specific lower stuck (dark or negative) energies done by people across time on this planet. That is what Starseeds do, and more.


Ascension Symptoms

Over the years I've written several articles about the many Ascension symptoms, about Kundalini rising and its symptoms, and about theRewiring of the Body and Brain. The bottom-line is that all of these symptoms, all of these unusual experiences are the same Process. Theyall are Ascension symptoms, Kundalini symptoms, because they're one and the same thing.

What better, faster way to transmute all our lower frequencies and unresolved, polarized, suppressed, ignored, wounded, fearful, traumatized, unprocessed and unloved parts than the intense Alchemical firestorm that Kundalini rising is?

Why would mass numbers of people around the world all be having spontaneous, unsolicited Kundalini rising now? Because of theplanetary and species Ascension Process. Why is the Ascension Process happening now in our lifetimes? Because the cycle is completing and it's time to break free and evolve out from under the multidimensional negativity and suppression.

To help humanity with this rapid and compressed evolutionary process, higher dimensional Light energies are repeatedly released in Waves of Light (think Aquarian energy waves  ) from the cosmos, the Milky Way Galactic Center, and our Sun (via solar flares, CME's etc.) to trigger humanity and Earth to integrate polarities, purge, transmute, and transform energetically. In other words, to evolve/ascend to a higher level of consciousness and being.

These symptoms can last for many years for many people. Other people go through them or only some of them in shorter periods. Fear not.

  • repeated intense inner body heat "hot flashes", hands and/or bottoms of feet extremely hot, spine, back, head, entire body heat
  • extreme sweating with every Kundalini hot flash
  • repeated cold flashes, inner body cold spots, certain chakra areas turn cold for periods
  • inner body electrical-like vibrations, buzzing, inner shaking, slowly moving inner energy vibrations
  • extra electricity in your body, constantly getting zapped when you touch things
  • muscle spasms, twitching, itching, strange sensations on or under the skin, nerve sensitivity
  • pains & pressures in areas of spine, pressures so intense it blows certain vertebra out-of-place
  • mental confusion, inability to focus mentally, temporary loss of certain words, names, terms etc.
  • sudden mood changes, intense anger, frustration, sadness, joy, bliss, repulsion of all things negative
  • going a little "crazy" for periods
  • uncontrollably voicing your extreme anger & repulsion over all things negative
  • clairvoyantly seeing lights, seeing other dimensional Beings
  • smelling smokey burning incense when none is physically there
  • clairaudiently hearing non-physical sounds, voices, words, clicks, buzzing, unrecognizable sounds
  • sudden waves of nausea
  • sudden waves of dizziness, sense of falling, sense of tippingover, dropping through the floor etc.
  • sudden onset of or increase of allergies
  • sudden onset of chemical sensitivity
  • severe sensitivity to sounds, smells, lights, heat, cold, energies, other people, lower energies, lower consciousness etc.
  • sudden eating/food changes, craving more protein foods, needing very light foods, small amounts, eating at different times etc.
  • difficulty digesting all foods, inability to drink alcohol, take drugs etc.
  • phases of diarrhea, bowel sensitivities, bloating, pains & pressures
  • severe belly bloat, swelling in the gut & upper diaphragm area, the "Buddha Belly" thing
  • intense phases of pain in the head, pressures in the head, skull sore and bruised feeling
  • inability to physically be around people and/or large groups of people
  • inability to function, need for privacy & quiet to survive all you're living through
  • hair falling out, breaking, not growing, weak undernourished hair
  • nightmares, archetypal dreams, lucid dreams
  • positive & negative psychic experiences, psychic attacks while awake & asleep
  • sudden unexpected out-of-body experiences
  • repeatedly coming awake at specific times of the night–3:00, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55 AM etc.
  • inability to sleep, inability to stay asleep
  • needing to sleep and get out-of-body during the day,exhaustion naps etc.
  • profound physical exhaustion, emotional exhaustion, mental exhaustion
  • body weakness, muscle weakness, lethargy, achy body, bones, joints
  • hyper states, restless, edgy, can't relax, can't rest or be comfortable, mind races despite exhausted body
  • extreme emotional phases, crying, weeping, mourning, feeling love for all beings etc.
  • glorious changes and expansions in consciousness, perceptions, quantum knowing things vs. linear thinking
  • major ego dismantling
There are many more symptoms but you should have a sense of how intense, strange and multidimensional most of the Ascension Kundalini symptoms are. 

What's really important about all this is that it's happening to you and to increasing numbers of people every minute of every day now and why. Again, fear not because it's a positive sign of our compressed evolution, our expanding consciousness and all the positive things that naturally comes with it. 

Copyright © 2011-2013 Denise Le Fay. All Rights Reserved. 

Kundalini Ascension Symptoms, Denise Le Fay

Inner Body Vibrations and other Unusual Symptoms

Use discretion when browsing the Web. Do not believe everything you see, hear or think. "Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it." 

