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Date Events/Facts
January 31, 2021 A Glorious Silver Market Breakout
January 31, 2021 Goldman Warns If The Short Squeeze Continues, The Entire Market Could Crash
January 30, 2021 Reddit Preparing To Unleash "World's Biggest Short Squeeze" In Silver
January 30, 2021 The Elite's System is in the Process of Being Exposed
January 30, 2021 1776 Commission Director: Abolishing the Commission Won't 'Get Rid of These Principles'
January 30, 2021 The Stock Market, Fatally Wounded by the Truth, Will Stumble and Crash
January 30, 2021 JPMorgan to pay $920 million for manipulating precious metals, treasury market
January 30, 2021 Gold Price Framework Update: The New Cycle Accelerates
January 30, 2021 GameStop Stock! Prepare For Something Bigger With a Short-Squeeze on Silver Before it's Too Late
January 30, 2021 Robinhood Silver Traders May Break The Comex And Seriously Hurt Bullion Banks
January 29, 2021 Central Banks Created Niagra Falls Of Printed Money And Debt, Gushing Down Chaotically All Over The World
January 29, 2021 Biden's Treasury Secretary Has Personal Gain In GameStop Stock Saga
January 29, 2021 Man Claims To Be Robinhood Employee & Says The White House Pressured Halt of GameStop Trading
January 29, 2021 The GameStop Saga Is Part Of The Elites vs. Populists War
January 29, 2021 "This Is A Financial Revolution", Within minutes, more than $1 trillion of market capitalization had vanished, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average losing nearly 10% of its value
January 29, 2021 Wall Street's Beneficiaries Stacking Joe Biden's Cabinet
January 29, 2021 Reddit Raiders Eyeball Silver
January 29, 2021 All of these factors - geopolitics, interest rates, exchange rates and inflation - are set to boost the price of silver in 2021
January 29, 2021 GameStop, Reddit, and Robinhood: Wall Street chaos explained
January 29, 2021 SEC is looking into Robinhood's handling of GameStop trading
January 29, 2021 White House still silent on GameStop frenzy as stock swings rattle Wall Street
January 29, 2021 GameStop destroys Wallstreet and memers become millionaires thanks to dogecoin
January 29, 2021 Gold Eagle sales in the first three weeks of January surpassed last year's total
January 29, 2021 SILVER ALERT! This is about EXPOSURE of the 4 Massive Silver Shorts!
January 28, 2021 ABC News President James Goldston To Step Down
January 28, 2021 Reddit Traders Now Targeting Silver: GameStop Traded $82.3 Billion In 4 Days,
January 28, 2021 $350 Silver In EARLY FEBRUARY??? The Retail Day Traders Making GameStop SKYROCKET Have Just Discovered SILVER Is The Most Manipulated Market In The World, SET SIGHTS ON $1000
January 28, 2021 Today we have the possibility to produce a technologically superior representation of central bank money
January 28, 2021 Davos: Vladimir Putin warns of US 'Big Tech' dominance

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18.11 | 21:03

Hei. Artig at du likte dette, takk Dere kvinner har vel en sterkere Intuisjon enn oss menn og er flinke til føle hva som stemmer

18.11 | 04:51

Dette var helt fantastisk og omfattende lesning.Jeg er over gjennomsnittet interessert i helse " sannheter" da jeg har arbeidet i off.helsev.i ca.30 å.

30.01 | 23:19

Flink du :)

16.01 | 14:27

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