~ Siddhartha Gautama Buddha

Siddhartha Gautama Buddha

More Ascension Symptoms


  • ascension flu— flu-like body aches and pains but you don't get "sick" like with typical physical flu
  • abnormal heat and/or cold in certain body parts, severe heat in bottoms of feet, cold solar plexus etc
  • hot flashes/kundalini risings repeatedly for both sexes
  • unusual headaches that just don't go away until they are done doing what they're doing
  • physical vision changes – blurring, seeing non-physical mist or fog , seeing new colors, lights, heat mirages, warps, vortex swirls
  • physical hearing changes – inner ear clicking, pressure like when you change altitude, hearing non-physical voices and strange sounds
  • low-grade fever, chills, body and bone pains, aches and exhaustion when there's heavy solar and/or cosmic energies
  • sudden food and chemical sensitivities that make it nearly impossible to eat a lot of foods or go much of anywhere
  • insomnia and/or only being able to sleep for an hour or two and then waking up repeatedly throughout the night
  • drastically less dreaming (because you're dealing with issues/energies 24/7/365 We're transmuting while awake too)
  • sudden diarrhea (usually after you've been through a hard phase of transmuting lower energies and then shifting into a higher state)
  • sudden nausea or "morning sickness" for both sexes
  • weird food cravings, repeated high protein cravings (due to increased transmuting of energies), need for a lot of food fuel
  • severely increased sense of smell, smelling strange smellsfor days, weeks or months even (like burning incense or smoke)
  • sense that your bones are not as dense and solid as they were in lower 3D, they now feel more like cartilage that can bend etc.
  • profound exhaustion, feeling profound exhaustion and physical pains and aches after having been out in the lower world for a couple of hours, feel better once you return to your higher vibrating home/land/space etc.
  • internal electrical-like vibrations or buzzing of the "rewiring" process
  • super sensitivity to sounds, light, sunlight, even movement,dizziness, sense of spinning or tipping over or dropping through the floor


  • crying over simple things that profoundly move you, crying over the stupidity, crying because you feel SO much (this is 5D Heart Consciousness beginning)
  • rage and deep anger over the stupidity,anger/rage/frustration over everything and everyone still in a lower energy and state of awareness. They're literally too painful physically and emotionally to be around or to endure now
  • sudden and total intolerance of anything, anyone, any system, religion, government, foods, belief systems etc. Intolerance of anything vibrating lower than you currently are
  • sense of being very alone and on your own with no one else around you who understands what's really happening to reality and you
  • needing to be alone and isolated from other people
  • ultra sensitive emotionally – like puberty/pregnancy/menopause all happening at the same time!
  • emotionally knowing and feeling things in other people that you never could perceive prior
  • family issues and "stuff" that must be dealt with within yourself and your bodies
  • total emotional disconnect with things and people you used to love and enjoy very much
  • feeling like you are changing so profoundly that you're actuallydying (you are and it's part of this process)


  • sudden loss of mental focus and ability to concentrate
  • sudden inability to read books due to inability to focus, concentrate, or even comprehend what you're trying to read!
  • forgetting the names of common everyday things, objects, places, people etc. – like "milk", "hammer", "orange", etc.
  • forgetting your own name and/or sense of old familiar "you" or "self"
  • having to triple check things because you can't remember if you actually did them or just thought about doing it
  • loosing track of "time", loosing track of yourself within "time", suddenly not knowing what time of the year it is or even what year it is!
  • thinking and physically doing things becomes very blurred to your awareness, feeling disconnected from things like never before
  • disconnect with the ego self that was mentally multitasking constantly, inability to focus and so you relax and unfocus finally


  • seeing, hearing, feeling, sensing nonphysical beings both positive and negative, perceiving strange unknown energies and lights
  • hearing nonphysical voices call your name
  • seeing different colored lights, balls, points of brilliant light, flash and roll around in your house and/or outside
  • seeing solid 3D objects (like walls etc) suddenly look like a heat mirage, sparkle, shimmer with brilliant light and appear transparent
  • seeing, hearing, and even telepathy with both "positive" and "negative" beings, entities, perceiving areas of condensed negative energy
  • negative psychic attacks by other lower vibrating living humans, and/or negative non-physical energies, beings etc. (deal with it and move on. It's someones unresolved negative shit looking for a new place to live; transmute it, release it all and move on)
  • working through polarity resolution, repeated encounters with polarized energies, polarized consciousness, etc.
  • seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, sensing higher positive non-physical Beings, Guides, ETs, Angelics, other Lightworkers, other Starseeds etc.
  • increasing conscious connection and awareness with your Higher Self – spherical or "triality consciousness" instead of the old 3D polarized and linear consciousness
  • increasing but HIGHER empathy, telepathy, clairvoyance,greater and greater unity within your self and with other people that are vibrating at or near the same frequency and state of ascension that you are, 5D awareness or Heart consciousness
  • coming under negative psychic attacks occasionally from both human and nonhuman energies, thankfully decreasing in potency over the months and years
  • stages of dreamless sleeping, stages of numerous unpleasant nightmares each night for weeks at a time. This usually happens when we're making yet another shift and need to process some more stuff and energies within ourselves.

Copyright © 2009–2013 Denise Le Fay. All Rights Reserved. Denise Le Fay, Ascension Symptoms



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Du liker denne siden
Prøv å lage din egen hjemmeside som jeg.
Det er enkelt, og du kan prøve det helt gratis.